DDG - Escape Lyrics

Devo this shit hard

I gotta escape, dip off in the Wraith
You come to the crib and get stopped at the gate
I'm gettin' this cake, I'm not the same nigga from Michigan state
I'm gettin' this pap', I'm richer and wiser a lot is at stake
And Google is lyin', that's not what I make just times it by 8

I put in the hours, these broke niggas sour
I'm getting the chicken, the season, the flour, the weed getting louder
See I'm in my zone, nigga just leave me alone
They wanna copy the swag and the blueprints
These niggas is really my clones
Can't be repeated, the money I want it, I need it
My bank account sexy, and plus I'm already conceited
Niggas is dreamin' reality, I sold out the show at capacity
They should be proud but they mad at me
My month-to-month check is they salary
Fuck it that shit never saddened me
They somethin' but they should of @ me
I'm checking these niggas like I'm on a diet and watching my calories
I'm curving these bitches 'cause I want my space like I don't got no gravity
He thinkin' shit sweet and he bittin' my flow but he gon' get a cavity
Bitch I'm the hottest, nigga I'm just being honest
Google my net worth and times it by 8, or you could times it by August
You get it? Nigga that's a eighth a month
I just smoked about like 8 blunts (Cheah)

I gotta escape, dip off in the Wraith
You come to the crib and get stopped at the gate
I'm gettin' this cake, I'm not the same nigga from Michigan state
I'm gettin' this pap', I'm richer and wiser a lot is at stake
And Google is lyin', that's not what I make just times it by 8

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    Here at 80k before 1 mill

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    Listen to COUPE by Cartier jugg and tyy Easley new music !!

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    Day one since you did vlogs in college .



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    This song tuff but cotton mouth was the shit

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    Thus song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥ddg

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    Should have more views than this song is a banger 🔥🔥

  13. SA Daily Trends

    This young man is fire, Rap and YouTube, he got my go ahead!!!

  14. Greatness

    JUST TIMES IT BY 8 BITCH !!!!!!!!

  15. KING SDG

    i can say u came a long way in these rap shi

  16. Nicholas Byfield

    stop being like other people such as drake

    Just be you

  17. afutla qian

    Who else listening to this with no socks on😂

  18. Donnell Oliveira

    I hear quavo on this no kap

  19. Review Replays

    This nigga network is 6,000,000 tuff 750,000 times 8

  20. asapwavy ツ

    this song is harddd asf ongg !!

    afutla qian

    This shit fireeeeeee boiiii

  21. Narine Firdous


  22. Carti Vert

    who else is listening to this with jordans on?

  23. Mikee Miguel

    Trash at basketball sucks at music cant pay deestroying he told that my bank account sexy but even 5000 dollars cant be paid dawg

  24. Quan & Bri

    This shit go hard💪🏽💪🏽

  25. Yang Assad

    And google is lying, that not what i make its ...

    "Divide by 8"

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    A feature with Gunna would be fire

  27. Life with Macknard


  28. Life with Macknard


  29. Life with Macknard

    Go check out my dance to his song!!!!!!!!

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    This bihh hardd asf

  31. Dante Smith

    Ddg you a fool for this one can’t wait for the video 💯000

  32. realshooter111

    Should’ve put lil baby on this bih 🔥🔥🔥

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  34. yourdad101

    Brrooooooo this is fucking TRASH!!!!!🤮🤮

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  37. Roxas XIII

    Whack asf

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    Should let Gunna feature this song I could hear him on this 💯

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    DDG went too hard

  40. Simmy h

    Escape fits it cause God knew you can't wear no cape. Never mope over ah Thot

  41. Hedeshii 0TM

    And we would too 🤷🏽‍♂️ https://youtu.be/Uet38vy1vSM

  42. Hedeshii 0TM

    Ty would eat this beat ong

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    Drop CEO NEXT👁

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    who here before a mil?

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    This is straight fire

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    This hardt❤️👌🏿🙈

  47. Dondon 4

    Song came out on my birthday

  48. Lincoln Lillwiyz

    Need more aggressive DDg shit to soft now !! But it’s fire 🔥tho

  49. dolimi jotoo

    You should have added Digiorno as ab-libs 😂

  50. Rxses

    One day I want DDG to use one of my beats. Ill make it happen one day🙏


    Hardest in the game Right Now.

    dolimi jotoo

    Ddg pulled a young thug “you get it?”

  52. I did a reaction to this go watch it y’all tell me if it’s ass or not 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤷🏽‍♂️

  53. BlackMichaelo

    Sub to me its no escape


    I don’t even watch DDG vids but this shit slap🔥🔥🔥

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    Love ddg but this song is bunz, just my opinion tho

  56. C._hask

    Music video pls😰

  57. Davontae Brown

    Nvm u did

  58. Armaan Brar

    The hook slap

  59. Nate2funny

    I stg I crying ta this song right now😖💔

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    Me Smell 🔥🔥🔥Fire🔥🔥🔥

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  63. Yourboy Briggs



    Yourboy Briggs https://youtu.be/7t4xikLdKg4

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    You get stuck at the gate was the hardest part


    EJay NBF https://youtu.be/7t4xikLdKg4

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    Ddg pulled a young thug “you get it?”

  66. Donell West

    I know it was dub who gave him that cheesy ass jk to put in the song

  67. Jaylon Young

    This is the best song you made yet

  68. WoBlow Klan

    Tbh dude sound like a better gunna🤷🏾‍♂️🤯”Ian dat same nigga from Michigan state”🤝

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    Dis fasure a freestyle

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    I Fucks With it Ddg Coming Frm A Real Street Nigga Just Shot At A Bitch BabyDaddy Frm Hitting My Son With Wii Controller

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    Singing this shit like I’m in a concert

  75. XsUpReMe KiD


  76. Angel Butta

    Shit soooo fire broo

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    Add a feature on the second verse you got a definite top 10

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    Ddg deserve more attention

  81. Miami Marlin real

    Yo fuck the wraith you the biggest boss in a RR truck .

  82. PostmannPat 2k

    Hook is fire but the verses are ASS


    PostmannPat 2k https://youtu.be/7t4xikLdKg4

    PostmannPat 2k

    That shit trash too no cap lol

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    Use me as a can I get a he'll yeaa button


    Natanya Baines https://youtu.be/7t4xikLdKg4

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    This song bangs maaaaayne, much love all the way from Houston 🤘🏼


    MarcusAbelGaming https://youtu.be/7t4xikLdKg4

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    shoot the video asap

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    Do some more features bruh bruh

  88. nieooj gotoy

    no one: comments:(random lyric)I felt that

  89. Jerrod Thomas



    I subbed when he dissed yatchy so early 2017 and I been watching everyday 🔥‼️

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    No words all ears my guy 🔥

    nieooj gotoy


    Steo Johnston


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    DDGs first song with genuine bars

  93. Dominic Pickett

    & blueface said comedians cant be taken serious as rappers .. smh this hard 🔥🔥🔥

  94. The M Gang

    Who agrees this track would sound fire if Dababy hoped in it????DDG do a remix with Dababy
    On God it will be a hit!!
    Like if u agree.

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  96. Timothy Davis