93FEETOFSMOKE - Mistrust Is Healthy In This Town Lyrics

I don't know what you're about, not sure I trust you right now
But you feel where I'm coming from?
Mistrust is healthy in this town, all these borders that I've downed
Made this feeling turn me more numb
Sorry, know that I'm more capable than what I lead on
But you see where I'm coming from?
My head is fucked, I don't front, at least you know I'm no dub
With no 9 in my belt tuck
Least I'm distanced from the bullshit and the violence
Can you just be happy for me once?
At least I'm trying, wish you'd notice, I am different
Making changes for the best, at least hopes up
And I still struggle every second of the day
'Cause you're still running through my head like nonstop
And I still love you, can't explain it
And I'm lying when I tell you that I'm fine, 'cause I'm just not

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