600Breezy - Dope Lyrics

I say
Y'all niggas broke
Caught my case sellin' dope
We got K's with the scopes
I throw treys for the folks
Range or a Ghost
This Champagne, have a toast
Got whole things for the low
Bitch, we bang and we boast

I say
Rich nigga shit, bitch this gun make me limp
Better duck, better dip, on my son, you a bitch
Thumb through this shit
Got my tongue on your bitch
On my lungs, this bag sit
This a long ass MAC clip
Fuck this rap shit
All my boys, they clap shit
Vacuum seal, I wrap bricks
Off the pack, so I lisp
King of the 6, 33 on my wrist
32 in my Glick, shoot your boo in his shit
Tool, it got kick
I got drank, grab a kit
But don't snooze on a hit
Cut the work up like grits
Thoinks smells like pits
I got packs, not no risk
Got pans by my hips
Better show me them tits, baby

Y'all niggas broke
Caught my case sellin' dope
We got K's with the scopes
I throw treys for the folks
Range or a Ghost
This Champagne, have a toast
Got whole things for the low
Bitch, we bang and we boast

I say
Riding in the Jag, got these broke niggas mad
All my old bitches sad, they my sons, call me dad
Your bitch a strag, hit the store, pop a tag
All these rolls make me sag, you should go get a bag
Yacht or a boat?
Caught my case sellin' dope
Cause I play with the coke
I rock white, like the Pope
Thoink make me choke
Got a P, wanna smoke?
Your career on the slopes
That's your man, he a joke
Big shit talker, Fear of God, Gucci walker
Four-Five, Glizzy spark up
Ballin' like Kemba Walker
Your hoe a stalker
Pockets fat, Nikki Parker
We sell books, like a author
Kickin' shit, I play soccer

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600Breezy Dope Comments
  1. Ten Tray

    This Nigga wack as hell

  2. Matthew Baroi

    That girl doing to much fr

  3. DaboiCeez1

    Skyy. Sent me

  4. Hindo Baby

    This my favorite joint🔥 whole different vibe

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    1.25x playback speed 🔥🔥🔥💯 put y’all on

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    Breezo hard

  8. Monty McClelland

    I just want to know where I can get them kicks cuz they’re 🔥🔥🔥🚫🧢

  9. Slim Nasty Heart

    I remember seeing his insta story while viding shooting this


    This not a milly yet ?

  11. Frank Szczelaszczyk

    600 you da man! Insta gram brought me here

  12. Jazzy V510

    He’s trash alll his music lmao sky made me come here

  13. JonathanCNN Johnson

    Long-lived LA Capone
    Long-lived Capo
    Long-lived Fredo Santana's
    Long-lived JMoney
    Long-lived All Guy
    Free All Guy

  14. Big ØppZues

    Imma trap star 💫

  15. Em Jay

    Song is trash.

  16. Dat boi Jayy 2K

    Dammm 600 she caught you lackin🤦🏽‍♂️

  17. Rebekiah Nelleke

    Fuck his music is so good 🔥

  18. Crandy's Life

    Him 😍

  19. FalseMoves


  20. Chico Too Legit

    video live AF

  21. yazmine

    Trasssshhhh just like his career

  22. Tank Evens

    Key glock look like 600 breezy😂😂

  23. Ri_thebadguy

    Wow fighting over who 🤦‍♀️

  24. Ronald Miller

    Rip all them dead 600 u must be going through it bro

  25. RIGHT-WING-P1MP290

    his old stuff is better

  26. K Day'LaShaun

    God damn he fine

  27. Flex Skywalker

    I rock white like the pope 🔥🔥🔥

  28. ruga41

    This that Lou Rawls shit

  29. Dylan Ranger

    Its a hits gang GANG

  30. jennifer matson

    I love this song

  31. Giancarlo Iglesias


  32. GlamorousKiema

    This shit ride!!!

  33. Woah There

    He ain’t fall off just staying in his lane

  34. ashiya Garrett

    “Rich nigga shit” bitch this gun make me me limp” 🔥🔥🔥😏

  35. Khalid W

    We don’t care who sent y’all......

  36. Matthew Tillman

    This bit fye

  37. TaySoHouston

    Abby looked good period

  38. Hi Artist

    Addy and diamond sent me here

  39. Regina Williams

    Is that abby

  40. SpammingX-

    This shii go hard and I was sent by y’all live

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    Make this blue for the CULTURE 👇

  43. Brigitte Med

    Abby is beautiful ♥️♥️♥️

  44. Brigitte Med

    You cute. You and Abby would be a cute couple😍😍😍

  45. MeLaNiN nY

    the comments
    50%- Abby Nicole sent me here
    40%- real breezo fans been knew this, we don't care who sent y'all, etc.
    10%- some other random stuff

  46. Troy Parker Jr

    Lol look at Abby hoe ass 💀

  47. Miles Johnson

    If abby share this trash shit one more time ima have to break my phone

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    Street nigga in female bizness were they do that

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    IBD Investors Business Daily

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    Off tha pack so I lisp

  52. Jahmad Lee

    I’m gd and shit but did go hard

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    Damm can’t believe bro was locked up in Iowa lmfao

  54. yourriderdie

    Whew Chile he can not rap

  55. Geno Smith

    I hope bro wasn't switching before the song

  56. CHILLED vibes

    You can't even hear what he's saying all you hear is broke the n word and I think I heard float

  57. Mighty Pro

    Hey I’m a friend to your cousin Sirgrery

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    This shit go too hard

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    I'm slapping this all day💯💯💯💯

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    Betta than Wayne and Pac

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    Beat is fire but them lyrics....

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    Anyone else think he kinda sounds like Key Glock?

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    He fine af! I could see why Abby and Diamond fighting for him  😭

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    Make a song of you and Chief keef

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    Y'all happy some ugly ass girl sent y'all here😂😂😂

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    Where can I find slim fitting white t’s like breezy wearin’?

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    Breezo look like 2 Bit from Power😂

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    Soundcloud type beat + drill lines = 🔥🗣

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    The best in 600 facts like if u think so💙💙

  71. Myzz Laydee

    🤔🤨I'm Aggy AF that I really wasted 2min & 19sec of my precious f'n time that I'll NEVER EVER EVER!!! get back on this🐮💩2min & 19sec of🚮🗑️trash ass pre-school lyrics🙄 SMH at my damn self🤦🏾‍♀️

  72. Debbie Dixson

    Abby fake as fuck she a turn coat ass broad that why Mathias left her weak ass

  73. Deajani Louis

    They beefing over this weak ass nigga😭🤦🏿‍♀️ the song weak asl fr

  74. Cookie Monster Blue

    Breezy music ain't been the same since he switched up on Team600. He went from fuckin with the ppl he grew up with (Team600), to fucking with drake n creating 600Cartel. But since then his music flopped.

  75. JreemDaddy Trucker


  76. dylan gorgees

    man wtf this deserve 10m

  77. 161 ARNBlessed

    Oh nah he spazzed on this hook 😭 🔥


    Bruh music got so boring ... he was cold before prison

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    That Lou Rawls flow keep it coming🔥Trap music shit

  80. MOBLiiFE

    dis Ariels sister n her ghetto ass BD on gangnem 😭

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    like how he rich wit out rap

    Bigbankmo216 Cartel

    Marquex Davis he’s not rich buddy

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    Everyday song

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    This is how the beef started!

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    This Deserve Wayy More Viewss 4nEmmm 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. A H

    Imagine still listening to 600 Breezy in 2019

  87. HCB Youngings

    No more guns in the video? I see some improvement 🤯


    My nigga breezy got them bitches followin him all da way to the comment section 🥴😆🚫🧢

  89. ChicagoMade

    I like how he did that Tupac riding in a drop top around LA wit females

  90. Mr nolackin