Logic - Tony Revolori Lyrics

[Tony Revolori:]
Yo, man
It's Tony Revolori
What's good, we still on for this movie night tonight?
Hocus Pocus bitch

Yo, Bob
What's good?
It's Tony Revolori

Yo, Bob
How you doin'?
It's Tony Revolori
We still on for this movie night?

Yo, Bob
What's good man?
It's Tony Revolori
Just calling to check if we're still good for this movie night tonight

It's Tony Revolori
What's up? Where you at?
I've been waiting outside for like, 4 hours now
Can you please like hurry up?
Just pick one pair of shoes and get your ass out here

Yo, Bobby
Bobby Booshay
Bobby Flay
It's Tony Revolori
Calling for the seventeenth time
You know
I'm starting to feel like you're avoiding me

Yo, Bob
It's Tony Revolori

Yo, dude
What's up?
It's Tony Revolor-

Yo, Bob
What's good?
It's Ton-

Yo, Bobby
What's good?
It's Tony Revolori
I woke up in a random field
I have no idea where I'm at
What the fuck did we do last night?

Yo, it's Tony Revolori
I was calling you to say hi
And I miss you

Yo, Bobby
What's good?
It's Tony Revolori
I got those underwear that you let me borrow
Lemme know if you want them back

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Logic Tony Revolori Comments
  1. Donut

    Each voicemail beat I keep saying to myself...

  2. Camal Battle

    Guys I'm not sure but I think Tony revolori cares about logic?!?!?!

  3. Alastair Morgan

    Rare do I ever comment on youtube but this new Logic stuff, oh damn ! And the beat on this, just.... Flying Lotus vibes man, perfection!

  4. TrapLord Gianni

    Bro this beat needs a verseee 😭😭

  5. thejdizzledizzle1

    Idk why but I really like it when he sings Bobby booobbyy.

  6. Hindering

    That beat though

  7. LeBeautiful

    the skits do not miss!!! #VinylDays

  8. Santiago Cortez

    "I was just calling you to say hi...and i miss you"🤣

  9. TimPraiseKingGodWeedOut TheHateLetInTheLoveA

    Love it Logic Bro

  10. Neohead

    "I've been waiting outside for like... 4 hours"

  11. WM

    Marty Randolph: "Hey get your own voicemail box!"
    Tony Revolori: "Hey it's Tony Revolori!"

  12. sploopyboi 83

    Bruhhhh this is a word from our sponsor lmaoo

  13. ghost70

    i think it’s toni revolori

  14. Dom Jenkins


  15. Taren Gibson

    Logic the 🐐

  16. Desk Leg Purple

    he blowing up Bobbys voice mail

  17. prod5ve

    Logic is a huge inspiration to me and I WILL produce a song for him one day.

  18. Christain C

    Retirement banging

  19. SyberGhost 5029

    This would be perfect for a Stan inspired song called “Bob”

  20. Jacek Inglant

    Beat hard af

  21. A M

    These skits man 🥲🥲

  22. Johan Romero

    Lmaooo the last sentence

  23. Genix

    Guys i think it was Tony Revolori

  24. ylYolk

    Bobby... Bobbyyyyyy 1:13 😂😂😂😂

  25. Riley Naehu

    Bruh he must be at the wrong mansion lol

  26. GoodxJ


  27. Common Logic

    Flash Thompson from the MCU Spidey films!

  28. GREER

    Toni got mized irl 😳

  29. Hey yo it’s tony revolori..

  30. Nichomachean5


  31. ReddCinema

    Logic does not miss!! 💯💯

  32. jaydenkjefferson

    Flash Thompson cares about Bobby

  33. THM Studios


  34. Kivon Rahim

    Bro what 💀

  35. Devin CL

    5th comment

  36. Mark Moore