7 Minutes In Heaven - F.U.K. Lyrics

Whoa ohh ohh [x4]

We're not living the American Dream
We're just fucked up kids with no self-esteem
I washed down what was left of my sobriety
With your spoiled outlook of teenage dreams

False pretense and crooked teeth
20-20 still I'm so weak
Sadness echoes with my heart beat
But I won't claim defeat 'til I'm on my knees

We're just kids
We're just kids and we haven't got over it
We're just kids
We're just kids and we'll never get over it

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba-a [x2]

Been on the run and we don't sleep
So we indulge our lungs with nicotine
Behind their backs with a vengeance and kerosene
We struck the match and burned the scene

Bloody knuckles and thermazine
Self-destruction in 1, 2, 3
We're fueled on chemical energy
With a hint of hope and destiny

We're just kids
We're just kids and we haven't got over it
We're just kids
We're just kids and we'll never get over it

Whoa ohh ohh [x8]

Someone save us [x4]

Someone save us [x2]

We're just kids
We're just kids and we haven't got over it

We're just kids
We're just kids and we haven't got over it
We're just kids
We're just kids and we'll never get over it (never get over it)

We're just kids
We're just kids and we haven't got over it
We're just kids
We're just kids and we'll never get over it

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba-a [x2]
And I'm over it

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7 Minutes In Heaven F.U.K. Comments
  1. tori clifford

    my heart. forever thankful for the memories. 7mih till im dead

  2. RiotCtrlPenguin

    I love this video. What program was it made with?

  3. Lisa Meadows

    I'm gonna go cover this song now... Thanks 7mih for the inspiration :)

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Can't wait to see it!!

  4. Jilly Little

    Probably my new favourite song. I love it so much!!! 7mih is one of the best bands I've heard. Love them!!!!

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Thanks for listening, what do you think of the Side Effects EP?? :)

    Jilly Little

    I love that EP so much!! You guys are so amazing!! You guys should come on warped soon, i'd love to meet you guys!!!☺️💕

  5. gwen rose

    oh wow I just realized a second ago that f.u.k stands for fucked up kids xD how could I not see that

  6. MadShipper

    This is amazing!

  7. Saliha E. Hallam Ennahi

    sounds good

  8. mariah haynes

    they are amazing

  9. Spencer Cartwright

    I love this band! I mainly listen to you on Spotify.

  10. Elise Holway

    I love this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Megan Boston

    Love it guys xx

  12. Jazzy Kat

    BEAUTIFUL! !!!

  13. Yas mene

    this us incredible music.i like it a lot

  14. Lizzy Hernandez


  15. YouTubeSingers.com

    🎶💛🎉Great Video!

  16. Diondra Martinez

    my new favorite song

  17. Brandon Robertson

    This song is Epic

  18. chris leslie

    Love this song my favorite 💞💞

  19. DariusLarry

    WOW! Just WOW!! You blow my mind!!!

  20. lydia mae


  21. Ashsparkles78

    wow this is good!

  22. The All SEEING EYE

    This is "F.U.K.ing" hilarious!

  23. Maria Sedano


  24. Mya Wagner

    Love this!!!

  25. Steven

    I really like this!

  26. see u later

    nice I love the beat and the song

  27. Belle Dickson

    This is so bomb!! You're music is amazing! Can't wait for more (:

  28. lame-name right here

    this song makes me smile!!! 😄

  29. Cassandra Beck

    Omg this is amazing 😍🙊💕

  30. lizzlewhiz

    Okay, my new dream is to just go to America ane meet you guys!! I only know like 4 songs but I'm going to learn the rest of the songs you guys have and when we do meet (Hopefully because going from England to America is EXPENSIVE!!) I will probably be singing your songs. I'm always singing Missconections and Rotation at the moment...

  31. Marina HLady

    Awesome tune! Love it, keep on Rockin' \m/

  32. Rodica EV

    This song is amazing!

  33. Anahi BMTH.SWS

    woowww amazing:3 ♩♪ツ♥

  34. Kasmira F

    I either like the part it's donkey Kong or the outer space part

  35. kayla marie

    im literally sitting in my bed at 2 am listening to this because my first day of school is in a few hours fml

  36. Derrick Fairley

    ooo you guys sound great you fit in with today's boy bands 😊


    +Derrick Fairley This is Pop Punk. Not a "boy band".

  37. Chiara Pilotto

    Oh god everything in this song is perfect!! Seriously guys, why aren't you famous yet?

  38. Nastia Staloverova


  39. Ophelia Black

    love this!!!!!

  40. Unicorns

    Only if I could like this 100 times *sigh* this is GREAT!!!

  41. MissNoodle

    I LOVE IT😍🎶🎶

  42. Maddie Otori


  43. Ash Dk

    I love you guys! I found ya'll after watching your cover of Pass Me By by R5! Maybe you could do another cover sometime? anyway, this is such an awesome song!

  44. Sadguy 13

    Awesome song

  45. Carola

    So glad I found out about you guys! I now have been listening to all of your songs nonstop. Great music I love it! :)

  46. joneisha moore

    Cool video

  47. Sydney C

    Such a great song!!

  48. Kaely Garcia

    what are the tour dates???

  49. Gabby Thompson

    They played this at the concert and Ive been looking for this song since January gahh I'm so happy I found it

  50. Valerine W.

    This song is so amazing !!!!!
    You guy's voice are great:)

  51. pika girl Fox

    i like this song so much<3

  52. Amanda Olivera

    Omg i love it

  53. Shyy

    Very interesting song .but besides the song you guy's sound good.

  54. Jasmine Hurley

    I love this song so fucking much #F.U.K

  55. Jay or Whatever

    <3<3 ^-^

  56. Lauren T

    This is my favourite lyric video ever. It's been ages since you guys uploaded anything. It's killing me cause I've been re watching all of your videos. This is just awesome.

  57. Chloe Ramey

    It's bout time there was a video lol love you guys

  58. Citlalli H

    I love this band so much

  59. Neng1993

    So CUTE!! :)) xxx

  60. J AVC

    I actually quite like this

  61. Sarah Cait

    Does anybody know what their set list was during the metro station tour?

  62. lol


  63. Hannah K

    this such an amazing song and I really love this video! so creative

  64. JJ Reiddlemethis

    I love the song but the chorus sounds a bit like Girls by The 1975

  65. sarah valentina

    omfg yay ive been waiting for somwthing for this song!!! i love it! great job guys<3

  66. Rhian T

    This is so awesome! I literally could not stop smiling when i saw a new song out. Its amazing great job!! {^u^}

  67. Hitler did 9/11

    Amazing 💕💕

  68. Natalie Pokorná

    Guys...what to say? You are better and better:-D!! I really like it.

  69. nb hofman

    LOVE IT!!! :D

  70. JustBrxxth

    I have no idea how many times I've watched this but I love it so much

  71. Victoria Silveus

    You guys never disappoint us.

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    This video is so rad! :)

  73. razan

    I love this!

  74. Stephaine Ordway


  75. Gaby

    This is great! Can't wait to hear it live :D

  76. Robert Carpenter

    I love it! You guys are rad! I'm disappointed that I haven't heard of you until now! I definitely plan on purchasing your album and any music you guys make in the future. You guys kick ass!

  77. gιgι

    Always making amazing music.

  78. lexi

    Awesome vid guys! Can't wait to see u next Thursday!!!

  79. Brandy Mariiee

    Love the creativity! Still on of my favourite songs! :)

  80. Nikki Borgel

    I've been listening to this song for a while now and it wasn't until this video that I realized what FUK stands for and I feel so stupid now.

    squishy bear

    @Nikki Borgel it's okay, I didn't get it until now either

    Dillon Knapp

    What does it mean? Lol

    Sydney Leilani

    @Gigills fucked up kids

  81. Karine

    This is a very creative lyric video, i love it!! :)