Lizzo - A Very Special Message From Lizzo Lyrics

So here we are
You are finally able to listen to this album I've working on it for three years and I know it's been a long time and it's about damn time I put it out. But you have to know that I took my time for me but I also took my time for you. I wrote almost 170 songs for this album to find this perfect twelve songs to bring to you because I felt like this was not only I needed to hear but you needed to hear and the whole world needs to hear. These are songs about love, whether self-love, love your family, love your friends, or love for significant other. I really believe that love for one self and for others is what this world needs to be a better place. If you can take just the time to give a little love to yourself every single day, treat yourself with respect, treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated and then treat somebody else the same love or respect that expands, that grows and that can save a life. It saved my life so many times and I'm so honored to be a part of your life, I hope you enjoy the music, I hope you cry, laugh, dance, twerk, do the split, do whatever you wanna do. I'm honored to be doing it with you so thank you for listening to Special, loving Special and being special cause if you don't take nothing away from this album I want you to know you're special and I'm so glad you're still with us. Thank you

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Lizzo A Very Special Message From Lizzo Comments
  1. Flower Boy

    I love this 80s funk that artists are adding to their music, it's so nostalgic!!! I frickin love it

  2. David

    @Sass_King5 1. What trend are you talking about 2. What credit are you talking about 3. Never did I say she started it. All I said was that she had an album that was 80’s synth pop. Are you trying to remove credit from her or something

  3. Sass_King5

    @David taylor has nothing to do with that trend, stop trying to credit her for something she definitely didn’t influence or start

  4. David

    But also Taylor Swift’s 1989 album was all about 80’s synth pop music. Though it’s not funk (which is more of 70’s) it’s still a great album

  5. David

    Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, Harry Style’s As it was, and a lot more. 80’s music is coming back in 2022

  6. Paula Henninger

    This is even better than her last album and I didn‘t know that that‘s even possible

  7. X


  8. Kai and his music

    Neither did i


    @robin volpi I got a crush on Lizzo

  10. robin volpi

    You got that from one small clip of a single song?

  11. Claire Gittens

    “I’m way too fine to be this stressed, yeah.” My new mantra.

  12. Jefferson Nascimento

    Lizzo is such a talented artist and so much needed by the music industry, I'm happy for the recognition she's getting (deserves much more), better late than never and I'm looking forward to the new album

  13. Denisse Medina

    I love her personality and music, she’s talented, confident and her laugh is so contagious 🙌🏻🙌🏻🤣

  14. Rutherford Ashley

    Lizzo has such positive vibes and good energy.

  15. Steve Raglin

    YESSSS! Lizzo has been missed from the airwaves, ready to play this non-stop! ☀☀⭐⭐

  16. pinky baby

    I'm so excited to listen to her new music 🎶

  17. Si Kay

    I’m feelin’ it. Look forward to new music from Lizzo! She’s a beauty.

  18. Umong As

    @Ram Singh she is physically beautiful what are u on abt

  19. Pynruff

    @Christian Dejezus beauty is in the eye of the holder

  20. Christian Dejezus

    the other woman is pretty, not lizzo

  21. J W


  22. 888bangthory

    Rare for a song to sound like an instant classic in less than a minute, I'm sold and Lizzo is an adorable sexy thicc goddess queen , love her 💘💘💘💘💘💖💖

  23. Amanda Quest

    She performed this at the BET awards a few days ago & killed it! Amazing talent. Gorgeous lady.

  24. Vimary Shortridge

    That's this summer's anthem!! #lizzo #summer

  25. Mary Jane

    Yup that album is straight going to my Playlist this summer.

  26. Kimvo Suave

    Lizzo and Gabrielle’s reaction when they heard “carrier pigeons” were the exact same😂😂

  27. P

    This and the 80s dance jam riff off were the 2 most solid episodes I've seen here. Get Lizzo on more shows! 👏👏

  28. Arleen V

    Can’t wait for the album!!! Sounds great

  29. Sherry

    I love Lizzo! She is down to earth is seems

  30. Denisse Medina

    @Fitness Enthusiast she’s not promoting obesity she’s promoting body positivity, what you do with your body is your problem :)

  31. Not someone you know

    @M.I.A ok 😂😂

  32. Not someone you know

    @M.I.A it's very funny

  33. Shanaz Hamid

    @M.I.A hell yes it is

  34. meaganbilly

    I can't wait to hear the rest of Lizzo's new song and her new album! That clip was so good

  35. im a complete mess for 5SOS and Lana

    Alright I'm 100% gonna need this album right now omggggg new Lizzo is gonna give me so much serotonin 😭❤

  36. Joseph

    I freaking love Lizzo so much I cry watching her perform because I can feel all the hate I went through growing up as a big girl and she makes me feel so special and beautiful the way I am she’s such an icon thank you Lizzo for paving the way for us big beautiful women youre truly making a difference

  37. Aishat Wasiu

    About damn time 🙏🏽❤️😍🥵

  38. JK

    @Adonis People eat because they feel hungry or like the taste of certain food better. So basically you expect people to eat food that isn't delicious to them, just to satisfy your aesthetic preferences?

  39. hey antis, you are not smooth like butter

    @Adonis some people can't lose weight.. just like some can't gain it.

  40. A-B D

    what i love about her music is that she keeps that retro sound and feel !

  41. Craig Furlow

    People can say whatever they want about Lizzo, but she is a very talented lady.

  42. J P

    @GILBERT GONZALEZ JR TV right! Strange compliment


    What do people say about her? That she’s not talented?

  44. Karla Y

    Loved it - Lizzo has a lot to give to the world with her talented music ❤️🙌🏻

  45. Steven Lujan

    This is the way to drop a snippet! That was so good and fun to see it on TV

  46. yahpanda

    I’m so excited for her new music! It sounds amazing!

  47. Andrew Walker

    Ive never listened to a Lizzo song but I love her just the same. 😂

  48. michelle bradley

    I love this woman's music and her spirit.

  49. Naomi Pask

    I love this chick! Full of body positivity and living her dream. You go girl.

  50. SanamShpirt

    It's about time that disco/funk is back on the mainstream. It was so ahead of its time and people are more about smiles and vibes now. 🪩🥰🕺🥳

  51. Erin Threlkeld

    I want to hang out with Lizzo and dance with her to her music

  52. Telekinesis

    I definitely love her music

  53. kennetajza mcdonald

    I love it Lizzo, can't wait!

  54. R8chieD

    "She's a Virgo woman. She's a harsh critic."..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. maria julien- harris

    We cant help it we were born this way.

  56. Ashley131Lyn

    I CANNOT wait for this entire album, but this song sounds 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. Khloe Weldon

    I love lizzo she’s so postive!!!! And funny!!!

  58. Lucy

    I love her! She has the best personality!

  59. Stayce

    I’M SO EXCITED‼️‼️‼️ It sounded sooooooo good 😭

  60. keishie23

    Lizzo is awesome!! Gabby is hilarious 😂

  61. Margaret W

    She has the BEST laugh!! Love her so much. And the 80's are back people!!! 80's dance music.

  62. Lily Waddell

    I love Lizzo's personality so much omg

  63. Militsa Ignatova

    This sounds so good! Can’t wait!!

  64. Ella Eadig

    This is such a 70s vibe, I love it.

  65. englandportugal91

    This Song sounds Amazing!
    Another Hit for Lizzo!
    Can`t Wait!


    Yesssss queen.. Thank you Lizzo for sharing your amazing talent... Can't wait 👌👌👌🎊

  67. Class tilton

    Not much of a lizzo fan but that song had a real feel good vibe

  68. christina mack


  69. Ria Mandi

    She is just amazing!

  70. Sarah Parr

    The head boppin dance! I love it 💓💗

  71. L. Austin

    Lizzo's okay I just feel that after all this time I'd be trying to get my body together

  72. Gaurav Vikalp

    She’s looking so happy! We love it

  73. Alex Bravo

    I can sense awards and records with this. 💙💙💙

  74. Sofia Navarrete


  75. Letícia Dutra

    not lizzo standing up to dance at her own song hahahha shes an icon
    the energy between her and Gabrielle is amazing

  76. True king

    @Umong As beautiful? Perhaps. healthy? Far from it

  77. Umong As

    @True king stop she's healthy and beautiful

  78. True king

    An icon for heart failure and infection

  79. TR L

    Can't wait to hear it!

  80. tspencer1009

    I wanted to listen to more!! 😍😍😍

  81. Mary Davis

    I LOVE her new song!!!

  82. Edgar Franky

    Love her music

  83. Val 0325

    Lizzo, simply put, you bring me joy!

  84. Animal Lovers

    Love her music 🎶

  85. A A

    That's exactly my answer Gabby as a black person too! Get the hell out of that house!!!!!🤣😂🤣😂

  86. Evan N Bailey

    It's about damn time since good music was released

  87. Tom Catwhick

    Please release this as the next single at the latest this coming Friday!

  88. Melinda Capps

    I love everything about this.

  89. Andres Bravo

    so, that's her new song that might debut on Music Streaming Platforms. I really enjoyed it that will be coming on April 14th!
    Edit: i forgot to say that it is now.

  90. Tara Sunshine

    I am down for lizzo's new album. She makes some serious bangers.

  91. Christian Dejezus

    it's gonna flop like usual

  92. Savannah Crossing

    it sounds great! im so excited!! and it'll be tomorrow

  93. Stephanie Theng

    She's so positive, she is beautiful!!

  94. Keta Jackson

    ok this is the first time I actually listened to lizzo's voice and she can sang......

  95. 16Bars

    I luv 💓 it 😍 So glad new hit

  96. Peter Richardson

    Still seems like magic to me that anyone can snap with those nails on.

  97. Noble Wolf

    Idc what people say about Lizzo I love her personality it’s very child like and joyful 😂😂 she reminds me of me

  98. Shandy

    Cant wait for the full album 🥺🥺

  99. R.G. Rebecca

    I love her!

  100. Ru

    Given lizos amazing facial expressions i think she would be a great actress tbh