Drake - A Keeper Lyrics

Okay, okay
Okay, okay
I found a new muse
That's bad news for you
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep?
I found a new muse
That's bad news for you
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep?

Yeah, woah, yeah
And I wrote, licks I hit on my ones when I didn't have no friends to ride
Sticks on my dawgs, and I can't even lie to you
Got too much pride for you
Gotta stay safe in these streets
Streets don't play favorites, though
I'm not afraid of it though
God is okay with me, so
Life of that shade that you throw
I've seen you take it low
Limbo right under that ho
Fuck out my face

I found a new muse
That's bad news for you
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep?
I found a new muse
That's bad news for you
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep?

Once is a lot of things
Twice is a decision
Told me a lot of things
Forced into submission, got you Mercedes Benz
But that don't make you driven
What can I do for you, how can I make a difference?
Friendship and loyalty, that's not what it's giving
Giving that, "Why would I keep you around?"

Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep you around?
Why would I keep?
Okay, okay
Okay, okay

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Drake A Keeper Comments
  1. Rodrigo Rojas

    Definitely I didn’t expect such a powerful collab between Drake x Black Coffee and other djs such a Keinemusik, Rampa and Gordo 🙏🏻 a smoothy sound with huge vibes ✨

  2. jstardus

    This album is gonna grow on people through time, similar to that of WLR. "Passionfruit" could have made it on here, easily. Perfect club music 🎶

  3. Starii Wes

    just because drake is doing a different genre doesn't make it experimental or different. it's still the same bland drake. carti actually did things differently with his vocals, lyrics, and cadence on WLR

  4. Zay Xo

    @jstardus WLR better?????? omg💀💀💀and ppl agree?? lmfao the world we living in crazy

  5. jstardus

    @Zay Xo didn't compare lmao WLR obviously better but no one thought so when it came out is all im saying

  6. Zay Xo

    you did not just compare this masterpiece to WLR.. did you… ?


    Drake.You have given us one of the best sounds this generation has ever heard🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌. May all people reading this be blessed❤❤❤❤

  8. White Ash

    This is a beautiful song listened to it about 40 times already

  9. JODY Hendricks

    This will rock in a club with the right mix

  10. Trxvis Montana

    every time you upload a song i feel like making a song. you’re my biggest inspiration and one day we’ll collab drake🇯🇲🇯🇲

  11. Amaro William

    @Trxvis Montana you're gonna collab with Drizzy, still believing in yourself

  12. ChillDoc

    @Trxvis Montana manifesting doesn’t exist. Work hard to get successful

  13. Trxvis Montana

    @ChillDoc screenshot this for future purposes

  14. Jonah Dewar

    Y’all gotta understand how deep the message goes

  15. Coochie

    @名前 You just opened all these people's eyes to the truth. 😎

  16. independent thought

    @名前 they’re all over Twitter too. A lot of the times when you’re in a heated debate, it’s a 50/50 chance it’s a bot

  17. Random Guy

    @French Beluga 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. Ty-diyoungdon

    This man is a huge inspiration to me, one day we gonna do a song together 🙏

  19. ejgoated

    Keep grinding bro manifest that shit fr

  20. Giovanni Enriquez

    Drake never fails to disappoint! 💯🔥🔥

  21. Suaten Kenz

    I just came here to say I GET IT. Drake snapped on this album period!

  22. Vinay Kandere

    Just what I needed....What a Masterpiece❤️‍🔥

  23. Mon Ruiz

    Buenísimas 🥰😍

  24. Shahin

    This album is a keeper.

  25. Despera2 Official

    OK OK OK the boy came home with something exclusive for the whole world 🌍 and I loving it.

  26. TecnoMusic BR

    Umas da melhores do album

  27. martin 13

    Best album Drake has put out in a min. imo

  28. evlis ohisnev

    Tenía mucho tiempo sin escuchar algo que me gustara y este álbum es como aire fresco, me inspiraste a seguir creando música!

  29. Burk Luca

    One of the best on the album 🔥

  30. Zoë

    its a good album, like he said you need to hear it all and take it in!

  31. NPT

    i know my southern African brothers and sisters are loving this track man, what a banger !!

  32. Niek

    Wowwwww, I love this album. It’s a bit the same and a bit different than normal. Really like it! Sticky and a keeper my favourites but there are more good songs!

  33. Mila

    I love this ❤️!! Nice work on the album I’m diggin it.

  34. tomotouto

    I really love this one !

  35. Moral

    This song is amazing, who else feeling these vibes? Feel it

  36. Moral

    @Romain Banos yeah and then pulling over

  37. Romain Banos

    Exactly its a vibe, driving through LA in the night with a view on the city ✨

  38. Robert Faro

    I wish drake music was like this all the time. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Sheriff O’Gee

    I love this song 🔥🔥🔥

  40. ianmista619

    Best song on the album for sure🔥

  41. Daiyaan adams


  42. lil thugll

    Everyone go listen to this album and tell me what you can for me everything is ok let's goooo

  43. Ayala Familia Vlogs

    Club music because old people love it.. and the young never stays young.

  44. Mscookiie 1stlady

    One of my favorite on repeat

  45. LOKEY

    Like some one else already said.. this songs will age like fine wine..this is crazy..people are afraid of new things and dont give it any chance from begin..but u will see..

  46. 23 Raid

    I love when Drake is in this bag.

  47. Eric Giard

    Drizzy, keep doing your thing in your own lane your own space. We love some different shit. I respect not giving a shit what people say about the album cuz you already know you doing numbers cuz u that guy 🙏🏼 more life

  48. Lucas

    New album, I am more than happy of this new achievement of Drake

  49. Aryan Thomas

    i love your music ❤️

  50. Khally Blaise

    God Thank You For Keeping Me Alive To Listen To This Master Piece,
    Everyone says I sound like Drake
    I doubt,losing faith,it's taking time for me to get noticed but .......
    I won't give up
    Someday I'll be up there . Amen,😔😩
    Truth be told, I'm currently passing through some of this with my ex and some with my girlfriend 😥

  51. Lil_van 16

    Love it 🙏🏽

  52. Big G

    Love this beat

  53. Mon Ruiz

    Definitivamente no pudo regresar mejor a la música 🥰🥰🥰

  54. JAY TOM

    I love this album🇿🇦

  55. José miguel

    Maravilhoso 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.

  56. Dajia Contreras

    I love this song !!🤍

  57. Dana Carter

    THIS is artistry!!

  58. kwall55


  59. Shariq Warsy

    how are people calling this album bad. this is going to be one of his best songs and albums in just a few years.

  60. G.F.C (Gettin Fast Cash)

    My First and still to this moment favorite song on the album right here traveling and out of state vibe away from the local girls

  61. Steve Maponya THE FACT KING

    This new Drake hits home


    Black coffee & Drake should have done an Amapiano album. It was gonna slap different🔥🔥🔥📀💿💦

  63. Behrad Moazami

    This was amazing hands down

  64. Scotty Pippin

    Almost nostalgic ❤️‍🔥

  65. Damian Alcazar

    Feel like I’m walking through H&M with this music😂

  66. Diego DeJesus


  67. Kilzy Grey

    Drake is the greatest..You know what, HONESTLY NEVERMIND. Its obvious!

  68. Andrei Marcus

    On repeat!!!

  69. Aubrey C

    I love it ❤️

  70. Thando Hanise


  71. Gabe Calhoun

    Album is 🔥👍

  72. Truu Bluu

    “Get It Together” Vibes on this album😩💯

  73. MadnaN


  74. Cam Newton

    This album is next level 💿🦉

  75. cade

    This is the best song on the album

  76. DJ xzordon

    Legendary ✊🏽

  77. Patrick Ekeu

    This has the best beat. Already love this song

  78. Rao Husnain

    Fucking vibe ❤️🔥

  79. Israel Glymph

    I feel like we gettin that soft side drake music that we ain't heard in years with this album. I'm glad to see him tapping into that side again brings back all the feels 🙌🏼
    Nvm.... he after hearin the whole album it need work.

  80. Solace Moods

    @Israel Glymph yea fr

  81. Israel Glymph

    @Solace Moods my bad, and yeah that's why I said with certain songs it's got his old vibes, but he just didn't execute it that great. It's not like terrible but it's okay not his best and that's okay not every album gonna be heat, if he is going back to his roots I'ma HERE FOR IT that was the best music he's ever made.

  82. Solace Moods

    @Israel Glymph I’m a man but ok, I feel as if this was personal to him though, hence why the “honestly, Nevermind” as if to say I go out my way trying to feed y’all with what you ask from me now it’s time to do me to go back to my energy and my old vibe which y’all fell in love with at first. Idk I’ve been a fan forever so I feel like this is what he’s saying.. most won’t get it though cause they’re not that invested bless you love.

  83. Israel Glymph

    @Solace Moods yeah mama it's okay, like it's not his BEST.. I do like the flow and vibe of some of the other songs, I like the direction he was.going but after hearing the rest of the album he gotta do better 🤣

  84. Sunny b

    Wow.. what a beautiful tune. 🕺🏽🪩✨

  85. Snakkeboi

    Mfs really sleeping on this, this song go HARD fr 😤

  86. Edd Salas

    Can't believe people actually hating on this album just cause Drake tried something different. This will eventually end up being one of his best projects. Appreciate his greatness while it's here 💯

  87. Tren Genius


  88. La Nature est L’Art de Dieu

    @eL iXeR ikr 😂

  89. Ben Mc

    @eL iXeR says the one with an anime pic 😂😂 your the most likely to be in a basement eating crisps

  90. Mr.Sandman

    Don’t even pretend you know this album was made at a dumpsitw

  91. Dre Yardy

    The Chosen Ones Kno !

  92. BigTurbo MS3

    All the eclectic music lovers and artists will see what Drake has done with this album. This is a bold step no artist of Drakes influence has ever taken, love it or hate it this is going to be remembered for a long time.

  93. Arese

    @BigTurbo MS3 he is one of the greatest to me, in that I always related to his music, vocal style and lyrics. He is experimenting, I guess to stay relevant.. I just relate to it less because I’m getting older I hope it works for the new generations and they keep listening like we did back in the days of Room for Improvement, So Far Gone and Comeback Season and Take Care etc.

  94. MvrckisK97 _

    Shits fire

  95. BigTurbo MS3

    @Chirko Telhin I didn't say it was the best house music or he's the greatest artist alive..the combination of the two genres is what I'm talking about.

  96. Chirko Telhin

    it’s literally just basic house with mediocre vocals on top what are u talking about

  97. Diesel Clockwork (DC)

    Drake is consistent with his drops. Sometimes it feels oversaturated when he drops so much but I really think we’re all gonna miss these days when he hangs em up eventually. We grew up on this mans music. Whether you like him or not, he’s inspired countless artists like myself to pursue music as a hobby/career. Let’s appreciate him and what he’s done for rap 🙏🏼 I’ll always have respect for Drizzy ❤️

  98. Fuddyduddie1

    @Big Winner easily, being repetitive

  99. Fuddyduddie1

    8 billion people on this plant and most of us didn’t grown up listening to Drake but I feel you kid. He’s a legend out here.

  100. Big Winner

    What a dumb opinion how can an artist be over saturated that’s their job.