Hayes Carll - Help Me Remember Lyrics

The leaves on that ancient old oak tree are starting to turn
The same shades as the flames of this fire that I'm watching burn
There's an unfinished crossword resting on the arm of this chair
And for the life of me I can't recall if I'm the one who left it there
It feels so familiar as I watch you walk in the room
At first I don't recognize you but then I damn sure recognize that perfume
And you kneel down beside me and gently take hold of my hand
I say, "Baby I'm scared and I'm not sure I know who I am"

Can you help me remember who it is I used to be
Can you tell me the story of my family, my hopes and my dreams
Did I try to stand for something or would I always fold
Did I do things when I was young to be proud of when I was old
Was I a house on fire or was I just a slow burning ember
Could you please help me remember

This ring on my finger is golden, faded and worn
Like it was forged in the fires of love and has weathered the storms
I try to make sense of these old photographs on the wall
But they're just faces and places that I don't know at all

Can you help me remember, I feel like I'm losing my mind
I know there's a story it's getting harder to find
Did I protect my children, stand up for my friends
How much damage did I do, did I ever make amends
Did I try to make a difference, did I give a damn
Was I a believer in God and his plan
Did I light up your life like a full moonlit night in December
Could you please help me remember
I need you to help me remember

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