600Breezy - Murder Rate Music Lyrics

Fuck they talking bout

Hanging out the window, drum look like a titty
Show no pitty, shoot em in his face that nigga think he 50
Plus we came with 50's, choppas make him dance like shiggy
[?] she got ass like iggy, rapper bitches lick me
I got sticks inside the car so I'm in every city, come get with me
We got Glocks and Smithys, 40 extra crispy
They can't fuck with the technique, through back-blocks when we creep like Spanish bitches have my tech speak
The opps in the house playing catch me, till we pull up with a cocktail bomb funeral next week
Blow the house up, shoot yo spouse up, now what
Chop up the bodies like it was cold cuts, [?] cut-less
We sliding out the bucket, fish bowl cause we like fuck it
Pistol nucking and they bucking
On yo chain you better tuck it, came with luggage
I don't trust them niggas over there, but I ain't Uncle Ruckus
This bitch seem like they been ruffing nigga
Had to say it again cause I don't fuck with niggas
600 and them they be my brothers nigga
You off that ass and I ain't talking Pepsi
I be flexing on these niggas like I'm playing wrestling
All my bitches mad at me, they say I neglected
I'm know for skating on that ice, bitch I'm Wayne Gretzky nigga
Fuck they talking about
Look, Hold on

Look, we a make this bitch hotter than Jamaican jerk
Sixty Seven shots a really flip a fucking vert
Off a perky lurking, head shot a dirty em'
Close the curtain, good from the ark
I think I'm Stephen Curry, get that in a hurry
Cause we flipping swerving, [?] jerking
Got bag like [?], bitch I'm back from certain
The same night you dropped the diss song
I got my dick sucked in the car and took yo bitch home
Disrespect one of mines and you won't live long
My [?] gone, we sending shots back and forth we play ping pong
Rich nigga cologne, Forty on me long, sit outside yo home
Choppa kickin' rip yo fucking thong, bitches in my phone
Bentley grill is chrome, don't come back alone, I'm in yo house like I was Romee Rome
I think I loss my mental, fascinated with pistols
Fill his head with all led and I ain't talking pencils
This ice on at night it a block yo visual, just like a happy family's dog I'm hanging out the window
You couldn't draw this game with a set of stencils
I ain't talking beds but breezo move a lot of pillows
White like Kylie Kendall, you a cop just like yo dad
Bitch you Eddie Winsler

Fuck they talking about

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