Drake - Flight's Booked Lyrics

Getting late
Why you gotta be
Beside me
Watching, needing, wanting me
I'm afraid, don't be
I'm afraid, don't be
I'm afraid, don't be
I'm afraid, don't be
I'm afraid
Don't— , be—, don't—
Don't— , be—, don't—
Don't— , be—, don't—
Don't— , be—, don't—
Don't— , be—, don't—
Don't— , be—, don't—
Don't— , be—, don't—
Don't— , be—, don't—

I know it's getting late
And I'm struggling to let go
Although there's distance between us
There's no place I'd rather be
Owe you some hospitality
And it comes so naturally
Promise I just need some more time
If you can bear with me

When last did we feel this close together?
Chasing sunsets in California
Don't make me wait, babe, it's been forever
Don't take forever
It's been forever
Don't take forever
It's been forever

Trust me, I'm starting to realize
And look beyond my fears
Sun keeps on turning to twilight
Baby, we don't have long
I can't keep my hands off you
All night, all my love
You say it's getting too late
Baby, don't be afraid

When last did we feel this close together?
Chasing sunsets in California
Don't make me wait, babe, it's been forever
Don't take forever
It's been forever
Don't take forever
It's been forever

Giddy up, girl, best I can do
Go follow where the wind blows, mmm
Sometimes, we all feel hollow
My heart, girl, you can borrow, mmm
Please don't make this all about you
Please don't make this all about you
Please don't make this all about you
Please don't make this all about you

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Drake Flight's Booked Comments
  1. Himena

    This song while driving heats different...
    You go drake❤🥺always cooking up something new

  2. Sean Corrigan

    Thank you for blessing us once again. The album fans never knew they needed. What a collection!

  3. MK- Daysai

    been listening to this album since last 3 days on repeat. Not a single song has gotten even remotely boring. this album is fresh AF.

  4. Susen Join now

    Drake doing what he does best and that’s being him, Glad he went the experimental route with this album

  5. Jonbili Tovi

    This album hitting me with so far gone vibes ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Revolveré

    This is my most favorite track on the album

  7. Alessandra

    Honestly, this song is so good i can’t stop listening, nevermind 🥵

  8. milton


  9. SassyStar

    This song is amazing 👏
    It's a repeat not enough words can describe it! So thanks 🙏 much appreciated!🙏 ✨️

  10. Zethembe Mdletshe

    This beat sounds like a house beat i wont lie this shit a vibe🔥

  11. Tee pex

    House music to the world 🇿🇦❤

  12. Wallszy

    He’s just showing us how versatile he is 💯

  13. TenkoLive

    Shout out to the 6 and everyone who worked hard on this album. We all did out best to bring you some great songs

  14. YB Better

    Bros a troll

  15. Oil Cash

    Stop the cap

  16. Lori Kuntz

    @Family guy 🅥 love your music.

  17. Tom T

    Who tf are u

  18. Giovanni Enriquez

    Drake never fails to disappoint! 💯🔥🔥

  19. Mokgehle Tumelo_delyne

    This album gives some soul healing vibes, peace and some fine mind rest

  20. lxrd ₉⁹₉

    Drake never disappoints 🔥🔥

  21. Saadiq Alls

    I really love this song

  22. Couch Ambassadors

    Krazy record on the album 💿
    All the way from Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

  23. Cassie Fargo

    That late night drive vibe . This is deep house 🥹❤️🔥

  24. Maya

    best song on the album! I've lost count on how many times I listened to this

  25. Maximilian Stieglitz

    This album is such a vibe when going home after clubbing all night while the sun rises again

  26. Xctye

    I am sorry. I can't help myself but to love this record. It reminds me of past times in my life and is beautiful.

  27. Kenna

    As an underground artist with a small audience, Drake is the type of success story that inspires me. It's been inspiring to see how he's grown in his abilities and steadily exploded after embracing every chance he's been given! With good reason, Mans has swiftly become a hallmark in the music business. I know that if I work hard enough, I can eventually reach a wider audience, but for now, I'm satisfied as a supporter. It'll be my time next. Much respect Drake🔥

  28. Coochie

    @Ron Steez ♪ He's right though

  29. Joseph Josh

    I think your inspiration fell off

  30. Ron Steez ♪

    Samuel ClearMan lol u hating hard

  31. Samuel ClearMan

    You're inspiring to make a album this wack? Change direction plz

  32. Hagnone Music

    I was a little disappointed with a lot of the album but I love this song. This and Sticky are my favorites on the album.

  33. Keith David Govender

    House Music..... 🔥 🇿🇦 Doing Right And Killing Everything!

  34. No Name

    Subtle, modern, elegant. This is fire 🔥🔥

  35. Eternal Depression

    Honestly the house vibe from the album is pretty good. Every song just feels chill and wavy

  36. ChernobyL

    This is Music, Drake makes it look so easy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎶🎶🎶🎶

  37. Supreme J trolling

    This got me thinking about the good old days

  38. EVD

    I'm going to come back to this album in 5 years just like people come back to Justin Bieber's Journals or Nicki's Queen, this is going to be a classic album alongside Doja Cat's Planet Her as well.

  39. Eigenbros

    This album is going to be a slow burn. Watch how this one will get played everywhere over the next few months

  40. Ej Black

    I like this album..it's definitely different from regular drake but it's a good album

  41. Ria 369

    I think this song captures what he was trying to go for overall on this album 🔥 🔥

  42. Prince-K

    This song actually a vibe💯

  43. Eric Galvan

    The first 30 seconds is the best part of the song. So beautiful and haunting

  44. revolver

    This has that late night drive with someone u fw vibe.

  45. Heber Aguilar

    Que temazo 🔥🔥🔥🇬🇹💽

  46. yes

    This is my best song in this album❤️❤️ it will be a hit💯💯 if your listening to this in 2023 you will remember this comment 💯❤️much love from Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

  47. Texas Tea

    He went from a wheelchair to a light skin rap star that now looks like a point guard for an NBA Team.

  48. MossWrld

    Bro imagine listening to this while you are alone thinking about your future

  49. Sammy B

    Genius for sampling Floetry! One of the best songs on the album

  50. Damicca Johnson

    Imagine this playing overseas w a club full of ppl hoppin' up & down...hard 😳


    Best song on the Album hands down.

  52. Tseole Bokang

    3:38 This part slaps so hard 🤧

  53. Olebogeng Tau

    This is pure South African Deep House Music... Awesome, thank you for taking us back... Pure Bliss...

  54. eda

    it’s giving more life vibes and i’m in love

  55. Desiree Di resta

    best song in the album🔥🔥it gives summer vibes

  56. Godhuli Roy Choudhury

    Namjoon's choice of music is on point and so accurate. Totally loving the song..

  57. Kid Villian

    Drake did his Thang on this album this for the people who was fans in 08 so far gone vibes here

  58. Prince Ben


  59. Mulisa Museri

    This album is Lit 👌🔥

  60. Mike C


  61. prod5ve

    Drake is a huge inspiration to me and I WILL produce a song for him one day.

  62. Kujo

    I could see this being used as a song at the end of the movie, walking down the steps while this plays type beat

  63. Marcelino Berta

    You need to listen the album twice or more to get the vide. This is 🔥

  64. Eric Eaton

    Floetry - Getting Late sample…I just can’t get enough. AMAZING JOB OVO!!! 🔥✨

  65. xRuthlessQueenx

    Better than His last Album!! 😍😍

  66. Joel Castillo

    Chorus is fire and the rest of the song gives me a house feeling but slow which is perfect

  67. Cloudy Daze

    Wow this the last song I went to on the album and now it's on repeat Thank u Drake.

  68. nicole rodriguez

    +vibes dance music that’s gets you up , gym vibes with this album or just a solo ride windows down volume up house music take over feels like

  69. Sensei J

    This album and song especially give me straight up Tulum vibes, miss that place🔥🔥

  70. Trxvis Montana

    every time you upload a song i feel like making a song. you’re my biggest inspiration and one day we’ll collab drake🇯🇲🇯🇲

  71. Gómez Media


  72. Family guy

    Finally it's here.

  73. sleigh

    Love this ☺️

  74. FaZe Testy

    listening to this at night driving is different

  75. Trxvis Montana


  76. bob sanders

    Nigga gas $100, I’ll play it on my phone.

  77. Raymond Jünger

    Just came here to comment this.

  78. Crushroadmusic

    Everybody gonna bump this album all day by next week🔥✍🇯🇲

  79. who

    the mix is so bad. I would never bump this garbage

  80. BRONZE

    @Mimi Alstonlmao

  81. CS Productions

    Hell nah all his songs sound like it got the same beat

  82. Mr. Lightskin

    All the girls around the world listening to this while getting out of the shower, looking all sexy and shit. I can already see it💯

  83. dsirebbg

    I was at the beach all day and had this one on repeat I just can’t explain how this song makes me feel it’s insane

  84. Anamarija Car


  85. SWAMPY


  86. Mokgehle Tumelo_delyne

    Cannot agree more

  87. KidRipable

    and def not drake im sorry he must have been rappin to it instead singing

  88. Mista' Kleen'

    I Always low-key wanted a "Passionfruit PT 2" I felt the same rhythmic vibes off this
    Thank You as Always Mr. Drake ❤

  89. Bxrry

    lowkey this is heat

  90. Supreme J trolling


  91. Jerome Productions



    High key brodie

  93. Aditya Shahi

    Easily one of the best songs of the album....the instrumental is really beautiful and the perfect summer vibe

  94. DroseTheGoat

    @KIMBERLY SIMMONS bro it’s called a sample 💀


    This song was stolen from a Group called Floetry. The song is called “Getting late”.

  96. Leo Xhafa

    The summer vibes it gives u r legit immaculateee

  97. AnoopUmarji.

    Drake is one of those artists who is not afraid of trying out different stuff and that's the best thing about him! Who agrees?

  98. Jalen Prince

    @For The Last Time nigga said high profile release and he announced it the hours before it came out 😒😑

  99. For The Last Time

    This is literally the first time Drake tackled something out of his usual lane for a whole album, and it's one of his most mediocre attempts yet. It's so unbelievable, I would've totally bought in if someone told me they remixed an old Drake verse into somebody else's house mix in the internet, because this is pretty underwhelming for such a high profile release

  100. Omogolo Ontefetse

    Thats nothing special a lot of artists have taken riskier routes to explore new sounds.