Drake - Tie That Binds Lyrics

Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh

Kill me slowly with those piercin' eyes
Don't break my fall
Hidin' from those stars, foreign inside
Every time
I know you're here
I never felt so alive (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Slowly you're pullin' me 'cross the line
In no time, in no time

Oh, baby, I'm feelin' all sort of things
I never wanna see you ever leave
Maybe I'll take you to my family
Change your name
Oh, baby

With no doubt I'll give you all my time
And walk the line
You bring out the best part of me, babe
Effortlessly, effortlessly
Hope you never dim the light (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Hold me close as you can 'til we're ghost
It's a promise, 'til we're ghost

Oh, baby, I'm feelin' all sort of things
I never wanna see you ever leave
Maybe I'll take you to my family
Change your name
Oh, baby

Please, don't leave me
You know I need you, you know I need you, yeah
Please, don't leave me
You know I need you, you know I need you, yeah
Please, don't leave me
You know I need you, you know I need you, yeah
Please, don't leave me
You know I need you, you know I need you, yeah
Please, don't leave me
You know I need you, you know I need you, yeah
Please, don't leave me
You know I need you, you know I need you, yeah
Please, don't leave me
You know I need you, you know I need you, yeah
Please, don't leave me
You know I need you, you know I need you, yeah

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Drake Tie That Binds Comments
  1. Brandon Butch

    People hate change. I love this album. So different and much needed in a time where everything sounds the same

  2. TimeIsIllmatic

    @IOJ nah they dont🤣they want him to make something that sounds nothing like these shit record ong yall so funny🤣

  3. Daniel Clarke

    @Doree Mc Nulty what artistry. He doesn’t make the beats. He’s just crooning over the same sounding vacant house beats. It doesn’t sound bad. It’s just not artistically stimulating or anything to write home about. Don’t ever meantion Dylan and drake in the same sentence

  4. Daniel Clarke

    But every single song sounds the same. And this music isn’t different. It’s just slightly different than what he’s always done before. I donno what you’ve been listening to but this isn’t different or good

  5. Snagu

    Yes, just categorize all criticism as "people hate change". Enjoy your tunnel vision.

  6. Rtx cliff

    This song just hits different
    People gonna discover it and like it years to come.!

  7. Kimri Smith

    When you travel around the world and go to different clubs your sound is gonna be influenced by the vibes the whole album feels like 3am nightclub bops

  8. Kia Sutu

    Last fight ru-clip.com/video/7Gf6-IgljyE/видео.html


    Feels like edm deep house...big time in everywhere but the usa

  10. Claudia Claudia

    Last call music 😢

  11. Tony Cash

    For the simple fact that he has the Audacity to make an Album like this is a Win for me 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  12. lashaunadaniels

    Literally one of my favorites on the album especially the production which is crazy. Love the breakdown at the end and how they just let it play out no words. Its fire and a total vibe!!!

  13. Jstar

    This album is what separates him from the rest and this song proves that

  14. Z!

    Nah Yeezus

  15. Soubaiya Abdoulaziz

    The best song in this album!!!
    The vibe man, sick. I’m flying across the frequencies

  16. Tu Su

    Last fight ru-clip.com/video/pq9yyaZ25YI/видео.html

  17. Tyler_the_creator.famboy


  18. Revolveré

    This whole album has a worldwide sound and appeal. This is honestly bigger than most people think.

  19. zays view

    @Slim Jimmy thats like saying lil nas x is great bc he had 1 good Project and everyone knows him. Well lil nas x doesnt get the same numbers anymore and hes still popular and his music is heard but dies off that is not the case . Drake held number one for 5 years straight before that just shows you the music he makes its addicting it ages like fine wine

  20. zays view

    @Slim Jimmy lil nas and what you call one hit wonders who come and go just like 6ix nine are a different type of music thats just a in the moment thing bc their numbers still dont show over time and especially as big as guys like drake, jay z and lil wayne

  21. zays view

    @Slim Jimmy i dont think someone just listens to a song over a year or 2 if they dont like it. Drake doesnt just do numbers for the first weeks his albums chart for a year later or so clb is still number one could have dropped to top 5 and was dropped last year September that just tells you people like the music thus making it good just bc 10% of the people dont like it doesnt mean it bad thats just someone’s opinion. His numbers show in fact that people do think its good and that people do listen to it alot .

  22. bl3nkz

    Drake has grown beyond measures artistically, he understands the music he makes is not just for his liking but for the culture of others to endure, big respect drizzy,here since octobers on..🎯🤞🔥

  23. Foam Chez

    Bro your on something

  24. joshua thompson

    This song is unreal, SERIOUSLY an absolute masterpiece. Different and completely the same drake we know and love all together in this one track.
    BIG up

  25. Kevin Alisson

    essa me pegou... FODA DEMAIS! AMAZING SONG!

  26. nandia gabriel

    I love this song so much! I will never get sick of it

  27. Double R.

    I trashed the album before I even sat down to really take a good listen but I went through it from the first song to the last song and this album is fire ...some will appreciate the art later in life but some of us will appreciate it now

  28. carlos the bug

    @Icey bro what are you smoking on😂

  29. Mr. Lightskin

    I've did the same thing and realized that Drake is really the Goat at what he does. Hats off to him fr🔥🔥🔥

  30. Malazan

    @Icey don't compare this to WLR to this please. This is actually listenable lmao

  31. Chris R.

    boooooo! 🍅

  32. Taj Whitsey

    Yeah i actually love this album drake actually helping me at the moment its nice to see im not the only one going through it.

  33. Alakay Floyd

    @GUISTY Lmal

  34. Alakay Floyd

    @waseexo LMAO

  35. Roberto El-Hajj Boutros

    This type of much needed in a time where everything is so loud and creates a hype, so now i can sit back and listen to this amazing album to clear my mind 👌

  36. Audioholics

    This song slays

  37. Lavish Vids

    This one is produced by Vlado & Ginton, two producers from the Netherlands! 🇳🇱 Proud to see the influence of Dutch djs/producer over the whole world whether it be deep house, techno, hardstyle, mainstream edm (a few years ago, trance or some other genre!

  38. Zinhle Maseko

    This sound is very heavily influenced by Black Coffee as his chief producer for the album. All I'm hearing is 2008 South Africa loud and clearrrrr

  39. Tayfun Y

    I didn't know thanks 👏👏

  40. Ezio Auditore


  41. yrnplayboy

    I need there ig bro

  42. Anais Amatuni

    This is such a vibe man , I like to listen to techno and deep house but sometimes I wish I could combine some words into those songs and this is a perfect example.I could listen to this in the car,at the gym,smoking,on a plane,high on drugs,sad asf and more.needless to say this is amazing

  43. Rucy_Ramone

    Wow! I haven’t had enough of Drake yet and he drops another album full of incredible music and lyrics. He is my favourite artist of all time. This guy just gets what I want in a song. The beat, the sound, the lyrics, everything! Just amazing! 5/5, 10/10!!!

  44. Rucy_Ramone

    @b that’s too bad that you lie about stuff like that. I on the other hand ain’t lying. You should see my playlists! 😊

  45. b

    me when i lie

  46. Melly Global

    shout-out To Black Coffee For Producing The whole album.❤️🔥🇿🇦🇿🇦

  47. Lavish Vids

    He didn’t produce everything, this track is produced by two Dutch producers Vlado & Ginton and a couple are produced by Swedish (I think) Johannes Klahr, which released a lot of songs under “Klahr” on Axwell’s record label

  48. Tshiamo Dingalo

    I was wondering...why it felt so familiar....only to find out coffee was brewing it all along....shiiish🔥🔥

  49. Dineh Pope

    This has all the flow and positive vibrations 🤙✨

  50. Sunny Afrika

    Black Coffee Vibes on the instrumental. I love it!!❤️🙌

  51. ich sabrina

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    qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciane ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Job,yf

  52. Mellojay740

    This album is beyond fire 🔥🔥.The stress is temporarily gone for now, the vibes got you in a summer breeze moment 🌅. This is what you call music that saves life's genius 🌍🌎🌏❤️

  53. Renaldo Sarawan

    Gives me chills. Late night playlist for sure for drives home alone. Nothing but you your thoughts and the music on the open road.

  54. Tren Genius


  55. Lil Weside

    i dont think am gonna listen this time

  56. yeso

    in my life i ever thought about drake dropping a full deephouse album, but i’m here and i live for it. fucking love it

  57. Nate Nichols

    It’s terrible he trynna make passion fruit on guitarband

  58. Hai Boai

    Last fight ru-clip.com/video/A3Xk9-Znf40/видео.html

  59. yeso

    @Hooch Hilly it is bro. ask drake

  60. NightWolf

    The best album for this summer, i am calling it its gonna be nostalgic as shit in next 6 yrs
    Really giving me kanye's fade vibes

  61. DynaMoe

    There is a reason why this album was made this way. People will hear these sons remixed at EDM festivals for a couple years.

  62. jojo Valfroy

    This Song Is incredible ! The instrumental is totally amazing! the guitar speaks with you it's crazy ! No really i'm in love

  63. Glasioso

    This album is sick drake. Congrats on making another amazing album!

  64. Nate Nichols

    @Mpendulo Mbhele wtf you talkin about

  65. Mpendulo Mbhele

    @Nate Nichols honestly nevermind
    Buh' you're gonn' catch up!

  66. Nate Nichols

    This. Is. Not. Good.

  67. Eigenbros

    Making my comment now. This will be one of the biggest albums Drake ever put out. This is going to be played everywhere in several months when the public catches up

  68. gargoyle bonfreeky gaming

    exactly, this sounds like radio music. it's going to be everywhere. it's the perfect summer vibe. it's gonna be nostalgic in a few years.

  69. bruh

    Came to see what the fuss was all about and ended up listening to this album for the past 2 hours. So many songs on here are fire, I wish people would remove their usual expectations to actually listen to it.

  70. lashaunadaniels

    @bruh exactly it's not for everyone just say it's not ur cup of tea and move on respectfully that's it that's all but again I like it ☺️

  71. thrpotatoasfgfejfidieiidkreeeeeeeeeeeee

    the mixing is bad, the singing is low effort, the guitar on here is dookie. I don't even know what so say.

  72. bruh

    @lashaunadaniels Yeah, I feel like what people are discussing is a matter of taste and not quality. I can understand someone saying this album just isn't their cup of tea, but I don't understand how someone can say it's "shit', it's so melodic and there are so many layers to it.

  73. lashaunadaniels

    Yes and be open ppl saying it trash and didn't even finish the whole album or just don't like the dance or house vibe but to me its amazing and cohesive. Perfect for summer and to let it ride out

  74. sani i

    I'm crying😭. I'm so proud of Drake. He's really come a long way from thank me later

  75. The Lost Prince

    What a new sound sir,
    Perfect vibe 4 this Summer.
    I love this album needed this to feel better

  76. Supreme J trolling

    I already know there’s gonna be hits on this album 💯


    Drake.You have given us one of the best sounds this generation has ever heard🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌. May all people reading this be blessed❤❤❤❤

  78. Ross Montoya

    May you be blessed as well
    blessed abundant externally

  79. Yakov

    Feels like drake brought the beach club vibe to the mainstream, bravo 👏

  80. ahmad sabbagh

    Honestly I love the changes Drake has made for his singing style,
    And I think this will make him a legend in the history of Rap...

  81. ben a

    this album is definitely a grower. Some gems on here. Some bad drake music as well. I appreciate this new Drake experience for real


    What bad songs are on here? Seriously asking, cause I think there’s not a single skip on this album it’s incredible

  83. nick diaz

    Fr. People love to take sides, either it's terrible or amazing no in between. Some of the songs are great, others are not. Appreciate it for what it is.

  84. Hai Boai

    Last fight ru-clip.com/video/A3Xk9-Znf40/видео.html

  85. ich sabrina

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  86. City Gal

    I am dancing to this song on my wedding with the love of my life before dec 31st 2022.

  87. El Mito

    I love that this album is diferent, a breath of fresh air in hip hop

  88. Mthwa

    When I heard this I immediately hear Black Coffee’s set, this has some serious deep and comprehensive House vibes. People need to love music and not just listen to songs then they’ll get it. This fiy!

  89. Doree Mc Nulty

    Twitter has such a hate on for this album ...I don't care I love it. This is an artist pure and simple whether it's an adorable falsetto or rap I will always love Drake !!! ❤️

  90. Typical

    Twitter hates everything. Ignore them

  91. ᴳʰᵒˢᵗ ᵂʳˡᵈ⁹⁹⁹

    @gingy locks W

  92. gingy locks

    @Florian I wasn't trash talking, I'm speaking facts! Just don't get so menstrual about it! 😂 Have a good day now! 👋

  93. Florian

    @gingy locks Ironic how u spend ur time trashtalking and then tell me to get a life

  94. Ricardo Colbert

    South African club vibes all day.. 03:00 when u in the club when u in a vibe and dont care who is looking u sweating and dancing.. fire

  95. felix zarzuela

    I love this album, is very relaxing.

  96. 3 Hit U Quit

    In the feels, digging this one

  97. Ty-diyoungdon

    This man is a huge inspiration to me, one day we gonna do a song together 🙏

  98. Ross Montoya

    never stop
    never stop till you do

  99. José miguel

    Maravilhoso 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.

  100. Melissa Galoner

    The instrumental is just beautiful.. love it