Body Count - Bum-Rush Lyrics

Can't stop the bum-rush
A million strong and we all bust
We didn't fall prey to your bullshit lies
Propaganda of twisted minds
We figured out how it's all set up
The object, to keep us all split up
Keep us fighting amongst ourselves
While you accumulate all the wealth
White on black, black on white
Muslim hatred it's all hype
Spread the terror, fear of war
Billions spent on a fuckin' wall
It's all twisted, the game is bent
Still no clean water in Flint
But we ain't asleep no more, we're woke
Hear us comin', see the smoke

You can't stop the bum-rush!
You can't stop the bum-rush!
You can't stop the bum-rush!

Feel the power as we come
As we all move as one
If the street gangs could unite
Cops gonna get real polite
Politics, lies
To conquer you must survive
But we ain't asleep no more, we're woke
Hear us comin', see the smoke

You can't stop the bum-rush!
You can't stop the bum-rush!
You can't stop the bum-rush!

Body Count!
Body Count!
Body Count!
Body Count!

I'm not your enemy, you're not mine
Those who don't listen are blind
All together unstoppable
Some may say impossible
I believe, see the crowd
Feel the power, hear the sound
We ain't asleep no more, we're woke
Hear us comin', see the smoke

You can't stop the bum-rush!
You can't stop the bum-rush!
You can't stop the bum-rush!
You can't stop the bum-rush!

You can't stop the bum-rush!
You can't stop the bum-rush!
You can't stop the bum-rush!

Body Count!
Body Count!
Body Count!
Body Count!

You can't stop the bum-rush!

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Body Count Bum-Rush Comments
  1. Qwerrrz

    Ice T still going strong! This song and video are so good.

  2. José Esparza

    Body shoulf of close cochella instead rage againt nothing just more usefull comodity this is a mean ass grate song

    José Esparza

    May this always motivate more Muslim to hate the west

  3. Guy Van Campenhout

    Fuck yeah! This is what I want my Body Count to be.

  4. Derek Hawkins

    Fuck yeah

  5. Mr Mo

    This song is so good it spread my buttcheeks and rushed right in. Now I have Ice T up my ass. I couldn't stop it. Body Count. No homo.

  6. aronph1

    Thank you Ice for the public service messege

  7. Сергей Самойлов


  8. Scott Ladner

    Ice bringin' the fuckin' heat like always.

  9. Väinö Linnas

    mayn Ice T a living legend

  10. 16dbuse

    Fuck yeah!!!!

  11. #HeKillz

    Look at the dislikes...

    That's how many people actively eat bags of dicks.

  12. Agua Maple


  13. Crøst Dærgön

    A real heavy metal song with an old-school rap / hip-hop twist. Pure perfection.

  14. Julius Fernandez

    Adrenaline 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Daniel Mcmahan

    I just want to play x box and bum rush

  16. Infinitrium

    62 years old and still kicking ass

  17. VladTepes


  18. Ivan McDonough

    Vote iceT20/20☠️🤺🦅

  19. VladTepes

    A mo there. F O.

  20. andrey lisitsa

    I hear The Prodigy at 0,56-1,05 Firestarter. Ice T -twist my mind. Cool stuff, I like it

  21. imyourgodmachine

    Definitely like the message of this song! Ice is on his game!

  22. Necrominous


  23. Thomas Frank

    I really hate to say it,but the music, is actually kick ass

  24. Сергій Роммель

    Protests in Ukraine were also included in the clip.

  25. Chris Mantas

    3:12-3:14 it's from Athens, Gr..innit?

  26. Jestex Garcia

    I got to see them @NAMM 2019! Amazing show!

  27. Frank Diekman

    0:29 Take that, pumped up Ted Cruz!

  28. Adam Warren

    T and the boys still got it!

  29. Darkzz Lord

    Can it get any more corny ?

  30. Joseph Johnson

    I'm not sure what I was expecting. Haven't heard any Body Count since Cop Killer but this was...damn good

  31. Kalin Markovic

    Literary fuck everyone that doesn't like this band.

  32. gallo negro

    very hard XD

  33. Lobonoir

    You cant stop the ""Bernie Rush""...................Will see ...(0<>0)

  34. Peter Pegasus

    This song makes me want to drink a cup of tea, but not sugar in it...I'm very crazy dude!

  35. pokerphil1st

    Prodigy v Ministry v RATM = Very excellent.

  36. Caving Wilson

    Will Dorsey Jr, showing you don't need a big kit to kill it!

  37. Aliaksandr Krasko

    Cool song, would most definitely mosh to that.

  38. it's a big secret

    You can’t stop the bum rush, a popular term used at high security men’s prison

  39. Jon Philspector

    With the last album, BC seems to be more political than ever ! I like metal but the age of demons and metaphoric darkness is over. The threat is real these days !

  40. Seed JMBLC

    Prodigy's Breath metal version

  41. amraKarma

    B.C. for life, Ernie C Slays.

  42. Il Va

    This amazing!

  43. Just Away

    YES !!!... Hello to all from Greece...

  44. Gehtdich Nixan

    gread song ... i think mister tea has an anger problem but wait noo .... thats just anger ....

  45. David K

    The Original.

  46. James Bowler

    Best Body Count Ive heard in a minute!

  47. David Couzens

    Body Count... as relevant today as they were when I bought thier first record back in 92.

  48. Tony Green

    This song makes cod so much better aha🤘🤯🤘

  49. UsNCollord216

    The truth was told here..

  50. Robert Sadora

    Cool, another album. Love the way those guitars sound BC always have good guitars. I think the song would a been better if it was some other title other then " Bum Rush "
    And Ice - T starting to look old

  51. strongbrave

    Billie Eilish could mumble and whisper this song

  52. Jack Rabbit

    Lol!!!! This is so bad I can't stop laughing..... They are being serious!!!! Hahaha. This ain't metal... This ain't rock.... Lol....there is a special place for this kinda music.... It's called the garbage. What a joke. Lol.

  53. Mendes L

    Great for a carnival morning... Like a booooost🔥

  54. Bifford Trousertrout

    Dope ass song, still voting Trump tho.

  55. Garrett 95

    So why is this so fucking catchy

  56. Brian Whitley

    This is amazing

  57. Fede Campos

    Body Count is in da house!!

  58. TimeSpex

    Ahhh man Ill Will’s cut his hair short :(

  59. TimeSpex

    Ernie C f’cking rips!

  60. К К

    Заебись, чё!

  61. Ivan .Gonzalez

    Can't wait for the new album, the riffs on this song are awesome

  62. David Isaac Stephens

    This is like Cypress Hill had a baby with Suicidal Tendencies

  63. TRU Dat

    I don't believe in a military solution, it only makes things worse.

  64. Lawrence August

    HELLLLLZzzzzzzzzzz yeah!

  65. Emad Rahim

    90s dopeness and so relevant!!!!!

  66. Alvaro Velazquez

    The music is okayish not my. Cup of tea you can't satisfy everyone but all it needs is like a smol growl or gutteral like something more metal

  67. infiniteandroid

    He still got it!!!!!!!

  68. Peace Frog

    This is killer!

  69. Locals Only

    Ice mutha f’n T🤘

  70. Tk Waititi

    You fuc💞king legend 🤬🤬🤬🤬👊

  71. Old ghost Rose

    God bless Ice T and God bless Body count! Oh man... 😃

  72. Derek Buchanan

    Can't stop the BUM-RUSH!!!!!! 🔥🔥🤘🏻🤘🏻

  73. Katedagreat

    Fuuuuck yeah

  74. Schwarzkopf Morgenland

    BC forever !!!!


    Sounds great guys

  76. S R

    I say Body Count has developed into a decent hardcore band. I suspect Ice Cube has never seen a Gatling gun or a 12 ga. machine guns loaded flechettes in action though: you can stop the bum-rush but no one in the US has the stomach for it.

  77. Floki

    3:39 LOVE this outro

  78. tWeeb the Lerker

    Fuck yeah fellas!!!!! The ole guy still has the swag!! Killin it! Can't wait for the album!!

  79. Erik Hashem

    Killer 🔥😲🤘🔥

  80. Gary White

    Great song. But, Trump is not the problem. Wake the fck up!

  81. Mike Stranded

    Back in 1986 I was listening to Ice T (6 in the morning) and Agent Steel (one of Body Counts guitarists was in this speed metal band) would never thought that these styles would collaborate and be able to sell records and tour. Wierd world of music in 2020

  82. The Rayvolution

    I fuckin’ l🤘🏾v this!!! Got to kick it on BC tour bus w/Ernie, ICE and CoCo in 03’.

  83. Andrew Jaime


  84. crucialreedy

    gyatdam.....why is ol' ass body count harder than any other hardcore/metal/punk shit in th game right now?..........t like the new biafra

  85. anthony bolden

    dope as fuck

  86. Saudi Tate


  87. Mateo Davidson

    I either totally agree or totally disagree with ICE-T's views & song lyrics--yet he's forever thought provoking: the way an artist should be. Sings about killing cops but plays one on tv. Dude is a chameleon/tongue and cheek. It's always been a double edge sword-love/hate relationship. I have all the other albums. Been a Body Count fan since 1992. Seen them in concert, too. Pre-ordered the vinyl.

  88. Sam Ahola

    I did not know I needed this in my life.

  89. Pete P

    Plays a cop in a tv show then makes up for it by making aggressive music against cops 😂 if only he started to learn to scream then they would be 20/10 instead of 11/10 🙏🍕

  90. Eric Evans

    Lead guitar kicks ass👊

  91. Matthew Holt

    Woke ice-t is disappointing. Guy wears a discharge shirt but ask discharge about how they feel about England and it's complete opposition

  92. Joseph Nickell

    I think he needs to say Bum Rush one more time....pure garbage....

  93. joey bagnato

    Live the new song fuck ya

  94. Dale Rardon

    145K veiws?! Share this...

  95. Dale Rardon

    So far, 199 people don't get it.

  96. BeardOfRiker

    I feel like this is a sequel to “No Lives Matter.” A masterpiece.