50 Cent - NY Lyrics

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[50 Cent]
Call me 50, yeah call me Ferrari, call me New York
My alias, my name change; nigga I ain't playin games
New York, for short call me N.Y.
New York, for short call me N.Y.

You gon' cause my next felony fuckin 'round, I get the Mac blowin
My heart colder than that corner you get clapped on
The crack gon' show you the barrel, get my jack on
I'm hungry eatin off plates we bag packs on
Gran turismo, Masi', I just lame back on 'em
Stack on 'em, yeah rack after rack on 'em
Ghetto pharmacist man so I'm cuttin the smack for 'em
Pot bubblin yola, I cook that for 'em
Nigga get in the way I'll bang the strap on him
Then line up the wolves and scream "Attack!" on 'em
I'm cool, I'm tryna keep cool, 'til I snap on 'em
I'm comin for a nigga HEAD when I black on 'em

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
It's 50, yeah call me Ferrari, call me New York
My alias, my name change; nigga I ain't playin games
New York, for short call me N.Y.
New York, for short call me N.Y.
50, yeah call me Ferrari, call me New York
My alias, my name change; nigga I ain't playin games
New York, for short call me N.Y.
New York, for short call me N.Y.

[50 Cent]
I hate when you niggaz do shit then make me ask why
If you the homie why you won't go and testify?
Why you wanna see a nigga get the chair and fry?
I'll grow old in the yard starin at the sky
Why you hurt your friends more than your enemies?
And why you don't sit and stroll through your memories?
Why is the question I ask
Shit was all good when you were splittin up stacks
That shit you told the people got 'em under an axe
Now why, would you wan' do some shit like THAT?
When that barrel on yo' forehead, don't ask why
Shhh, quiet, close your eyes and die!


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50 Cent NY Comments
  1. Aceof SPADES


  2. Aceof SPADES

    It’s 50 F50 Ferrari

  3. qwertyu rtyu

    Фифти держит марку.

  4. temidayo adebayo

    This can easily be a "get rich or die tryn" track! Mad flow & delivery..

  5. Rafael Ricardo

    50 cent tem um talento enorme manda ver no som ✌🎳🙌🎤🎤🎤

  6. Shane Mason

    Niggas better know NY is the city of dreams!

  7. Andy

    I remember when 50 had everyone shook in the rap game. I bet they still lower there head when he around.

  8. helio raposo

    50 cent last real nyc gangsta rapper 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Pamela Silva

    2019 alguém ???

  10. adm_x19

    Who’s here after 50 IG post 😂🔥🔥🔥

  11. Ricardo Cotto Jr

    Seriously leave me alone you played me.just go with someone else.

  12. Zana Masoud

    idk why people hate 50 so much, he been dropping classics after classics since power of the dollar

  13. splice Music


    splice Music

    #foreal by boy green lantern known we him

  14. DaMidWestStunna.aka.SammyCee

    Cool music video 50 bars were on point his flow sounds nice and the video itself was cool getting all those promo pics and all the lighting was real cool Ny was tight

  15. B - Barnation

    People slept on this... ahh that was because of the start of trap music era .. this beat is harddd .. tune is hard in 2019 to 2020



    shadow moses

    Then look at early ti Gucci mane and Jeezy

    shadow moses

    Master p started trap music

  16. Rap Fan 4Ever

    2013 shit felt like sum 2005 shit in a min

  17. King Koofy

    Still listening to ma favorite rapper ever
    I d g f what anyone says 👋😌

  18. trap mk records

    Deixando meu like https://youtu.be/e3-Uvf10LQY

  19. Даниил Жужгов


  20. themadrapper101

    I'm tryna make a playlist of all the music videos in order from G-Unit Shady Aftermath and damn 50 got like 500 videos alone

  21. Keith Caesar


  22. Bluexhox

    One of Fif's underappreciated hits, this is fire...

  23. time online

    absolotly moor from amzing uu alwys know how to get step up and this vary beautiful and so intrtamat thanks 50 cent i am happy to know mabe uu wall reed ur fan cooment

  24. Rahim Hussain

    That beat !!!!

  25. Kareem Sanders_249

    I remember when this came out probably on September 16, 2013 that was the newest joint is ever heard from 50 cent.... those were my teenage years at age of 15 best song of #2013

  26. V Banks


  27. TREAL406

    "Why you hurt your friends your friend more than your enemies?" That's A Real right there because only the closes people bxan really hurt you.

  28. Макс Туров

    Плэй гейм 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  29. jhones calliff

    Alquem do Brasil✌✌✌

  30. Tharsan J

    lit vibe.


    Uuurrggg...fif grimy as usual

  32. Jirka Žabak

    Super skladba

  33. Jacob L

    50 Cent is the greatest

  34. Larry Mandaville

    I remember when no other rapper could fuck with 50

  35. Paweł Prusiecki

    światowiec jak cichociemna bez rozwoju cyfry polish army narybek pokarmy,masz u mnie dopa biegnij gewuro do uzdrowisk klopa#sudanu pomidor jak wyklęty bidon#

  36. DRE SKEE

    This nigga is straight perfection when he in his lane!!! Str8 gun talk!!!!

  37. simon says

    Im cool im tryna keep cool til i Snap on em im comin 4 a ni99aHead when i Blac on emm !!!!

  38. Егор Елфимов

    Это Ахуенно

  39. Adam Block

    Can't wait for the next full release from 50. Pretty hot man.


    English is English

  41. Simon James Jackson II

    Release this on Apple Music!!!!!!!

  42. price tag narcos


  43. Bluexhox

    THIS is 50!

  44. bigmooti

    Im 50 years old du.

  45. bigmooti

    Call me d c pg I live in Maryland du.

  46. Matt McKimmie

    50 is still the G of rap who even gets close to his truth lyrics.

  47. Elvis Nogueira

    50 cent fã 😎

  48. Nawit Atd

    This song is perfection.

  49. Antonio Montana

    For short call me NY

  50. Flay Oakfuture

    How is fif so bad!! It's amazing

  51. Burak Coskun

    he looks like charlie murphy on the thumbnail xD

  52. CURE

    The wait is over....50 back....but he never left....still hungry flow..its chess not checkers....to yall haters that hate on 50..its to late for all that, its your move...lol...get em 50

  53. Christopher Gibson9mm

    50 is better than all these wack new school rappers sissy fide pussies wearing girl clothes.

  54. Flavio Silva

    50 cent , gângster.

  55. Brandon Williams

    my nigga fifty

    Dan Stacys

    I allways say tht lol

  56. AlmightyGloryBoy x

    Why he do not more rap ....

  57. 3hunna

    Same flow 50 years now

  58. Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    OM 5 OM

  59. Sello Mogashoa

    People are gonna say 50 was a legend when he's gone coz they sleeping on him when his alive, the man has more classics than many of your favourite rappers combined.

    Dashawn Trim

    For real been real fif since day one and I forever will be let them stay sleeping his real fans gonna appreciate all of his projects 🔥💯

  60. Clarence Watson

    Real Rap

  61. Alexander Larsen

    50 never fell off, his fans did

    Just A Star

    nah fif been slacking lately ... im still a loyal fan though..

    Leo Walzim

    As a die hard Gunit fan when i was younger and not any more i Will say Hip Hop fell of..


    Game took half his fans during the beef

  62. Lindsey Struckmann

    OK 50 wolf pack

  63. / Eylül /

    Türk ??

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    The old man still in the early 2000s giving these youngsters hell

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    Street shit stay in the street

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    still bumping this in july2017

  67. Hy Fa

    2m really nigga !!!

  68. ToxicAvenger360

    New York

  69. BeastMode FIAZCO

    shits incredible


    Can anybody tell me what was used over this video the scratches and text? Did they use after effect? I like that effect, what is it called? Thx!

  71. Corey Brooks

    50 is my favorite rapper.

  72. Chris Money

    South side queens

  73. Jermaine Mcqueen

    this shit should have over 100mil views. so underrated man.

  74. GreenBay WINNERS12

    Easy top 5 of all time!

  75. chko flow

    a remix with method man on this will be hottt

  76. Jasmine

    Still bumping in 2017. Classic flow

  77. Levente Ladányi

    NYC!!!!!!! EAST no ? XD

  78. Corey Brooks

    "I'm Machine Gun Kelly, 50 Meyer Lanskey." - The Talk of New York

  79. Kareem Sanders_249

    brklyn 💯

  80. Itsiwhatitsi

    50 can not go out of the game , he songs the sound of NY . Too strong.

  81. Guilherme Oliveira

    just a video without compromise, come F50 old age

  82. Joseph Carrasquillo

    this is pac reincarnated

  83. [email protected] Vasconcelos

    Massa 👍

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    come 50 king ❤

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    In every 50's songs there's some FIREEE

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    We need this now a days

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    this shit hard as a mf


    2016 BOOM  50 JAAA MANNN