5ive - Rock The Party Lyrics

My time to burn so sit back and check
the way I come through in the discotheque.
I know you like what I got, my style,
the original seventies dance floor hot new material.
Name ain't down then you ain't coming in.
Guest list on the door, you plus two friends,
just as long as they female and got a fit ass,
pole position never comin' in last.

Bass line, yeah you know it's gonna get ya.
Free your mind if the system will let ya.
Peace time so it's time to shout.
Guys in the back throw your hands about.

Rock the party.
We can go through the night.
If you're living it up we're gonna let ya.
If you're giving it up we're gonna get ya.
Rock the party.
If you're feeling all right.
When you're having a good time together
and a Saturday night lasts forever.

Yo can't hold me back, I rock the dance floor.
Make a honey shake her booty so I kick it some more.
You know the score how they rock a freaky move up on the spot
never wanna stop, temperature is hot.
Now visual contact I got all that
make 'em boogy for me when I verbally freak that.
Line after line, keep on hitting with my rhyme.
Now what you gotta do is bring your body next to mine.
Check it out.



Bass line is gonna get ya.
On a Saturday night we're coming at ya.



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5ive Rock The Party Comments

    Quanto tempo.lembrancas da adolescência.Porra passaram 20 anos do auge do five e quase 18 anos do lançamento deste album de 2001.

  2. Amy Cowie

    grease is the word!!!!

  3. Kerry Gligorovic

    I like this soundtrack because the tunes reminds me of the Grease Intro song if you listen to the music closely.




    south korea 2019

  6. Karasuma Renya

    2019 fuuuucking memorieees ❤❤❤❤


    I like metal, punk, hard rock, rock'roll, blues funky but this song is too much amazing

  8. Carol Wonders

    2019 alguém?

  9. Teller Play

    Who listening in 2019?

  10. Eddy Madison

    The animation kinda look like The Proud Family

  11. mbrauer

    How...have I never seen this?

  12. Hmoud

    Real fan still listen in 2019

  13. Ben _Jamin

    take it this was because the band had already split ?

  14. Standoff 2 Crosby 1337


  15. Goliath

    Animation amazing and rap too

  16. Dobu Tsu

    Шона нарисовали самым уродливым и отсталым. Я так и не поняла, что там случилось, что все на него так взъелись >_>

  17. Nitanima

    My nostalgia brought me to this song (that I never knew about!), not only I loved it, but also... who was responsible for this animation?? I must know!

  18. MusicListener

    I will try and get that fit ass

  19. Stanser Lagrange


  20. Clbull118

    Even 90s boybands have much better flow than a lot of today's rappers.

  21. Alex the Pensmith

    The fact that the video for this is animated speaks volumes about where Five were at when this was released (i.e. on the point of splitting, as they indeed did after this single). It seems to say "We're past the point of caring anymore" - which in both Sean and Scott's case was absolutely true. I live in hope that one day they'll all resolve their differences and do a reunion with the full lineup instead of focussing on this 'He said, he said' squabbling that was well documented when they did The Big Reunion before it's too late.

  22. Chiara Dic


  23. Opti Zensidar

    GOSH!!! I was looking for this song for 20 YEARS!!! DX<

  24. Flutter shy

    Great song, cringey video ;p

  25. mario sanchez

    aaaaaah, 2002!!!!!

  26. Danny Barnett

    Great song and great band

  27. Holly Whiting

    GREASE! never realised this when I was young😂

  28. kayla colyer

    i like 5ive but they shouldent of put it up in cartoon because they look werid

  29. Makc Devil

    Не ну прикольное очень видос смешной конец их драки убил полностью ! =))

  30. Cm Animaciones

    2017 Chile

  31. Jhonatan Ortiz

    2016 im listening this!!
    Guys were Awesome

  32. Batzarro (Froko_One)

    00:51 RODO RODA DAAAA!!!


    fuck you stupid

  33. DJ House funk

    this is from grease ♥♥

  34. Salsabila Yazthi

    miss them so much!!

  35. Danny Barnett

    love this song.

  36. Pablo Rocha

    wena onda!!!

  37. Aline Silva

    For so long I've been looking for this vídeo!

  38. KT926

    OMG this video is creepy!! The song's OK but the video is terrifying!! :O

  39. Andrew Whited

    I would love to know who the animators were of this video because I would like to tell them to their faces that they are a bunch of disrespectful assholes who should get acid reflux while asleep and choke to death. Not because of the animation, not that it resembled the band members that much, but because of the symbolism of this video. I don't know if this was something the guys in Five had in mind, I mean if they did and they decided that they wanted to go out with a cheeky bang so to speak, then I'd let it slide but I'd think they were foolish for letting the animators depict them in this manner. It's my opinion and belief that they either didn't give two shits since they weren't going to be physically in the video because after Let's Dance, they'd had enough and wanted out and that was the last video they were in since Closer to Me was all clips from years past OR the animators decided to have fun at their expense and mock the misery they were increasingly feeling due to pressure from the industry. The last 25 seconds show them fighting, well, throughout the whole video their "cartoons" were trying to sabotage each other, but the last 25 seconds were pretty direct and to the point and after the four that are fighting disintegrate into thin air, you see Sean remaining only for it to turn out to be an animated version of a lifesize cutout of him falling forward. And as I recall the guys were not pleased that a Sean cutout was in the video for Let's Dance because they felt that it was a sign of disrespect and felt sorry that he was reduced to a cutout. I don't know if they wanted him to be in the video instead or if they tried to get him to and he just wouldn't because he was the first to say he was done or if J, Abz, Scott, and Ritchie just wanted it to be the four of them and the director decided that Sean should be included in some way because he does sing some lead vocals in some parts of that song. I don't know, but I do feel that those involved in creating and animating the video for Rock the Party have no fucking decency, especially with the Sean lifesize cutout reference to Let's Dance.


    +Andrew White This was over a decade ago. I think you need to move on. Everyone else has.

    Andrew Whited

    @Jayfive276 I did 5 months ago, peon.  Right after I typed it.  I see how they've "moved on".  They're Three instead of Five and they still keep calling themselves Five.  More like Fake.  What a great way to "move on", apart rather than making amends.  People who do that suck.  Closure and happy endings with people respecting each other is better.  Some people think it's better to let things go.  Those people are ones who add fuel to a bad attitude.  I have a right to my opinion, so piss off and don't talk down to me.


    +Andrew White I worked on this, so now you got the chance :). This is the first time I see it btw.


    You worked on the animation?? O:

  40. jade bethel


  41. SargentNittro

    That many views makes no sense, five was the best boy band, this market sucks!!!!!

  42. Vanilla Montane

    Woke up thinking about this song

  43. Sean Littler

    is it just me or is this video sponsored by ACME

    Dag Rosa


    Felipe Catalan


  44. Katherine Yepez

    hayyy!! LO MAXIMOO

  45. jacoalias

    Rock the paaaartyyy….yeeeah
    …Everybooody……yeaah….Backstreet Back alright!!!  :D


    jacoalias 😂 😂 😂. They really are though. On going concert.

    Natasha O

    jacoalias I

    Liron kleinman


    Lou Butterfingerz

    Exactly what I was thinking😂HAHAHAHA

  46. WomanVsBooks

    Love 5ive but hate this video!! x

  47. roberto0709

    Great song, poor animation.

  48. tron2025

    the best days of my life = young

  49. Ricardo Ferreira da Silva

    Curto muito essa musica, o video clipe entao nem se fala

  50. octotartine

    00:52 Dio Brando does not approve of Five's animated shenanigans.

  51. 박니키

    We can all blame Simon Cowell as he was their manager and he did not give two shits about the boys welfare and instead on how much money they were making him with the headlines.

  52. dxtwo

    Not sure if they wanted to poke fun, or maybe felt like they wanted to at least include him although he was missing, coz he's still part of the band?

  53. strwbrryshrtcak

    love this song!

  54. DaneBowersCowboyHat

    I adore 5ive, but this is just dumb. Looks like the 5ive of them, or, well, 4our of them finally made 1 at the end. That's lame they had to throw in another joke of Sean as a cardboard cutout. Like the dude had a breakdown and had to leave the band! That's just tacky to poke fun at him in this and 'Let's Dance'! Still, love you FIVEIVE!

  55. h0llaween

    Because it is

  56. annamufc

    not the best video I must say

  57. Vanessa Red

    Yeah I agree. But I have a feeling they'd be limping, teeth missing, black and blue towards the end of the song.

  58. Vanessa Red

    holy crap u'r right!

  59. 0427Tink

    Thats beause it is XD

  60. shortstackfan4eva

    grease is the word from the grease soundtrack

  61. humberto baltazar

    whats the name of the song in the intro?

  62. shortstackfan4eva

    poo watch out we got a badass over here -_-

  63. shortstackfan4eva

    don't give up your day job.

  64. shortstackfan4eva

    Great way to sample the Grease opening.
    Hats off to you guys. Such talent.

  65. EmzLuvzCatz

    Nope, Just you.

  66. digthewarmth

    Oh my goodness, the beat is SO SICK! I want the instrumental!

  67. Alex H

    thing is about 5ive, is that their backing tracks are all dope. really good producer

  68. danniebear87

    I've never seen or heard this song before. I love it. This video is cute.

  69. DeathlyCrunch

    Not a single one of you reconises the Jojo's Bizzare Adventure shout out then :S

  70. roswell4788

    i like the song but the video is a little stuiped lol

  71. chiorm

    I like the song the video mmmm not so much

  72. Marcelo

    eso no megusto chao

  73. Marcelo

    eso no mencanto

  74. samantha engel

    i think that it's a bad thing, they used the whole song, from grease.. not even one beat is different.

    Nethun Batuwantudawe

    its called sampling

  75. Vicky Waddington

    like if you are watching this is in 2011

  76. Rory H

    The first line of the chorus threatens to break into Backstreet's Back :p still I love 5ive

  77. Lachlant1984

    I never liked these guys when they were popular, and I'm still not big on them, but I liked this song when it was popular and I love the vibe behind this song, I also like the vocoder they used in parts, it sounds really awesome in my opinion, I really like it a lot. I have a fixation with music released in 2001, I was 17 then, strange that.

  78. Animated AF!


  79. Dillon C

    Whats with there legs.... :S

  80. Kesshoumaru

    @wilp94 Yep.

  81. Britney Angel


  82. FiveFansTube

    @DrDevilDD still doesn't make sence :( but it's in the past, too bad this year it's going to be 10 years without new music from them :( thanks for the info

  83. TheDudeNextDoor

    @FiveFansTube oh yea, i left out something. Apart from all that reasons, the ultimate reason they quit is, Abs thought it'd be the right thing to do as he thought the group would always be remembered.

  84. FiveFansTube

    @DrDevilDD Ok thanks, but was was the deal if Scott was married, he could stay in five working, then if Sean wasn't there he could have been replaced like sometimes bands do right? is not like he was sooo important to the band anyway, he hardly smiled, and Rich njuries get heal, so that was a silly to quit just because of that I think, right? then they wanted to come back and couldn't. Once you have a record deal you should keep it!! cause it may never come again! that's a lesson to learn.


    And don't fuck it up with drugs or booze either! Get real friends and listen to what the real people in your life are telling you none of these hangers on and coat tail riders!

  85. TheDudeNextDoor

    @FiveFansTube no, they leave for 3 reasons. 1st reason: Scott was married, 2nd reason: Sean was absent
    3rd reason: Richie injured himself during a performance.

  86. FiveFansTube

    I think...... and correct me if I'm wrong please, but I think Five split because of Sean leaving! so I officially hate Sean!

  87. TheDudeNextDoor

    i really like this group. its too bad the time when i discovered is the time they already disbanded


    cool xdd