600Breezy - Feds Watch Lyrics

Niggas want a verse but they can't (They can't get one nigga, not happening)

I said, niggas want a verse but they can't (They ain't gettin' one nigga)
48 on my knees like 10k
Spray your fuckin' whip like some paint
Convicted felon, I ain't worried bout a case
Smokin' on yo homie, that shit stank
The feds lookin', gotta watch what I say
Put this fuckin' burner to your face
Ay, cock it back, you ain't got nun else to say
Baby put that pussy in my face
Ay, I swear to god I was missin' you like case
Run up on these niggas in a wraith
When I got out, shoulda seen they fuckin' face
Ballin' on these suckas every day
I hate niggas so I keep a KKK
Cookin' up the work like Rachael Ray, huh
Hard in the paint, dunk your hoe like Dr. J
Better not let us find out where you stay
Shoot at yo apartment with this thompson like I'm Klay
Squeezin' on this can like some mace, huh
No bakery but bitch I got a lot of cake
Niggas want a verse but they can't
48 on my knees like 10k
Smokin' on yo homie, that shit stank
The feds lookin', gotta watch what I say, nigga
The feds lookin', gotta watch what I say, nigga

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600Breezy Feds Watch Comments
  1. C S

    Dis breezy🥶

  2. Chase Bandoz

    This shit dirt

  3. Og SlimmeBall

    Shii Hard fam

  4. Bond Girl Beats

    Damn this nigga is attractive af 😍

  5. Jah Senor

    Somebody paid to hear this crap.

  6. Loki Da Great

    This hard gee keep this shit coming omm

  7. lets do this

    the klay line is the hardest basketball punchline ive ever heard

  8. The Don A.R.K B Noah

    IBD Investors Business Daily

  9. SanFordBeats

    Guess he not lying since all these rappers getting locked up 🤨🤔

  10. GetMoneyTeam Ent

    Nigga shoddie in da vid 💫 nd donkarlo

  11. Blaze

    Who else think this song is almost identical with Swag by Rae Sremmurd

  12. Isaiah Oquendo


  13. Chels G

    Smokin On ya homie this shit stank 🔥🔥🔥

  14. YMG quick


  15. Will V

    Yeah he went dummy on this

  16. Maurice Locs

    Would believe u but u got on a fucking purse!!

  17. 392_Skandoe


  18. znaci nuzi

    collab with gzuz for warum 2

  19. Thot Boi Trap

    This is the wackiest fucking song ever... this nigha went to jail and lost it. Shit sound like edai wrote it.. .. GO BAK TO THAT DRILL SHIT CAUSE THIS NOT IT

    Thot Boi Trap


  20. g baby

    The feds lurking gotta watch wht I say 🤫

  21. Bandí Rico

    “I hate niggas so I keep a kkk “😂

  22. Travis Short

    Missing you like case?? Wtf that mean

    lincoln sway

    Case. Donnell Jones' cousin.

  23. Pat Bradley

    Shouts out Rachel Ray!!

  24. Pooda 2x

    That jumpshot look broke asl😂,But I fw cho music💯🤘🏾

  25. GMoney Baggz


  26. Bond Anisston

    So my sarcastic congratulations. This song is racist... Obviously is against black community...

  27. Anonymous Ent.

    Niggas know this shit knock 😂

  28. Damien Saunders

    I fuk wit breezo

  29. Damien Saunders


  30. richard madden

    Yo brezzo I rocc with you but your last couple songs since you got out is trash and I'm not the only one that see that look at your views bro stop changing your rap style rap like the old brezzo and I guarantee your numbers go up

    lincoln sway

    Lol. Breezo a Waynehead motherfucker

  31. Smoke'Em

    Breezo been that nigga 6-0 shit

  32. Aja onfroy

    I feel like he is going to kill my pussy literally

  33. RAP TV

    damn this wack af no kap

  34. Brandon Hughes

    Paper work was just shown on tay 600 page you and edai lied on him and la yall make me sick


    This nigga got paperwork???

  35. 415KiDD

    In nigga in the blue sweater is hella funny😂😂

    lincoln sway

    Lol. That's Blueface dude.

  36. Grayson Melvin

    He can’t give niggas verses because he don’t know how to rap🤣🤣

  37. Terrence Green

    CHICAGO ON FIRE💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  38. Yung BrokeHeart

    6 0 sht 💔🔥🦇

  39. Thaddeus Raheem

    "Feds lookin gotta watch what i say.
    Put this fuckin burner to your face"😂

  40. Rodolfoskates


    Subscribe to me

  41. StoneDa Ixonix1

    I hate niggas so i keep a KKK. Thompson like im klay oh u been studying huh? Ok word play🤣😂🔥

  42. Lil Los

    This shit gay


    Lil Los gtfo

  43. jaja ok

    Man i just wish sosa would get breezy,reese and sdot to la and they would just do music all the time . They deserve always been loyal to keef

  44. Mike Jeff

    One of the last left Damn. Keep it up 600

  45. subao-_

    When he Said the convicted felon line so he said feds watching 😂😂

  46. michael vargas

    Pussy ass nigga u got rob on jail about ur tennis shoes.lol funny clown niggas...

  47. Demarlo Banks

    Weak af

  48. Standaman Underdigg?

    Wish it was longer 💯‼️

    Standaman Underdigg?

    We really can’t get another verse tho‼️🤣🤣🤣

  49. Rex Monroe

    Oh this Nigga rappin rappin ok gang 😅💯

  50. Apple Love


  51. r.n.h.q

    Did with the braids in the vid look like lil tjay

  52. Jay 617

    Nigga ain’t no feds watching ur foo ass lame get out of here and u suck 😂

  53. Tbandzdaking

    This decent but check me ❤️🙏🏿NEW music alert 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 “Jealous Official “ Everbody like comment and follow me on Ig @Tbandzdaking


    I’m from Chicago n I go crazy my song on my page check me out ima beast

  55. Phx6ixo2

    Lou Rawls was dope compared to this rt

  56. Gods Child

    This shit suck breezo

  57. Leo Nava

    Week ass song

  58. Leo Nava


  59. Gary Anderson

    Cam what you doing this offseason. Cam : yeah Ight

  60. By Lucian

    1:11 When can i fond his tactical vest ?

  61. Lamons Tony

    His new shit been garbage

  62. Tank Davila

    Fuck the fbi

  63. Mariah Vanay

    He so fine😍but this shit🔥🔥

  64. Rio is Blessed

    This shit ain't all that stop hyping shit up lol

  65. thaistomp

    Breezy stay wavy asf. Good to see him back.

  66. Paper Chaser

    Was supposed to be harder then
    “Murder Rate Music”
    But uhh 🙄 I guess he trying to show fans he can make other type of music?
    But this ain’t That Bro?!

  67. Filippo Clozza

    Director's stuck in dat Windows Movie Player's Effect

  68. Nicholas Scott


  69. Evan R

    I'm gassed and this song is on replay 🔥


    lol same

  70. Cameron Robinson

    Idk bout breezy no more 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Jay 617

    Cameron Robinson 😂😂

  71. CHRISPY68

    Keep this lowkey 😂🔥🔥

  72. Bleu Cheese

    Lu Rawls best song

  73. Perco Cets

    This shit is garbage wtf happened to you!

  74. Canadian kush King420

    Smokin on yo homie that shit stank 🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥 six0Breezo’s back 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  75. Emmanuel Nwankwo

    He that nigga!

  76. evergreenmills

    This man has never put out a single banger in his whole career.. how the fuck is he still a rapper..

  77. Cookie Monster Blue

    I can't wait til Breezo start making good music again. Every since he switched on his Team600 niggaz n started his 600Cartel, his music been kinda wack.

  78. JuAn UrbAez

    Bet not let's us find out where you stay shoot. At yo apartment with this Thompson like I'm klay

  79. Devyn Stump

    This shit too hard

  80. John Forbes

    Breezo always had the ad-lib game on lock 🔒🕺🏾

  81. Ayo Dinero


  82. Josh H

    Sounds like he recorded this song right after he listened to a Dolph album. Just sayin

    Cy Jaques

    He been had this flow before he got locked up

  83. Make Love

    RiP LA!


    Go n watchhttps://youtu.be/XNttz22dg30

  85. Violetta Chaikovskaya

    Кароч патписивайтес в групу ево в вк есть пожалуиста

  86. Grant Riley

    Well uhh... Maybe next song? Still waiting on the old breezo to get out of prison no cap😂😂


    Murder Rate Music

  87. aNiggaVladsent toprison

    Free Von bitch ! Breezy get off this weird wave dawg shit weeeeeak

  88. Andrew Pouncil

    This dope 🔥🔥

  89. Andrew Pouncil

    600 Breezy killed this song

  90. Chris Ochs

    600 a bunch a sneaks

  91. Chris Smith

    Not mumble rap at least, but still stupid as fuck 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  92. Patrick True man

    He hardly ever in Chicago .. and in his new vids he never has 600 hundred with him .. it feels like they don’t be really supporting each other and there secret hatred there

  93. Gabey Coop

    Flow too 🌊🥶



  95. Big Diesel

    600 Breezy still slaps. There are fans that are upset because he is no longer dissing opps.

  96. Tony Cruz