93FEETOFSMOKE - Stop Telling Me Nothing Lyrics

I think that I've found
Nothing changes, but the view out our window
Looking perfect, retrospect, but we both know
That's just how it goes

Stop calling me at 6 in the morning
I don't wanna see your name in my home screen
When it's all said and done, it's worth nothing
No one cares about a thing, but themselves
Include me too, I wanna be numb too
I don't wanna love you, anymore

Anymore, anymore, anymore
I don't wanna care anymore
I'm such a bore
I've got no cure for this head on my shoulders

Stop telling me (Stop telling me)
Stop telling me nothing
Stop telling me (Stop telling me)
Stop telling me nothing
Stop telling me (Stop telling me)
Stop telling me nothing
Stop telling me nothing
I don't care anymore

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93FEETOFSMOKE Stop Telling Me Nothing Comments
  1. morg

    0:32 br

  2. User7 7

    I do love this song very much.

  3. sah dude

    Ya it's all in my head right???

  4. James Bishop

    @0:42 the nostalgia is real

  5. Julian Gutierrez

    This song makes me nostalgic for the old days when I was a kid. Sleeping over at my cousin's house, staying up all night playing Halo co-op legendary difficulty.. good times

  6. モーフィモーフィアス

    I always love your music video

  7. Hells_Razor

    Halo 3 for life

  8. Max7m

    iconic, tribute from my side:

  9. your favorite antivax boio

    this deserves more recognition and that's facts

  10. Welsh Trash


  11. Cal vin

    What happened to like half your YouTube videos man? 'I don't wanna tell you' was by far my favorite and it's gone from here and soundcloud

  12. Gonzalo

    All of the songs are gone?! Why would you do that to me man, I came back to them every day


    you can find all those songs on the spotify / soundcloud etc still!

  13. Tanny Wanny

    making your songs nonpublic is a genuine crime against nature please reup that shit ASAP

  14. falcon knapp

    93 I just want to thank you for being here cause if you weren't I probably wouldn't be you may never see this but I sincerely thank you I look up to you💔💔💔

  15. JLN Music

    well, this was for velv


    Jesus 4ever

  17. _Keyz _

    Hey man I don't know if you will see this but I wanted to ask if you guys were doing another run of the bummer hoodies at any point in the future. The design is absolutely amazing but I just found out about it and they are sold out :(

  18. ladybluu

    Damn u hv gotten more good lookin, this song is life!

  19. tpain53ful

    Damn bro your cover is about your dog I realised and i see your dog ment alot to you hope your doing alright bro

  20. Reaxy-_-

    Its so sad, but so good

  21. Make it Therapy

    Repeat 💙

  22. odd bunny

    I love the way you sing !

  23. Fearsomepanda 666

    Midwestern emo rap


    Much love from Brazil bro

  25. HEAVEN ̊

    Need tabs for this !!!!!

  26. El nadie

    Gran cancion!!

  27. Tall Tree Hippy

    dope visuals bro , really like your sound!

  28. Liaababy

    I so much wish that nothing was something :(

  29. beanzy 18

    I love you

  30. db4ks

    Halo odst brings back memories! i still have it in my drawer for the xbox 360.

  31. Meltinezz


    Thiago Vieira

    Nossa vei,quero fazer amizade com todo mundo que conhece ele do Brasil,aceito ser teu amigo também moça,se quiser.

    Thiago Vieira

    Nossa vei,quero fazer amizade com todo mundo que conhece ele do Brasil,aceito ser teu amigo também moça,se quiser.


    Thiago Vieira hahaha

  32. prod libra

    bro the halo part i'm sad

  33. prod. cxld blxxd

    BUMMER is an amazing project

  34. Cyrus Cook

    dude, just looking at these comments you can see how many people love and care about you :') ♡

  35. Richard Smoker

    love it when u show us ur ableton



  37. Max Bessey

    93FEETOFSMOKE are honestly guiding me through some shitty times and I wish I could say thank you for that irl <3

  38. IamLuuKzZ

    BUMMER <3

  39. jakegetscake

    Bummer is amazing but did him and velvet tears break up again?:(

  40. Thiago Vieira

    A placa escrito Glória a Cristo Jesus <3,espero que você vire

    Lil Deep

    Eu reparei tmb

  41. Prince Zi

    beautiful brother

  42. Cyrus Cook

    Ily man- ihatecyrus_

  43. Malik Lowe

    flawless brother.

  44. Stephen Shutlz

    Aye classic halo 3 , love bummer, love you 93

  45. Nickī Japan

    Wtf mannn heyy. Jus playing lol love this video and your songs u snap

  46. Lucas Barros

    93 FOREVER

  47. Indigo x Child

    I really love the moment at 0:24 for some reason. Idk what it is, the fact that it's the only slow-mo part in the video, or that it starts right at the chorus, my favorite part of the song. Or maybe because 93 just looks so happy, like he's a kid again biking around town with his friends. I really love BUMMER as a whole but, this song, and that moment, idk why I just keep replaying it. Maybe I want to be a kid again too


    this is the best comment i've ever read

  48. Angelo Ferlanta

    bro i see the halo, hop on some halo 2 project cartographer free online halo 2 for pc.

  49. vfflixted


  50. zJ Grain

    Heard you on bootleg boy and now I'm a fan

  51. Antonio Sanchez

    did such a good job man, so proud of you!

  52. Larryz World

    Why do I like this so much??? 🔥🌹🔥

  53. Universo Teen


    Thiago Vieira

    É o Brasil desgraça

  54. Igor Fructuoso

    Gloria a cristo jessus!!!

  55. Piotr chcesz

    genius project

  56. Alexander González Lugo

    You did it great again!💔⚰️🧸

  57. deepwaterblues

    Always great to see ya, hope ur doing well but pls just be safe.Also thx for existing and stuff, life wouldn't be the same without you.Just tell me, how could anybody on this planet not fuckin luv u?❤

  58. david entendu

    don't let 'em fuck with you man. ):

  59. skatepunkalashn p


  60. Zepto Rekado

    i love you Daniel FYI they deleted my ig account 😭😭😭😭😭🖤💫🏁hope u remember those emojis u liked a few of my comments meant a lot keep it up shine bright

  61. icy tears


  62. Chandler Folkerts

    i dont wanna see ur name on my homescreen

  63. Ljós Sum

    Eres el mejor! 💕

  64. gleam 64

    ty for everything 93 <3 you guys have no idea the impact youve had on our lives helping us through hard times and i wish i could just hug u <33333

  65. YaBoi MOSS

    Yes!! All of the songs you’ve uploaded on your channel are my favs and hella underrated. Love you man, thanks for giving me something to make me not feel so alone❤️

  66. Lars Ulrich


  67. KrimS


  68. Ejkejej Borec

    i've got new fav song ♥

  69. lil halim


  70. Carlos Gonzalez

    I love you mr

  71. fye


  72. Gabe

    We need a “This is do or die just like everything else” video that song is SOOOO good

  73. wisdommmmm

    you beat down browndynamite

  74. dead

    See u in December! Can’t fuckin wait

  75. Andrew Fesenko

    love ya bruh

  76. tux

    i luv u this is a blessing

  77. Patrulheão

    BUMMER is one of the best things i've listened this year, what an amazing album

  78. ᄽᄽᄿᄽᄽᄽᄽᄿᄽᄽ

    luv u. feel probably nothing, through all of my body, besides sad. i feel u, Marciel. i feel u. and we always here, and we always can support u, if u need it. im here. and im luv u.

  79. Kjetil ‘

    Love you 93

  80. ambi3nttech

    absolute flames

  81. TooFuckingBad Band

    Always love your songs 93


    Fuck I luv ur music. Great work on this. Much love as always from

  83. Mariah Geppert

    love u, love ur art. makes me feel sad in the most addictive way

  84. Janella Simon

    Thank you 93 for giving us this art ♡

  85. Travis Bridges

    Legend in the making

  86. Dr. Goose Duckman: Math Scientist!

    Needed me some of this tonight. 93 the GOAT.

  87. Emvee the Dog

    Slo motion bike and I kno it's alright

  88. Lightforth

    You are loved 93 ❤️