Hayes Carll - I Will Stay Lyrics

I have seen you at the window
I've heard you at the door
I've felt the world convince you
You could even up the score

Watched you carry all the memories
Of a life that came before
Then went away
But I will stay

I remember how you told me
You felt it all might fall apart
You barely made it into this world
And you've been fighting from the star

It's not easy to believe
But I will protect your heart
In every way
I will stay

Warm rain on the water
A lone star in the night
I brave dreams to hold on to
It will be alright

And it's hard to keep believing
All the stories you've been told
And to watch the way you try, babe
Is a sight to behold

And sometimes you will get angry
And sometimes you will get cold
But that's okay
I will stay

There's a ghost in every garden
And a lock on every door
And all of them remind you
Of the ones who came before
There's a pain in every memory
You don't have to hold no more

Now the summer sun is fading
And the autumn's in the hall
And if time would just stop moving
It wouldn't bother you at all

But your story isn't finished
You got so much more to say
And I can't wait
So I will stay
I will stay

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