Merrell Twins - What In The World - 5 Million Subscribers Lyrics

It's 2020 starting off the year, did you hear the news today
Looks who's back with a new track cause we got something to say

We might not be cool kinda lame, not your average YouTuber
We'll make you laugh or make you cringe while you sit behind your computer
Giving us views, giving us likes, don't matter the reason why
And if your hating, that's ok, we'll pay no attention, bye bye

Buckle up come ride with us, just kidding there's no room
But lets celebrate 5 million subscribers on YouTube

Started out with 1 million and 2 and 3 and 4
Just when we thought, it all would stop, we just kept gaining more...

5 what in the world million...(uh-huh)
5 what in the world million...(that's right)
5 what in the world million...(5 million)
5 what in the world million...(lets go)

People say that I've changed but really I have not (mm-mhh)
People say, I need confidence but I've actually got a lot (oh yeah)
We've kinda changed cause now were older but we still look like were 12
If you wanna be mean, please go away, we already make fun of ourselves

We're not insta models, not close to thicc, we kinda look like sticks
Got big foreheads and no figures but at least we can make 6
What in the world, how'd this happen, we really have no clue
But with all your love and all your care, couldn't do this without you

Started out with 1 million and 2 and 3 and 4
Just when we thought, it all would stop, we just kept gaining more...

5 what in the world million...(oh-oh-oh-oh)
5 what in the world million...(5 million)
5 what in the world million...(oh yeah)
5 what in the world million (what in the world)

What in the world
What in the world
What in the world
What in the world
What in da world!
What in da world!
What in da world!
What in da world!

Started out with 1 million and 2 and 3 and 4
Just when we thought, it all would stop, we just kept gaining more...

5 (five...)
What in the world million... (ooh...)
5 what in the world million... (yeah yeah yeah)
5 what in the world million...
5 what in the world million...
5 what in the world million... (five million)
5 the world million... (yeah yeah yeah...)
5 what in the world million...
5 the world million...

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Merrell Twins What In The World - 5 Million Subscribers Comments
  1. lady loca

    Who was here when they didnt evan hit 1 million

  2. Srinath Venkatesh

    Who do u like more, roni or nessa

  3. helenrt29

    Guys you were NOMINATED
    Kids choice awards

  4. Guadalupe Lopez

    Yall suck at songs

  5. Angie Vargas

    raping or singing or,both?

  6. Tracy Rosales

    Great job girls!!!! You deserve this very much! I’m so happy you have gotten past 5 million!!! I’m so happy! I’m very glad I subbed y’all make me happy!

  7. shopkins and hatchimals fans 04

    I remember watching your 3 million subscribers video and I can't believe you got so far congratulations!

  8. belle cuisson

    I have watch every million songs they have made like a 5 million times love ❤️ you guys

  9. sarina lin

    Wow i have been a twinner for a long time. Maybe wheb they had 3 million or something a loong time

  10. Emma H

    Who’s here now that they have 11mil

    Now you look stupid looking at the sub count

  11. LeJINdary BTS Fan

    Literally, when I was younger I used to watch them, at 3 million. Then I stopped. So now I came back only to see that they’re at 5 million!

  12. Aaliyah Kazeem

    Keep praying to god then u get 50 million subscribers

  13. Lyka Gaming

    Congratulations on you5 million subscibers

  14. The Jojo Roro Show

    daniel in the spy ninjas loves vanesa merrel

  15. Ski Hamilton

    This is a bosss hitt

  16. Sofia Quiles

    yo i've watched this vis like 100 times and i just noticed that it lasts 5 mins and they celebrated 5 mil😂

  17. Prabhu T

    Smash the like button and subscribe button if you think the Merrell twins 👯‍♀️ are pretty and pretty good song

  18. lylah grace

    Lol love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  19. chana new

    I can't believe it!!!! 5 mill!!!!

  20. Yani Beza

    congratulations ronessa! and i added myself to hit 6million, love you guys💜💕

  21. FaZe Cooper X

    loveliveserve just hit 6 million,anyways congratulations for 5 million subscribers!

  22. Jaiden Ledford

    People: YouTubers can't sing.😐

    Me: ummm Merrell twins, Franny, nezza, Gabbie Hanna, Coleen balenger, James Charles... The list continues 😂

  23. ThatMoonHaze YT

    Y’all really outdone yourselves with that Monopoly money. xD

  24. Mary Maku

    this song just gives me goose bumps idk why

  25. Tika Party music

    Ariana Grande 5 million now this

  26. Susie

    I've been watching this for ever you two have talent😜

  27. Libs And jas

    Okay I can’t believe this!!! I still remember 2 mil and 3 million like it was yesterday!

  28. Libs And jas

    Okay I can’t believe this!!! I still remember 2 mil and 3 million like it was yesterday?

  29. ABI K

    omg who else was here when the 1 million song dropped.
    literally it still is on my playlist

  30. Billie eilish lover

    I was about to click on a new video then I see those bootiful dance moves and knew I couldn’t click (=ø ωo=)

  31. Jilllian liwahtz

    Oh mhay! I know I may be a little late to comment but..
    I was here after you guys hit 2m! (I'm not really sure) And now you guys hit 5m!!! I'm so proud of y'all so much! Before, I always re watch your videos (since you guys upload so long back then). And watch you guys at my old tablet! At first I thought you guys were connected to Karina Garcia or somethin' so I wasn't interested.. but since YouTube was a bit boring back then,I started binge watching y'all and directly subscribe ❤️ I don't know why I'm typing this comment tho. Maybe because you guys bring me back to my childhood. I am 10 years old and I started watching 3 years ago


  32. Catherine Sotelo

    Imma be honest im not a hater but I really LOVE both twins but I like Roni better but they both have something good.. Nessa has VERY good vocals and Veronica is a BIT BIT more prettier than Nessa.. BUT I LOVE BOTH AND ALL THE TWIN FAM...... BUT I DO GOTTA SAY AT 1:40 NESSA GOT SOME VERY GOOD AMAZING VOCALS AND RONI SHOULD IS GOOD AT RAPPING (kinda)

  33. Assantae Denard

    Hey you guys dont have to be thick or have a certain body shape to be the beautiful twins we all know and love.

  34. Elaina teach

    I remember the one million song and *now* we're at five million?! Wow.

  35. Maysa Maryam

    5 million subscribers that fast wow

  36. Kenya Morris

    I have one word (more like one hundred): awesomeness I love guys like if u do to

  37. veronica ursu

    This was posted on my moms birthday 😁💁🏻‍♀️❤

  38. just for fun

    1 million subscribers
    We just hit 3 million subscribers today
    You clicked it we got it
    WaT iN thu WURLd?

  39. Natty Catty

    I love you're voices and this song

  40. h y x c i i n t h

    Whos here before 6M?

  41. Ms.LK Savage

    i became a fan right when the 1 million song came out and they have been my fav youtubers ever since. like if youve been a fan since the begining

  42. Jasmine idk

    Who else have been here for every subscribers counting? ❤

  43. Rob Kingsbury

    Came here at 2 mil. where my 2 mil squad at.

  44. Lilia Moushtaha

    I feel like i watched this in a long time ago but it is in 2020

  45. The Ava Kay Show

    the fact that they make fun of themselves makes me a little sad

  46. Super Kara

    Every Merrell twin music video has nessa singing so good, Roni raping, and a lot of funny dancing, and they talk about how they look like they are 12

  47. Naga Lakshmi

    Congrats 🍰🥰🥰 and we will be waiting for 10 million

  48. LilLuna J

    Twins: -throwing monopoly money in their hotel room-

    -knock knock-

    ill be back...never...

  49. Emily O'Melia

    Good job

  50. Kayla Phan

    Vanessa's Vocals 😍

  51. Elle Fryer

    ‘What in da world’ 😂😂 also the Monopoly money 💴😂😂😂 love u guys I was here since 2 mill

  52. Moeesha Dhamija

    you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Noor Kabalaoui

    How old are you guys.??

  54. Adham Hgg Rio

    5 million subs
    Video 5 minutes
    I stopped the video to write this comment at 55th second

  55. Lisa S

    You are amazingly beautiful and cool and fun

  56. Avery Reinhardt

    CONGRATS ON 5 MILLION!! ILGSM!!!! 💗🎂🎉🤍😓💜💜😎😎😂😂💛🍩

  57. Astera Khalid

    They are kinda lame😅 but I still love them❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  58. kkk

    if this song is a hit hit the like button


    also if u love the merrell twins

  59. MYvlogsz //compilation

    Good job merrell twins
    We love you ,keep your good job💗

  60. NinjaGamerGirl 196

    I keep singing this "5, Wut In Da World, Mill-i-on"

  61. battle royale gamer


  62. Evelyn Rose

    I love so cute

  63. Emery Dawn

    I got Dua Lipa vibes from this 😅, Congratss on 5M subs guyss (sorry i'm late)

  64. April Martin

    I remember the first time I watched their video, they’re at 300k subs, and now “whut in da world?!?” I’m so so very proud ✨💖💜

  65. Amy Sword

    Awesome 👍😁😊. Love you guy.

  66. Rosa Quinones

    Congrats Merrel twins! ^w^
    I subscribed myself, and I'm really happy you got this far!
    I love you guys very much! And I hope you get further if you made it this far!
    Love you and your vids!

  67. Johnny Test

    Pumpkin and Zeze huh.

  68. Damien and me Have a lot of fun

    Who’s here before 5.3M subscribers??

  69. Harnoor Walia

    Pls sub to them so they can reach 6milllion

  70. Dramakween Crystal

    I love this vid congrats on 5 million you deserve it all and more

  71. Lexi Manchen

    Five million

  72. Davina Scott

    This video was posted on my sisters birthday🎂

  73. Bones Doonny

    Big fan here! Was here since 900k+

  74. Yara Sheikh

    Wooooooooow 5 million

  75. Grace GA


  76. Sarah Garcia

    At 1:40 Vanessa's part is my vavorite part, roni is good too. LOVE them both😊💖

  77. Duda make S2

    Amo vcs

  78. Gracie TV

    I love you soooooo much 😀😄

  79. Monique Lozada

    I wonder what will happen when they reach 10mil

  80. Marc Majlaton

    Them: We hit 5 million!
    Me: Jeez they are popular they hit 3 million one year ago (⊙_◎) Edit:
    No likes or replies, ok ಥ‿ಥ

    Alysa Isbister

    they ht 4 million a year ago

  81. Pastiles

    Hopefully you can hit 6m in December 2020, I hope the song can be a 6m countdown video

  82. Yagami Toll

    Just subscribed

  83. blinksamsung carats

    omg I've been subscribed when they reach 1 million tho I don't have an account that part so I cant sub then I use my sis account
    now I have an account so I sub I watch your videos when I was 5 maybe so now I'm 11 I watch your videos all day with my sis
    and I love u guys so much!!!!

  84. SingingGlory

    Ioved this song! I am a Subscriber and have my Notifications on :D LOVE YOU GUYS!


    Good job!

  85. Mishawaka Post


  86. Mishawaka Post

    5-million is almost equal to the population of South Carolina. If your subscribers were admitted to the Union as the state of Merrell they would rank 24th in population.

  87. Jasmin Nasser

    I've literally only watched 3 of their videos and I cant stop... yep, i love them!! ❤❤❤

  88. Beverly Criss

    Love them

  89. xlil_dani

    All the dislikes had their screen upside down. They pressed the wrong onnneee

  90. kam lo

    Guys pls can start making kids merch ps I love you so muuuuuuch and I've been watching you for about four years love you byeeeee.😍😍😍

  91. kelby yeager

    “5 what in the world mil-li-on”

    we had to stan

  92. aanya agarwal


    Not even the Aliens in Area 51:

    ***Nessa and Roni throwing Monopoly Money in their hotel room*** 😂

    Iyanuoluwa Asekun

    Hehehe hehehe you should get 1M likes

    Anya Deane

    You should get 10000000 likes I am laughing so hard

  93. r11tu.20

    If you will support the Merrel twins until their at 6million and muuuch over, smash the like button!⬇️

  94. L Garod

    this was a vibeeeeee

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