Lizzo - Everybody's Gay Lyrics

1 a.m. and the night just keeps on calling (Ooh)
We on demon time until tomorrow morning (Ooh-wee, say less)
Bitch, say less, express yourself
Bitch, get dressed, unstress yourself
It's cold outside, so what, let's take a walk

Tonight, I wanna be
Nobody else (Nobody else)
This costume feels so real
Almost scared myself

Dance the night away (Keep your pussy poppin', pop those percolates)
Everybody's gay, yeah (It's a happy place in here, baby, you're safe)
We can take our mask off
We can all ball and parlay
I can hardly wait (At 3 a.m. my freak come out the cage)

(Mm, yeah) There's a Mona Lisa moaning in the room (Mmhm)
Tell a sexy nurse to meet me in loo (Ooh, yeah)
Sisters drinking bitches brew
The mister got a monster too (Freaky)
It's getting freaky, do you wanna leave the bar? (Hell no)

Dance the night away (Keep your pussy poppin', pop those percolates)
Everybody's gay, yeah (It's a happy place in here, baby, you're safe)
We can take our mask off
We can all ball and parlay
I can hardly wait (At 3 a.m. my freak come out the cage)

Pur, bitch

Freaky nights
Crazy times
Let's play dress up, baby

Dance the night away (Keep your pussy poppin', pop those percolates)
Everybody's gay, yeah (It's a happy place in here, baby, you're safe)
We can take our mask off
We can all ball and parlay
I can hardly wait (At 3 a.m. my freak come out the cage)

Pur, bitch

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Lizzo Everybody's Gay Comments
  1. Maxwell

    I love this track specially.

  2. Dimitris Ntafalias

    I love your new album,gurl!So fresh soung and lyrics!,,😘😘

  3. Sebastian Garay

    I LOVE U LIZZO❤️❤️💅🏽💅🏽👠👠 ur such an inspiration to me

  4. Dave

    This is perfection 👏 THIS ALBUM IS SUMMER IN AN ALBUM

  5. Antoine P

    Y-E-S a gay anthem! Thank you Lizzo

  6. ErroHaze

    Love this! Such a funky vibe!

  7. Jordy lahoylahoy

    Giving us retro vibes. I need a lizzo and bruno mars collaboration!

  8. MyaRay Gavensbert

    1 of my favorite songs from the album ❤️

  9. Cade Peterson

    This may be the BEST Lizzo song ever. I love the grooviness of it, the message, the lyrics! ❤️

  10. Mikel's Review

    Yesss you better give us off the wall thriller tease

  11. Day One Adele Fans

    Queen of bops!🥰🌈

  12. Gizelle Rangel


  13. Michael

    Thank you lizzo for this masterpiece of an album

  14. Kayla Quinn

    Ooohhh this is an instant classic! Yesss

  15. Jacqueline Castillo

    Everybody's gay omg lizzo you doin something to us😭😍💃🏼🔥👏🏻

  16. The Aspiring Writer Of 2022

    I've listened to seven songs so far (including this) and there's NO SKIPS wtf

  17. Blanche's Lesbian Lover

    gawd i love this!

  18. falsedoors

    bawled my eyes out listening to this. love you lizzo ❤

  19. Brett

    Seek help .

  20. Abhishek Rajankar

    Yes. Now please release this as a single😭

  21. Regal Udofia

    She is super good here... Lovely

  22. okay holden


  23. Jackie Law

    Love her …Lizzo ❤️

  24. Luis


  25. Icy moonlight

    Very slay song giving 80s 😍

  26. prod5ve

    Lizzo is a huge inspiration to me and I WILL produce a song for her one day.

  27. Bradley Berdecia

    Lizzo said Pride is never really over 🌈

  28. Max Mars

    This is gay rights🖤

  29. Thomas Landgraf

    Thank you Lizzo. The Summer Anthem for 2022!

  30. King legend

    need a mv for this one too

  31. Uplift and Inspire

    I love the song.

  32. P Nelson

    The line "sistas drinkin' bitches brew" = nice nod to that album by Miles Davis (plus the horns are a tribute to "Give It to Me" by Rick James). I recall on Lizzo's collab "Rumors" with Cardi B that Lizzo proclaimed that "Black people made rock and roll."...Lizzo brings it all to us: R&B, jazz, rock, funk, disco, ballads, and even classical via her flute on occasion. Lizzo...a true musician who so much love to share!

  33. Peacock Avenue

    I'm Not gay but i love This song

  34. Royale Soleil


  35. PrinceSham

    YASSS QUEEN LIZZO ❤️‍🔥👑😍❤️✨🏳️‍🌈

  36. Ana Oliveira

    Lizzo is a whole vibe.

  37. claire Luna

    Yaaasssss!!!!! 🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🌈

  38. Ana McIntyre


  39. vanjan

    Wwweeeooow damn I love it

  40. Pat Day Jp

    Love love love lizzo 🌈💖

  41. British Secret Agent 007

    Whoever produced this track took pages from Quincy Jones, Nile Rodgers, and Alonzo Miller (Rick James street songs lp) producing playbooks.

  42. Kanisha The creator of imagination

    That was great

  43. Marianna

    Lizzo you're just fu(king amazing! Love you!!!


    AN ICON 😩🥹

  45. Maria Gallegos

    Yaas, Queen! Hope a fun disco throw back video is forthcoming...

  46. Janice juice

    Love this💕💕

  47. Max Mars

    Finally someone said it 🙌

  48. Khaebana Manyose

    🥺Oh! God I love this woman 🥺😭😭Lizzo I love youuu 🥰😭😭🥰Hope you reply thus I'mma love you more ❤️❤️


    this is so pointer sisters, im obsessed

  50. Dave

    That ending 😂 purr bit(hhh

  51. SimplyKie

    She wants us on the floor!

  52. Sean Dwyer

    Yessss queen 👸

  53. Ali Rode

    We love you queen 👑.

  54. Todd Case

    This will probably ending up being a lipsynch for your life song on dragrace

  55. Superman Media


  56. Tshiamo


  57. YT Channel

    2 Be Loved - Gay Blinding Lights
    Everybody's Gay - Gay Thriller

  58. It's the purrr b*tch for me 😂


    OMG, i cant believe im this early! This album's so good!
    also, 69th like😊

  60. Adrian Arellano

    I was here the first hour of the album release

  61. t r y s

    Queen 🏳️‍🌈👑

  62. Paulo Giovani

    holy shit this is fire

  63. The Kid

    Lizzo speaking fax *straight up*



  65. Erik Koski

    Also every gay bar and future pride events will play this lol

  66. Jeremy Thomas


  67. Paivi Project


  68. KatzyKins

    Me walking into work be like....~

  69. calista moore

    Prince wish he coulda sang this

  70. Lesh Maseng

    I can totally hear Luther Vandross singing this

  71. Jessie


  72. Tyler Handford

    I used to be a fan. Now I'm a gay fan.

  73. Willy Kare


  74. 08blondie

    this feels like she's reviving donna summer disco music and I'm so here for it

  75. Umong As

    @08blondie ty :)

  76. Umong As

    @Floppy taco's lmao

  77. 08blondie

    @Umong As u too :)

  78. Floppy taco's

    Uh no sweetie

  79. Freaky Nights

    Is anybody else getting the urge to go to the roller skating rink and skate this out under a disco ball with rainbow bell bottoms?🌈🏳‍🌈🛼💃

  80. Angelica Terry

    would make a great tiktok challenge

  81. Cem C

    THIS was literally what I thought when I first listened to the song. I imagined myself skating and now seeing this comment made me feel cool!

  82. Kidxcore••

    I’m happy as shit I started from gay to bisexual thx for supporting us but I’m scared to come out to my parents but thx I’m telling them now❤❤

  83. Freaky Nights

    Good luck my friend! We’re here to help! 🏳️‍🌈😊

  84. kyngkhal 2.0

    @Chan Supremacy lmao, mind would disown me🌚

  85. P. Diddy Kong

    Hope all goes well. If not, then who cares, be you, homie!

  86. Moss Kataoka

    Im so happy for you and proud

  87. Fat Mama

    This brings me back to my childhood, dancing my ass off with my mom well cleaning the house and blasting Donna Summers, Michael Jackson and others

  88. Mikel's Review

    Who else thinks this will be the next hit from the album !

  89. andrewrocks10

    We all know it's gonna be 2 Be Loved though

  90. DeAnndra Murry

    This gives very much modern day 80’s vibes 😍

  91. m1qu4

    @peachesandpoets not harry styles

  92. peachesandpoets

    She's going for disco. It's in now. Look at Beyonce and harry styles.

  93. The Arts System

    SLAYED! She SLAYED y’all!!!!

  94. Brandonplays702


  95. Nonoverse


  96. Santasha Hadley

    I new fan to Lizzo and I just LOVE SONG BY HER. ITS FUN TO HEAR AND JAM TOO

  97. Madame Wenchface

    Dance the night away, everybody's gay! 🏳️‍🌈💃🕺

  98. andrewrocks10

    @Jangalang jones homophobic statements not allowed here!! You are sentenced to 5 hours of non stop listening to this song 🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈

  99. Jangalang jones


  100. Jan Febro Alota