50 Cent - Remain Calm Lyrics

[50 Cent - Verse 1]
Try to remain calm, you’re fucking with a don
Pocket full of green, green in the bong
That bitch with the bow leg stance turning me on
Two little timepiece?
Niggas still want me dead like Osam’
But they ain't gon’ make, they come at me wrong
Them niggas all workers I smack the shit out they’re bosses
Ferrari, I’m stronger than 5 hundred horses
Money is power, you niggas better wake up
My earrings blinking, that’s old shit from Jacob
Add it up, 4 plus 4 that’s 8 carats
You can’t run and get ya [?], you ain't got it
Blackjack we do that, 10 grand a hand
You could get shot fucking with Floyd that’s my man
Billionaire brotherhood, we call this the money team
Pinky ring flawless, my God I’m gorgeous

Remain calm, you’re fucking with a don
Remain calm, hoe, remain calm
Remain calm, you’re fucking with a don
Remain calm, don’t ring the alarm
Remain calm, you’re fucking with a don
Remain calm, nigga, remain calm
Remain calm, you’re fucking with a don
Remain calm, this a Al Qaeda bomb

[Snoop Dogg]
I’m chillin’ like a villain while I’m dealin’ I am
Rulin’ while I’m coolin’ with my tool in my hand
Post up, coast up, this is my life bitch
Up close only, you’ll get stuck with a knife bitch
Cuz burnt out, turnt out like a light switch
Got a lot of hoes but Charmaine, that’s my white bitch
The rest of my bitches, nah, they ain’t gonna like this
But I don’t give a fuck cause they all love this night stick
But I still remain calm, bang and drop bombs
Collar popped up cool as the Fonz
Motherfucker, have a seat and loosen up
Get a glass of some gin now juice it up
Deuces up
See there’s a line there for a reason
And if you cross it no more breathin’
You’re leavin’, believe it
We understand each other
Cause I would hate to have to put a slug in you brother
Ya digg?


[Precious Paris]
With Fif’ on that shit, that glock cocked in ya face
My twat cocked in ya face, you know you wan’ taste
Alexander McQueen, strapless with my back out
6 inch Givenchy’s and bitch finna act out
Niggas on my heels tryna find out what the head like
I know what the bread like
My [?] headlight, shine like I shine
Night or day time
But nah, nana-nah-na
Make a nigga walk by, everything I say by
Get wet I got that comeback
Dead crack, my assets is my ass jack
Stunt I tell my niggas right where your stash at
You’re fucking with a southside bitch
I go where the money go
I’m at ‘em, I put her on the strobe
Get my money hoe
Catch me in Ferragamo
Or Dolce & Gabbana or [?]
I’m b-squared up, what?


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50 Cent Remain Calm Comments
  1. Азамат Азаматов

    🔥 🔥 🔥💪💪💪💪

  2. marcus wenig

    Best High End Rap from 50 Cent and his Niggaaa Big Mr. Snoop Dogg... Peace in 2019...

  3. The Only Man Left

    Shorty Killt it!!

  4. Marcellus X Communicado

    Fif slid. If the game wasn't so damn soft this would have been huge

  5. Jackie Hiner

    Up good too

  6. serg Victory

    We understand each other?..cuz I would hate to have to put a slug in you brotha ya diggg..

  7. Keith Caesar

    a classic hip hop tune

  8. fishgrz125

    Classic 50

  9. IronBatDion Haskins

    Hot song

  10. Sergio Bowers

    I'm the James Patrick #Ghostly nigga rappin at the End

  11. Sergio Bowers

    My verse is supposed to be last on this!
    Here is the original Version https://youtu.be/Qm2EdlZWhdg

  12. Lil Vontae

    Copyright ?

  13. Ocean Sage

    My favorite 50 Cent song. 50 goes in and Snoop is so smooth and gangsta. This beat is hard af!

  14. Nova Krishaun

    Remain calm u fckin with a DON

  15. Nova Krishaun

    I like this song

    Dr Phot

    I like your pic if you not a minor lol

  16. John Doe

    this song make a muthafuka scream subhantullah alaka jihada kubra nusara kuffa'a al-sha'b'azza baraqa wa sadaq raham

  17. JESUS Is Lord

    Good combo n a nice beat

  18. DLC 4123

    Precious sounds like Lil Kim !

  19. Sal Hashmi

    Presious won it !

  20. Botshapa

    No guns allowed?

  21. soog

    stupid statement

  22. travelfox721

    If you don't like this,you don't like rap music

  23. alex pinuli

    when king dies prince becomes king

  24. Tommy Boyle and the Party of One

    Why did I just see Chris Brown on related artists? Sad people would even compare him and 50

  25. Let thy food Be thy medicine

    not feelin it

  26. David H

    "smack the shit out they bosses" f ross.
    50 all day. southside nazi

  27. Francisco Herrera Tapia

    Yeah fifty !!!!!

  28. jose santos

    Dat nigga 50 is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!