7 Minutes In Heaven - Side Effects Lyrics

Sometimes I wish I didn’t get out of my bed so I can watch the world burn in my head
Back and forth in between my demons, I can’t make a point without reason

She was the image of my summer; I knew that better days would come

Small talk and bedroom walls, in troubled times we long for fall
Painting color over winter’s empty face
So fix me quietly, cover holes with silent dreams
Maybe in the morning we’ll forget that we were ever really here

Let’s talk about the things we need
You’re positive the energy that’s filling me comes in between
The places that we go kept me from growing old
But you can’t stop the world from spinning
We got lost in selfish living

Summer sex and cigarettes, the nights that lead to side-effects
I know one day I will forget the small things for my belonging
Tell me that it’s okay
We can start over again

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7 Minutes In Heaven Side Effects Comments
  1. tori clifford

    will never forget everything this band has helped me through. always in my heart

  2. Bee

    I miss y’all already :(

  3. Kpopisthemainpop

    I'm a german potatoe and I love this song. R.I.P myself.

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Hello, tater tot! Thanks for listening, hope we can make it to your country someday.

  4. Lina

    Can't stop listening. You are awesome guys, kiss from France ! 💕

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Thank you for listening, glad you dig the tunes! *Hugs from America*

  5. Sterling Rae

    My friend introduced me to you guys and holy cow am I glad she did

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Please give her a hug for us, here's a hug from us *hug* <3

  6. hannah roe

    OMG I love you music so much it's so good!😍

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    We really appreciate you listening! Thank you :)

  7. Rennie

    first time hearing and it's already one of my favorite songs <3 pls do more someday :D

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Thanks for listening!! Have you heard the rest of the EP yet?

  8. Aly Lee

    love u guyz!!!

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Aly Lee luuhhh yew toooo

  9. Kill Me

    you guys are so good ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ .

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    thank youuu!!!!

  10. Mark Payne

    You should make guitar tutorials for your guys songs (just a suggestion) lol but your music rocks, it helped me a lot while I was in Japan and I even told one of my mom's friends about you guys and she loved it as well so from what I know you have a fan who lives in Japan and is Japanese and you have a subscriber over here in Hawaii

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Mark Payne yo we've actually been meaning to do that, just haven't had proper time to but be on the lookout for sure! That's so awesome though, thank you so much for spreading the word we appreciate it so much! Hope to make it over by ya sometime in the future! Keep in touch.

  11. Kyle Manis

    Somebody help me. Are these the only five songs that are out by these guys?

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Kyle Manis no no no!! We've got a record The Statement: Deluxe out too! We're on Spotify/Soundcloud/iTunes as well!

    Kyle Manis

    bought all your stuff

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Kyle Manis wow thank you so much!!! Hope you enjoy :)

  12. Ophelia Black


    7 Minutes In Heaven


  13. Jordan A

    I love this album so much! I'm so proud of you guys! Great things are definitely coming for you!

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Jordan A thanks for all the support, you're too kind.

  14. Thalia Rivera

    Love it 💕

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Thalia Rivera thank you! :)

  15. bailey b


    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Booky Bailey THANK YOU FOR LISTENING <3

  16. Lauren T

    Been waiting for this EP for ages, I'm so happy it's finally here!! As always I don't have a favourite part or even favourite song because THEY ARE ALL SO FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Lauren T glad you like it, that really means a lot to us <3

  17. marina

    this is soooo good

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +marina s thank you <3

  18. Mayra Sherman

    This whole album is amazing, great job guys ^^

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Mayra Sherman thanks homie, we appreciate you.

  19. Carla

    If I could marry this song, I would.

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Carla aka LaroseHatesYou #deep thanks for listening, appreciate you.

  20. Ash Dk

    just listened to everything you've put up so far and I LOVE IT ALLLLL! I WISH I COULD COME TO A LIVE SHOW! Keep it up! :)

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Ash Dk thanks for listening, for real! Hopefully we'll make it around where ever you are soon.

  21. Magdalena

    so good😍😊

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Magdalena Moritz thanks so much!

  22. Jasmin Stanley

    I love this omg 😍👌

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Jasmin Stanley thanks for listening!

    Jasmin Stanley

    no worries it's amazing :)