Curren$y - Survivor's Remorse Lyrics

I don't feel bad 'bout kidnapping the joint now 'cause he walked in so I know everybody'll be smoking. I won't just be a jackass in the fucking box with the joint so

Flutes accompanied by strings
Flower blossoms painted on our bottles of champagne
We mix it with that Hennessy Privilege, doing my thing
Just a fashion killer at the funeral with thousand dollar frames
I been wearing jeans more often, I'm feeling extra bossy
Having enemies measured out for their coffins
Stand above the law shit, don't get lost here
Even your life won't cover the cost, it's deeper than that
I heard you paint houses, might keep you around us, smooth some bumps out
We been having a trouble free run for like ten months now
Pretty soon I know one of them assholes gon' come 'round
Trying to lose some screws, destroy what we build
We on some next level shit, got them NASA engineers
Shooters on the roof like Santa Claus' reindeers
I been going paranoid, I seen so many homies killed
Some of 'em wasn't my boys but you know I still feel the pain
'Cause I know exactly what it is to lose your main man
All the moves y'all made to stack change gone down the drain
I think about my nigga Meek Mill
So many dead homie faces on his chain, but that's just how we live in this game
Survivor's remorse
Our homies die, we go up for 'em, we glow up for 'em
Pour up for 'em, smoke up for 'em
Smash that bad bitch on the hood of my foreign for 'em
Survivor's remorse
I think about my nigga J Stone
The [?] continue the marathon
And Pop Smoke though we never met
Your originality I had to respect
I look around and see who's left
I'm 'bout to pull up on all my homies, no more sending text, survivor's remorse
Our loved ones in the sky, they the real superstars above all
Survivor's remorse

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Curren$y Survivor's Remorse Comments
  1. WVG

  2. Nate Martinez

    Still listening 4050

  3. leah gon leave u hea beddit

    bro was quick with the Pop Smoke ref. rest up up lil homie, niggas still sayin they outside


    John Daniel Boyce IV

  5. Mike Smith


  6. Timeless Mindstate


  7. Brandon Derrick

    “I’’m bout to pull up on all my homies, no more sending texts”🔥🔥🔥


    Unexpected but great beats, currensys a muthafuckin goat

  9. Took

    Makes me wanna cruise at sunset while smoking a fat ass joint. awesome tape.

  10. Dante F

    Wow this shit so real cuh I swear.. rip to all the loved ones man shit real out here

  11. Poet RAWNESTY

    Lmao it be funny when niggas take blunts in the booth and extra smokin

  12. MixtapesDaily

    This man should go down as an all time great... Like mentioned amongst the OG's

  13. Cameron Smith

    A king teaching You how become a king.. #JetLife

  14. Spady McGrady

    Just Stashed 1003.76 in one dollar bills in a Converse All Star Box.. Smoked One This Morning To This Slowed & Kept The Change. #OldSchoolHustling

  15. Warren Walls Jr.

    Spitta is the living definition of hustling! I honestly respect this man's hustle! Jet Life to the next life

  16. DannyGreenKP

    Spitta is a living legend! Jetlife to the next life

  17. rome phill

    This the vibe....

  18. immyownpresident

    I can't keep up with Curren$y. Everytime I turn around it's a new project. His work ethic is AWARD WORTHY ALONE.


    “Havin Enemies Measured Out For Dey Coffins!!!” 🤙🏾🛫💯




    Another hit

  22. iNdosOuL Vision

    I heard you paint houses, might keep you around us!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥How many can say they know where that came from. That was slick.

  23. The Nichols4x


  24. Sy Jeanlouis


  25. KeepItSimple Stoopid

    Jet. Fucking. Life. 🤙🏾 "I'm bout to call up all my homies no more sending text" 💯🔥

  26. Christian Kello

    this is so dope foreal $$$$$

  27. Frederick Jacobson

    1.5K likes and 2 dislikes. Nobody else in the music industry holds it down like that...nobody. Spitta has been the undisputed king of the underground for the last decade straight, and nobody comes close!!
    "Mix it down and then we serve it, the ones who sleeping on it dont deserve it"

  28. jaymes jones

    Spitta make me wanna walk in my job smoking and tell my boss u pussy get out my office

  29. Aaron Cardinal

    Press like before I press play JETS WE HERE

  30. Big T

    Salute to $pitta and the Whole Team 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. MrRedskins562

    CLASSIC !!

  32. BigrayThe Apollo

    RIP Popsmoke 🔥🔥🔥#Jetlife

  33. Antonio Betts

    Man Spitta been going since the 504 boyz......been rolling wit da homie

  34. Sam Green

    Gotta hear it again

  35. ThePhil0659

    Damn spitta drop shit every week. I’m still jamming the last tape

  36. Sensei Seb

    this track has that classic wavy drive in theatre vibe, helicopters floating over the vineyard, jet life.

  37. T3zMon3y

    This beat is everything

  38. JetsSon Jay

    Curren$y will forever be the best out

  39. yourusernamesstupid andminesisnt

    Incense lit, Buddha sparked, JETS takeoff... #tillthenextlife

  40. Abragram Stinkin

    Curren$y & RandomBlackGuy ???????

  41. Olin Carter

    This that carolton heist spitta

  42. TEN

    Spitta the goat seriously 🔥😭

  43. Jared Davis

    “I’m pulling up on all my homies no more sending text.” 🤙🏽 🛩

  44. Jimmy Cruz

    Hope j stone herd that and a collabo comming soon #TMCJETS

  45. twizzum5

    This one here got me about to shed a few

  46. m0d3z Linuh

    Right on time 🤙🏾💨

  47. John Davis

    The voice of real niggas everywhere, may the universe continue to bless you my nigga.

  48. John Blaze

    mip tha jacka 🙏

  49. Ryan Reaves

    There's not alot of artists I appreciate in the game; but you cant help but admire the homies' consistantcy. My favorite rapper by far, Meth is a close 2nd

  50. Flamingo Barnes

    Maaaaaannnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! Man, dis Jet, $pitta is murking shit!!!! Swear on my momma!!!

  51. Sumo


  52. Cal Profit

    ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈Jet Life.
    Never Die Corporation

  53. Bob Fole

    2019 was a terrible mixtape year from Spitta - he has his hand on the pulse of his fan base bc 2020 he been giving us material like he owe us
    appreciate all your hustle G

    Handsome Dreadhead

    Why do you think 2019 was a terrible mixtape year?

    Bob Fole

    Handsome Dreadhead it was terrible for Curren$y bc there is not one tape he released last year that I enthusiastically go back & search for since Fetti

    Handsome Dreadhead

    @Bob Fole that's saying alot considering he put out a cool amount of projects. I still enjoy his music regardless but I respect your opinion. What'd you think about the DJ Fresh project?

    Bob Fole

    Handsome Dreadhead I’m taking quality over quantity every time - that DJ Fresh project was the first sign that Spitta got back in his groove for this year , then he follows it up w this so I’m expecting heat for the rest of the year

  54. Chris

    Beats like this remind me why Currensy is one of the only people to be on a track with j cole and Kendrick ,long live the king !!!

  55. TheAcezkid

    Thank you Curren$y...JetLife


    Spitta been The Man

  57. Damir Lolic

    Hardest working man in the game, and no one come close. Never sold out, never left the set... Thank you Spitta.

  58. Isaac Muli

    Jetlife 🤙🏽🙏🏽

  59. Lavert Sholar

    THE GOAT 💪🏾💯

  60. GoodxJ

    peace & blessings! JET Life.

  61. smd

    hard af

  62. B-Wize

    This is so dope

  63. Dom The Visionary

    Damn spitta. You been my plug for 10 years consistently.

    Ty Mccoy

    😬😬😬😬 shit crazy definitely surprised lil Wayne stop listening to long time ago

    Silky Johnson

    Ty Mccoy fuck Wayne. $pitta Andretti king of the NO

  64. john1120

    Cant stress how long I awaited for another 3 piece set I clicked so fast Thelonious Martin is slept on and my Nigga Spitta.

  65. RockyM5

    This nigga is tooo fucking consistent for us man smh. Feel like I aint do shit do deserve this consistent spoiling.

  66. Brandon Lately

    Next level shit

  67. Sean F.

    The Most Authentic

  68. MadPaper Coaching

    Rip Pop Smoke

  69. MadPaper Coaching

    Supreme shit in motion

  70. big vic

    Rip nip

  71. Imani Churchwell


  72. Landon Oilphant

    Got damn spitta fuck


    ToeTaged! Much love! Spita Got that vision!

  74. Stan Megatron

    I heard you paint houses, and the pop smoke shout out... Just to reminded you spitta still working.

    Rip. Pop.Smoke

  75. RollUpUnfukwittable25

    pull up on all da homies, no mo sendn texts

  76. RollUpUnfukwittable25


  77. Jordan Course

    Music that motivates you to ascend ever higher. Spitta is the GOAT. My all time Fav artist. THIS IS REAL HIP HOP.

  78. Langston Scott

    Bruh nobody is fucking with Curren$y at this point, he's been doing this shit for years and keeps getting better

  79. Justin Thompson

    Survivors Remorse is real. Shit cause PTSD

  80. YouthFuLL 47

    i hurrrdd you paint houses

  81. Late Stoner


  82. Adley Forbes

    this joint is too trill 💯‼️

  83. Ym Army

    Thanks for this piece 🤙🏿💚

  84. Robbin Hatchett

    Spitta & Alchemist
    Spitta & Statik Selektah
    Spitta & Thelonious Martin
    Spitta & Harry fraud
    Spitta & 9th Wonder?
    Spitta & Kenny Beats?

    Sam Green

    It's all love

    Robbin Hatchett

    @Sam Green It's all love too bro

    Bob Fole

    Spitta & Al is the Edge & Christian of rap


    Kenny beats 😂🤣

    Brian J Martin Jr

    Definitely need a Spitta and Pete Rock tape

  85. Shawn real

    Just know this being played more than once. 🛩

    Justin Evans

    Shawn real what’s understood don’t need to be explained.

    PHILosophy 1990

    About to go for round 2, right now dawg.

    Liiiiiife 😏🤙🏽.

  86. Ken Smooth

    This is vintage wine high af in Sicily/racetracks in Tokyo... This is JetLife ✈️🍷✈️🏁

  87. My Name Is Chavez

    My guy loves putting a smile on my face, god damn this is barely the second track I’m hearing and I already know it’s gonna crack just as hard as vol. 1. JETLIFE

    Carlon Jeffery

    My Name Is Chavez only real ones know about vol.1 🤙🏾

  88. Vulgofanho


  89. 88laron

    Audio Dope fresh out of the plastic!

  90. larry letto

    Rip Pop smoke i felt that one 😭🥺

  91. Pestrak4


  92. po9 :-P

    I swea nobody in this rapshit Rn better than spitta thisnigga crzyyyy 🙌💯❤️✌️

  93. Dorian Tramell

    🔥🔥🔥. Spitta is the 🐐

  94. Julian Ramirez

    This is why you are my favorite Artist 💯
    Curren$y Makes Real Music. 🤙🏼

  95. FrankWhite32nd

    Taylor Gang 💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 🛩Life 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  96. HeRbDaLoCnbG

    This muthafukn record is fukn ignant i cant even explain it💣💣💣💥💥💥☄☄☄🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥