Dance Gavin Dance - Prisoner Lyrics

Do you crave a greater reason to exist?
Have you always known that symmetry is bliss?
We know you see the pattern

Lay in your lap
Think of your path
Philosophy don't bother me
Come back when you're trash

You are welcome here but you must come alone
You know everything is everywhere is home
Do you see it?

Prisoner, prisoner
We found you
We feel you breathing
Are you there?
Can you hear us calling you?
We'll never judge you

Run out of battery
Learn how to patronize
You gotta obtain, sustain, that guy
No time to make a deal today
We just push that other guy outta the way

Nothing's in a vacuum
Space-time has no value
We're all connected on this wave

They spoke with potent pain
To all that's broken
To tears in rain
But every side was the same
No coin to flip

Give yourself a medal
You just met the devil
You're the last in the world to find another false god
Give yourself a medal
For dancing with the devil
You're the last in the world
Come back down to crippling doubt

Well Billy backs abortion and eye cream
Smokes a pack of Christian Bale
And fucks on an island
Well smooth as oscillation of sine waves
Get off the high horse and fly the spy plane

Classic acid
Put me back in the casket
Weave me into the fabric
The filter is freaking out

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Dance Gavin Dance Prisoner Comments
  1. GregglyPuff

    I’m digging Randy Orton’s band.

  2. Gustavo Rodrigues

    Come to Brasil please!!!!!

  3. TTV Friofatirl

    These guys sound really good on meth

  4. slavetotheneedle1990

    Every album since Royal Ocean has been so different but all have been entire amazing journeys and 100% playthroughs. I’m a huge Jonny Craig fan but the Tilian era has been elite for this group. This song makes me giddy for Afterburner ❤️

  5. Lucas Williams

    Fucking SLAM DUNK FESTIVAL. Can not wait.

  6. Sergey Nedelyaev

    the sickest chorus ever?

  7. J James

    Their drummer looks like one of the singers from Killswitch Engaged.

  8. Kids From The North

    This is Anti-Fat Donnie. Beautiful track.

  9. Jason Doan

    This song is fucking perfection. And the one-shot video is trippy. I was waiting for a cut for so long.

  10. Thomas Mendes

    This is superb work. Holy shit

  11. kDalS

    Wait the line : "Come back down to crippling doubt" sounded like Trevor Wentworth. Is Tilian hitting screams now!?!

  12. Danny

    literally acid.

  13. kurtaxl santiago

    They gave us a breakdown😏😏😏😏😏

  14. NewArt 666

    Sooooooooooo Sooooooooo good!

  15. crondale

    That ride be lookin shtiff

  16. DeezeNutsInYoMouf

    Meh. Kurt was peak dgd. Every release since then seems to become more and more mediocre cept mothership. That tillian album was decent

  17. Guy White

    Jon napping... That'll be a like from me Lol

  18. Blackwing363

    I need an acoustic studio session of this song...

  19. limexx _

    I literally can't get enough of this song, it's been on repeat ever since it's been released. I'm so in love.

  20. orange circle

    The drummer's ride being so tight is giving me anxiety.

  21. ImPwnedByaPanda

    What if Jon Mess is the Prisoner? We found you! We’ll never judge you <3

  22. Дима Литвиненко

    this sounds like the closest to making sense jon has ever been
    edit: and then goes his last verse lmao

  23. Mäÿä Mïsërÿ Cïmmërïän

    Oh my gawsh I'm in love.

  24. John Kravich

    Hey YT, y u no recommend 2 days ago????

  25. Rick Riensche

    Even if these guys weren't fucking awesome I would watch their videos just to enjoy the comments. LOL y'all bring the chuckles 💗

  26. The Gaming Martial

    Tillian screamo

    The Gaming Martial

    Kinda reminds me of emery or old saosin

  27. MultiEchelon

    Tillian screaming in last part??!

  28. Wulffwoodd DREW

    does anyone have any idea as to what hes singing about,.?


    Pause it at 1:56 lmao

  30. shvinehoond

    Pacsun the band

  31. KS Troll

    Thank you for the serotonin

  32. Dynoreadygo

    yo dgd you should do a song where Tilian screams and Jon sings

  33. john osucha

    damnit. i love you dudes!

  34. Scott

    3:35 - 3:46
    Are Tilian, Will, Jon, and Tim all beating the shit out of Matt? I have no idea what's going on here haha.

  35. Ethan Heath

    Jon's melodic screaming gets me every time!!

  36. Lunmae Essan

    Tillian did say he's sure he found his "voice" and I'm totally ok with all of it. I really love everything about DGD. The chemistry that they all have is insanely good. I haven't disliked any of their songs. So excited for what's to come from my favorite band.

  37. Aggressive Elevator Music

    Holy Shit this band is great

  38. JPhilly ThaKid

    That opening riff is just pure orgasm.

  39. Mk HT

    Most definitely be torched when you hit play. That chorus.

  40. Ashton Gwin

    Issues and Dance gavin dance tour anyone

  41. samynator0904

    I love how in almost each video the whole band is playing and looking cool and Jon is like 'eh whatever '

  42. Brian Baer

    Gayest metal sounding song ever

  43. Jesus Ruiz

    Aw shit. Here we go again!

  44. Oreos&Milk

    Man. I'm glad every single new release reminds me why this is still my favorite band a decade later. All of their songs slap. Every era is different for a different mood. All of the instrumentals are intricate and leave more to be found even after a hundred listens. Lyrics aren't (typically) typical.
    Fuck every album is perfect

  45. virtuosomaximoso1

    I'm digging it.

  46. Ferno53

    This song basically went old school with better sound effects, and I love it

  47. Josiah Clelland

    jon is back

  48. Kim Lewis

    It's so sad nobody knows how drugged up you are

  49. Shrimp Eyes

    The chorus is huge! Well done

  50. Forza JQV

    DGD used to be a band that were unique. Now all their songs have the same structure, same tones, same overall sound.

  51. Ngọc Quỳnh Anh Phan

    0:18 come on not even 20 secs into the song and.. that?!?!!!!
    My poor heart was NOT ready for epikness that soon

  52. Mvtthew Cvrlson

    This is weirdly proggy at times

  53. JoshuaRoop

    Reminds me of tripping on ACID. Trippy!!!

  54. Jesse Bernal

    Watch 3:04 high, my brain melted

  55. airlockengage

    Damn dude, they really don't make a bad song at all. This is gorgeous.

  56. Nude Shulk

    I'm getting hella lsd vibes from this, maybe from too much acid, but this is lovely! Totally caused flashbacks!

  57. wjveryzer7985

    Ill get shit for this but i never gave these guys a shot. I hear about them all the time tho. Glad I finally did! Those verses are so freakin beautiful almost gives me a rush vibe.

  58. Jonathan Hadley

    Put a fork in me boys, I'm done for.

  59. Casi Peach

    OMG! What octave is that super high falsetto hybrid note Tilian hits when he says “bliss” & “home”?

  60. Dakota Thorp

    Jon's singing in his videos has become such a meme now xD

  61. Retard

    I wanna listen to this whilst finger blasting my belly button

  62. Max Moonamee

    Omg, its butyful

  63. Damian pena

    thiccy swan

  64. Antonio Córdova

    Reminds me of Royal Coda’s sound

  65. Володимир Троян


  66. Garrett McKnight

    I'm probably the only one in this whole comment thread but I just feel like this song is kind of boring, just sounds like a typical Tilian song, and I love Tillian, but it's just starting to get too repetitive, I was really hoping for more Jon mess in this one. The contrast of rough vocals and clean vocals is the reason I love DGD and there just isnt enough Mess lately. I loved artificial selection and Mothership so I hope these live up to those albums. Not hating, DGD is my favorite band, just wasnt AS GOOD as I had hoped
    My opinion :p like it or don't

  67. IdiOatz

    Tilian can fucking scream? Hello, can we get more please?

  68. WorkFreeWizard

    Looks like Jon dropped acid but forgot they had to shoot a video that day


    John: hey what are these sparkly tablets on the counter?
    Will: wait, NO! JOHN DONT...
    John: delicious!
    Tilian: dude we gotta do this shoot and you just took acid!
    John: WHAT?! I can’t hear you over the bees that just flew in from the carpet!

  70. Jacob Lynch

    I still prefer Hail the Sun...

  71. Kyle Dal Santo

    Will was SHREDDING in this

  72. Aidan Perez

    The snapchat filter won't focus on Jon's face lol

  73. Marshall Lee

    ~M y h e a r t i s b l e s s e d~

  74. Ricky Rampage

    saw this band open for one of my favorites, as soon as that guy started singing my girl was like wtf is this? and asked me if we could leave.... that high shit really annoys the fuck out of everyone. she likes trash and even this didnt sound good to her.

  75. RUIN TCG

    This is ok. These guys really fell off after dbm1.

  76. Jabez Gill

    Every time I see DGD still putting out decent music it makes me even more disappointed in Jonny Craig... dude shot himself in the foot

  77. stdavis22

    where's the 2nd guitar player?

  78. Neet Yeet

    No one's gonna talk about Jon at 2:34?

  79. Dante Colon

    Only Tillian can pull off a tucked in shirt and skinny jeans above his ankles.

  80. White Male1998

    Gay sounds like Voyager

  81. Destroptic

    I literally can't stop listening to this song! I think it's my new favorite song. For all artists lol

  82. Renad Gharzeddine

    This is so good it should be illegal 🤩🤩😫😫

  83. Ryan Survive

    This is soooooo beautiful.

  84. OgDragons69

    Pretty much 10 tabs

  85. Jack Armstrong

    It’s like I took the perfect amount of LSD

  86. 東方神起 tvxq


  87. Gabi Jardim

    I love every single song you guys have put out during the last 10 years, DGD is absolute perfection.

  88. セラヤクリスチャン・

    *Swan Fest Hype!*

  89. j nova

    Cant wait for the rest of the album 🤘🏾 🔥

  90. wastinng


  91. Jackson Shafer


  92. Mark M

    I didn’t like this song the first listen, then it hit me like a shit ton of bricks and I can’t get enough.

  93. Eugene Edwardson

    nice chorus!

  94. Jojo _y

    Ahhh love it <3♡♡♡♡

  95. WightEyes

    Jesus guys that was beautiful

  96. Bailey Spencer

    Jon's just vi🅱️in

  97. Nothing Excites Me Anymore

    In love with this it's like tropical metal