Dreamcatcher - Scream Lyrics


Garyeojin nunapi
Piro muldeullyeojine
Tell me why
I don't lie

Chagaun barameun bulgo
Siseoni neukkyeojyeo wa
Hyeolgwaneul tago heureuneun All pain

Mukkyeojin du son jeoryeooneun i neukkim
Modu naege doreul deonjyeodo
Beoseonaji mothae

Hanado nan jaemieopseo
Nugureul wihaeseoinji
Nuga jom malhae jwo Tell me
Taoreuneun bulgil wie Now

Please I don't want to scream
(Devil eyes come nuneul tteunda nuneul tteunda)
Please I don't want to scream
(Scream scream scream scream)
Eodum soge peojyeo Scream

Gamyeon dwiui Trick gasoroun Freak
Keojin jeungoga naeun mujagwi sogui Target
Taoreun galjeung samkyeodo wiseoneun da nae tasira hae
Naemollin kkeuteun jeolbyeok wie
Huhoeman nameul seontaegi dwae

Nalkaron kallalcheoreom nari seon mari
Sangcheo doeeo pagodeureodo
Kkeunchi mothaneun sum

Hanado nan al su eopseo
Nugureul wihaeseoinji
Nuga jom malhae jwo Tell me
Pieooreun yeongi soge Now

Please I don't want to scream
(Devil eyes come nuneul tteunda nuneul tteunda)

Modu tteonan hu
Dasi nuneul tteo
Sarajyeo beorin heunjeok
Can't believe me

Seulpeohaji mara No more No more No more
Nal wihae No more No more No more

Uh uh
Nega bon modeun geol ijeo
Amu il eopseotda mideo
Geureoke hana dul moduga michyeo ga Woo

I just wanna make you scream
(Devil Eyes Come)
Modu nareul bogo Scream
(Scream scream scream scream)

I just wanna make you scream


가려진 눈앞이
피로 물들여지네
Tell me why
I don't lie

차가운 바람은 불고
시선이 느껴져 와
혈관을 타고 흐르는 All pain

묶여진 두 손 저려오는 이 느낌
모두 내게 돌을 던져도
벗어나지 못해

하나도 난 재미없어
누구를 위해서인지
누가 좀 말해 줘 Tell me
타오르는 불길 위에 Now

Please I don't want to scream
(Devil eyes come 눈을 뜬다 눈을 뜬다)
Please I don't want to scream
(Scream scream scream scream)
어둠 속에 퍼져 Scream

가면 뒤의 Trick 가소로운 Freak
커진 증오가 낳은 무작위 속의 Target
타오른 갈증 삼켜도 위선은 다 내 탓이라 해
내몰린 끝은 절벽 위에
후회만 남을 선택이 돼

날카론 칼날처럼 날이 선 말이
상처 되어 파고들어도
끊지 못하는 숨

하나도 난 알 수 없어
누구를 위해서인지
누가 좀 말해 줘 Tell me
피어오른 연기 속에 Now

Please I don't want to scream
(Devil eyes come 눈을 뜬다 눈을 뜬다)

모두 떠난 후
다시 눈을 떠
사라져 버린 흔적
Can't believe me

슬퍼하지 마라 No more No more No more
날 위해 No more No more No more

Uh uh
네가 본 모든 걸 잊어
아무 일 없었다 믿어
그렇게 하나 둘 모두가 미쳐 가 Woo

I just wanna make you scream
(Devil Eyes Come)
모두 나를 보고 Scream
(Scream scream scream scream)

I just wanna make you scream

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Dreamcatcher Scream Comments
  1. Su su

    Me encantan pero no hacía falta utilizar simbología Illuminati y satánica juntas,entiendo que el diablo se represente con los cuernos por la historia de dramcstcher ,pero tapar un ojo representa otras .Además vi a siyeon en otro video haciendo el 666 en un ojo en el que cantaba ella sola,espero que la empresa no haya caído tan bajo.

  2. c&cseguros concha

    Me encanta dream catcher porque no es el típico grupo de chicas lindas, rosa, crush,
    Es todo lo contrario, y esa mezcla que no se ve comúnmente en el kpop me eriza la piel
    Y que decir de las integrantes
    Desde hace ya bastante tiempo las había escuchado (con deja vu) pero ya me aprenderé los nombres de cada una,
    Gran grupo, le veo mucho potencial
    (La verdad me da flojera buscar los nombres me podrían decir cuáles son?)

  3. Isabel G

    please i need them to get their well deserved recognition let's work hard somnies!! str3am properly and vote when it's time, we need to repay them for all the effort they've put during all this time!!

  4. Fati Fleur

    My girls
    I hope they get their first win ❤️

  5. Лина С

    Very cool song and so beautiful MV.
    My eyes and ears are blessed.

  6. xX_Poke_Xx

    They didn't forget about Handong <3

  7. Dreamcatcher Promoter


  8. Raison D'etre

    first 20 sec already judge this is a freaking BOP and that's coming from a non fan.

  9. Adriana1904mansilla Mansilla

    Desde argentina yes beby 😂😂🤗

  10. Qurratu Aini

    Why i feel like they will get 1st win?? . Why?? Because they will💞💞💞💞 .

  11. 셀진

    Soo pretty

  12. Mirka Llizam

    Its my first time hearing dreamcatcher and OMG.
    They all sing awesome!! Their vocals are no joke 😨

  13. Ubushaeva Gulsagi

    This song screams ICONIC! LEGENDERY! ROYALITY!

  14. Daiana na na

    I'm sorry dreamies, we're already screaming and we won't stop anytime soon...

  15. raine kpop

    the blonde girl gives me a STRONG taeyeon vibes 😨❣️

  16. •кιм тαєтαє•

    Only one word for this..... *_daebak!!!_*

  17. laura

    no mames que temazo

  18. jenessa ong

    Honestly I feel this MV is abt the hate they get...does anyone also agree with me? :)

  19. Gaga Martinezz


  20. Chubby Bunny

    Omg, the opposite of GFriend!!! Gonna help you vote and stream!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. sup gays

    feels so incomplete without handong, but congratulations to my wonderful girls!! xx

  22. Aina Hatta

    Whoaaa Daebak 👏👏😍😍

  23. Leffy Rumi

    Im a buddy but i really want dreamcatcher win in musics show so i'll start to vote them. These girls deserve their 1st win asap! Its disapointed when they failed to get their 1st in DejaVu era. I hope another buddy can help them to get their 1st win :(

  24. Familiar Stranger

    me: piri is my fav song
    * DC drop sream*
    me: i just wanna make u SCREAM!!!!

  25. DK: CH


  26. Christina R.

    Dreamcatcher can't disappoint. This album is fire!!! 👑😱

  27. Tuçeğğ ğğ

    What happened to the chinese member

    Blue Princess

    She is in show competition in China currently. But you'll notice in the dance formations the girl with the mask is Handong's placeholder.

  28. Ebrithilus

    Their talent realy makes me fear !!!!!
    OMG STAN THEM !!!!!!!!!

  29. 지현

    와 뭔가 저번노래랑 느낌이 확달라진 느낌?

  30. Mark Leo

    WOOOOOAAAHHH!!!!!! (heart emoji x 99999)

  31. Doku. Doku

    W O W...I just love dreamcathers songs! but i know nothing about the members yet i really need to ĺook into them

  32. Cerys Ashenden

    Dami: *exists*
    Me: wow that’s literally the best thing my two eyes have ever seen

  33. IMMI

    This is too good to only have these many views, wth?? How are they being slept upon?

  34. buddy jjang

    Buddy support dreamcather comeback!!!!

  35. P-Nation Entertainment

    Best song of DREAMCATCHER...

  36. Kthpoetrysx •


  37. Na Riana

    Wow 😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  38. Veralyn Poetry

    oahhhhhhhhh, yes queens!!!!!!!

  39. BlackPink in my area


  40. changuwu

    Came here for the first time, gonna stay here forever.

  41. BlackPink in my area


  42. Faith Anne Porteria



    These girls don't have 1 bad song... let's get them the well deserved 1st win :)

  44. 로즈데스트벤스키유스티니낭패

    드림캐쳐는 컨셉이 다른 곳에서 잘 볼수 없는 독보적인 컨셉이라 너무 좋아요


    They reminds me of GFRIEND.. but darker..

  46. BlackPink in my area


  47. Cheryl D

    My second dreamcatcher comeback since I discovered they were a thing!! They never cease to amaze me 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💚💚💜

  48. ohmygoogi bts

    thats it im stanning dreamcatcher

  49. stob it

    I just I want to say I LOVE THEM AND THIS MV. Waiting for their performance in music shows will be somewhat agonizing.

  50. katherine morales

    This is ART

  51. Awang Pambudi

    Always amazing 👏👏🥰

  52. Channel UmB Sinb

    Buddy love Dreamchather..60 of 100 Gfriend fans like all Dc songs

  53. Heooudone Yotsavath


  54. Faith Anne Porteria

    Start it with JiYoo is killing me

  55. ItsMe Annika


  56. Mika Chu

    Why is nobody talking about the aesthetics of the MV!!! It's the prettiest one I have ever seen omg omg omg Dreamcatcher slaying another comeback

  57. BTSまりあな

    Yes or yes?

  58. chuchu mint

    SuA is slaying 👏
    JiU is slaying 👏
    Siyeon is slaying 👏
    Dami is slaying 👏
    Gahyeon is slaying 👏
    Yoohyeon is slaying 👏
    And of course, dong dong is always slaying even if she's not with us this comeback 💖


  59. Bimo nugroho


  60. Antonio Marcio Santos Do Nascimento


    Antonio Marcio Santos Do Nascimento


  61. Hyuna Spiritfox

    S P E A C H L E S S

  62. YK M


  63. ᅲ.ᅲ ᄏ ᄏ ᄏᄏ ᄏ ᄏ

    Duuuudeeeeeee i like their new song as in!!!!!!!!

    But am I the only one that is like getting these MAMA and Fake Love vibes?? The vibe of the music video I mean. I am not comparing the songs ok? They are nothing alike from the songs I have said earlier but I am only pointing out the music video not the girls nor the song just the video.
    No hate ok?? I like the girlssss😂😂

    Zemoura Anis

    Check their other stuff this is how their mvs are always this is their concept after all

  64. 살구의조상

    진짜 대박이야 영원히 드캐해

  65. Hiba Fadil

    Their voices guuuuyyyyys from the singers till the rappers aaaaaaaaah woooowowowowo hajavshdudgevsjshvsdvdysysgzggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. Filipa Gomes

    Dreamcatcher new album is just amazing

  67. PurplePotatoes

    Theres english subtitles now...and wow the lyrics really resonate with how kpop can get so toxic ;;

  68. 징징이의덕질세상

    근데 진짜 드림캐쳐도 노래 좋고 컨셉 유니크한데 생각보다 잘 못뜨는팀 ㅠ 꼭 수면위로 오르길 바랍니다

  69. M. Ilham Try satria

    Illuminati confirmed !

  70. My baby Dreamcatcher and BP

    InSomnias FIGHTING!

  71. Ang El

    OMG It is so amazing....

  72. ho ho

    aishh, this song didnt really hit me, the drop ruin the song. but siyeon voice and the rap safe this song, at least i can hear this song if randomly play, but def wont put this to the playlist

  73. Balquees CA

    Miss u 😘 this is amazing

  74. — ᥕꪱᥢᥢꪱᥱ

    rapper gahyeon is my type of kink ngl-

  75. M. Ilham Try satria

    Illuminati confirmed 😂

  76. Mg Tim

    Dreamcatcher back again with gorgeous visuals and beautiful music. This song surely went straight into my favourites.

  77. Xiechi Chan

    Wake up everyone, enough sleeping on dreamcatcher! Time to go on reality

  78. Wolfy Chuu qwq

    I know Dreamcatcher is something u hang around ur bed but that doesn't mean y all should sleep on these queens!!!

  79. Digital Nomad Sage

    So amazing! Love the sound! <3

  80. bang chan’s dimples

    I was living my best life until I got scared because of their trying to summon Satan-

  81. Karmaa21

    Pleaseeeee let this girls winnnnn,
    Omg, i support them since their debut day as DC. Why so underrated :"(

  82. bang chan’s dimples


  83. Sudip pattanayak

    Such a Bob!

  84. Sudip pattanayak

    Such a Bob!

  85. FIT 3

    So dark

  86. Yorozuya's Otaku Maniac

    Top 2 favorite gg!!

  87. 꿀빵

    와 노래 좋다

  88. Ban Gx

    People stream this into oblivion. Let's get them a win.

  89. assya wjynt

    An amazing concept!

  90. Nate Schulz

    true ot7, they saved a spot for handong throughout the choreo :,))

  91. Qarl_ Life

    I’m buddy but i want to support dreamcatcher too because the song so nice 😍hope they get first win

  92. 최은서

    믿듣이다 진짜

  93. Adam Haziq

    I'll scream for Dami anytime...

  94. Adam saiful ali


  95. BridgetM HernandezR

    I'm done!!


    괜찮은데, 올 상반기에 잠깐 뜨겠다.

  97. Thaysa Maria


  98. Elis Jane


  99. Aleeya Roslan

    My friend force me to watch this...... welll i am not regreting that

  100. JL January

    This sound somewhat like an anime intro or jpop