Pearl Jam - Superblood Wolfmoon Lyrics

Superblood wolfmoon
Took her away too soon
Superblood wolfmoon
Took her away too soon

I can hear you
[?] the distance
I can see you when I close my eyes
Once, you were somewhere
And now you're everywhere
I'm feelin' selfish and I want what's right
I ask for forgiveness
I'm beggin'[?] myself
Feelin' angry, knock it/now get off the scale[?]

Right now I feel
A-like a venison searchin' for a veal[?]
Hypnotonic resonance, I feel
Not much of anything
And the cause is life or death

A life of hopelessness
Focus on your [?]
I've been hopin' and I hoped at last/in a hope that lasts[?]
I don't know anything
I question everything
This life I love is goin' way too fast
Both my eyes are swollen
My face is broken
And I'm hopin' that I hurt ya
And I'm hopin' that I hurt ya
And I'm hopin' that I hurt ya [?]

She was a stunner and I am stunned
And my[?] first thought and[?] second thought was "could be the one"
I was a prisoner, her[?] keys and her[?] cuffs
Yeah, I was feelin' fortunate to be locked up

But the world got to spinnin'
Always felt like it was endin'
And love not withstandin'
We are [?]

[?] the distance
I can see you when I close my eyes
Once, you were somewhere
And now you're everywhere
I'm feelin' selfish and I want what's right
I ask for forgiveness
I'm beggin'[?] myself
Feelin' angry, knock it/now get off the scale[?]

Superblood wolfmoon
Took her away too soon
Superblood wolfmoon
Took her away too soon
Superblood wolfmoon
Took her away too soon

I can hear you
[?] the distance
I can see you when I close my eyes
Once, you were somewhere
And now you're everywhere
I'm feelin' selfish and I want what's right
Focus on your [?]
Deliver/The life of hopelessness[?]
I've been hopin' and I hoped at last/in a hope that lasts[?]
I don't know anything
I question everything
This life I love is goin' way too fast

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Pearl Jam Superblood Wolfmoon Comments
  1. RickJoystick

    Must be the minority here but i think IT doesn't rock that much and is not catchy enough. Pretty forgettable.

  2. Karina L


  3. Marcia Cruz

    Eddie vedder

  4. Hank Hammer

    This knowledge was needed today. Thank you PJ

  5. Aurelio Fernandez

    I like this better than dance of the clairvoints but nowhere near as good as their early stuff. Something for the diehard fans I guess.

  6. Joshua K B Mayr

    nice solo

  7. Jamston Julian

    I think the production lets this one down a bit

  8. Redesigned Gaming's Outlaw

    What is wrong with Pearl Jam. This new album so far is garbage what are they thinking. Just saying nothing like Pearl Jam

  9. Alex Astorga

  10. Stefano Sorrentino

    The same old song.

  11. Pictures of You

    I'll love you forever from Korea

  12. al-hajjaj the camel

    This is awesome. Best song ever since 2006 .welcome back peral jam.

  13. Alfredo Sánchez-Bedolla Gómez

    RolononoN!!! He aquí un fan MUY feliz!!!!!

  14. MortySmith77

    Thank you: now all non basic lands are Mountains: my kobolds appreciate it

  15. Paul Birmingham

    Feels like this could fit into Vitalogy. Love it!

  16. Violeta

    Please, dont stop making music, NEVER



  18. Bruna_ Karyne

    Dançante e pop!
    Bem longe do gring e rock clássico que marcou minha geração!

  19. 14pablopj

    Vamooooo PJ la mejor banda lejos!!!

  20. pascal cottereau

    Ça, c'est du Pearl jam !!!!!

  21. katherandefy

    Oh Eddie....

  22. Brett Sadler

    Note to Ed. This sucks! People around you will lie to you cause youre rich and famous but believe me, it sucks

  23. José Augusto Menezes de Assunção

    Eddie Wolfmoon Vedder 👍👍👍🎼🎼🎼

  24. José Augusto Menezes de Assunção

    Masters of time 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

  25. Danilo Ilic

    Come to Belgrade guys!! We have cheap booze, beautiful women and corrupt police, which in other words means they can cheaply be bought and you can do whatever you want! And a huge arena of course!

  26. José Augusto Menezes de Assunção


  27. Paulo Silva

    Nhée, fraco.

  28. seba t

    Ci vediamo a Imola 😁

  29. Poozen Weez


  30. Ege Yılmaz

    After that techno stuff in the first single, this finally sounds like pre 2000's Pearl Jam.

  31. só brabas

    Sensacional, excelente música.

  32. hazlan m shabli

    some part of this song sounded like Still River song by butterfingers released in 1997

  33. Dane

    McCready just keeps getting better and better

  34. muratozcanmusic

    Rocking the World Again & Again \m/

  35. Star Ruby

    Fucking love it. I had to play it right after I awoke

  36. miguel buonanno

    Terrible song. A mix of garage/surf song that my nephew could play in his room.
    A rock band who's become a shadow of itself.
    It was better vanishing in one moment, than disappearing slowly like an agony.
    Kurt Cobain (and Neil Young) was right
    RIP Pearl Jam.

  37. Алекс Шмидт

    Жаль к нам в Россию не хотят (

  38. SwiFtProductions

    Not trying to hate, but the new pearl jam just doesn't give off the old pearl jam vibe... idk it might just be me.

  39. YorkshireD

    There's a face in the middle of the moon 🌒

  40. Filip Szczepański


  41. Eric Bennett

    I'm really not liking this.

  42. MrGabri1972

    Pearl Jam still kicks ass after all this years. I've been addicted to them since the first tunes from Ten! I'm so glad that Eddie sticked to wine instead of heroin like: Staley, Kobain, Weiland and Cornell , so we at least have 1 great Grungeband left!

  43. Dan Helyar

    Same as my first impressions of DOTC, bits I love, bits I'm quite uneasy about, but after many listens DOTC now sounds great to me all the way through so I'll keep this on repeat and hopefully get there too ':D

  44. Chris Galbicsek

    "Focus on your focused-ness" 👍👍👍

    I actually really like the frenetic way that Ed stitches the lyrics together in this song..... Well done, Eddie.... Inspiring energy. Loving it.

    "Love, notwithstanding, we are each of us FUCKED!"

  45. Erick Black

    Grande Pearl Jam. 👏🏻

  46. 5 5ense 5imulation

    Way ahead of its time👍👍... Sounds like 10 different pearl jam songs in one.... I also get a hint of white stripes. . and a punk band I can't put my finger on yet. So far... This album to me is 2 for 2...
    If it keeps up on this type momentum, it will be my personal favorite PJ album of all time.

  47. Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    It’s officially, PJ been neutered. Satanic bs. Hide behind your cute little symbols etc. My grandfather was an ascendied Master

    Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    No reason to lie, can prove everything. They send men like Ed To add weight to the false narrative, that’s how it’s always been done, monkey see monkey do… Hive mind… As long as people have Wi-Fi and Starbucks and their cigarettes they could care less about the evil around them ..All these fake protest these phony feminist and they’re fake out rage, I personally know several women who have been paid by the hour to hold up premade signs against Trump, just like they got caught bussing and fake protesters from other cities… I’m no Republican or Democrat I did I did not vote for Trump,...I however deal in the truth and the facts are that he has done a really good job the numbers don’t lie you know if you turn on the news or social media all they want is division and race baiting narrative after race baiting narrative… I’m from Baltimore whites and blacks love each other we always have let’s let’s really show Satan what we can do it when we come together enough of his BS in the name of Jesus amen

  48. craig middlemiss

    3 listens in and it sounds like pearl jam its not bad im tapping to the beat where dance of the clairvoyants sounded totally not pearl jam

  49. Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    When is Ed going to let Mike go off? We need melodic Mike parts,not Ed’s pretentious ass going “Na, man, na...”

  50. Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    Why all the satanic trash? Not everyone is a brainwashed fanboy...I’ve been a fan since 91, but as someone who’s associated with “Brothers” this is disappointing Eddie. Jesus loves you and will NEVER stop. Your forgiven. 95% will attack me but I’m talking to the 5%....and PJ...they know what’s really going on

  51. Jane Tee

    Major let down

  52. Joey F.

    Old good Pearl Jam

  53. Azry Raya

    This song is similar to Still River by Butterfingers. A legendary grunge band from Malaysia. Here we go:

  54. Dennis Loughnane

    fuuuuuuuck yes . G.O.A.T.

  55. Alan r. Jaime luna

    Animo pearl jam 🤘✊✌️

  56. Cosmo Ruckaz

    As someone who saw them in 92, I have mad respect for their endurance, yet I have not heard anything that tops their album TEN since it was released. Some great singles by the band and just Eddie Vedder, but nothing that compares to the intensity of those early 90's.

  57. MusicCharts TV

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  58. John Napier

    Right from the beginning, this song sounds like a dozen other songs Pearl Jam have already written. The song is generic, commercial, predictable. Pearl Jam aren't experimenting at all... This sounds like songs they were writing almost 20 years ago.

    Jesus Christ... You want some new great rock music to listen to? Listen to Solar Kama Sutra. Go on Soundcloud, right now, and listen to Solar Kama Sutra, and you'll hear a band that's underground and making 100x better music than Pearl Jam.

    Andrew Sears

    Dance of the Clairvoyants is about as experimental as it gets for them. You can't have it both ways.

  59. Ste McFreeman

    Worse and worse records every time ever since Ten

  60. maurizio piras piras

    Another boring song for a band that was great but now its awful.

  61. ponchred

    Hot garbage...

  62. rick neal

    Type O Negative: Ahem....

  63. Stefano Ciurleo

    Che pezzone!

  64. Pratikshit Nanda

    Era doesn't matter,best band of all time! It doesn't mean one has to sound modern to sound good, for sounding good you gotta be real good... and These guys are just immortal!

  65. Korneel Pennewaert

    better than ever

  66. JR Rosalez

    Great song! I love this. Awesome guitar solo too. I'm sure this one will rock live.

  67. Ondrej Skala

    I'm big PJ fan, but honestly anything from first 6 albums is better than this one. Sounds like garrage band, I don't feel anything from the song, and Eddie starts getting really unpleasant tone in these heights. His solo stuff is better lately than PJ, unfortunately.

  68. trm

    10th play....24hrs later. It only gets better each time.. I freakin love these dudes

  69. R K

    Simply rocking! Through and through. With the weight of the moon, heavy, musical, energetic! Pure PJ!

  70. Kenneth Brown

    I want to like it but if I am being honest , it's very average and would never have made any of their records pre-riot act

  71. Brad Goaslind

    The intro, guitar solo/ ending are great. But everything in the middle is more of their, "hey, let's speed things up, have three guitars playing muddy punky chords, and sing non-melodically for a few verses on most our songs"-- This seems to be PJ's general song writing method over the previous three albums. Dance of the Clairvoyants shows promise that they'll break this stale method they've espoused over the last decade+. Hopefully this new DOTC creative vein shows up more in the rest of the new album. Could we all petition Eddie to put down the guitar for an album and even invite Abbruzzese back-- Just to see what magic could happen again? One can dream.

  72. shea holliman

    It’s like me and Eddie are brothers. This song lyrics is my life

  73. Ermanno Petracca

    The guys are come childhood is not...🤟

  74. satanik lucifar

    i missed TEN album bt dis one iz really fabulous job of eddie nd mike...

  75. sergio daCosta

    Badass song. Love it !!! Pearl Jam is BAAAAACK :)

  76. Romário Santos

    Ficou bom

  77. Mike Epp

    Sounds harken back to Vs.. Love it

  78. Mason Mackinnon

    Wasn’t a big fan of that other song, but this one is I can really get behind

  79. Jeremy Kaminski

    I hope this trash is a joke because this is the most horrible garbage I've ever witnessed from Pearl Jam. This is not evolving, this is devolving into a shitty emulation of 80's music, just like the last Talking Heads rip-off they dropped a few weeks ago.

  80. Daz X

    fucking brilliant


    Amazing solo!!! ROcking song

  82. Mike Dallo

    Oh well


    Cómo siempre ,muy Buenas rolas ,chingón y bienvenido de nuevo Pearl Jam 🤘👍

  84. DaP84

    Has Pearl Jam caught the Green Day - Father Of All virus?

  85. Facu A

    2:18 Matt on firee !! 🙌

  86. Nancy Sanchez


  87. Catherine McCurry

    ANOTHER AWESOME HIT!!!!🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  88. Christina Waltman

    Loving it 😍❤️

  89. Youknow YC

    Heran deh sama yang dislike itu, klo gak suka ngapain nonton coba. padahal keren bgt gini music dan liriknya. klo eke tau yg dislike itu eke akan lempar bakiak deh. hey PJ awesome single🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  90. Just smile.

    I was born in the right generation.

  91. silverfishla

    I haven't been excited to hear Pearl Jam in a long time. This is great and so is the other one.

  92. Enkhel stanic

    Ya no es como antes..hoy ya solo escriben por escribir música.

  93. Omar García

    Un tanto apresurada para mí gusto, no parece con la melancolía o nostalgia usual de alguna injusticia o desepcion o mal trato, aún así podrían vender cartón

  94. Sandra 322

    Ahora si es PJ señores! Me encanta ❤

  95. No Money

    sound a little bit like the ramones 😎

  96. Hugo Eduardo Ponce

    No mameeeees 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  97. Priscila Tomé

    love it! 🔥 come to brazil!!!

  98. James Scanlon

    Pipe dreams: Means