600Breezy - Talk My Shit Lyrics

I love the fact that I'm the under dog
If she don't bring another bitch it ain't no fun at all
Leading Scorer on my team currently
Brezo George Gervin Yea these niggas heard of me
Safe to say I got this shit for my team right now
I'm riding round with semi autos with them beams right now
I think I'm George Gervin imma cold nigga
Me and my dogs ain't falling out over no hoes nigga
I used to just hit the road for just 4 figures
Splittin packs a few racks between 4 niggas
And now I get them bands for a show nigga
Every town I'm getting showered with hoes nigga
I hit 6 cities in the same month
Still humble still hungry it ain't change nothin
You got that pack on you nigga then flame up
Damn yo homie got clapped? don't blame us
I walk around with that reefa oder
Product of the early 90s cut from baking soda
My niggas working getting money we the same us
Not to mention lost 2 niggas in the same month
I hit the road and come home tryna bang somethin
You got some money young nigga? Betta slang somethin
Get on these beats and talk my shit
And if its coming out yo mouth you betta walk that shit
Man that pussy so good I wanna stalk that bitch
I know they on the other side like he talk that shit
I ride around with 4-5s and m16s
A hood nigga with some money imma bitch dream
Right now I'm in LA smoking hella thoinks
And Rest in peace to LA this who I do it for
Grip the game like some pliers what I'm in it for
And most of ya'll niggas liers tryna get some points
I keep that tool yea that iron cause I'm hella points
Bitch I don't want you
Hoe you tired I don't get the point
I'm tryna do the right thing and get this rap money
And every nigga to my rear they gone clap fa me
The jakes snatch me up
Bonded out 30 racks
Beat the case in speedy trial got it right back
I'm taking off on these niggas they don't like that
I'm Still a shooter keep a glove like I'm Mike Jack
Froze from the neck up
I ain't talk about a clinic but I got that check up
All the thottie hood hoes always tryna sweat us
We gangbanging round here nigga throw a set up
Water park shit bitch niggas getting wet up
Ain't no let up
Brezo from the six I got my check up


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600Breezy Talk My Shit Comments
  1. Rebekiah Nelleke

    Still listening 😍🔥

  2. Antonio Bandz

    600 breezy and lud foe would go hard asf

  3. James williams


  4. Jmoney407



    the ONLY problem wit this song, in my opinion, is that this shit too slow. idk if it’s his flow or the beat itself but damn! it’s like waitin for a blunt to air dry

  6. deelava1

    My favorite breezy song, the joint that made me rock with him

  7. Jay G

    My nigga died and this is all I played.. RIP G💔

  8. 600Breezy Fan

    This should've hit a mil tf

  9. Jay Smooth

    11/26/2018 neva 4get

  10. sockzy

    free breezo

  11. Deion Wescott

    I need this instrumental

  12. B Garnet

    Free that nigga mann!

  13. 600Breezy Fan

    Free breezy bitch 🎯💯

  14. maurice milton

    Free My Boi 🙅🏾‍♂️💯💯💯💯💯💯

  15. Jay Terranova

    Still bumping this free the 🐐

  16. Jay Terranova

    Forever the 🐐

  17. 600Breezy Fan

    So underrated 💯💯

  18. Play4Keeps 781

    Free Breezo

  19. Gemima Lewis-Geneo

    Gisborne, New Zealand.. M.$.T..?!

  20. Tyrique Bryant

    Him and sdot my favorites outta 600 !!!!!!! I fw LA And booka 💯 long live LA

  21. Jäy900 [][][]

    still hard

  22. James Toles


  23. oTehReconz

    Stop tryna sound like gherbo 👎

    Lil Loski

    lmao breezy had this flow since 2013 yo ass a tweak


    Lil Loski & so did Herb fuck you mean yung


    Lil Loski nigga had the same flow since 2012

    Lil Loski

    +oTehReconz right beezy had this flow since a long time so aint nobody copying nobody

  24. FREDO NUMBA six


  25. johnny smith

    6hunna! !!!

  26. Stan C

    This shit tough

  27. lilkelo gilmore

    This tru shit str8 up low end shit

  28. Ryan Woods

    I like when he raps like dis 😈🔥🔫

    Sagong Raphael

    Ryan Woods yeah me too but setitoff is better now

  29. big papi ed

    tru rap,dudes hating cause he ain't rap about usually shit. the rap game changes son learn.

  30. King Matthew

    this shit funny when you high

  31. jay m

    ya stole Lil herb Bibby flow

  32. Tyvan Martin

    this shit go hard

  33. GrimReaper

    True raps n 600breezy is real trust I know 💀💯

  34. Caleb Thomas

    Dey slept on breezo wit dis 😴🔥

  35. Atrocity Gaming

    I relate to this Bar "Damn yo homie got CLAP don't blame us" say no mo if you a Real Nigga you relate


    his flow is wayyyyy off💯💯

  37. theeternalwisdom

    9 22 drose gone 600 neva be the samr

  38. NasBizzle

    he stole lud foes hat

  39. Kon Jamo

    Is this a remix cuz he don't rap on beat at all XD

  40. Ynwa Jook

    Them Pillows Hard ASF! L'A, RONDO, CDAI, LIL BOO, D ROSE, SHITS HOT...

  41. Fred Louie

    breezy next up

  42. GasP4ck

    Speaking real shit 💯💪🏻 how can you hate on this?

  43. MVP Papii

    is he signed?

  44. Loose SkrewM

    Ur ass not welcome in Ny now cuz u wanna troll on Internet Ny need to link up w Ym051 then niggas some demons in ny we respect the killers not who get shot Jaz z voice

  45. BadBehaviorGoodIntentions Podcast

    This is a really weird flow for this beat. its like spoken word to a hard as beat.
    Visuals look good as fuck

    check my channel for dope ass music

  46. john Blow

    lmao i think I'm george gervin imma cold nigga damnn iceman

  47. MrNickelodeon90

    none of his newer videos never hit a mill any more...

  48. Simplistic Beauty

    what kind of coat is that?

  49. yung eskimo

    dis nigga got a glock now?

  50. Brad Malcolm

    this man sound slow

  51. john span

    A hood nigga with some money imma bitch dream👍🏿

  52. The TrapKid

    Man I feel this shit..

  53. The Divine King

    A hood nigga wid some money, I'm a bitch dream.

  54. Dru Blair

    My boy 600 Breezy still goin in

  55. Blue Face Gang

    dis anit his type of flow but the beat hot 🔥🔥😂💯

  56. Cristo

    Beat broke my neck

  57. Lil homie cesar

    Gang shit the struggle is real asf G RIP L'A free Rondonumbanine ⛽️

  58. Kyle Lewis

    This shit cool I like the slow shit keep mixing it up

  59. TripTV

    this shit straight dumpster juice. FBG Duck and FBG Cash shit all over this guy

  60. Lor Dev

    Wooo brezzy killed that 💯

  61. soid drone slayer

    "I think George Gervin Im a cold nigga, me and my dawgs not fallin out over no hoes nigga". real shit

  62. Fabo

    This shit hard

  63. Geno Mayweather

    Need that tape from Reese and breezo

  64. 610Breezyy ,


  65. BinLotto

    Whats the font Rayy Money use in his vids

  66. Linda Donsah

    ya talking tooo much negga i been gat money P GanG

  67. Elizabeth Clasberry

    Play that zonniemoe gdk free style


    keep rapping like Dis bro and u up

  69. Dope Dope

    BDz the superior set right now in the drill rap in the chi I'm just tellin it like it iz

  70. Dareon Fuller

    Is it more did they sample iPhone text message rington in the beat lol

  71. Thai Guy Gaming

    hard af!

  72. Fatal_Desire

    this nigga must always be listening to a different beat cuz his flow is shit/way off

  73. Street Achievements TV

    Need a remix with Herb... thatll be fye

  74. Tidus

    clean flow

  75. Henry Smith

    Wow he sound pretty good way better than some of the other songs he's got. He needs to do more slow beats like this.

  76. James williams

    My first time listen to bruh this shit flames💯💯💯

  77. BMM Smoov

    116 opps disliked brezzyo #WINNING

  78. ThatBigBlackBoy

    This is shit

  79. KingKye

    my niggaz working,
    getting money,
    we the same us,
    not to mention we lost some niggaz in the same month..

  80. Its Stocks

    Breezy is a complete savage bro no worries real shit

  81. Barloise Official

    Subscribe To My Page If U Love Rap Music And Hip Hop News Go Brazy Barloise

  82. Diego Andre

    this shit is fire, do more song like this

  83. Patrick

    That was really some fire bro

  84. Múltiplo de 0

    Dep el capone

  85. Jimmy Houston

    GanG $hit.....OtG

  86. Reno

    smokin hella THWANK

  87. K P

    he need to rap like this because he might make it out of chiraq

  88. King Joe

    he killed it

  89. alvin bond

    Fuck wat yall talking bout. 600 breezo got it . stop hating


    I can't be the only one that thinks he can't rap at all

  91. BFFvsBvvX


  92. Li Moo - Music

    What kind of camera, software, and computer do you use😩😩 please i need help im from alabama

  93. O乃ϻᎶ Slχо

    breezy is a savage

  94. BDK 300k

    This shit wack

  95. Ajai Toney

    dis shit fucking piss😭💀🚯young pappy way better then him and that's 💯

    Jose Savage

    La better than pappy

  96. Pablo Ramirez

    he sound like he went to ee 20 20 classes