7 Minutes In Heaven - Asylum Lyrics

I might be growing up but I will always be a kid
I’ll insist that I am happy
If you ask I’ll plead the fifth
And I’ve watched the sun come up
More times than I’d like to admit
I’m growing really tired of questioning the way I live

Someone medicate this
Cancer we need to find an
Answer before we find that it’s too late
The only truth behind the
Matter is out within this batter
Causing us to lose our way

I’ve realized my whole life I’ve been trying to fit in
Soon enough it all won’t matter
Cause we’re all dying in the end
Is it really all that selfish to be wanting something more?
If acceptance is the key
Why am I still so fucking bored?

Someone medicate this
Cancer we need to find an
Answer before we find that it’s too late
The only truth behind the
Matter is out within this batter
Causing us to lose our way
Someone medicate this
Cancer we need to find an
Answer before we find that it’s too late
The only truth behind the
Matter is out within this batter
Causing us to lose our way

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7 Minutes In Heaven Asylum Comments
  1. Madi schmeissing

    Hey guys it is Madison and tori

  2. Pico Low

    3 years late. D:
    Good song

  3. subkidin hebat

    this song deserved to get 1million views at least...

  4. Frances C


  5. KevinPlays


    7 Minutes In Heaven


  6. Version 2.0

    I heard this on google play the first time before I had to go to bed. The next morning I went to your guys' channel to listen to this and now I have watched all of your vids on here (on a different account) you guys take part in inspiration in my?our songs :) plus you guys are super cute!!

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    That's awesome to hear. Thanks so much for giving us a chance, glad you enjoy the music :)

    Version 2.0

    You are welcome. I would love to meet you guys or even just message any of you (my twitter btw is : @version_tweets ) itd be cool since you guys are an inspiration :) it just shows that good things do happen :3

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Maybe we'll have a show in your area soon! :) happy to be an inspiration, appreciate you listening.

    Version 2.0

    Your welcome (plz don't think I'm weird for saying Timmy's cute lol)

  7. Kai Marlin

    New favorite band and new favorite song!!! :)

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    THANK YOU!! :') we've got more new tunes on the way!!

  8. Isis Blackfeather

    I dig the music and the message, it's very relevant and sadly I don't see that changing anytime in the near future, if ever. But I think that if we all start realizing that it is only ourselves that we should be looking toward for acceptance, society as it is now may cease to exist and be replaced by something worthy of being a part of and not the other way around as too many see it.

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the kind words. We can only hope that one day our voice will be heard..

    Isis Blackfeather

    Thank you for being a part of the fight against the war unseen.

  9. Emmett Mulrooney

    You guys rock! I'm gonna do a cover with my friend Danny.

  10. Annika Schenberg

    I gotta ask, what are your names? I have as a rule for myself that everytime I get really into a band, I need to learn the bandmembers names cx
    keep up the good work 💝

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Timmy, Alex, and Justin :) stoked you're into us!

  11. Diablx

    Glad I found you guys!!

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Us too :)

  12. Rinka Kanin

    Holy shit this is amazing. You're my second favourite band after All time Low c: Keep it up guys, find that cure and beat cancer.

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Glad to be ranked up there for you with such a great band! Thanks for listening <3

  13. Heidi x

    When I listen to this song it always makes me happy!! ^-^

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    We're glad! Did you hear the demo we posted of this on our Facebook yesterday? :P

    Heidi x

    OOOOOPSIE! Forgot to reply! ^.^ Yes i did! :)

  14. Heidi x

    I never thought YouTube was this awesome until I actually got an account to talk and comment on videos! xD

  15. Jennett Martinez

    You guys are my favorite band I just heard this song 5 min ago and I'm in love with it you guys got a new fan

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    That's awesome, thanks for listening :) hope you like the other tunes too!

  16. Heidi x

    You're amazing!!

    7 Minutes In Heaven


    Heidi x

    +7 Minutes in Heaven OMG!! YOU REPLIED!! :O XO XD I LOVE YOU GUYS!! X

    Heidi x

    +7 Minutes in Heaven ^.^

  17. Madeline Rme

    You guys are so awesome! I wish I could see you live :) come to France!

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Thank you so much! We plan to make it there eventually, hope to see you when we do :)

    Madeline Rme

    +7 Minutes in Heaven I hope too 😉😘

  18. Chris Tyler

    Braden brought me here lol u guys are sick

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Braden is the tits, thanks for checking us out glad you dig the tune :)

  19. Darcii Lewis

    this is amazing guys :3

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Thank you so much <3

  20. Jackie Goletz

    this is my first time listening to them and they are surprisingly amazing!

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    Thank you so much!! Have you heard any of the full band tunes??

  21. Sing To The Stars

    I really like this song. Time defiantly flies way to fast. Forever the spirit of a kid.

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Sing To The Stars thank you for listening. Keep fighting the good fight!

    Sing To The Stars

    +7 Minutes in Heaven Will do. Ditto to y'all

  22. Amanda Marie

    Awww I miss you guys you're great and I love you all so much

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Amanda Marie hope to see ya around soon! :)

    Amanda Marie

    Ahhh I'm crying because you guys replieddd

    7 Minutes In Heaven

    +Amanda Marie is that a tear in my eye? Nah it's just my SWAG~~

    Be happy

  23. Allana Maisene

    I missed listening to you guys. I feel so guilty that I stopped listening. God, this is so relatable. 😌

  24. Brittany Steinmann

    I'm in love with song great job guys💝💙💜

  25. Hello-Orbits

    I have been listening to you guys for 21 hours 😊

  26. AnneMarie Davis

    This is the first song I've heard by 7MIH but I already love you guys..your sound is so unique

  27. mariah haynes

    love the way they r dressed to be honest i would wear what they r wearing

  28. mariah haynes

    my favorite on of them all

  29. TheBiggestJordinSparksFan J-ski

    Love This!!

  30. sarahlovesreading

    I am in love with this song :D <3!!!

  31. katie brown

    im so glad you guys are following me on twitter and im following you, and I am glad I subbed to you on youtubeCAUSE YOU ARE AMAZINNGGG

  32. Heletje Britz

    Love you guys!

  33. Belle Dickson

    This is my favourite song by you guys!! Ughhh its just so great!! Keep making amazing music. I love you guys! <3

  34. Merijn Kriesels

    wow i just discoverd you guys and this song and this is actually amazing as hell haha aany plans for a show in the netherlands? :D

    Dawn Marie

    I just discovered them too
    Great band

    Merijn Kriesels


  35. RozilandTheNerd8

    Seeing them next week xD.

  36. Iske Zandbergen

    I love this :D

  37. rainbow barfer623


  38. Aalia Ebrahim

    I love this song, You guys are awesome

  39. Cash Johnson

    Love you guys so much :)

  40. Karolayn González

    The best band ever😭💘✨

  41. Lily Boateng

    And I really like this song

  42. Lily Boateng

    Woah I love your hair

  43. playmakerstar and mattnumber4

    you guys should do warped tour u guys are perfect for it u guys need to show who u guys are so more ppl can know u and listen to your song

  44. playmakerstar and mattnumber4

    guy what the chords of this song of yours and the tuning

    playmakerstar and mattnumber4

    @khris x ventura and tabs to

  45. pika girl Fox

    that song it's awsome!!! *_*

  46. Belinda Kemp

    Found you guys today and am currently binge watching all your vids. You are so amazing!!! Love it

  47. Miranda O'shea

    Super stoked of how much I love every amazing song you create! Once again, this makes me happy knowing how much dedication you put into your song's, loving your style!

  48. rachel

    still my favorite song😍

  49. Javy Kawaii Drew

    aaaww cutee timmy

  50. Owen Lamberto

    Awesome song guys thanks for following me on Twitter soon I'll see you on the big shows

  51. Juee Modi

    this is what i call music. you guys are amazing !!! i love this song

  52. rainingpandas

    So glad i found u guys xx

  53. Lexi Carrigan

    Love this! Went to your concert last night and it was all so good! Also on a side note, where was this shot at?


    You guys are  awesome i just started listening to your music not too long ago
    do you guys have a facebook or something.
    7 mintues in heaven guys.

  55. Paul Echeagaray

    Holy shit you are amazing guys.

  56. Jasmine Tems

    This song is like the sound of Jesus speaking to me 😊❤

  57. Maria Sedano

    I've gotta learn the lyrics.
    And do a cover

  58. Guy Dude

    beginning reminds me of Your Call by Secondhand Serenade

  59. Crystal Lambert

    Hmm, not bad.

  60. Salina Mower

    this song is fantastic! definitely one of my new favorite songs xD

  61. lexi

    Damn u guys are amazing

  62. Olivia Abercrombie

    I just discovered you guys like a couple days ago and I have to say I love you guys. Your songs are so well written and you guys are super talented!! I'm so glad I found you guys!

  63. Caro Morales


    I fell in love with them.

  64. Katarena Carrera

    You guys are seriously talented! I love this. c:

  65. Sydnee Sherrick

    Someone on the Internet met you guys and I was like "they seem cool I'm going to listen to them". I'm so glad I decided to you guys are absolutely amazing wow.

  66. David Rudolph

    I totally dig this

  67. Valentina Romero

    You just follow me on twitter... Thank you, I'm your new fan!

  68. Sarah G.

    Saw you guys at Mojoes the other night and your songs were so awesome you made a new fan! I really hope I'll be able to see you preform again ^_^

  69. Sam

    This is stuck in my head now xD 

  70. Amanda Marie

    I love this so much <3

  71. sandra ramos

    You guys make so much good music.! \(^_^)/

  72. Jisung wants u to cut out single-use plastics!!

    My friend and I have gotten even closer since we started listening to you guys. When i bring my guitar to her house for jam sessions is is always the first song we play. Awesome album, amazing song!!

  73. Abby Aru

    Me gusto mucho 😊😉😄

  74. Dean Salma

    This is great! You guys are amazing! Btw, thanks for following me in twitter. You just made a new fans

  75. Jessica Cairns

    A great song, I love it!!!

  76. shannon fletcher

    I really like this song!!! It's so good 😊🎶

  77. Neng1993

    #SuperRadical!! Lol. :)) xxxx \MmM/

  78. Kat

    This is the first song I've heard from you guys, and your music seems pretty amazing. Definitely going to listen to more of your stuff!

  79. heather gamble

    I can't stop listening to this song. I think i have an addiction to this band omg ❤

  80. Hallie Green

    I love this <3  I'm hoping I can see you guys in concert someday. 

  81. Emo Punk

    This is probably my favorite out of all of your songs. I can't stop replaying it, xD

  82. kiley splawn

    this band has many great songs this is my favorite they are all great artists i listen to this song atleast 25 times a day

  83. kiley splawn

    i found this band on twitter and got addicted and i have this song on reapeat im in love with 7MIH

  84. Kassie Araque

    I was looking for some new band and I really like this!

  85. bandoms

    You guys are fucking awesome what even

  86. annaschffr

    This is so good!!!!!!!! I'm gonna watch like all of ur vids now omg

  87. Jacqui Moore

    This is sooo good 😍

  88. LonelyKiids

    absolutely love this video!! and all the other acoustic videos as well (: im so proud of you guys for getting this far. I remember when you guys were getting more popular just during The Statement Tour! :D Miss you guys, lots of love- Paige xxx

  89. Bromance Girls

    I really love this song, it's amazing. Hope you'll come to Spain someday, i really want to watch you live! 

  90. THEhotpants5

    this band tho.. ♥

  91. Tania Michelle

    You guys are amazing!!! I clicked on the link to listen to 1 song and couldn't stop.I love them all

  92. EthanRiley

    What's that tabs or music sheet for this song?

  93. Just Vaonsen

    It was so beautiful. Wow, I hope you'll get more viewers because your songs are truly amazing. I'm really happy I found this amazing band (・ω・)ノ

  94. Ronnie ari

    You guys are honestly so amzing

  95. Verenice_Arre

    why am i just finding out about you guys?! You're awesome !! cant wait to see you in chicago n.n

    Jaymes Martin


  96. Ash

    I love this song, re watching it atm haha
    Just realised, this song sounds very like something by blink-182, love ir 😍

  97. Lucy Stevens

    Oh my god you guys are epic! So glad I stumbled upon your channel!!

  98. Kaycee Regets

    My life hasn't been the best of lately. I know I probably shouldn't put this on social media about my problems, but I'm going to anyways. I've been struggling with major depression for almost 7 years now. I have been through therapy, partials (for my anxiety), many different types of medications I forget half their names, since none of those seemed to work I started underage drinking. I would drink my Mum's vodka, rum, gin, Jaeger, and more I forget. My favorite was the Whipped cream vodka, because of how it would burn going down numbing my mind of it's other pain. Once I quit drinking I wanted that numbing pain back, so I tried a cigarette and fell straight to the ground coughing, on the first puff. That was scratched off my list. I tried burning myself but that didn't numb the pain it made it worse. One day I was cleaning the tub and my clean razor, not used yet, (but for some reason I was a dumbass and had the cover off) fell and it cut me. That was when I felt the stinging, tingling, yet numbing pain. I started cutting. I cut for a long time, that was until you guys followed me on twitter and I looked you up. I found something that helps me, with my never ending battle. I never thought I would find something so amazing and helps me, that doesn't damage me in some way. When I hear your songs I can't help but smile even if I don't want to. How passionate you guys are about music, made me realize that's how I am about writing. Writing is a reason I should still fight this battle of mine. How you take time and reply to your fans, helped me to realize that there's still people who care in this world. When I hear your music all my problems seem to go down the drain. Thank you so much. Thank you for helping me with out even knowing it. Holy fuck I'm crying. I feel so pathetic. I wanted you guys to know how you've helped me. I don't want anyone to think that this is a cry for help, because it's not. It's part of my life story and how you guys basically saved me. I don't know how to Thank you enough. Thanks...just thanks.

    I would appriciate it if you could email me sometime. My email is [email protected]

    Again thanks.

  99. danb93kd

    Heard your cover of this is gospel and had to check you guys out and im so glad i did!!!