5ive - You And I Lyrics

Oh, You and I.

The time we spent together ends too soon,
Like sunsets to the moon,
So brief but beautiful,
Oh, I often find that I've been losing time,
Cos what you said last night,
That plays upon my mind,
Like thoughts of....

You and I, You and I,
It goes round my head like a carousel,
And round and round my mind,
You and I, You and I,
I know what to do when I'm not with you,
I fill my mind with thoughts of you and I, You and I.

It seems to me of love is what you bring,
It plays on my heart strings,
Songs of love, To be loved,
Got me thinking of,
Of moments that are gone
but will not fade,
May live be to replayed
in my mind over time,
Like thoughts of....


Well, I know we'll make mistakes,
But that's just the chance we take,
I hope you'll never say,
Cos I'll never say,
Goodbye, Say goodbye to....


You and I, You and I.

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5ive You And I Comments
  1. Yeni Rizki

    you and i so in love 😍😍

  2. Christina Quintana

    I love your songs can I be in your fan club can we be friends and chat with each other text me back

  3. Liz

    Farkkkkkkk, I loved this song so much as a teen

  4. Dancin2smile

    OMG I forgot bout this song! Love it even if I dont really love it. Ill just love it cuz its 5ive. 5ive pride at 28 still!

  5. Laura Eshleman

    I used to looove 5ive. I still listen to them occasionally and not afraid to admit it being 27. I was so in love with Scott's voice. I'd fall asleep with Until the Time is Through on repeat at night. This song is one of my favorites as well.

  6. SteffiCam

    Oh my god. These guys were the first band I've ever seen live on stage. I so damn miss them. Last week I listend to their first album and i swear, I almost remebered all of the lyrics.

    Love you guys so much <3

  7. courtleex

    this was my FAVOURITE song by them! ahhhh memories

  8. TheDudeNextDoor

    No matter how much i like them, i gotta admit that they suck. I bet that someone else helped them to sing the first verse.

  9. Yuli Qadros

    where is 5ive??

  10. Laura Eshleman

    I used to love this song forever but could never find it! Great song.

  11. tubby sara

    which album is this?

  12. Viet Ha Chu

    Love five n love this song so much

  13. phoenixmoon3

    this is great thanks :)

  14. sonz82

    @doothcrow yes it is, it was a bonus track, i think from this bonus cd that came with their first album.

  15. doothcrow

    Umm... I don't think this is 5ive

  16. Scott Robinson

    The words are wrong I should know lol

  17. Scott Robinson

    The words are wrong I should know lol

  18. Lawraa

    It was on a bonus disk, it was never on an album

    Not here in the UK anyway

  19. kasumpang09

    in what album is this song? this is the 1st tym i heard this song..