Logic - Clouds Lyrics

This concludes the No Pressure program

I can give a fuck the shit you on
But I'm really tryna put you on
Finally got this bitch, I'm finally gone
Lowkey I've been waitin' for so long (Y- Y- Y- Y- Yeah)
I can give a fuck the shit you on
But I'm really tryna put you on
Finally out this bitch, I'm finally gone
Lowkey I've been waiting for so long

Take two, take one
Chillin' in the cut with my son and his baby mama
I was gonna hit the road but I'm staying longer
Doing whatever the fuck I wanna do when I wanna do it
People thinking they know it but they never knew it
What it be like, the spotlight
The hot takes and long nights
Yellin' at nobody and winning all of the wrong fights, it's alright
I'm off like a flight, took a left, did it right, what a sight
Knowing everything gon' be alright, that K. Dot 2015
It seem the art that I make over they heads like the Sistine
It really feel like ain't nobody ever listening
That's why I do it for me and the homies and nobody else
Making beats in my room by myself
Kinda funny how my last studio cost seven zeros
But I make the best shit when I'm all alone in my room
College Park coming soon
In the dark going off to the tune and the 808 boom
I stay with the trees like a baboon
Flow kinda fast but it's chill like a pocket full of valium
Head up in the clouds but I'm coming down soon, yeah

I can give a fuck the shit you on
But I'm really tryna put you on
Finally out this bitch, I'm finally gone
Lowkey I've been waitin' for so long (Y- Y- Y- Y- Yeah)
I can give a fuck the shit you on
But I'm really tryna put you on
Finally out this bitch, I'm finally gone
Lowkey I've been waiting for so long

[Langston Bristol:]
Lowkey tryna get trophies with my dawgs (Woof)
Surely, you'll see my face smilin' on the front of a billboard (Soon)
Truth is that I got a blueprint and I'm finna use it, nigga, let's get it
I'm tryna get a brand new coupe, she gon' wonder where the roof at when she get in it
(Wheels spinnin')
While I'm on the e-way, I wish life was easy
If you a hater, then get the fuck up out the way
I only hang with my teammates
Pass the ball to me, mane
(My niggas, they real, they trill, yeah, all them stick to the code)
(If you start fakin' over here), I look you dead in the soul and tell you

I can give a fuck the shit you on
But I'm really tryna put you on
Finally out this bitch, I'm finally gone
Lowkey I've been waitin' for so long (Y- Y- Y- Y- Yeah)
I can give a fuck the shit you on
But I'm really tryna put you on
Finally out this bitch, I'm finally gone
Lowkey I've been waiting for so long

She was in and out my suite all fashion week
Studio up in here, sweet, I was crashin' beats
'Cause the paper don't sleep and my loved ones have knees
And my son need everything I never had times three
You's a cold motherfucker, my homies always remind me
They lift me up like that bomb weed
And this palm never found seas
Just nugs, that's buzz, probably spoke of retirement
Dawg, all we get out of it was a "Best of..."
Uh, greatest, here's some real lies
If you can still make time for the family playin'
But still make time for blazin' shit
Inspirational ass motherfucker, ask my brother
Hustles like no other, rose from my situ'
Rolls Royces by the gutter
Bad bitch itchin' to send her buns on the butter
Like her but I don't love her
Push her to do better but I don't shove her
Besides, your bitch, she's watchin' Deep Cover
Gucci rollaway bag, Louis V duffel

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Logic Clouds Comments
  1. Kahlil Kirk

    "Im not mad Im exhausted" hit me on a whole different level

  2. Raffick Hoosen

    I'm hurting

  3. Taylor Miller

    It hit me too and that's exactly what I feel that's the best way to describe it

  4. Marcell Vanellison


  5. 802 dude

    2 years later this song still hit hard

  6. Megan Gray


  7. yogirlmeri

    @zyaerr anderson omm

  8. yogirlmeri


  9. Thuso Masuku

    @Tania Little v v v v vv vvv v v v v vv v v vv v baby

  10. E.T #DAM

    I had heard this song many times I like it …. It wasn’t until today I heard it and started crying the song really hit me once you go thru this type of shit you can really feel his pain until then it just slaps it won’t hit you ❤️❤️😢😢

  11. Daniel Teague

    Man this really helped me today I needed to read a message and it's with that I'm struggling with addiction and relationship struggles and I'm at the end of struggle I cannot take this anymore but thanks agsin for the inspiration message

  12. Preston Olson

    It's crazy how everything he speaks about in his music is exactly what I'm going through or been through sometimes I just sit in my car and listen to his music to help me get through the day life can be so depressing at times and I'm glad ppl like rod makes music about life and the struggles that come with it and reminding me that I'm not the only one going through things and to whoever is reading this I hope you get through whatever it is your going through you're not alone God bless everyone 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  13. Quantavia Morgan

    Ok I'm late but "I'm not mad I'm exhausted" words so true. OMG this man's talent to speak so many people's truth is unbelievable

  14. Jay Murk

    yo name is outrageous

  15. Jaquita Varise

    He raps and sings about everything we don't talk about. He's so relatable

  16. Jazman G


  17. Eliane Centeio

    @anicia smith he

  18. Leash Annnn

    I listened to this song almost every day when my mom was sick from chemotherapy... She didn't make it 😔 so while I thought it was taking me thru the storm, it has stopped in the pain... You never know what someone is going through and my mom taught me if I didn't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all... Since May I've just been quiet 🤫 🖤❤🖤💔💔💔

  19. Elmira Abrams

    I'm sorry about your loss right now I'm going thru the same thing with my mom and this song keeps me strong. Stay strong.

  20. Gregory witherspoon


  21. 9OsHeartbreak Kidd

    My condolences 💐 💕

  22. 9OsHeartbreak Kidd

    Silence is golden, baby💡👀

  23. Unknown unknown

    Please don’t ever stop making music like this Rod. You have no idea how much it helps ❤️

  24. Mauro Dionísio Da Silva

    😪🔥🔥for sure.

  25. Kalanii


  26. Mauro Dionísio Da Silva

    Please don’t ever stop making music like this Rod. You have no idea how much it helps 🔥💪

  27. Prince Leonardo

    This guy is not fat, he's just feed with talent and inspiration. I can't count how many times i have been listening to this very track.

  28. Pamela Miller

    I am 60 years old has never liked rap but when I listened to this young man one day I have been in love with him since he is so deep and I understand the pain he's been through I love him with all my heart

  29. Roashel Rolla

    Every since my 19 yr old son got killed on February 06, 2020. I listen to him because my son loved his music. And I don’t like rap and cussing but, I feel this🥺

  30. Alicia


  31. Mz ND pendant

    Ditto and I am 54 yrs old.

  32. Vonte

    This intro hits so hard. He manifested and achieved!

  33. Meaira Torrence

    Felt that when he said “ I’m not mad I’m exhausted” that hit home, I felt that

  34. Ray Boss

    2 Years later and you did what you said you was going to do this song Is still so fire and cold December has 22M Reviews On RU-clip your a living legend we need more music like this I feel every word when I’m signing it

  35. Ken_jdrip


  36. Smurk

    Like he said bitch we grinding rite now.💯

  37. Reco Bands

    This song helped me through my darkest clouds 🌧

  38. uhh no

    I always look in his comments on his songs and I always realize that the people in his comments aren’t afraid to tell the story’s or what they’re going through💯 That’s what his music does to you💯🙏🏾

  39. Roderick Lawes


  40. Tony Jackel

    True i have to go bury my mother and all ive been listening to is rod wave... It helps a lot

  41. French Omii

    I remember this when it first came out still can’t stop listening this master piece

  42. Bizzy Banks

    2 years later and I still gotta go back and keep it on repeat to get thru this pain! ROD WAVE May God and Your Angels Watch Over My G! Ty🤞🏽💜🙏🏽💯💪🏽

  43. Lisa Reid

    I love this song
    I lost my son 2 years ago and his song’s still help me through the dark times

  44. Miss Wilson

    I appreciate this man so much. He is so authentic thank you Rod for the wonderful music it helped me get through life in a real way every day 💜 I love you for that!

  45. Rafy

    I drop tears listening to this because I can relate in so many ways. Life is hard but I smile & push forward everyday not only for me but for my daughter. 🥺

  46. assassin_chic

    Same... I can relate

  47. The Level Up

    You’ve got this

  48. Laquita Tatum

    Keep pushing forward 💪🏾

  49. Umar Abache

    God never fails ❤️

  50. Shakyra Valentine

    It's sad he makes music that everybody relates too , & people still bully him to the point he didn't even wanna make music anymore , he deserves so much better 💔

  51. Danny Gulley

    He is truly amazing love his music always saying what people don’t like to talk about keep it up very blessed

  52. Bulls Nation

    This gonna be on repeat all day, thank you Rod.

  53. Sheneka Herron

    Stay on repeat 🔁 💯

  54. Sae Balla

    His music hit different when you been heartbroken

  55. Donnie Brass


  56. akalia rochelle


  57. James Cadotte

    Just heartbroken off life like why it gotta be like this 💔

  58. Tee

    I swear Rod Wave gets me thru some dark days 💯

  59. Jennifer Ann

    I love him ❤ he speaks about the real things in life. I grew up in florida, i know all the things and places he sings about

  60. Paulina Gonzalez

    "I'm not mad, I'm exhausted 😪"💯💯💯

  61. Tre Secured

    2 years later I still listening to this song it never fails

  62. zyaerr anderson


  63. cartoon cartoon

    Bruh go look up "Slummadekell -TGFM" he stole his entire flow for this song😐😒

  64. Rain Sounds

    I love he is just so real. He don't act like everyone else, he is his own person. He is an inspiration. He deserves the world and more.

  65. D Nutz

    Yes he does he really does he's an amazing being

  66. Amanda Smith

    @Chris Johnson ok

  67. nut buddy

    listen to yellopain he rap about real stuff he dont rap about drugs and guns

  68. Brittany

    "I give my heart to whoever; they take it and they run." 😞♥

  69. Noel Mcpherson

    Listening to rod wave for 3 years now and bro
    Hes the only rapper i can really relate to
    We love you rod

  70. Mona Lynn

    When I listen to his music I feel like FINALLY someone understands! 💜👑💜

  71. The Fourth Hokage

    This song hit different when you've had someone take your sacrifices & love for granted

  72. JR Entertainments

    He don’t speak nothing but facts in his songs 🔥🔥like if you agree

  73. e46v

    JR Entertainments him and NoCap my favorites right now all they speak is facts

  74. Mydog Cat

    Real talk bro

  75. Kawon

    Music charts shot out??😂

  76. Chantal Pelage

    This song has inspired me take my life to another positive level ✨ 🙌
    Thank you Rod Wave.

  77. Carolay jimenez

    I never been into any type of music but rnb but THIS GUY HERE HE SPEAKS WHAT MY MIND AND SOUL FEELS!!!! LOVE HIS MUSIC 🎶

  78. Devine Erler

    9m clean off blues aka m30s. Man this song tells my whole story. Especially when he said fresh of the Percocet they ain’t working yet. Dam man. I pray for anybody struggling with addiction and that your not alone thank you rod. You’re music saved me man

  79. Brendan

    Love that intro man. My guy didn't know less than a year he'd be a Fucking Legend making some of the realest bangers we've ever heard. And only has all the time left to keep going to the top. 🙏

  80. Paul Cohen

    This hit different when u really ain’t got no friends no one to turn to talk to or family for u

  81. jackthecoolcid

    Same my Frind well idk if he is a friend

  82. William Ahdunko

    Im here 💙

  83. Dementia Joe smokes Newports

    Damn that hit deep

  84. Amazing Asé

    I felt that Paul lol FR it's hard with no friends 😭

  85. Jason Ward

    He so versatile it’s insane 💪💯💜

  86. Yt_DarkSoulXD

    I listen to every song of him every day🔥🔥🔥

  87. Najera Reiner


  88. Brian Bell Rosenfelt

    This is one of his best songs even tho he has so many good ones i mean almost everything he creates is fire but this one is a classic

  89. ᴷⁱⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁹⁹ᴷˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂⁱᵗʰ ᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒˢ

    1 year later, if you're watching this, you're a legend.

  90. non ya

    2yrs ❤️


    2 years later


    We still here timeless music bruh

  93. WitefolksYT Rankin


  94. Jose Nunez


  95. Kriss Owe Chile

    I'm a entrepreneur this song is everything!! especially the intro!!

  96. Nick the Stampede

    The clip of Rod speaking in the beginning of the video...
    Ill always get chills from that. So moving.

  97. Melissa Simpson

    His music makes you feel like not failure! We all go through things but we’re all amazing and strong! He does this with his music!

  98. Nicole Phillips

    Keep this man safe. He is truly blessed with a gift. Ain't even no sad shit but he can make you relate to his pain.

  99. Nikkita Amaker

    God Bless Him 💯❤

  100. Kandashia Blakley