Damon Albarn - The Bollocked Man Lyrics

The bollocked man
Resting out in the concrete
His body is a planet around his soul
Take me space
Where there is no time
Mirror mirror
Caught in the net
It's a construct
Pathetic fallacy
It's in our nature
Look to the ravens, are they diminishing
This [?]
It is painted on our faces
Mirror mirror
Take me to a space
Where there is no time
And the alabaster not broken
What am I becoming, stuck on an island
Where wine is drunk by silent rivers
And inexplicable decisions are broadcast
Run run
The bollocked man raging out in the concrete
Build build
The super yacht hidden in the mist offshore
Mirror mirror
Houses about to fall off the cliff top
Hanging on to their garden fences
Staring into nothing
Generic dreaming

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