La Coka Nostra - Malverde Market Lyrics

In a country gripped by violence
In a land plagued by gunfire and drug money
One focal figure stands above the rest
Tonight, see why the people of Mexico call him
The Narco Saint

In the midst of the Malverde Market
In the presence of The Narco Saint
The vodka drink bottle smashed and the shotguns aimed
The reaper calling was enough to put 2Pac in paint
Murals of dead heroes, apocalyptic rain
We look above at all the scriptures say
Which is why, which is way
Sniff inside smoke from the biscuit haze
I sniff and daze in the alley with my towel dirty
Nursing the stab wounds catching visions of Malverde
I pissed away my life for years, look I'm now 30
Product of pistoleers, rocking a foul jersey
Holding my side together, chopping up perico flakes
Maybe now is my time to head up to that peaceful place
And all I picture is that last Chico's face
I should have seen it coming, those deceitful snakes
What happened after that I cannot say
I saw the face of Jesus, and then I woke up out in Santa Fe

(Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks):
Mexican officials have now detained a 14 year-old child assassin
Who's admitted to decapitating four people
His sister's also detained because she is...
Basically admitting to dumping the bodies on freeways and rivers
Doing whatever's necessary to get rid of the decapitated bodies

In the midst of Malverde's darkness
In the presence of The Narco Saint
La Coka Nostra tagged on the walls of the House of Pain
The Reaper calling was enough to leave your house in flames
Tattoos of deceased idols, killers gone insane
We look above it on the witness face
Jury with a bitter taste in their mouths
Division in the distant haze
The pistol blaze like hellfire
Bullets whistle by like voices beyond the grave in a dead choir
I pissed away my life for many moons
Many shitty wombs in pissy motels
Exchanging bricks with many goons
Exchanging bullet wounds with many fools
I'm one of the most fortunate though, I've been torturing impending doom
And all I picture is when me and God talk
Looking like Tim Roth from the ending of Reservoir Dogs
What happened after that I can't tell you
But if you keep the faith then even death can't fail you

It's the latest gruesome discovery in a wave of violence
That's crippled this Mexican border city
Bodies of nine decapitated men were found in a vacant empty lot
In this poor Tijuana neighborhood, just miles from San Diego
California state police said the heads were discovered in plastic bags near the bodies
Three of the men have been identified as police officers
Their ID cards were found in their mouths
Official says drug turf battles are at the center of much of the violence here, claiming at least 37 lives over three days, four of them children...

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