Drake - Sticky Lyrics

Homer hanging on my neck
The bracelet matches the set
My brother named his ting Nadal
Let's stop all that back and forth over the 'net
My mama wish I woulda went corporate
She wish I woulda went exec'
I still turn to a CEO so the lifestyle she respect
Ayy, two sprinters to Quebec
Chérie, où est mon bec?
They only givin' niggas plus ones, so I never pull up to the Met
You know I gotta bring the set
You know I gotta bring the G-Block
You know I gotta bring the D-Block

'Cause you know how sticky it get (Ayy)
You know how sticky it get (Ayy)
You know how sticky it get (Ayy)
You know how sticky it get (Ayy)
She want me to play with that cat (Ayy)
She lovin' how I'm makin' her wet (Ayy)
You know how sticky it get (Ayy)

Ayo Eric, bring them girls to the stage
'Cause somebody's getting paid and
Free Big Slime out the cage
Shawty try to play it cool but
Now she wish she woulda stayed 'cause
Every song that I made is
Ringin' like I got engaged (Yeah)
Love my guys, I wouldn't trade (Ayy)
From the cradle to the grave (Ayy)
Gordo got me on the wave (Ayy)
Ant got me on the wave (Ayy)
Couple hits, now you brave, boy
You niggas better behave (What)
All that pumpin' up your chest (What)
All that talk about the best (What)
You know how sticky it gets

If I'm with two of 'em, then it's a threesome
If she alone, you know she a freak one
If it's an escort, it's a police one
King of the hill, you know it's a steep one
If we together, you know it's a brief one
Back in the ocean you go, it's a—
It's a deep one
Forgave niggas in they feelings, lucky for y'all, we don't do civilians
You say I changed, I say that I millions, I did
The toughest act to follow's back on tour
Off-road Maybach, Pyrex trap
Virgil came back through the boy, damn
That's somethin' to me, niggas really had they back turned to me
I ain't talkin' my assistant when I say niggas down to pack somethin' for me
Then they thought they had the trap set for me
How you really think that went for me?
Niggas gotta do a fact check for me
When everything is put to rest
And everybody takes a breath
And everything gets addressed
It's you alone with your regrets
All that pumpin' up your chest
All that talk about the best
You know how sticky it gets

Like, we weren't supposed to come up with something this clean
Like something happened

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Drake Sticky Comments
  1. RicoFRM13Z

    You just earned yourself your fan back 💯 make more music like this

  2. Zoya Nazialeneks

    Ry X as a Musician and Producer is the best thing to ever ever happen for Drake. Can Clearly hear his style ❤️

  3. Wesley Tshabalala

    He’s still rapping like he’s got bills to pay 🔥

  4. P3TER

    @zainab LMAOOO

  5. zainab

    @Martina Kola no he doesn’t💀💀💀

  6. Martina Kola

    he does

  7. Anton0025


  8. Allister Bobb

    This beat go hard 🔥

  9. Salvatore Anzalone

    We weren’t ready for this one! 🔥🔥

  10. Will 69


  11. Uziel Galindo

    To be honest, I try thought this song was going to be just a relaxing one but wasn’t expecting the best to change

  12. Vision 2020

    Calling it now… this album will birth new artist

  13. Vision 2020

    Game changer. Watch.

  14. Gareth Reid

    Not really feeling this album unfortunately but this track is 🔥🔥

  15. Eric M

    Never ends with this man, all hits

  16. enes direk

    Idk why ppl hating on this album so much. This song alone is enough.

  17. Wutang 4eva

    @Giovanni Rios Yeah, I wonder why he did that? I wonder if it's because everyone was calling him an uncle Tom? He sold a culture he wasn't even a part of. Rich kid from Toronto acting like he's from South Chicago. He can throw the labels money at as many Nigerians as he likes. Doesn't change the facts.

  18. Giovanni Rios

    @Wutang 4eva y’all so ungrateful to the king shit y’all witnessing

  19. Giovanni Rios

    @Wutang 4eva how is he the most whitewashed artist when he’s single handl helped Nigerian artist reach crazy heights… the world know wiz kid, tems all them from years of drake support he catapulted so many artist careers and put mostly nothing but black artist on super waves

  20. Layne Johnson

    Best Song On The Album No Cap.

  21. Jorge Cuevas

    Got this album on replay this summer 😎

  22. NoobMaster69

    @Max Hollis 😂😂😂

  23. NoobMaster69

    I know you lyin 💀

  24. Ty-diyoungdon

    This man is a huge inspiration to me, one day we gonna do a song together 🙏

  25. Timmy Ggz tv


  26. Trecee

    Speak it into existence. It will be.

  27. Brooke Burner

    id rather do a song w KODAK

  28. Johnny Boii

    You’ll have to join the Illuminati first :/

  29. Cait Be Ruthless

    Best song on this album hands down 🤷🏽‍♀️🙂

  30. Zario

    This legit is more than we know. The way this ages. The sounds. This is the future. This is a movie. Enjoy it, it’s gonna live longer than you.

  31. Jeremy Man

    Loving this track & Jimmy Cooks. Been on repeat.

  32. MćLOVINN

    All songs r great on this album bro different type of music an creativity in this fucking album love it

  33. Shaks Bftd

    Beat is on another level 🔥

  34. Ash Bash Sneakers

    This is the ONE!!! everything about it is top notch.. who did the beat on this 🤙🏾

  35. OTW

    This album was dope don’t let nobody tell you different 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. Akeem Harrell

    Sickest beat 0f 2022, he knew he had to come hard on this one🔥🔥..

  37. SaintFifteen


  38. Chris Ykay ZM

    Favorite well deserved its really the beginning of the new drake Era its the life style she Respects that line is Hard!

  39. Clyde

    Clubs & Bar vibes and i am all here for it!

  40. Lee Everett

    All I can think of is shots being lined up while hearing this

  41. Dgemar X

    Best song on the album 🔥🔥🔥


    The Beat 😌🔥

  43. Alexandre Francisco

    Melhor música do álbum

  44. Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff

    This album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Sean Corrigan

    Thank you for blessing us once again. The album fans never knew they needed. What a collection!

  46. Nyasha Chinyuku

    Something to vogue to 🙌🏽👐🏻🙌🏽💁🏼‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️


    Drake.You have given us one of the best sounds this generation has ever heard🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌. May all people reading this be blessed❤❤❤❤

  48. Kayla Reese Walters

    The first time I heard this song i was like what is this but actually this song grows on you the more you listen to it . It's a good song

  49. Giovanni Enriquez

    Drake never fails to disappoint! 💯🔥🔥

  50. shortster 0161

    Definatly the best track on the album 💯💯💯


    What a beat,Flow

  52. Andrew Nguyen

    Best song on the album 🔥

  53. Atlantic Moyo

    This album is really top tier everyone who says otherwise is no Drake dayone. They can't fathom the father.


    Drake.You have given us one of the best sounds this generation has ever heard🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌. May all people reading this be blessed❤❤❤❤

  55. GHΩST

    Wait till he releases dark lane demo 2 I feel like its going to be the slow melodic beats with the samples and Drakes ice cold piercing verses 👌 🔥

  56. Mochahontas Mu

    Moms . y'all know depending on your child's age range this that type of music you can get into the vibe w out your child having a riff or rhyme notion or care to what's going on, this daht stay in a child's play kind of vibe 🎶 this the adults who handle business kind of vibe 👩🏾‍🔧 this song for the naughty soccer moms 🤭 & Drake knows how sticky it gets 🥰
    Yes Drake is setting summertime boho vibes ; tired of that unpeaceful, shake it, low frequency, crashing beats sht🐐🖤🌼
    where will you be (H&M, McDonald's, a car dealerships showroom); (somewhere broke, shopping on yo last dime), when you hear Drake's 'honestly nevermind' album coming through them commercial speakers while he's smiling to the bank .
    Not every song supposed to be a urban 'bop' ha' y'all hood boogers thought y'all were special ? Drake don't work for you, he work for himselvv 🦂

  57. Matthew C

    fire 🔥 appreciate the art of innovation

  58. Karleen Maitsetseg Khorloo

    Been fighting with my man all day defending this album 😂🔥🔥🔥 Now he wants to end it 💔 but this song making me feel like it's worth it 🤣

  59. Tania DaSilva

    BEST track of this new album, by far! 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Urban Nuance

    This shit fire 🔥🔥 I didn't know the was on the album!

  61. Triston _jamie

    Imagine the hype for this at a concert!!🤯🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  62. Martina Kola

    i cant

  63. Caspian Solstice

    Out of all the drake songs that have been recorded, this is definitely one of them

  64. Zime

    This song will be timeless

  65. Jared Genahi Malaga Málaga

    Drake breaking it as always the best 🔥🔥💫

  66. oceanwavesandcocaine


  67. Googlebanmetoomuch 2

    Album an instant Classic!!!!🔥👏

  68. 99defnub

    Exactly the Drake I needed

  69. Kayoto

    اكيد 🔥

  70. I hate it here

    اذا هذي الليركس آرت انا Andre 3000

  71. Michael Duah

    When everything is put to rest and everybody takes a breath and everything gets addressed, this will be the best song on the album

  72. Rock Cactus

    Here finally ru-clip.com/video/f_TJ9KMAGQg/видео.html

  73. Rock Cactus

    Here finally ru-clip.com/video/f_TJ9KMAGQg/видео.html

  74. Lakeshore Disciples

    Right from the very first listen of the whole album this was easily my fav track and kinda wish there was more like this on there

  75. BlackFaithProduction

    This was a pride month album with pride club music.

  76. Michael Backmon


  77. Eigenbros

    This one is going to get played like crazy at the clubs

  78. ReddCinema

    Drake is so talented 💯💯

  79. Humorrhoids X


  80. Project Soul

    He sounds exactly the same in every song lol and people write and produce his stuff

  81. Hai Boai

    Last fight ru-clip.com/video/7Gf6-IgljyE/видео.html

  82. Stu Magoo

    Say what you want about the album; this song about to be a classic

  83. Santiago Heat

    Yeah there are different songs on this album that have the potential to be classics. In a few weeks a lot of people will change their minds and start vibing to it. Sticky, Texts Go Green and A Keeper are so good imo

  84. Gabriel Lashley-Basaragh

    Fax, jimmy cooks is also good

  85. Shahin

    The music in sticky is so good the beats and sirens are amazing. I also like the bit when he says sticky love it

  86. Tren Genius


  87. HotPocketsBoy

    It’s definitely a summer album 🔥

  88. Julio Alva

    @WockSic 😭

  89. Rico&Kim

    Everything on here is nothing like his pass work...and this track the only good one I have hear so far

  90. Tamkeen Sataar

    If you haven't heard this song on max volume with noise cancellation headphones, you wont know what he meant by "this clean" 🔥🔥

  91. Michael Backmon

    Right..great vibe

  92. Kelleigh Money

    exactly, its entrancing

  93. Nick Ocean


  94. Tamkeen Sataar

    Thank Me Later 😉

  95. pswippy

    This will probably be overlooked. I just came back from Vegas. The album was litterly dropped while I landed. After being a few nights in Vegas the clubs were already playing these songs. When the sirens came on after 1:55, I felt something different. The club was JUMPING. Coming back home I see people are not fucking with the album which blows my mind. This album is gonna make a real comeback in a couple weeks. This is another drake summer and a lot of people are gonna regret saying the early hate

  96. Lil Durk

    The producer completely snapped on this beat. Wow

  97. Anold Oni

    is dis the real durk cause y'all should be doing more music with drake .

  98. Michael Backmon


  99. Rasa Olšauskaitė

    ryx also wrote the lyrics ^^

  100. Jonathan Lüders

    @Joffrey Merrigan love the new album! Perfect summer soundtrack 🔥❤