Logic - Nardwuar Lyrics

Hi, Logic
It's Nardwuar The Human Serviette
From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, sayin'
Please keep on samplin' in the free world
And doot-dooda-loo-doo
Nardwuar from Vancouver, British-

Bri-Bri-Bri-British (Turn me up)
Bri-Bri-Bri-British (Yeah, turn the whole shit up)
Bri-Bri-Bri-British (Yeah, loud as fuck)
Bri-, and (You gonna have to probably extend it)
Bri-Bri-Bri-Bri ('Cause I'ma go off on this mix, ready?)
Bri-Bri-Bri-British (Outer space gang, bitch)
Bri-Bri-Bri-British (Check, that's it, bitch)
And please keep on samplin'-

What's the difference between you and me?
Came from nothin', now I'm rockin' Louis V
Suck my dick, it's Doc D
Logic hit me to appear on this final Def Jam CD
I'm the greatest rapper in the multiverse
That's why I got a million multis and a verse
Outer space gang, JT, Vorgon and Gordax
Y'all don't want the smoke, bitch, I got more gas
Then I rip your back through your thorax, fuck Sharon
Connected on the block like Bluetooth pairin'
Steady on my grind, peep the bearings
Not a single one of you motherfuckers is comin' close
I've been workin' on that Planetory Destruction, numero dos
I'm out this bitch, watch me coast

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Logic Nardwuar Comments
  1. guillermo mijares

    40 damn near shed a tear and just gave Drake a, “Damn, I love you man” look S/O OVO

  2. Ab

    15:00 😂😂😂 that look on drakes face

  3. JOHN MiKE

    Nardwaur is the greatest most detailed interviewer. The extensive amount of research he conducts for his interviews is impeccable!

  4. Vernell Thomas

    Brilliant research that breaks down the hardest individual. Makes me want to be interviewed by Nardwuar..lol

  5. D'Andre Brothers

    the fact they stood there for over an hour I know I would've been like lets sit down

  6. Daves toy cave

    Every record he gives I whish they would play it for us to hear!

  7. Angelica Shipps

    Drake has such an eclectic taste in music styles.

  8. Zavon Paschall

    Listening to this man 40 talk I see why they’ve made as many hits as they’ve had😂🤯🙌🏽

  9. Laager322

    The way drake face suddenly changes when 40 start talking about common😂😂😂

  10. RayJ-HT

    The way his friend kept looking....lovingly at him. 😂😂😂

  11. JT

    I love Nuardwar so much lol he needs to be the one being interviewed sometime!

  12. pbcman1

    How does he have an hours worth of gifts to interview with imagine if this guy was a government investigator.....he would have been offed 30 times over by now this guy does his homework🙂

  13. Kimberly J

    No interviewer has even done their research like Nardwuar. Always positive vibes.

  14. Amber Jade

    Best interview Nardwuar you look so happy in it too LOL

  15. Cry Gone Gin

    @OvP Killz ye got it from nardwuar

  16. Big Daddy

    “Your drake we have to know “

  17. Stephen Robinson

    He’s drake we have to know!

  18. Juan mazuera

    I haven’t seen many interviews of drake but he seems like a down to earth dude. Struck me as an intelligent well spoken person🤙

  19. MERAJ

    35:06 the way 40 tries to contain himself as Drake was caught off guard by that 😂

  20. Aaron Bosel

    This is definitely in the top 5 rap interviews of all time!!

  21. RevivedSoul

    The smiles and positivity in this is contagious haha

  22. snowcat

    So fun to watch, great interview.

  23. Butler boy

    What I like about Nard is he treats the 'Icon' and their friends or behind the scene guys equal and doesn't leave them out

  24. Lo Zone

    It's amazing nardwuar gos out of his way to get gifts for the people he interviews

  25. Danny

    15:00 drake thinks that his verse on sicko mode got leaked and he panicks

  26. Niklas Troutman

    @kai dude im so glad someone noticed he stole that from famous dex i thought that was just me

  27. RAJIN

    @Kam A you can still see how the verse was made on the travis Scott documentary

  28. itz_ toastyyy


  29. Riccuu

    Nardwuar has a natural way of keeping a interview flowing. Amazing

  30. Ra1tzU

    11:43 I love how Drake was about to ask "How do you know this?" but he realized midway that he was about to get the "You are Drake, we have to know this" and stopped.

  31. Sensei Wolfe

    Lmaooo fr

  32. Kaine Shigaraki

    Good eye. I didn’t even realize that. [x]

  33. yvesus

    @John Gjoni Lmfao

  34. ok


  35. MIZ KaPoni

    This is damn near a classic💯🐐

  36. VZM46

    I love how there are 2 Nardwuar interviews of Drake (them being a handful years apart), with 40 being by his side both times. Thats a team 🔥

  37. Alexander Legaspy

    Just a bunch of sweethearts having a chat. This is nard's most wholesome interview ❤️

  38. Davy

    Noah "40" Shebib is such a beast of a producer. All of Drake's top albums and beats are his creation and man does he not miss.

  39. TheMosaicSound

    This will go down as the best drake interview of all time.

  40. Sarkastic Ninja

    i wish we got more of these long interviews

  41. AnimalzyNL

    I love how drake looks like he has hardly ages since the last nardwuar interview, and 40 looks like hes aged forty years lmao


    I need a friend who looks at me proudly just like 40 looking at drake 😂

  43. KJVII

    They really stood there for 1 hour.

  44. GreenEggsNDan

    An hour can go by quick in conversation

  45. Dancin Jasmine

    Fr 😂

  46. jokorner4891 q

    Nostalgia is a powerful thing

  47. Airey

    One of my fav interviews of all time😭

  48. James R

    I’ll give it to Drake man, he knows the culture and it’s roots. As well as 40 who is just an absolute living legend.

  49. Paul T

    "The commitment is real, man". A perfect way to end the interview.

  50. DREVM

    I love how Nard never answers where he finds shit whether it’s gifts or knowledge or whatever, keeps the mystique alive which is a lot of the appeal.

  51. Christopher Hari

    drake is like that cousin that acts like your best friend on meetups but never checks on you after
    Edit: below you will find the cousins in questions

  52. andreyya alexander

    I feel attacked

  53. D Logic

    I have that cousin...fuck this hit too real

  54. Luke

    thats exactly how scorpios are

  55. 13579 24680

    @Gabriel Oinacaru rofl

  56. Mikeureko

    When I saw that a Nardwuar video interview is over 1 hour in length, my jaw totally hung down for like 30 seconds straight. Holy shit. I wish he would do this for MGMT.

  57. arshd

    11:43 Drake: "How do you ---- nvm.."
    He was about to ask how he knew this but he knows Nardwuar is just gonna say "You're 40 and Drake, WE HAVE TO KNOW!" im dead

  58. suarez

    @b u z z no, his best friends name is 40

  59. b u z z

    hes forty?

  60. Helin Said

    I swear I come back to this video a few times every year 😂🔥

  61. Balaji

    Nardwaur is basically Santa Claus to rappers. He makes em smile ear to ear XD

  62. NathanNgakuru

    Nardwuar is one of the best interviewers around.

  63. Chase green

    ipZyy name someone better??? lol

  64. Narcissists Kryptonite

    *the best

  65. Milyn Ho

    +ipZyy fforeallll

  66. Wendy Cheng

    Love Nardwuars Jedi mind trick.

  67. Anthony Robles

    11:42 he surprised the high pitch voice out of Drake, he immediately brought that shit down tho xD

  68. Royalgee 96

    The gay in him was coming out lmao

  69. MysticKNIGHT

    I love this honestly Nardwuar is a good guy

  70. Raul Hernandez

    8:14 I need someone to look at me the way 40 looks at Drake

  71. RayJ-HT

    @ert wert 🤭

  72. ert wert

    @RayJ-HT on the contrary, I wasnt taking it negatively at all. I was simply saying best friends are indeed awesome

  73. RayJ-HT

    ​@ert wert You really don't have to take anything that was said negatively. It was just an observation.

  74. Kyland Fowler

    I'm so glad that drake and ye are cool again. it's so cute hearing drake talk about kanye's musical ear.

  75. Stanley Gucci Mane

    Every time Drake says "Badmon Ting" a kid from Toronto gets dreads.

  76. Judas Garcia


  77. Robbin Hatchett

    @King Kunta The Great recession has been rejected because of his best projects in my opinion.

  78. the weeknd

    are you that producer ?

  79. Vent Deux

    bruh this is way too funny , why you make me imagine it, i cant unthink this ever .

  80. FrEemY MinD

    Two legends in one interview. Huh Talk bout two birds one stone 🤘😎

  81. za zaza

    This interview is legendary! Legend talks

  82. michael tacconi

    I have no clue why the universe has kept nardwuar from me until today BUT I'm so happy to have found this. This is my 7th straight video and I'm hooked. Nardwuar, your passion for music, interviewing and just straight culture is beautiful. Thank you

  83. michael tacconi

    @Andrew do doo

  84. Andrew

    Doot doo da loot doo...

  85. Mohamed Abdi

    Some say Nardwuar is still holding up the thinking chain till this day 🦉🧐

  86. Wreckage Records

    haha seconds after Drake puts his cup down next to the mixer, 40 moves that shit. Producers always taking good care of the gear 👌🏻

  87. marR Marlino

    Wreckage Records facts

  88. Dakota


  89. Angel Salcedo

    Danny 29:10

  90. Daniel

    At what time in the video

  91. 1994 Orphan

    I bet if nardwuar interviewed me he'd find out where my happiness went.

  92. Skye On The Beat

    I’m not sure if I’m more impressed by Nardwaur’s thorough research or drake and 40’s genuine relationship

  93. Sebastian Solis

    35:16 when your crush asks you a question out of nowhere

  94. Bloodyheaders

    Unfortunately this has happened to me I fumbled

  95. Chris Loco


  96. Bigt

    How does this comment have top likes???

  97. Mike Wazowski

    29:13 all my audio engineers raise a hand to 40 moving drakes drink away from the boards 😩♥️

  98. Bhekinkosi G Nyoni

    i like how 40 took Drake's cup off of the mixer after Drake put it there at 29:12...hahaha...don't mess with the equipment man...DON'T!

  99. B C


  100. Adrien Alexander

    Bruh 🤣🤣🤣 these tech dudes don’t play