Logic - LaDonda Lyrics

Vinyl Days 3, bitch
Kyle off the guitar, remember that?
Yeah, here we go

Ayo, last album on DefJam, now where the fucks at?
Independent now, smear they face in my nutsack
College Park next, bitch I saved it for the fans
I've been grindin' since before I could afford a pair of Vans
Recorded this album before they gave me my advance
Sign with another major, nah, no chance
It's like Chicago with no Chance, not a chance
This beat that you're hearing is a primary example
Of some shit you can accomplish not worrying 'bout a sample
I had to clear it, now again hearing spirit
Hit the homie Egon, he send a hundred vinyls
Fuck mixing an album, two track that's the final
Bobby Campbell and Jerry prolly smoking the ounces
Some shit I can't even pronounce
That's my homies, that's my engineers
Many platinum plaques made over the years and many more to come
I feel it in my blood, Paul Dano
Feel it in my bald spot, Anthony Fantano
You plaid-shirt-wearing-motherfucker
Ayo, ayo

I used to hate you cause you shit on my music
But now we homies, I take your criticism and use it
I used to fantasize about murdering you
Choking you to death and watching from your point of view 'till we got friendly
And I realized you wasn't never tryna end me
One night, midnight
2020 on the phone
You said the wildest shit that solidified me to stone
You said, you said I built an amazing fanbase and career
I'm successful and I'm fuckin' worthy to be here
In your opinion, it's just your opinion
It doesn't matter like your lesion of fuckboy minions
It meant a lot, friend or not
Honesty is everything, it's fuckin' everything
I remember 2 Dope Boyz and Fake Shore Drive
I remember performing before this virus was alive
I remember commenting on rap Genius threads
I remember arguing over the Hip Hop Heads
Way before I was famous and criticized
I was just a member of the community in they eyes
And the craziest shit, I'm still the same kid I was
With a love for Hip-Hop, now it just got a bigger buzz, what's up?

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Logic LaDonda Comments
  1. Mori

    @SADEVILLAIN ong , his takes have been horrible lately


    @bHRURMI shawn takin Ls lately. he fell off smh

  3. Hippity Hoppity

    To all people saying this is the best album of the year, bro the album is dope for what it is I like it, but that shit ain't gonna be talked about by anyone much less artists much less saying it's the best of the year, it's pretty mid, you're not gonna see dre, snoop, Kendrick, or any new trap artist give this the props y'all think it deserves. I personally like logic and his style, but he's mid

  4. Ivan Santana

    This guy actually sucks at reviewing music, skipping through songs, and he’s only hating just to hate, this is without a doubt one of Logics best projects, ain’t no way you can hate that bad on it, he’s literally the only one this mad over a badass album!! 💀💀🤣🤣

  5. Aerødactyl

    kinda hard to take your thoughts seriously when you literally skipped the entire album and listen to it in whatever order lol

  6. Slack Starfish81

    Bro said “Slide for Fantano” lmaooo

  7. Douglas Berggren

    I think the consept of the album went over his head, it's called vinyl days(?) and he's doing oldschool type raps. mate vinyls arent realy from this decade my man

  8. Boristien405

    I hope he listened to Breathe Control and Vinyl Days both of those are two of the best on the project. Maybe he listened to singles before he might've mentioned it.

  9. Joea Biro

    Nice to see Shawn not hating on this one

  10. raj1n

    @FEAR the REAPER r/whoosh

  11. Othellius Maximus

    @FEAR the REAPER bro you really weren't paying attention

  12. FEAR the REAPER

    yes he was tf

  13. Inutsiaq Petersen

    “When your 30 song album do a measly hundred thou'…”

  14. Bozo

    " Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it? "

  15. Brandon Malik

    Top 3 album of his behind under pressure and incredible true story

  16. PandaGAMES!!!

    Thanks for posting these since he seems to be very selective with posting on the main

  17. Sueclo Verglas

    shawn saying no one called him the f slur when looots of people were because clickbait, which he explained on fantanos interview

  18. James Ballis

    Love that u posting Shawn cee streams x

  19. Emmanuel Ani

    Not Shawn forgetting about Charlemagne's comments on that one track

  20. Q

    I liked LaDonda a lot the beat goes way to hard and I fw with fantano so it’s a fun song imo

  21. Lukerman

    Watch how music nerds gonna come back to liking logic after fantano and shawn’s review

  22. EXoTiC_Blitz

    i never thought i’d say this is aoty n his best album😭

  23. MrWatchAndwatch

    I never really cared for Logic, but thought this album was pretty good🤷‍♂️ Shawn mad disrespectful in this vid

  24. Slouching DF

    This chat thinks anything is corny, it’s crazy smh

  25. YaOhShalom

    to really understand bobby these days you NEED to FULLY listen to -Obediently Yours- and -Sayonara- all the way to the end.

  26. Teh Clefty

    I stopped watching this guy a long time ago because he’s so corny with his constant random hate… but ima check this vid out..

  27. Jeremy Diesel

    Morgan Freeman has only narrated 3 albums and Logic was one that's crazy.

  28. Louis

    That M3mento guy has a personal agenda towards Logic 💀

  29. minty

    Shawn was trying to not like this album so much 😂

  30. WaLeeZyy

    Love watching this guy's viewers turn on him 😂 imagine joining dudes stream

  31. J Music 30

    Wow... the least hating ass reaction I've seen from Shawn.

  32. Dhan_man 07404

    I rate shauns perfect blue background he has good taste

  33. Tanj

    30 tracks is crazy

  34. Bruh

    Most of the tracks are about 2 mins or less. And there are about 8 skits which are less than a min each os it's like under an hour since the outro is him shouting out people for 7 mins.

  35. De'Sean Bryan

    It’s a lot of skits the album only comes out to an hour

  36. Matthew Cortez

    I wish he heard the song with the game

  37. Elliott Dynes

    Did Shawn ever listen to the vinyl days title track

  38. Elijah - PickleFISH96

    I don’t know how you could be so popular, and still not respect new music, whether it’s good or bad, by continuing to pause and pay attention to what your comments have to say, when you know they just want to get reactions out of you so they say the most wildest shit. This is why Fantano is a better credit, Shawn Cee is not mature enough for the level he’s at.

  39. YaOhShalom

    i cant take shawn serious anymore bobby is not even AS corny as he's trying to make him sound, shawn just laughs at everything he hears bro.

  40. The Animated Gamer

    YS4 should've been this album

  41. _window

    Logic's fans going around mad at music critics everywhere rn lmao

  42. Chris Stone

    Why does Shawn cee keep reviewing logics projects qnd anything about him. You literally liked two pasted albums 10 years ago. Then ever year after, trashed him

  43. Chad Hansen

    Yo logic bringing out that slimshady influence 🤣

  44. KevinKempt

    its 1:40 AM but imma still watch cuz im a real one

  45. Chris Stone

    Shawn is not a fan nor likes logic. So why keep reviewing him?? For views. I don't understand all the hate

  46. Jeremy Diesel

    Why he didn't wait and record it for a video I wanted a reaction but he listened to it on fucking Twitch.

  47. S3N_Gaming


  48. americo molina

    He skipped quasi too 👎

  49. Xavier!!

    If this really is the last Logic album, I’m happy he’s ending it on a high note. This is a really good album, and even an improvement from No Pressure, an already good album. Props to Logic on this one. 👏

  50. Xavier!!

    @Peter Spinuzzi thanks for clarifying- I wasn’t sure about it

  51. AAR6NS

    it's his last album on def jam

  52. Braxton Smith

    It’s a dope album but it won’t be his last. Logic loves music too much - it’s just his last with Def Jam

  53. Peter Spinuzzi

    He just left DefJam to be independent. Plenty more music coming. College Park is next.

  54. Jose Hidalgo

    For him coming back its good album is like 8/10 but I just don't like how many skits there are

  55. OrdinaryBeastYT

    Hating on Logic is significantly cornier than Logic himself

  56. the whaat?

    Is this seriously a reaction? Its just personal criticism from the jump

  57. T

    Bruh how you listen to a song for 3 seconds and then say he’s not saying anything all song 💀

  58. Amazing Wonderer

    This how he process music? He doesn’t stop talking. After watching the first time, I went back just skip like 10-15 seconds and every time bro was talking. I get he’s streaming but goddamn listen to it. He always gets hung up on the smallest thing in the song. Shut up and hear the context man.

  59. posthuman

    i mean, its not a serious listen since its a stream. Obviously it’d be different listening alone.

  60. bHRURMI

    Shawn needs to be humbled. Logic snapped on BLACKWHITEBOY literally calling out people like him for calling a album shit or mid because it doesn't appeal to his taste. Bobby literally said "I'd rather fail trying something new than doing the same shit everyday fuck you" and Shawn called it cringe. Bro didn't even understand that entire song was directed at him. Shawn can say what he wants, it's his opinion, but when he says something is inherently bad or corny instead of saying it's not for him just because he doesnt like it I get fired up. Shawn been giving shit takes lately, tries too hard to appeal to the fuckboys in chat

  61. Joe Gurt

    @YaMom’sPotatoSalad Lmaoooo ok buddy if it helps u sleep sat night

  62. YaMom’sPotatoSalad

    @Joe Gurt Kendrick fell off.

  63. Will Rocks

    Is there something about Logic that I’m missing? He can rap, sure, but this album feels like a collection of verses rather than good songs. Where are the good hooks? Where is the progression and build up in the music? It doesn’t sound like someone trying to make good music but rather make good lyrics. And it is repetitive.

  64. killamykeG

    y’all niggas mad as hell in these comments lmao bruh didn’t even say anything bad about the album

  65. EA Tyranosaurus

    Shawn gotta slide for Fantano bruh

  66. SlighT

    same energy + chat saying copying Kendrick for saying the F slur that he's actually been called ALOT because of Clickbait (not saying its right to repeat it...)

  67. jank

    Shawn easily got the worse chat. Mfs think they hilarious

  68. Harley McClure

    Bro I used to hate fantano’s chat, but Shawn cee’s is way way worse

  69. Ryan Townsend

    Funny how these critics like to think that their words shouldn’t be hurtful. People are people. It doesn’t matter how many nice words you hear about your art. It’s only takes one negative word to cut deep. It doesn’t matter how successful you are.

  70. SuckerPunch 26

    How can anyone criticize and judge an album IF THEY DON'T EVEN LISTEN TO IT COMPLETLY!? Or in order. People really need to get off these's dude's dicks fr. Listen to music on your own and judge it for yourself, stop taking these peoples opinions and making them your own.
    Shawn Cee can do a lot better.

  71. Zion Reid

    Shawn Cee would break his radio if he lived in New York and listen to Hot 97

  72. Exza

    Bro skipped the so many tracks he not even listening to the album at this point he’s just picking random tracks not even listening to it in order

  73. Thomas

    Idk why it feels like Shawn doesn't look at Logic the same anymore, maybe he just wasn't fucking with this album as much as most people but I see this as being an AOTY contender (even if I do think Kendrick, Black Star, & some others trump it) & I feel like this is all someone could've wanted out of the record. Just my thoughts though

  74. KirkoBangzJr

    Shawn rlly beefing with flex💀💀💀

  75. AKA Takis

    Bro I hate Shawn cee so much when he skips a song. Literally skipped Decades before the beat switch

  76. Will Yams

    because he alr heard it

  77. DZE

    Logic’s production has been carrying him for years. Beats are always fire and I commend him for that. But the bars are diet.

  78. K.A.N SMITH

    @Joe Bergey Jr. litreally the people who like this album say its the production. Logic among alot of his peers is the most basic id say

  79. Joe Bergey Jr.

    there’s no way you can listen to this album and think the same way

  80. lambs bread

    He really skipped quasi🙄

  81. Rahmen

    Shawn skipping decades LITERAL SECONDS BEFORE IT STOPPED BEING A SLOW LOGIC TRACK really pissed me off lmfao

  82. Miguel

    Fucking same

  83. HealerrLive

    i cant stand shawn cee bro, dude used to be enjoyable to watch

  84. Akria

    Logic don't be saying anything tbh lmao

  85. ceecue

    What did I miss. Thought Logic retired music?

  86. Kenny G

    The "sike" arc

  87. CommanD Zuma

    Man why his chat so toxic 😭


    Lmao he hates on logic too much

  89. Big Man....

    Very dope project

  90. Damian Rodriguez

    nah if ya think logic bars is mid is actually wild to me cause if anyone else spit these bars ya would be sucking


    nah bro said Ghostface Killa was Funk Flex 🤣

  92. VibesWithDOVA

    Album is Amazing but Flex gotta go🚮😫

  93. ShyGuyx12

    How is that fantano fault. People wanna be followers then they are gonna follow. It’s not like Fantano is the only one who thought Logics trash albums were trash. Dead end hip hop, Shawn cee, Meami, Jon Denton, all have similar opinions about logics bad projects. For some reason Fantano is over emphasized in logics mind when in the grand scheme of things Logic is SO much bigger than Fantano is.

  94. ATE

    Is this guy Shawn Cee for real? he's the real fluke here - only cares about how his chat reacts and doesn't actualy dive into the real deep lyricisim of some of this songs. Man people like this dude thrives on toxicity and views.. L

  95. ATE


  96. ATE

    @Quinxy Crawford and no one is forcing you to reply to my comment 😂 you’re argument is equally as shite! His video gets recommended to me, I watch it and React 😄
    Anyways it’s a useless discussion! Have a good weekend 🤝

  97. Quinxy Crawford

    @ATE then don't watch it lol, you don't like his form of comedy and that's fine, nobody is forcing you to watch any of his content. I never understood this take lol, nobody is forcing you to watch or listen to stuff you don't like lul

  98. ATE

    @Quinxy Crawford yeah but if you’re out here critiquing someone’s album, then don’t expect everyone to fuck with the sarcasm just because that’s what he “normally does”. Haha

  99. Splash

    He might as well have reacted to the whole album. He only missed like 2 songs lol

  100. younghoug

    @bHRURMI fax man he just doesn’t like logic bro bro just wants to hate