Logic - JJ Abrahams Lyrics

[JJ Abrahams:]
Bobby, hey, it's JJ, umm
So I heard a couple cuts from Vinyl Days
Holy shit
Uh, if this is what retirement sounds like
Uh, unbelievable
Just so fuckin' good
Uh, call me back, bye

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Logic JJ Abrahams Comments
  1. Mpokiseng Clive Morengoa

    So is your comment now 😂

  2. JA$0N_

    4 years old now

  3. Uuu Uuu

    4 years now

  4. regurgint 9

    1:54 that part was fire tbh

  5. Mikayla Prentice

    Probably still one of the biggest vibes everrrr

  6. Elverno Rainers

    4years and I'm still going crazy on this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. José Gabriel Costa

    Cadê os brasileiros aqui ouvindo essa relíquia do Drake

  8. Dylan Broyles

    This song goes so hard love this straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Jäçksøñ Müsøñdä

    Masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Jerbi Rayen

    It's crazy how many people come back to this everyday.This song is legendary♪

  11. RagerTheGamer

    this song still makes me dance this shit was a bop in the parties in 2018 used to have the whole crib jumpin

  12. Erupt Egt

    Randomly felt like listening to this masterpiece 😭🔥

  13. TTV Thugger

    1:41 when u get in the shower and the cold water hits ur back

  14. maximos

    @Tanisha Glenn no. just. no

  15. bl._danny

    I’m dead

  16. Zion Muhammad


  17. Lukas Schaffner

    Copied comment

  18. Nicholas Clark

    Used to listen to all kinds of good songs like this back when I smoked ounce a month. Now I'm retired from smoking, but if I ever get happy like I was back then some day I'll step back into the ring and smoke it up for all the homies who are still out there

  19. Shadow

    2018 was one of the best years 🫡

  20. Tariq Butler

    everything Drake does is well done🔥

  21. Ana Vitória Cardoso

    Tienes razón 👏♥️

  22. Noah

    This one of the song’s that created to last forever

  23. KevinBMX22

    Can’t believe this song is about to be 3 years old now, Jesus.

  24. KevinBMX22

    @Nah yeah man shit blows my mind

  25. Nah

    Now it’s 4

  26. Utsav

    @KevinBMX22 yea mannn

  27. KevinBMX22

    @Utsav time flies

  28. Chop Seuy

    I've been subconsciously hearing this song every day for the past 4 years. It's a true story. Should I get professional help?

  29. anonimus_匿名

    Damn this is 🔥!

  30. Eric The Don

    2022 and still the hardest beat i ever heard

  31. Aryan Unhale

    Drizzy went dumb on this and Blocboy's verse is hard as well🔥💯

  32. Weebetas

    I don't know how many times i've been listening to this *fire*

  33. leo videos

    I just watch it for 1:42 lol

  34. Milos Gligorijevic

    Weebetas let me guess milion times im so smart

  35. Victor Carrillo

    I hope all you guys realize Drake stole all those lyrics from Project Pat song blunts to my lip

  36. Eddie Love


  37. Jan Werner

    think i heard this song like once...just remember the look alive look alive..thank god, cause i needed to get pumped up


    Legend has it that blocboy still waitin on another hit since this one.

  39. Winksinceyoung

    I'm a artist with barely any attention but ima keep grinding till I get somewhere. My hard work will show itself at the end.

  40. Timothy Davis

    Ooooooooooo what Fire 🔥

  41. Ol Boy

    I don't know how many times I've replayed this lol.

  42. D N

    ive been replaying none stop for 2 days straight, every half hour no word of a lie

  43. Hole in Dans Sock

    6 times probably...
    6 shit

  44. Maizegod

    g shit lol

  45. Call Me Jay

    Same, it's 🔥

  46. IG Troy

    Drakes Voice tone has a unique freshness, His songs never get Old, even after years from now, their freshness will remain intact

  47. J Capo

    Bout to be 4 years since this dropped but I remember them times like it was yesterday. Already get nostalgic vibes it’s crazy lol

  48. Sasarea Brown

    Yep still on this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. youngjefe

    can't believe this shit already 4+ years, felt like it jus came out

  50. The Boy

    Drizzy back with the dance moves 😂

  51. Knox Good


  52. Just Ralph

    He showing off the moves, SAVAGE!!! 😎😎🔥🔥🔥

  53. Kimberly Morales

    Good plan

  54. Luvo Mahlasela

    I remember when I was doing the shoot dance move when the song came out and it created a vibe in SA🇿🇦🇿🇦

  55. Gaspard Nsengimana

    This never get old

  56. njugi

    Happy valentine's Day ✌️❤️ those listening to this masterpiece ❤️

  57. Elias Farhan Kwambai

    That"Tay Keith fuck this niggas up" hit different

  58. sj appiyah


  59. Impavid

    No Name 😂😂u actually think he has ghost writers lmao. That shit was been proven false. He worked with queitin miller for 3 songs off iyrtitl. You can take those 3 songs out of his catalog and hes still the best in the game foh

  60. lioness 8377

    Legend has that JBBlockboy stills wants to look alive!

  61. Galaletsang Serolong

    Who still looking alive

  62. isabelle rachel

    happy new years y'all, this shit HITS HARD
    Real way *AUTHENTIC views* to get real LIKES , VIEWS

  63. Intune studio

    Drake's back is still recovering from this song😔

  64. Sam Red

    @Shreyas yes he is he’s been in the rap game since like 2008 over 10 years he’s been makeing songs whith lil Wayne back in the day like his 2010 song the motto ft lil Wayne

  65. Shreyas

    @Sam Red drake important yeah and i do have respect for him but he ain't og bruh

  66. Sam Red

    @Memphismadekel I’m just sayin drake important in the rap game and he’s a real one I give him tons of respect you know you got to respect an og drakes an og

  67. Joel Gabriel

    This beat goes harder than my dads belt.

  68. Quaintless


  69. Louth Nelson

    oh daaaang😂😂😂

  70. egghead Two


  71. King Billz

    When Drake said “And I can let you check the tag, now I'm rocking name brand” showing off Jordan & Polo, brands the average ppl could afford, this is when i know Drake was for the ppl🐐💯

  72. ProdKamoReef

    Damn can't beleive this came out 4 years ago! 4!

  73. Link 229

    drake carries so hard sometimes lmfao

  74. Chem 24

    *Other rappers: we made it, we at the top*
    *Drake: hold my drink*

  75. Anthony

    Move faster than Drake and you'll be better than him.

  76. Blah_ah9

    Joshua Galanis 😹

  77. ken the asian mexican 38

    Joshua Galanis truu

  78. Play With Paddy

    Came back today banger nostalgic!


  80. Dimitrius Rivera


  81. DEBO


  82. L Delivery Man

    1:42 When the cold water hit your back in the shower 😂😂😂

  83. Gav

    Best song ❤🎉

  84. I'm legit subbing to everyone who subs to me

    It's crazy how many people come back to this every day. This song is legendary 🎼

  85. QuarantineRodriguez


  86. Mohammed Sahooly

    It's almost 2022 and I'm listening to this

  87. Carlos Martin

    Bro its 4 years this shit is 🔥

  88. brownguy903

    Drake hitting the little teapot dance at the start

  89. Lakeisha Swearegene


  90. N Cntrl

    brownguy903 I wish I could catch

  91. imfastmanTOO

    This reminded me of that one video Colossal is Crazy uploaded on his second channel about the XXL Freshman cypher with Ugly God, X and Madeintyo lol

  92. Vietcong with Internet

    My wreslting coach playing this during practice all time, finally found the fire 🔥

  93. Life wit Kassie

    2021 and still listening to this 🔥
    Edit: it’s now 2022 🙂🙂.

  94. Robbi Robbi

    @Life wit Kassie ight beeet

  95. Life wit Kassie

    @Robbi Robbi LMAO it’s amouur.Kassie

  96. Robbi Robbi

    @Life wit Kassie nah pass yo ig lemme follow

  97. Life wit Kassie

    @Robbi Robbi Oh lmao thank u 🤍.

  98. Josiah

    Let's be honest, Drake carried this entire song

  99. Jawaun Williams


  100. Odeeezy

    Drake is 4/4 this year. On his goku ultra instinct shit