George Ezra - Dance All Over Me Lyrics

There's mountains on Mars and riverbeds too
Infinite stars and there's me and you
There's nothing needs doing
Just keep on moving
And be here now with me
Won't you be here now with me?

Dance, dance, dance
Let it be, be, be
Dance all over me
C'mon and dance, dance, dance
Let it be, be, be
Dance all over me

Tonight with me
Tonight with me
Won't you cut it up and dance all over me?
Tonight with me
Tonight with me
Won't you cut it up and dance all over me?

Cut it up and dance all over me
Cut it up and dance all over me

If you walk through the desert and fall to your knees
You're perfectly sick, you got that mover's disease
It's a one-stop shop for that hot sweat drop
And be here now with me
Won't you be here now with me?

Tonight with me
Tonight with me
Won't you cut it up and dance all over me?
Tonight with me
Tonight with me
Won't you cut it up and dance all over me?

Cut it up and dance all over me
Cut it up and dance all over me

Dance, dance, dance
Let it be, be, be
Dance all over me
C'mon and dance, dance, dance
Let it be, be, be
Dance all over me

Tonight with me
Tonight with me
Won't you cut it up and dance all over me?
Tonight with me
Tonight with me
Won't you cut it up and dance all over me?

Tonight with me
Tonight with me
Won't you cut it up and dance all over me?
Tonight with me
Tonight with me
Won't you cut it up and dance all over me?

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George Ezra Dance All Over Me Comments
  1. Kita_L

    I'll never get tired of your talent, such a unique voice!

  2. Eližabëth

    I’m obsessed with this album. Each song is perfect for late night drives but this one is probably my favorite

  3. Stephanie Agenbag

    Oh George! Nothing beats your music 😊 This one is going on replay today 🌻

  4. Corey Church

    Honestly I’m finding it hard what is my number 1 favourite from this album, because I listen to one and it’s great, listen to another it’s also great!
    Either ‘Dance All Over Me’, ‘In The Morning’, or ‘Gold Rush Kid’ (the song).
    I haven’t listened to everything yet..

  5. Elina Olsson

    I love it!😍😍😍

  6. metalforever136

    Obsessed with this new album ❤️❤️ can't wait to see you Wednesday xxx

  7. Wilberth Francois Garcia Osorio

    Escuché este pedazo de tema y me a encantado finura en los sonidos enserio que rola no podré dejar de escucharla felicitaciones!!

  8. Kita_L

    Love it!

  9. Globetrottying19

    Merci... Love the new songs and was looking forward to reading the lyrics. What a magic voice. Top of my list with... together the last ones of Rod :-) Thanks

  10. Barbara Vidmar

    Love it ❤️

  11. Ken Zeyn

    Fun Fact: If you look at all of the pictures, from the gold rush kid to the last, it's a day cycle (motion) *don't know the right term

  12. paradorn mähn

    Mehrere tausend Menschen haben
    .Arbeit house ardit und ich paradorn mähn hacts manep paradorn mähn cohr manep Ich nana Mama edit edit

  13. Adriana Elias da Costa Calandreli


  14. Syakina Othman

    George music have the old school vibes but also feel fresh at the same time. Love it!

  15. Jesse Tuominen

    🎸 great song

  16. Pauli

    This is my favourite song of the album so far. Definetly worth the wait!

  17. Jessicajasmin

    Such a blessing to be hearing this, Thankyou

  18. mari


  19. Oofie

    Such a Great Song! I Just Love You George ❤️

  20. Lauren Ballantine xx xxx

    Can’t wait for my copy to arrive!!!😍

  21. Tsakeboya

    This is my favourite song on the album

  22. Maybe_Im_Max

    Listened to all now and this is my first ranking of them all. Y'all can reply with your rankings if ya wish ❤️
    1. Green green Grass
    2. Anyone for you (tiger Lily)
    3. Gold rush kid
    4. Fell in love at the end of the world
    5. Love somebody else
    6. Sweetest human being alive
    7. I went hunting
    8. Don't give up
    9. Dance all over me
    10. Manila
    11. In the morning
    12. The sun went down

  23. Maybe_Im_Max

    @It'sMe Firey fuck Yeah, pretty shining people is my cry forever song

  24. It'sMe Firey

    1. Green Green Grass
    2: Blue Blue Sky
    3. You better throw a party
    4: On the day that I die
    Lmao sorry here's my real one
    1: Green Green Grass
    2: Anyone for you
    3. Pretty Shining people
    4: Shotgun
    5. Idk 🤣

  25. Doush

    Your talent is amazing!
    Another beautiful song!😁😅

  26. Linda Perry

    Yes, cut it up! I'm dancing with you now George! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️🙋‍♀️

  27. Natalie Cleland

    The song is very awesome

  28. omar

    to the person reading this,
    It's been hard for you, I know, and it makes me sad that you don't see yourself in the way I see you. Sometimes they are things in life that cause us to lose ourselves, and the way you have is so unimaginably painful. I miss your smile, the way your eyes light up the whole room just by the sound of your laughter. I miss the way you accepted the way you look in the mirror without cursing yourself out about how ugly you look. I miss the way you didn't think of yourself as a failure because everyone makes mistakes, we all have flaws and we all aren't perfect. It's painful to see that no one around you seems to see the pain through your eyes, but, stranger, I do, I see how heavy your heart is and how comforting the sadness for you might be, how afraid your heart is of happiness because it disappears in the end, right ? You don't know how much impact you have in this world and it's sad to see that your demons fight against you and want to take over you. Because you do make change, it's something so simple and little that brightens up someone's whole world, it can be a small smile from your lips, the way you look at things you're passionate about, the way you make yourself eat even though it's been hard for you lately, the way you zoom out and go in your own world, you brighten up my world by reading this, it means a lot to me that you're here, existing, but I don't want you to just exist, you deserve to feel alive. You deserve to get up in the morning and feel good about yourself. You deserve to feel something- to feel every damn second alive in this lifetime. It's heartbreaking that you think you're not capable of being loved, because you are, I love you through allmy words and I hope you let it happen in your heart. Love is scary, I know, maybe your heart has been broken once and since then you wanted to be rather numb than feel ever again, it hurts me how you punish yourself, does it not deserve love? Because YOU DO deserve love, please forgive yourself, it's not your fault that the demons want to take over your beautiful heart. You're not a bad person for distancing yourself from others, but you deserve someone to talk to, you deserve someone to listen to. I am listening, you can tell me what's wrong. It's everything, isn't it? There's something pulling your heartstrings on the ground and no one seems to understand how misunderstood you feel. It's heartbreaking to know that I am behind the screen and can't give you a hug, that's why I will give you a big warm virtual hug and send you lots of love :) You matter. You are worthy. You are loved. You deserve good things. You deserve someone to listen to. You deserve to eat and drink. You deserve to feel good and alive. You deserve to smile. You deserve a hug You deserve to be all the things you want to be, because you deserve to have and feel good things happening to you and have a fulfilled life. I know I might not know you personally but I care about you so much. I write this because I want you to stay here with me. I want you to hold on a little longer because you matter so much to me, because I will not let you give up on yourself. I want you to see that you should not give up on yourself because you DESERVE GOOD THINGS. I want you to look back on the time when you were a kid, you didn't give up when you tried to swim for the first time, you didn't give up when you tired to walk for the first time and fell, you never gave up on yourself, you always kept on pushing forwards, so why can't you now? I know it's tiring, you're mentally tired, but don't your younger self deserve good things ? look back at your eyes that used to be full of hope, look back on those dreams.Don't let yourself fall, you deservebetter. We will both fight, I will fight for you . I won't let those demons get to you. You can hold on to me, I won't let you down :). Whenever you feel lonely, then look at the sky, I always look at it and think about you. Yes, you, because it makes me happy that there's someone looking right back, maybe we can't see each other but I can feel your presence here with me and that's enough for me, because I am glad your heart is beating and you're still fighting. You're so much stronger than you think, you didn't leave your spot on this earth even if you wanted to, you belong here, even though it doesn't feel like it, when you don't feel like belonging then build your own home here, put all your love in it and dreams. Think of you as a star when you feel alone, you shine because your heart is good, no matter what mistake you made, no matter about the past you had, you're one of the stars that shine bright in the universe because you're heart is beautiful, that's why the demons in your mind wants to have it. As one of the stars you see other stars, maybe they have felt the same way as you do at some point in their life, but they lighten up the universe with each other's presence. You're a star for me, maybe you don't see it yourself but I can see it, you're beautiful from inside and out, your body is beautiful the way it is. You make me happy by reading this, you make me feel something by your presence and when you can make me feel that way then you also make other people feel that way about you too. I hope you stay for yourself and don't let your story get written by others but by yourself, it's your story not theirs. As you can see, I say a lot of " I hope " because I have hope for you even if you don't have it for yourself, I see hope in you even though you might want to give up. That's why I hope you won't see the world in darkness and will see it colorful again. I hope I will give you a glimpse of hope and make the world you see a bit colorful for today. My favorite color is yellow, and I hope the next time you see thecolor yellow you will think about my words. If someone left you then don't blame yourself, don't think you weren't enough, don't lower yourself for someone who couldn't see the awesomeness in you. If you lost someone I am so sorry for your loss, they want you happy. I hope you don't feel guilty or regret because you were there, you spent enough time with them, they want you to be happy. They are in a good and safe place now. If someone broke your heart then I am so sorry that they couldn't see the way you look so beautiful because of the heart you have. Anyone who gets to be with you, doesn't know how fucking lucky he / she / they is :) If you aren't accepted at home or in general then I am so sorry that you have to deal with someone / something you shouldn't be ashamed of. I accept you and support you. I accept you as a human being no matter what race, religion, nationality, skin color, or sexuality you have. You're safe here with me :). You're not useless, you're not a burden to anyone. You're not a problem, you're human and your feelings are valid. You're not being dramatic. Please don't starve yourself, you deserve food and to drink, I know it's hard. It hurts to see that you're in so much pain :( you deserve so much man, don't let your emotions control you. Don't let them get the best of you. I am sorry no one is noticing, I wish / hope I could take your pain away for today or even for a moment while you're reading this. If no one told you, I am so proud of you, you're reading this and it's enough for me to be proud of you because you're here and that's all that matters to me. If it's night for you, go to sleep, I know it's hard to fall asleep right now but you deserve a good sleep. If you have nightmares, please, don't let them fight you. If it's day for you, don't start it with such sad music. I know it's impossible to have a good day with such a mindset but take baby steps, start by drinking two cups of water everyday in the morning and so on.. You will start building little healthy habits. If it's evening for you, you'reprobably overwhelmed and stressed, I want you to know it's okay to feel the way you feel. You don't need to be scared, of course you're overwhelmed or stressed, I mean who wouldn't? But it's important to know that when you feel that way you should do a little self care, such as taking a bath for example? You deserve to feel at ease and relaxed.
    And if you are somewhere in between I hope you know that you're so strong for breathing despite the pain, I know you will make it :) I believe in you. All I want for you is to stay here, I really mean all my words, even if there are a lot of unsaid things I want to tell you and my text is getting longer and longer, I want you here.
    I hope one day your smile will become a genuine one where you don't need to fake it anymore, because I can't say this enough, you deserve a good smile and to feel alive. You're worth more than every fucking cent in this world.
    You can let go for today, I got you, you can cry your heart out as much as you want, but don't let it tear you down and let your emotions control you by giving up . Crying is not a weakness. If you still feel alone I dedicate a song as your friend.
    " Dusk till Dawn - Zayn feat. Sia ( I prefer the slow version )" I hope you can think of me and will remind yourself of my words, I will for sure think of you.
    In case no one told you and you're unsure yourself, you're a good person and I am so happy you're here.
    I hope this is enough to stay today, tomorrow will be a new day, a new start, let go now. Enough with beating yourself up for today, okay?
    Life for those who couldn't, smile for those who forgot what a genuine smile is, love like there's no other, hug like it's your last one.
    If you read all of it, until tomorrow my friend :)
    Gave a good days and great years.

  29. lana

    Nothing breaks like a heart

  30. Magdam Rutkowski


  31. Asriyanhi Dayu

    Wow so A mazing,,i like it very much. 👍😘😘



  33. i_like_cars59


  34. Jesse Tuominen

    🎸 great George

  35. Tracey Meli

    Your new album is out today yippie 👏👏

  36. Pineapple zombie

    ❤️ this

  37. Tannenbaum

    beautiful 🥰

  38. Ambiguous Duck

    I dont even know who this is but it seems Ive arrived in the first 10 minutes of the release of kick ass song.

  39. ElJecaro

    I just love you, but come on is 2 am baby. Fire still.

  40. Steam_Jane

    He's in the UK, as am I and for us it's now around 5pm, so when you made your comment it would have been around 8am if my maths is correct. It's a time zone thing. Lmao
    But: I agree, I love a bit of George's music.

  41. ewelka dab

    It depends on which country🤣


    Good one ☝️

  43. 廖阳子

    Years ago I heard someone covering your song. I stopped not because how well he sang it but because I recognised it was composed by you. Love from China (the story happened in Manchester though 😄😄

  44. RM 713

    Best song of his.

  45. Paul Niven

    It's it just me or dose dance all over me sound a bit like Miley and mark Ronson nothing break s like a heart?

  46. Elif Şahin


  47. Dana Aala

    Nice chorus!

  48. Leonardo Felipe


  49. Anastasia


  50. Renico Van Rensburg

    Does someone have links for the 4 extra songs to share please?

  51. Ginger Stewart

    Be still my heart ♥️ ❤♥️

  52. Николай Мирный

    que encantan tus videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera los mortalesd abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

  53. Menlha Vlog


  54. ICE KING


  55. Alice Maloney

    He sings in lowercase. Love him so much

  56. Nameless Empire

    Bro live it for letter time .. 🙂

  57. JB

    Tune! ❤️

  58. MEEEE

    Good to see you back 👍
    First in line for the jacket 👍

  59. Jenly A

  60. Eamon


  61. Gypsy Dust

    Just come to the USA!!! Please!!!!

  62. Keqpur4ik

    гуд видео

  63. i_like_cars59

    Got the signed album

  64. Fhatimma Lhemos

    Ok dance, dance, dance me🎶🎶🎶💕👋👋👋

  65. Divyansh Khare

    Good luck with the album mate. Can a first hello get any likes?

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  69. Alan Calvillo

    Dance All Over Me please

  70. apiilx

    First yes baby and I love your somg

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  73. Anders Termansen

    First comment

  74. Dale Offer