Dreamcatcher - SAHARA Lyrics


Kkeuteopsi pyeolchyeojin Red sand
Inae haneopsi chagaun Dead end
Swil teum eopsi meoreojigo inneun
My way

Memareun igosui galjeung
Bajjak tadeureo ganeun ipsul
Geureon jeonbureul dameun hyeonsil
Chajeul su eopseo Oasis
Han julgi Oasis

Amudo jeonghaejin gireun eopseo
Nae apeul magaseodo
(Ara nan)
Understand Understand

Jillireul butjapgo matseo ssawo
Apeuro nagaya hae
Started war
Dari chaolla dari chaolla Oh

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
Modeun geol bakkwo jaeppalli
Yodongchineun Ambition

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
Garil su eomneun haneure Pray Pray

Seonbongdaee seon baramgwa
Bureul jipyeo naaga
Nae mamdaero geuryeoga
(Baratdeon kkumeul kkwo
Wanbyeokan naui kkumeul)

Gareuchiryeo haneun baramgwa
Nal muneotteuryeo eonneun geoseul malhae bwa
Geu modeun geoseun Hold back (Hold back)
Ppeonhi boineundedo wae
Geureoke nuneul gama

Nugudo jeonghaejin gireun eopseo
Nal kkeulgo garyeo haedo
(Geurae nan)
Understand Understand

Heureumeul geoseulleo matseo ssawo
Apjilleo nagaya hae
Started war
Dari chaolla dari chaolla Oh

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
Modeun geol bakkwo jaeppalli
Yodongchineun Ambition

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
Garil su eomneun haneure Pray Pray

Geochin barami nal halkwieodo
Hwaksinhal su inneun himi itdamyeon

I can get through everything
Wah ah ah ah

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
Sesangeul bakkwo jaeppalli
Yodongchineun Ambition

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
Garil su eomneun haneure Pray Pray


끝없이 펼쳐진 Red sand
이내 한없이 차가운 Dead end
쉴 틈 없이 멀어지고 있는
My way

메마른 이곳의 갈증
바짝 타들어 가는 입술
그런 전부를 담은 현실
찾을 수 없어 Oasis
한 줄기 Oasis

아무도 정해진 길은 없어
내 앞을 막아서도
(알아 난)
Understand Understand

진리를 붙잡고 맞서 싸워
앞으로 나가야 해
Started war
달이 차올라 달이 차올라 Oh

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
모든 걸 바꿔 재빨리
요동치는 Ambition

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
가릴 수 없는 하늘에 Pray Pray

선봉대에 선 바람과
불을 지펴 나아가
내 맘대로 그려가
(바랐던 꿈을 꿔
완벽한 나의 꿈을)

가르치려 하는 바람과
날 무너뜨려 얻는 것을 말해 봐
그 모든 것은 Hold back (Hold back)
뻔히 보이는데도 왜
그렇게 눈을 감아

누구도 정해진 길은 없어
날 끌고 가려 해도
(그래 난)
Understand Understand

흐름을 거슬러 맞서 싸워
앞질러 나가야 해
Started war
달이 차올라 달이 차올라 Oh

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
모든 걸 바꿔 재빨리
요동치는 Ambition

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
가릴 수 없는 하늘에 Pray Pray

거친 바람이 날 할퀴어도
확신할 수 있는 힘이 있다면

I can get through everything
Wah ah ah ah

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
세상을 바꿔 재빨리
요동치는 Ambition

Ra- ra- ra
Ra- ra- ra
가릴 수 없는 하늘에 Pray Pray

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Dreamcatcher SAHARA Comments
  1. Bee Smiles Entertainment

    idk but I felt like this track belong to Dami and Sua lol 😂

  2. mahou uu

    I paused a BL novel I was reading for Dreamcatcher in the past 3 hours lol. I'll be back when I finished haha. I hope Dreamcatcher get a win on the shows!

  3. Frozen Era

    i somehow like their other song more than the main song.

  4. J Blev

    This is soooo good!! This song really feels like a journey

  5. Dana Most


  6. Jared Espinosa

    Oh man that transition from rock to Dami’s hip hop, so smooth

  7. Tiff Blabla


  8. envy crossroad

    ra ra ra~

  9. golden maknae

    if i'm not mistaken, on jiu's vlive, she said that she thought tht sahara is going to be the title track but then scream is chosen

  10. echo sooya

    Red Sun and SAHARA are a title track omg QUEEEEENSSS

  11. popi hw328

    Those guitars remainds me a lot to system of a down...Am I the only one? I like it a lot, i think is my favoriteee

  12. NKHemm

    The drum part OMG 😭😭😭

  13. NKHemm

    Oh this song remind me of I Was King by ONE OK ROCK

  14. Dreamcatcher Fan

    I did not expect that guitar at all but this is a bop!

  15. NKHemm

    This song should be a single after Scream 🤣

  16. NKHemm

    OMG 😭😭😭😭😭
    This song is really good 😭

  17. Ong Seongwoo

    scream was simply not my genre, but I understand that they might chose it as title track to bring new audiences. but Sahara is still the jam I would listen to

  18. Alvin Cwk

    3 mins of silence for those who sti havnt find out about dreamcatcher

  19. nu tt


  20. Andrew Lee

    There's one person going around disliking all the DC videos. Just ignore. That person is insignificant.
    I can understand. It's difficult to give a like when you have nothing likeable to give from the inside. :)

  21. Viva Kae

    That guitar tone gave me System Of A Down vibe, love it so much!!!

    popi hw328

    Viva Kae I think the same omggggg

  22. Miss Krissy

    Another banging song! The fact that they could choose only 1 title track from this insane album is amazing!

  23. KARY

    SA-HA-RA 🎶

  24. Retro Shooter

    Oh, this is classic Dreamcatcher.

  25. shao

    that one guy who click dislike, i know you miss clicked, please fix

  26. Eim Baharudin

    All song from thiss album , is masterpiece ... Iam cryingggg 😭

  27. Vedika Rao

    2:40 you're welcome

  28. Avigayil Carmon

    Dami just keeps amaze me this comeback. She is so versatile

  29. Vivi Dodo

    Every single song on this album deserves an MV

  30. Vedika Rao

    The start reminded me of DDLJ

  31. Shah Fuan28


  32. Didz93

    This better get at least a Special Clip!! 😍😍😍😍🖤❤💛

  33. Darth Silsrud

    no one:

    _SuA:_ *KIM BO-RA! RA! RA!! RA!!!*

  34. Syahira Izzati

    Oh magosh oh magoshh !!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱 this will be my favourite.

  35. catchmydreams

    The story telling is spot on

  36. 빅뺘이

    이게 진짜네

  37. stéphanie lorraine

    This is my favorite song of the album. OMG beautiful !!!

  38. Shilpa Potdar

    This sounds like early 2000-2005 era, I love it!

  39. Almaz 48

    I think the person who disliked this song missed the like button, at least that's what I want to believe, cause if it was intentional, I'm worried for that person.

  40. Gemini Dreamer

    I feel like they really should save this song as Title track for the next comeback just like Full Moon

  41. Lonely Fanboy

    The ending OMG

  42. 사막

    사!!하!!롸!! 롸!!롸!!롸!!이거들으면서 작업하면 비장하게 할 수 있을것같애요 ㅅㅔ상을바꿔!!!!!

  43. HAN

    Dami rap 💔💔

  44. Amanda Contreras

    Tan hermosa la canción valió la pena quedarse despierta tanto tiempo 😌

  45. stan loona hoes

    All the songs are bops if they don't get a first win I'm gonna riot

  46. Lalisa Oppa's wife

    This needs a MV!!

  47. carsalie

    dami's rap thoooo

  48. xs ᅳxo


  49. First Chorus

    Heroic vibe

  50. Phượng Mai Nguyễn

    This song somehow has the cowboy vibe (maybe because Sahara is a desert), mixed with their typical rock in the chorus but then an RnB hiphop part comes and grab my attention away WOAHHHH

  51. Miyoung kim


  52. Hacer İLHAN

    SA HA RA RA RA RA RA RA RA it’s amazing as always. Waoooooooww

  53. Kailin Blue

    No one:

    Me: vibing to dreamcatcher at 3am

  54. Kris H

    Listen to this song while close your eyes, you can imagine that you are currently in a middle of Sahara desert.


    It’s 2 am here so i feel like i will fall asleep if i even blink lol


    headbanging in a desert

  55. All eyes on: Hongjoong


  56. M.H


  57. Random Account

    I hope this is what I hear when I die cuz I'm definitely gonna end up somewhere hot like a Sahara and not Heaven

  58. Risa

    Dami's rap gives me reggaeton vibes

  59. M.H


  60. InSomnia Orbit

    I freaking thought Siyeon's part is English because of the captions

  61. Min Rüya

    The intro feels like a Turkish song 🥺

  62. J.Chan

    How is every song on this album so good?

  63. Koralite Otaku

    This song is so smooth. Dami's rap was killer

  64. Zohmingliani hnamte


  65. Nía Astankova

    All DC albums are of incredible quality, but without a doubt this is the best :3



  66. Zohar Torrez

    Para quién dio dislike a este arte... Todo bien en casa?

  67. Seystea

    How it's possible? How can I be so hypnotized by, it seems, all the new songs of this album? I'm in love. 😍

  68. Bing Bong

    Imagine a world without Dreamcatcher

    Louiz Figueiredo


    stan lee siyeon

    I can’t—


    I rather die

  69. Rrxxyq 910

    All of tracks is my favorite❤️🔥🔥🤘🤘

  70. Maily Fox

    This song could easily be a title track. I guess the reason why they chose "Scream" over "Sahara" is that Scream has a new and different arrangement/type to their past songs?
    I know nothing about music lol but Sahara sounds like a classic Dreamcatcher song to me while Scream has a different vibe. Anyway I love both songs, and as always Stan Dreamcatcher Stan good music💕

    Siyeon's Pants

    i want to add that i think Sahara would have been better as the title track, imo. i was pretty disappointed with Scream, mainly because the song seems kind of filler especially with that chorus. i reaaaally dislike songs with such filler chorus...


    i personally think scream was the best choice for their title tracks, idk but i think sahara is slightly lacking on something. also the rap here cant beat scream's raps

    Karin Vasu

    @Siyeon's Pants chorus drops are very common in kpop...its not really filler cos its smth listeners anticipate more often than not imo

    Siyeon's Pants

    @Karin Vasu yeah, its very mainstream in kpop esp in recents days, maybe that's why i don't really listen to kpop now :/ i just didnt think DC will go in that direction as well after the last 3 years... oh well...

    Maily Fox

    reyanime Exactly! I wouldn't say Scream is my favourite in the album cause there are so many good songs (Sahara/Red Sun/Jazz Bar..), but I think it's a good choice for a title track. I just hope with this fabulous album more people can get to discover Dreamcatcher's music

  71. 카페인홀릭

    사하라 풀버전 기다렸다ㅠㅠ 역시 엄청좋아 노래 쩐다구

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    i'm deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  73. Deppy K.

    Siyeon's high notes towards the end, *omggggg*!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 What a Vocal Goddess!!!
    The whole albums is just bops after bops!!!

  74. centaureox


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    김보롸 롸롸롸 ❗️❗️❗️❗️🔥🔥🔥

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    Thanks for this masterpiece///

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    This is my favorite song of the album.

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    i think i might stan them now.

    Glitter Minho

    good choice


    yes! you shall not regret it 💚

    ulzzang subs

    the best choice

    oO Celes Tine Oo

    The win needs Dreamcatcher!

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  80. Shauqi Hassan

    SA HA RA

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    Why did someone dislike like wtf


    The disliker is sbs the show


    They were fangirling/boying so much that they missed the like button


    This person was so excited and clicked wrong, that happened 🤔😅

    P.I.W 98

    @KARY maybe. :) . But i feel so bad


    Literally “someone” there’s only 1dislike currently HAHAHAH!

  82. InSomnia Wrestling

    Sa Ha Ra. Love you DREAMCATCHER 😍.

  83. K A

    That intro riff... GOOSEBUMPS!!

  84. Ruby Rupee

    I heard that the title track was supposed to be Sahara or Scream
    I only heard not knew

  85. Hazakii

    Bruh the chorus ❤️❤️

  86. ᄏ ᄏ

    수록곡으로 남기엔 너무 아까워... 진짜 하이라이트 ㄹㅇ 취저..

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