50 Cent - My Crown Lyrics

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They can't keep a good man down
Always keep a smile when they want me to frown
Keep the vibes and I stood my ground
They will never ever take my crown [3X]

[50 Cent]
Nah... nah!
I'm still the shit, I'm rich already
Fuck around we'll be readin yo' obituary
My whip clean, my watch clean
9 karats hoe, that's what I call a pinky ring
Don't even trick, my heart cold
Around the globe, I'm-I'm-I'm on parole
I ball hard, I go hard
They say I'm grimy, up to no good, oh God
Shawty work that, when she twerk that
She a 10 and she damn close to perfect
I might wan' stunt, throw a hundred racks
Get my man a strap, he gon' get my money back
I'm ghetto right, I'm super hood
I'm shittin on these niggaz like they knew I would
I'm ghetto right, I'm super hood
I'm shittin on these niggaz like they knew I would

Who Jah bless I say no man curse
Things get better when they thought it would be worse
Here comes the officer who's asking for a search
They found no weapon just saw me a draw first [3X]

[50 Cent]
Gram after gram, time after time
I got the grind, I can't help it I got the shine
I do it big, you're stupid big
I could fit like half the projects in my crib
You stick around, I'm outta here
You on the ground, I'm in the Lear
I love yachts, banana boats
Either way, call my nigga, got to get the dope
They done made me mad, now I'm in my bag
And I'm back with the strap, catch a case, beat a case, rich nigga swag
Every step I take, every little itty-bitty move I make
Turn the big bags of birthday cake, I can't even fit this shit in my SAFE!
W-w-wait! Got more money, come and try not to hate
Why you think a nigga in and out of state? I'm a pro on the low when I operate
I get the bread, I blow the bread, I'm flashy, I'm shinin
I get the bread, I blow the bread, and my bitches, and my diamonds


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50 Cent My Crown Comments
  1. Jay Dogon

    Rick Ross and Meek Mill flow

  2. Faroh St Louis

    I came here from the IG post too...lmao...this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Cuteboi Haji


  4. Money Talks

    just came from his IG post

  5. Jose Fortunato

    Who came here after his IG POst

    Defcon Security

    Lol it's not on apple


    Typing in the lyrics coz you don't know the song

  6. no1nozz

    Fuck around you'll be reading your obituary? Nigga *HOW*

  7. Ted R

    50 took ja rule style and perfected it minus the cookie monster voice

    ksean st.peter

    Nitro R 50 did not took ja stype they music dont even sound alike now ja rule did too DMX style a hole lot

    Ted R

    ksean st.peter I'm talking about singles wise alot of 50 massacre hits sound like ja rule commercial hits

    ksean st.peter

    Nitro R naww not even close

    R S

    Why we fronting here? Ja was better lyrically and had much better hits. 50 copied ja. If 50 didn't have em n dre backing him everyone would know the fake hypocrite this guy is

  8. Anacoluto X

    what's this reggae?

    Darth Troller

    Sizzla - solid as a rock

  9. Eli Cordero

    y'all know he bit of off ja Rule right?

    Anton Benbalit

    Yeah, then ate him. Lol fuck out of here

    Anton Benbalit

    @eli cordero, he bit of off Ja Rule haha, then ate him. Lol fuck outta here

  10. Jay MGTOW

    nice shit

    R S

    Str8 copied rule