600Breezy - Storm (Freestyle) Lyrics

Breezo baby, niggas know me in these fucking streets
Like Chris Bosh, I power forward with these fucking heats
They say I'm going crazy, beg a nigga, hear my piece
I lost my my my niggas, so it's war, nigga fuck your peace
Better not not wear your chain out, nigga tuck your piece
Cause you gonna take it all off when we up them heats
I've been lining niggas up, like an old school priest
Kicking shit like I don't bang, bitch I'm Japanese
Word to my Dez, they ain't fucking with me
30 poppers, doubles with me
Rugers, yeah they stuffed with fifties
Shoot him in his ass, make him dance
Like he Puff or Diddy
Put this 40 to his face, his mouth gonna be fucked up like 50's
Bitch I'm back nigga
Flip a nigga's car, just like Twisted Metal Black nigga
Disrespectful Chiraq goon, bitch I'm that nigga
All my my niggas in them County jails they love to clap niggas
600 we the cartel, we moving packs nigga
Woods size of bats nigga
Stuffed with KI, Lil Marc, and that Fatz nigga
All you niggas pussy, that's my word, that's facts nigga
Hood full of make believe clones, house of wax niggas

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600Breezy Storm (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Shaun D.


  2. Kevin Martinez

    Real OG I still noe from team 600

  3. RahDead 40

    1:00 Pause

    Skr Skr

    Yea forreal 😂

  4. Bigdreams17 Dreams17

    2018 breezo!!!!

    Will Connors

    Bigdreams17 Dreams17 2019 breeezo

  5. ひFendiglo

    This boy sum😭😍. But 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. DreezyTV

    Errrrrr ting 👹👿👿👿👿👿👿👿💪🏾free600breezy

  7. Almighty Nate


  8. o'block mattskiess


  9. TheFergyxxl

    This track to fresh, another hit we toking up that KKK hater pack 💨💀🎍#loudpack #fuckracists

  10. Takiem Hanner

    this Shit is 🔥 ohhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. Ace Boogie

    Onna 5 this my shit 🖐🏾💯💯

  12. Christopher Hernandez

    " stuffed with KI , Lil Marc& that Fatz Nigga " DAMN Breezo ain't got no chill ... 🤦💯🔥

  13. ronnel meyers

    Damn he kilt that beat tho! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    On Crip Lol No Games

  14. Rydarrious Bryant

    Storm freestyle is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Lil Ddboy


  16. Tay Ferrell

    Free breezo

  17. LOUIE P


  18. Sko Boii

    Free breezy

  19. HotBoyFarris


  20. Railfan King207 SubwaySlayer

    Do anybody know the original song 600breezy did to this song...

  21. guilherme zidane

    Liberte o meu mano 600breezy nao to de brincadeira

  22. Jay Terranova

    Forever free the 🐐

  23. Luh Maco


  24. Savage boy Jay

    Hood full of make believes clones house of wax niqqas 😭

  25. Numba3 4Clutchk

    I always thought this was his hardest song 🔥🔥🔥💯☝😭 I'm mad he ain't got 2m views

  26. Jr Levias

    Why did the thumbnail look like Cam Newton sparking a blunt

  27. misfit angel

    What's this intrumental called?

  28. bigahelmful

    1:06 "Woods size as bats nigga stuffed wit ki lil marc and that fatz nigga" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Still Trapped

    I feel like he should WAAAAAY more views 4 this 1!!!! "600, we the Cartel we movin' packs nigga, woods size as bats nigga, stuffed w/ K.I., Lil Marc & that FATZ NIGGA!!!"

  30. polo king

    forgot bout this🔥

  31. Truth Teller

    Ki Lil Marc and that Fatz nigga

  32. 2 PAul

    Free dat man 💪💯

  33. Rizza Raskill

    ong bak isn't Japanese

  34. Doofus Rick

    Any one have the instrumental? I couldn't find it.

  35. BountyHunna 111

    My Nigga So Distespectful😂😂💯😈

  36. Richie TheP

    like Chris bosh I power thru with these fuckin heats

  37. Insmeatin Achird

    fuck that shit

  38. your still signed on Nelson


  39. Lawrence Bowman

    lol he been in NYC too long he said word too my deads lol

  40. Kevin Sanchez

    why nigga violate 50¢ like that 🤕the abuse man. but its whatever the rap is Ii..

  41. L3GTjonnyboy

    First bar was fireeee

  42. James Toles


  43. rodney Barnett

    ki fatz 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Jabre Hayman

    dam he diss 50 to



  46. Kenyetta Chaney

    Shoot him in his ass make him dc

  47. Al-aziz D

    I watched this like 10times😭😭 🔥

  48. Certified Demon

    Did he diss swav

  49. EL.QUAPO

    who peeped the NY lingo

  50. misfit angel

    do they have a instrumental to this ?

  51. Brenstan Brownee

    this shit bump hard asf in the whip💪🔥🔥

  52. L'A Capone 600


  53. Sun God

    This a banga

  54. no man

    thought this was gona be Quiet storm !

  55. ‮‮ ‮‮

    put this 40 to his face, his mouth gon be fucked up like 50s

  56. Slink

    What beat is this

    DMG pressa gang

    Slink ong

  57. RICK Sams

    damn 600 went crazy tho


    this shit go in on me

  59. Macaih similton

    I'm tryna get dis beat and do a remix to dis on god

  60. Hector Villatoro

    Someone make a instrumental for this beat 🔥💯

  61. chrissy love


  62. YKL Glock

    WHY THE FUCK THIS SHIT DONT HAVE 1 million views !!!!!!!!!!! 💀💀💀💀💀💀😤

  63. Aaron Monplaisir

    600 breezy

  64. Tae

    Brezzo Baby Niggas No Me in These Fucking Streets 💪 Like Chris Bosh I Powerfoward With These Fucking Heats😈

  65. I get Ws YOU get Ls

    fuckin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. Breezy Be that

    Wood size of bats nigga stuff with KI lil marc & that fats nigga damn he dissed the shit outta Gakirah barnes lil marc & fathead

  67. Savage9 Glizzy

    That boy breezy going crazy 😭💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  68. Kenny S

    he need a storm part 2! this shit hard asf

  69. Choco Prada 205

    Make dance like he puff diddy ,shotting in his face like he gone get fuck up like 50.... Got dam breezzy don't give up fuck he just say it I'm disrespect full 600 goon from da chi

  70. Marcús

    Breezo tuff as shit🔥 whats the instrumental to dis song

  71. 9block Boy

    here before a million

  72. BlackSheep Santana

    wheres the version without the DJ

  73. Shawn Gambino

    Damn BreezO

  74. Tkrazyfrmtse

    He smokin that lil ass wood😂😂😂

  75. Julius Sidney

    OK OK OK this nigga went in ... I fuck with this one Fam R.I.P #600_LA

  76. LonelyChild

    That Chinese sound 😂😂😂

    Certified Demon

    FUCK JOJOWORLD. 069K 063K Ik right lol

    Jäy900 [][][]

    FUCK JOJOWORLD. 069K 063K nigga I thought u don't like breezy??? but u steady PEEPIN his shit lmfao

    Tyler T. Eldridge


    y chickn


  77. L'A Capone 600

    600Cartel Shit Bitch 😈

  78. St3pT3am 3 Rounds

    CPDK me n the whole team bitch. FTO

  79. St3pT3am 3 Rounds

    FUK 600 Breezy, smokin stella, OD, J money, Fuk ur dead rondo n cdai, CBDK

  80. I Brush My Teeth Before I Eat Ass

    does anybody know the instrumental yet

  81. Blown Out Tater Biscuit

    "Bats nigga. Stuffed with KI, Lil Marc, and that Fatz nigga"😂

  82. Lor Dev

    Shit 🔥💯

  83. troic lynx

    Why Tf this shit ain't on sound cloud

  84. SilentOne

    fufu ass pint. Come on bruh...

  85. Kay Jay s

    too short 😧

  86. ty from410

    shit go hard

  87. John Reid

    Wat instrumental

    I Brush My Teeth Before I Eat Ass

    fr i need dat

  88. G.I.O Gio

    600brezz dontchu fuckin stop boy I hear u 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 600 a🌠 here before it hits 1M

  89. Ahmad Murtaza

    Did he just diss 50 cent? @0:47 or am I buggin

    Tyrese Wilson

    Ahmad Murtaza hell Nawl

  90. mark lawrence

    Went crazy....HE DID

  91. Ivory Jenkins

    He Really Ah Monsta #NewOrleans

  92. Dakota Galloway

    kickin shit like I don't bang bitch I'm Japanese🔥😓

  93. SuperNinja921

    "wood sized as bats nigga stuffed with KI, lil Marc, and that fats nigga"

  94. Bryant Overbey

    Lets be real....Breezy don't want static wit Swish gang and NBA fleet team

    johnny smith

    Bryant Overbey Ol' fruit cake

    Bryant Overbey

    @johnny smith Cry some where else

    Bryant Overbey

    @johnny smith Awww, somebody is gonna cry. Don't worry act tough kid im not bothered

    johnny smith

    Bryant Overbey I know you're proud of being a gaylord hugging on another man

    Bryant Overbey

    @johnny smith You are the only one talking it, you are hiding in the closet kid?

  95. Mercer. Ent

    600 breezo def underated shittt🔥🔥


    shitt 🔥

  97. Benny Blanco

    Since breezy took off you haven't seen him do a video with any of his guys who put him on. I've been saying since day one that breezy is a fruit cake. His bars are whack as fuck he can't rap for shit. Edai, sdot, huncho or famous should have easily been signed before him but he got famous by twitter beefing niggas smh