5ive - Closer To Me Lyrics

Constantly girl you're on my mind,
and girl I think about you all of the time
and even though words are hard to say,
girl I miss you, never thought I'd feel this way.

If you keep on taking, my heart you'll be breaking so why do you do this to me?
You know how I'm feeling it's you I believe in baby can't you see that I need you?

You know that it's true.
Every time I see your face I miss you baby
You know that it's you.
I want to let you know you're driving me crazy.
I'd do anything to help you to see, I don't think you understand what you're doing to me.
You know that it's true.
Every now and then I want to call you baby.
You know that it's you.
I say a prayer that you'll come back to me lady.
Oh yeah.
Life ain't anything alone can't you see you're an angel in my eyes,
everyday you're closer to me.

Nobody's there when I call your name,
and nights are cold girl without your flame.
But if I could girl I'd make you see.
That I'm sorry, and that I need you here with me.



Every day reminisce with the past
of a love that we thought would last.
How we used to be when it was you and me.
How did it all disappear so fast.
There are days that I can't forget
there are things that I now regret.
I was there for you when you were there for me, and I was thinkin' we were set.
Every night when I'm laying in my bed
I hear your voice going round in my head, think of all the things
I could have done and all those things I could have said.
I really will make it up to you
I know now what I've got to do,
It took time but now I've realised how much I'm missing you.


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5ive Closer To Me Comments

    Honestly i want to cry when i watch this and think the fact that they're not together since Jason Brown left the band it's not the same on fact nothing it's the same when five released their álbum greatest hits, thanks guys i Will always remember them with love,one of the best bands ever.

  2. hkzy aor

    bring back my childhood thx u i love em so much

  3. Mema Aljhani

    Miss you all the my favorite band 😭❤️❤️❤️

  4. Андрей Елкин


  5. jijie eidruzz

    Disember 2019.. 🥰🥰

  6. Андрей Ковалев

    Классная группа!

  7. Luci Lu

    I miss them,😢

  8. Erin Baron

    omg, i love them so much😭

  9. Silvi silvi

    Cantaban maravillosamente! Me encantaban! Y este vídeo es hermoso! Saludos desde Argentina

  10. John Snow

    Best 5!!!

  11. puluq emil

    i still listen this song on 25 Nov 2019, a fan from Shanghai, China.

  12. Bunny Sunny

    My heart still melts for the eyebrow piercing guy 😍😍😍

  13. kevin Driller

    Yess its november 2019 n im still listening

  14. Букля


  15. Fernanda Bassetto

    2019... Brasil!!!

  16. Hairulnizam Yahakob

    Plsssss comeback five

  17. Angélica Morais


  18. Steven kerr

    Devastated when these broke up!

  19. Chriz Bermsten

    Still a great song in 2019

  20. youtubefan85

    One of the best boybands ever
    Gold old times

  21. la Sereníssima

    " Perto de mim " 🎶💕

  22. Ahmed Bassiouny

    I hope that pop bands just stay together like rock bands do

  23. connorpat1

    15th October 2019

  24. Lawrence Chen

    Love the song deep down

  25. Elizabeth Tru Natasha Lawless Anstey

    Rip to my sister Natasha who died this day in 2001 5 was her favourite band and she followed them everywhere!! Respect and love thankyou for making my sister happy x

  26. youtubefan85

    i was not a fan but it was one of the best boybands ever.

  27. Nicolas Parra

    que cancionsotaa! de este grupo FIVE me gusta su estilo rap

  28. Moody Odie

    Oh gosh. I miss them! I miss my childhood. 😞

  29. Matthew Paia

    Still the best!

  30. Marina Gotami

    Miss u...j & abz

  31. Bổn Đoàn

    Love Ritchie love Five

  32. Bell Rose

    2019 and i still hear this whoaaa

  33. Jø FalleN

    bring back memories__ its 2019 im 32 now 😫

  34. deena rhcp

    2019 anyone???

  35. Jayde Parrey

    2019 anyone?

  36. sen sorphea

    I miss you so much. 5ive you're my heart

  37. Inuy Inuy

    Anyone have piano notes for this

  38. Matthew Paia

    Best ♥️

  39. bmapp B

    My favourite song from this boyband! 1990s boybands- an awesome time for music.

  40. Elisha 389

    2019 still love this song 😍👍

  41. Shita Ayu

    Really love this song when i'm 19, and now i'm 34 and still feeling broken heart for their last MV..

  42. Sheena-Faith Bimbi

    September 2019 ❤️❤️Still one of my fave jams ❤️❤️

  43. Kim Katz

    Sept 2019 anyone

  44. Sajaiel Music Angela

    5️⃣Closer to me 🧡

  45. Noorhanawati Hendry

    anyone listening 2019

    Hayley Nguyen

    so sad, was this song released when the band was about to break up?

  46. Lucky Star

    2019 August

  47. Nathan Beaven

    real boyband part of 90's boybands booms takes me back to boyband generation miss it badly

  48. Indira Luo Handayani

    Agust 2019 still in love with this song

  49. Dewi

    2019 after spotify adds it into my daily mix..memories~ 💖

  50. Gordon Freeman

    So beautiful and so sad!

  51. Victor Cavallo

    2019 anyone?

  52. Electra ́s Tarot

    2019 August... i still miss those good old times... I´m glad thay you came back guys!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  53. DwyneTV

    It's August 2019 and I'm still listening to this song. 🎧🎶

  54. Richard Holdsworth

    2019?? Love it

  55. Arwa Alharby


  56. feliciano bugtas

    wait i saw simon

  57. Sh_Atul Ismail


  58. Alpha Juliet

    Coming across this song was like finding a long lost treasure ❤️ July 2019

  59. Rina Siti Solihat

    if they wacth this mv they must be cried. the song was touchy too.

  60. Raquel Ferreira

    Forever five 2019

  61. Zatil Hanan

    2019 😊

  62. jolly roger

    his song makes me sad:( when the end of five

  63. Kevin Silva

    I also thought that this song was their last.

  64. Mary Joyce Escribano

    Reminds me of J 😢😢😢😢

  65. HD CM

    1:45 bitch take your hands off his hair LOL.....so much love for 5ive

  66. xero_ theory

    5ive bros, can't u see that we need you.

  67. leticia acosta

    this song always made mefeel sad. Like a last farewell. Love their music so much.I'm a huge bsb fan,but I always feel like their style was better.

  68. Rinpuii Chhakchhuak

    2019 june

  69. kaedevil Z


  70. Self Elements

    "There is no greater power than the power of goodbye."

  71. Alexander 7On/Off

    2:40 These sunglasses, anybody know what they're called?

  72. master beater

    Complete tune

  73. YK Andhang SS


    Still listening

  74. Toelielarious Pinda

    I love this song so much, eventho it makes me so sad, and not just because it was a goodbye, it was like the era had ended. Most of the 90's bands at this time had trown in the towels. It was like the good times where finished. :'(

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    Agora que quero cantar cade a letra????

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  77. Marcos Berlok

    So eu que vim chorar de saudades desta música agora em 2019?

    la Sereníssima

    Não, eu tmb vim !

    Angélica Morais

    Tamo junto

    Kelly Oliveira

    Kkkk tamo ai 🙈

    Isabelly Oliveira

    É nois kkkkkk

  78. Rafael Fatale

    Meu Deus, só agora eu vim descobrir essa canção 😍 Só conhecia a versão do Felipe Dylon "Mais Perto de Mim"

  79. Yuni Yuni

    My favorite band,only you five..miis U

  80. rainer rivera

    The best boyband of late 90's and early 2000's teens generation. #Five. What happen to pop music today?

  81. rainer rivera

    May202019 feels like yesterday but broken for so many years. How can a boyband like this whose been loved by so many fans have to end up so soon? We, fans are left whole-heart broken and whole-life missing someone we loved. Since I was 11 you took my heart and now I'm 30, still longing for your comeback. Wishing someday you reunite again for the fans.

  82. thanh dat dao

    best song from my childhood

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    Still listen to this song on repeat

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    Que saudades 😍...

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    You're no longer closer to me.....I missed you.....

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    2019..miss this song..

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    Watching this 2nd May 2019...

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    2019 anyone.

  91. J-Miey SR7

    You konw that it's true...
    (Every time I see your face I miss you baby)
    You know that it's you...
    (I want to let you know you're driving me crazy. I'd do anything to help you to see, I don't think you understand what you're doing to me)
    You know that it's true...
    (Every now and then I want to call you baby)
    You know that it's you...
    (I say a prayer that you'll come back to me lady)
    Oh yeah!
    (Life ain't anything alone can't you see you're an angel in my eyes, everyday you're closer to me ❗