600Breezy - Dreams Lyrics

Man niggas be worrying about what I'm doing
You need to go get you some fucking money man
Team 600 man
Dreams worth more than money man
Free Meek Millz man, free 9, free 22
I been getting pussy
Niggas they really need to go get some money man
I'm chasing that bag, man, that what this shit about, man
Team 600 OTF shit man
Long live LA man, I'm working man
You already know how I'm coming man
Six O
Let's get it

Rondo and Cdai booked, they trying to give em life
Free the guys bitch we posted out here with them pipes
Fuck that Twitter beef, shorty you can die tonight
Guns on us bitch we don't fight, checkin' niggas like some Nikes
My neck froze from all this ice, niggas know I'm cold I'm nice
I'm taking off don't need a flight, Forces whiter than some rice
OTF 600 shit, that's the gang I'm rocking with
Goofy niggas talking shit, we pistol popping talking shit
These pussy niggas fanned out, rapping for some damn clout
But this shit here is real, we'll bring them fucking cans out
And boom boom what you saying now? We off them Xans
Ain't no fighting I'm trying to lay you down
And I ain't talkin' safe and sound
My niggas trying to make it out, lost a couple guys to the streets
My head just spacing out, damn that bitch was bad
But that ho just really basic now, smoking all this Tooka
Niggas know I keep that stank around
Roll your own, I'm facing, clown

[600Breezy & Edai:]
Niggas not fucking with us, Team 600 man we next up man
We got now all that shit man we coming to take this shit man
If niggas ain't on they shit man you might as well get out this shit while you can man
OTF baby you know how we rocking, shout out to GBE man
Period, 300, 600, Front Street, all that man
Gang gang gang gang
Aye Edai where you at bro?
I'm right here bro, foe'nem, OTF bitch
Edai get these niggas man let's get it

Look at me, came up from nothing now they booking me
30 on me everytime I roll, ain't no cooking me
Better get that casket boy, just to go and put this beef
Rest in peace to fallen guys, lost a couple in the streets
Damn, why they looking like they want the beef?
Niggas I don't know talking to me gotta keep it brief
Niggas talking on the low, actin' like they ain't peep the streets
12 hit the block, keep my cool jock in my briefs
Reach for the stars cause they told me it ain't in my reach
Niggas living day to day, didn't get to see this week
Hit up Western Union, niggas paying just to hear me speak
Young niggas in the streets, I ain't trying to hear em preach
Niggas wanna go to war, tell me where you wanna meet
Went to school with the tool, fuck what the teacher teach
Opps hit the same school, can't let em catch me asleep
Stuck in the streets, shit'll never let me be, for real

Foe'nem, shit crazy man, foe'nem the life I live is crazy
Shit real man, I lost a lotta guys in this shit man
Lost a lot of real niggas man, some in jail man
Free 22, free 9 man, they trying to give em life
Shit fucked up out here man, I swear
That's my brother man, my blood brothers man
La familia, OTF, gang

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600Breezy Dreams Comments
  1. Mrs Neanderthug

    Breezy come out the gate 🗣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Robert Mcknight

    600 shattered now. Tay600 aka Tay Capone is the coldest left.

  3. Ismael Lopez

    Still istening to this 🔥

  4. Kenny Williams

    Big gdk ck all day bangin for 5 all day where my damu at ??

  5. Jobless Felon

    Brezzo killing it 🔥

  6. Saucygoattits

    Still smack n we almost in 2020

  7. Rob H

    This beat is way too hard to have a track this short

  8. Carlos Rodriguez

    S.o. Team600 x 3OO 💪🏽🐾🐺🏂💯💯💯🤞🏽👌🏽🤘🏽 LLLA

  9. Tiger Woods

    Goofy niggas talking shit

  10. Tiger Woods

    Free the guys we out here posted with them pipes

  11. WrathMachine

    0:27 I been getting pussy
    Lol I thought I was going to hear a RiP LA

  12. Cameron Basdeo

    I been quiet I got my shit on silent wen i come thru dont make a nosie wen I kill I drill no I'm not from CHIRAQ but I smoke U niggas got all the packs out the MIDWEST ON THE MAP U FUCK NIGGAS LOVE 2 CAP IM BEEN OUT IN THE STREETS FROM MINNESOTA AINT NOBODY COLDER WONT STOP TILL I REACH THE TOP BITCH IM COMING FOR MY SPOT AAHH

  13. TraPpaLotjGDK


  14. LA GHOSt

    2019 lets get it

  15. Justin Meijer

    where did he cop that philip plein jacket? didnt know they sold red leather jackets. looks dope

  16. B.K

    Stello got hit from da back of da seat

    Daddy J

    Dookskii aye bruh get up stop playing


    Highthc - go ask lil boo how that hot shit feel

  17. Tae

    Free 9
    Free 22 Shotz
    RIP Stello

  18. Ayoo' Broskii

    fucking bums 600k breezy got them big ass pants on and we just not gone say something bout edai letting him were his coat

    Mrs Neanderthug

    Where your music video hater?🕵🤷

  19. Just George

    What is this sample in the background


    it's from a Daughter Darling song, trip hop from 2002

  20. oh zae

    Still 🔥🤟🏻

  21. Maine9311

    Hearing Breezy say shoutout to GBE 300 600 Front Street is my favorite part. Keef still gets love by the homies

  22. Robdoesitall

    This video when it came out was the first time I ever heard of 600Breezy

  23. KaiClouds

    Free6ix0 breezo

  24. mbgd mlheeh

    I miss 600

  25. SCHMUTZ Radio

    This that ghetto symphony from asap rocky if any body wondering..

  26. Julinaro

    Greets for GER. #FREE9 #FREE22 #LongLiveLA

  27. Mouhamet bachir

    RIP stello 🕯

  28. Koopington BBL

    The beginning mad funny 😂

    Kyro Davis

    Koopington BBL I thought I was da only one😭😭😭😭 “worried bout wat I’m doing u need to go get u some fucking money” “I been getting pussy”😭

  29. OsoArrogant Kayooo

    Team 600 niggah 300 600 OTF coke boys shittt 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. yuh real

    600 gang anthem 🔥

  31. yuh real


  32. THF_Jeezy

    Free breezy

  33. Kirby Star

    whats the original beat

    KyrieIrving 11

    Kirby Star ghetto symphony

  34. BossCaveman

    Opps wat h this just to hate go get some money

  35. Jordan Nicholls

    finally hit a mill freebreezy

  36. Bryan Smith

    Edei a fat weak looking ass nigga lol

  37. Edwin Vincent

    I have like 40,000 views to my name

  38. Q Knox

    Breeze went in on the beat. 2014 was so lit. Bruh

  39. WhiteBoi_ On_The_Beat

    Free 9 and 22

  40. stefan henderson

    I Ain't BGdn But I'm oBGD popping I'll blow foe rondo I got some shit to get em out - [email protected]

  41. marmar son

    Free brezzy Free 9&22 Free Meek.

  42. titty boi

    LA gang shit

  43. AnitCure

    2k17 still here #60Breezo

  44. Derek Hatcher

    3 years later free breezo free meek mill free 9 free 22 rip stello

  45. kins



    rip stello rip LA free cdai&rondo#9

  47. Lil Rich

    Team 600 OTF NLMB 300 GBE man free SIXDOUBLEoO breezo man and wen he get out he gon come out even more stronger 💯💉⛽️🙏👌🏻


    One of his best songs💯💯

  49. dagrim reaper

    back when we thought breezy was a real Street nigga

  50. A I

    This gone hit a mill

  51. Trav

    600 Breezy And EDAI Snapped🔥 #Free600Breezy

  52. Tre-Savage

    just thought about this slmg on gd it will foreva be heat


    I guess we just gonna ignore edai sharing that coat.

  54. Renzzo SBG

    Where Can I Find this Beat?

  55. Noordpool Gangland

    rip stello

  56. Leland H

    That beat though !!!!! Damn!

  57. YT Lewii

    shit bangs 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  58. Carmelo Little

    Damn 600Breezy went nuts on this jawn....Edai straight went ham also damn this my shit.....#Team600

  59. ayers

    Fuck that twitter beef... shorty u can die tonight! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Alex Martinez

    This Shit 🔥🔥🔥 Keep It Up

  61. Ryan Graham

    Where can i get the instrumental

    fbgcurly reese

    asap.rocky pheonix

    fbgcurly reese

    ghetto sym * my bad

  62. Jay Cas

    Damn I ain't know Eddie lacy rapped he went it 🔥

  63. B Herbo


  64. Angelinapatricio Ojeda

    My bro breezo and edai killin this shit


    600breezy go hard #600

  66. Myles Dabney

    Edai ugly fat ass gotta put me on with them dope verses he spit lol

  67. Taje017

    This go hard

  68. Longliveliljay MGst 2800 LBK

    Subaru Camaro GTR 117

  69. jay dee

    600 Breezy was the only who never really fucked with Tay, nigga realized fake from the beginning💯 Free 9 Free 22

  70. Iceman bandzKKG

    This that gang shit

  71. Iceman bandzKKG

    I want an instrumental

  72. Ryan Graham

    This was a good ass beat they ruined it tho

  73. Kim Sterina

    free 060 chicken trying to give him 25 man for that drive by on daffy duck free the chickens

  74. Jumbo Bless

    This shit good

  75. Ryan Graham

    They fucked up this beat not in a good way

    polo king

    You sleep nigga

  76. Xeno V3

    Free My Nigga Cluckers. He Aint Even Do Shit 💂👆🐔 #600Clucks

  77. Wijkagent Klaas Jan Huntelaar

    #GDK #GDK #GDK 😈😈😈

  78. Wijkagent Klaas Jan Huntelaar

    600 GANG SHİT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Tptptp

    Who made the beat

  80. Tre-Savage

    one of breezy best

  81. lil skull


  82. V1P3RGAM1NG

    Sub to @600BreezyVEVO

  83. Jonathan Doe

    Edai really looks like a fat Cdai at 2:59

    Myles Dabney

    Aint they brothers

    polo king

    @Myles Dabney yea


    Myles Dabney olinpoktl

  84. gdot tha boy

    r.i.p. la free rondo and 22 shots

  85. Lil B GD

    0:47 "Rondo and Cdai booked they tryna give em life" boa they aint trying they gave yall homie 45 to year 😂😂

    Longliveliljay MGst 2800 LBK

    they got 38-39 years at menard goofy ass, K.dot look at you nigga actin like a GD bro u a fucking white cream cheese middle schooler so get tf off this u too young for this shit and if you got s problem pull up

    Longliveliljay MGst 2800 LBK

    +K.Dot u aint no GD either lmaoo


    @Brian Kozak im not white u dumbfuck and how am i acting like a GD when i smoke dead GDs???? ur name is Kozak thats some european name stfu u ain't even from the US

    Longliveliljay MGst 2800 LBK

    @K.Dot im from chicago dunning area and my brother uses my channel

    Lil B GD

    Yall lame back when i posted this they was getting sued for 45 to life

  86. damoda5000

    tbh dis pretty boring

  87. BB1349

    free folknem lil chicken from 062 RoosterVille he drilled BBQ Duck from MallardTown 058


    he haha haha


    ben1349 lol

  88. Drippy J

    R.I.P Stello 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  89. Lamont Williams

    sorry breezy

  90. V1P3RGAM1NG

    frou frou psychobabble then its the real songs starts

  91. Dreadhead LivingRich

    600k to the day die

  92. robert leon

    Idk y dude keep tryin to make them goofy ass facial expressions tryin to look crazy


    he's savage

  93. Damien Jackson

    Aye yo brezzy can spit fr r.i.p LA

  94. Keshaun Scott

    imagine what tay wouldve did on this beat!!!


    Tay eats any beat

  95. Liam Burke

    never listened to breezy but this made me like breezy

  96. Jamerius Brown

    they prob shot the chicken

    Noah F

    Nal that's OG Peep from frontstreet