600Breezy - Free Smoke (Remix) Lyrics

600 Cartel

I don't tolerate the bullshit, Drake called me then your hood flipped
Hurricane like Lil Chris riding with them Bliks shit is ludicrous
Breezo I'm the 6 God, Semi holla like Lil Jon
Now the dealership got extended clips automatic tings and they flip cars
Sick shit this some real bars, free smoke free smoke
Smoke a nigga like some dope though, pounds sent by the boatload
Never answer for my old hoes, niggas still wear my old clothes
Stay away from the bozos, walk in and the stores closed
I'm that nigga I'm the main attraction been about that action always pistol packing
Your mainest bitch look like Tito Jackson, 600 on my backhand
Fly to Cali send a pack in, if I catch a nigga lackin

Free smoke free smoke
Free smoke free smoke

Heard my voice on that More Life that mean more haters I buy more pipes
In the hall of fame like Jerry Rice, you can't rap beef and wear fake ice
Not a ting how we take lives, lil bitch you a peasant
Smoking loud in our section, semi automatic weapons

Free smoke free smoke
Free smoke free smoke
Free smoke free smoke
Turn a nigga to some dope

Sip lean so I move slow, cover more blocks than mutumbo
Chopper sound like a drumroll, tweak in the club get punched on
80 shots will send a message, automatic smith & wessons
Come to your show bring the tec in send 40 shots to your section
Niggas know they can't stand us, subliminals on the cameras
Bada bing boom ill blam ya ill smoke you and your manager
Fake grills turn your gums black, took your glizzy get your gun back
We in the streets nigga fuck rap ill beat a nigga like country black
Dressed down nigga meet the blacks

Free smoke free smoke
Free smoke free smoke
Free smoke free smoke

Free Cdai and Rondo send 100 shots through your Tahoe
Man this 6 shit collassal, 6 God with the God flow
New plug named ricardo, clarity on my diamonds
You can see the perfect timing, guns relatives like the winans
You can see me bitch I'm shining, niggas broke niggas broke
Niggas broke niggas broke, niggas broke niggas broke
High speed know we crash cars he a fucking snitch no he not ours
Dirty dancing? I don't want no bars, steady switch the flow I just raised the bar
Bitch we move like the Escobars, 40k on the necklace
Ride around with lethal weapons, nickel kick him like Tekken

Free smoke free smoke
Free smoke free smoke
Free smoke free smoke
Smoke a nigga like some dope

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600Breezy Free Smoke (Remix) Comments
  1. Madd Dogg Reviews

    my nigga running dat bitch

  2. Antonio D Wagner

    I come back to this heat when I want to hear some real chiraq bars!!

  3. Chinaman Amigo


  4. Quamaine Choute

    Little bitch you a peasant

  5. CME Cashflow

    Straight snapped

  6. Bobby Jones

    I roccs wit cuzz

  7. Savage Shotta

    Billy Breezo🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  8. Ronnie88 Gary88

    Free 60beezo

  9. thaGod 757NorfolkVa

    Free breezo BIG BS 6

  10. Kyle Mack


  11. Travis Lakes

    Free clout free smoke free dope folk coke Blacks

    Travis Lakes

    This shit trash

  12. Ira Davis

    Wish they got this instrumental instead of Drakes

  13. Scott Lieberman

    need to get this back on frfr

  14. 600Breezy Fan

    Free breezy💯🤘

  15. Glo Up One Day Trap y Subtitulos

    this da G-MIX

  16. Rashied Griffo


  17. G 545

    Free breezy 10 years is too long

  18. C Jizzle BMG


  19. Cjay Oliver

    Okay that wassup #1000

  20. Leo T-J

    600 cartel baby 🔥

  21. tashun miller

    Why is this not at a million yet🔥🔥 he wrecked this shii fuck what y’all talkin bout

  22. Loco Rico

    Free smoke free smoke smoke a nigga like sum dope lol

  23. Loco Rico

    Lil bibby should freestyle on dis shit bro omg 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. 3OO BREZZO


  25. pappy sellsword

    you guys dont realize that stupid pastey playa hatin niggas put no shade on the view outside.

  26. pappy sellsword

    fuck the song, the cover is a monopoly on fat bitches, run it upp

  27. Jahlil Archie

    600 breezy is the goat I beeen hair since do sum even before that tay ain't trash he just not fucking w breezo period

  28. eric wright


  29. I b

    FreeBreezy !!

  30. XxKMSxX

    Six o shit

  31. Tyler Evans

    ion even fw breezy but this some 🔥

  32. Chowd 4000

    #FreeBreezo #FreeSmoke

  33. Isdatzo Jadatiszo

    Tay way better then this faggott

  34. RIP Tbico

    Free 600breezy 🔓

  35. Chris Hill

    breez killed this jawn



  37. Oblx Plays

    Herb would’ve killed this shit

  38. Vonte 850


  39. Tyrese Anderson

    hardest free smoke .

  40. Tyrese Anderson

    hardest free smoke .

  41. Big saucy Luna

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 breezo

  42. yamin burroughs

    Free brezzo 6️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

  43. Chris Walker

    free breezy

  44. aab_ Mikey

    Free Breezoo!

  45. Brandon Puckett


  46. Eric Wright

    free six o breezy

  47. Krenshaw Starks

    Sound like his last 100 songs

  48. Professer Finesser


  49. Soccer Magicians

    600breezy xxl 2017

  50. Wills Piff

    U Wack Bro!

  51. Desir Olivier

    Dishes as compared as tay600

  52. Henry Holliday

    man.he going in

  53. Cruddy Kev

    Breeze could've done better not his best work

  54. Kyle Vong

    LMAO I'm dead the stuff he rap here was just all a Talk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Gwuap 064 you know where he come from what he did? he comes from the worst neighborhood in america in the midst of the most notorious gang war of all time

  55. orlando emecheta

    ace hood will kill this

  56. dubz hart

    Got that drake flow now smh

  57. Mustafa Karagülle

    crazy shit !

  58. Brand Tha Don

    this was good but tay600 was better



  60. James071 frm Free World SMB 2-4-14

    Tay600s free smoke was way better. That boa rap circles around breezy. Btw breezy literally means bitch hahaha these niggas man

  61. Young GOAT

    is this the official instrumental ?

  62. ray hanes

    Gotta admit Breezy got better with the flow. Shame Tay ain't around to go crazy with him.


    Kngg diss they gon take him out

  64. Z Wb

    ya Into hard asf💯😈

  65. Jimmy Tiller

    that on good fire

  66. youtubeacc

    yea ok but tay version 100x better than this shit fr🤷🏽‍♂️....

  67. ItsKaspa Hoe

    Tay had a better flow but Breezy shit sound more violent 🔥🔥

  68. 300 600

    Tay a pussy on God on Vito on Jesus Christ and virgin Mary and allat shit

  69. 300 600

    all these pussies hatin on breezo


    jake secovich breezy a bitch he was scared of billionaire black

  70. Eric Pratt

    breezy got bars 600

  71. Cody Bruce

    This dude sounds exactly like don q lol

  72. DudeSerious777

    "Drake called me then ya hood flipped" No more 051ym just 051 now xD

  73. Christine Calixte


  74. 144

    Rico Recklezz better that 600 breezy

  75. n guemar


  76. Kush King

    go crazyyy

  77. Enzo herrera

    This shit sound like his last 10 songs 😂😂😂💯😈

  78. No User


  79. trae tha god

    take ya glizzy getcha gun back

  80. Robert Santana

    this is good asf but dave east gotbthe best version

  81. Carlos Arballo

    😑 Tired of all These garbage rappers.

  82. Cassidy 444

    maybe stay in the streets cuz this music shit aint for u clearly

  83. Montana Sixo

    "He a fuckin snitch no he not ours"😭🔥🔥 #TaySnitchhinnit


    Montana Sixo he didn't snitch dumbass

    Montana Sixo

    RIP LA CAPONE Bitch who df is u talking too ill slap df out yah bitch sss


    Montana Sixo keyboard 🎹 thug stop it lmao 😂

  84. TrouieVEVO

    free smoke video on the page
    VY BlockBoi ENT

  85. TFG Go Brazy

    is this on soundclound yet

  86. RKAYS

    get X gone to this shitz

  87. Stretch Armstrong

    Tay version is wayy better.

  88. Corey Gore Jr

    shit sound way better than tay600's. niggas saying his shit in the comments was harder.


    Corey Gore Jr breezy a bitch though can only talk tough on songs and twitter

  89. Big Zay

    Free smokeeeee

  90. Wendell Wells

    Drake called me then your hood flip🔥

  91. MzReddMusicLIVE

    Tay600 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  92. Cairo Jackson

    What the fuck he rapping about..? Bars with absolutely 0 substance

  93. CrazyGaming !!

    nigga Tay bodied this. Breezo barley did damage to da beat💯


    jake secovich says you? Lmao 😂

    YK- JAY

    Taysnitch 600

    Timmy Turner

    CrazyGaming !! tay music is trash


    Tay 600 is better then you shit nigga on BD

  95. Justin Agosto

    All I'm saying is I'll body this nigga on Teken

  96. Seymour Kitty

    shy wack

  97. ericglooo

    Free Cdai and rondo send a 100 shots through ya top hole 🔥

    Jusst Sosa

    Top Hole 😭

    Lets Go

    Lil Nino free breezo

    Money Copone

    Don't delete this shit is to funny 😂😂😂 these kids man


    This made my day in 2018


    ERICGLO 1CG lol 😂

  98. Tom Brady Rings

    Tay600 just shut this shit down😂😂😂😂