50 Cent - If Dead Men Could Talk Lyrics

Hold up
Son them niggas know who hit that nigga son (I know, I know)
They - how the fuck, we gon' know who hit him, and they don't know who hit him?
The hood talkin man, e'rybody know~! (I know, it's fucked up)

Now I lay thee down to sleep
Niggas try and lay me down wit heat
And if I should die though before I awake
I pray my Lord my soul to take

If dead men could talk in your sleep your homey told you who got him
Would you have the heart to shoot the nigga that shot him? (Huh?)
Or would you start switchin upv
You thinkin 'bout the penitentiary and bitchin up?
What if he said money ain't everything, the hood raised us wrong
All jux'll get your money long but look here I'm gone
Would that touch your heart? Have you feelin funny inside?
Would that be enough to make your punk-ass ride?
What if he gave you a little list of things to do?
Said he wouldn't have to die, he could live through you
Would you load the gats, and get ready ro ride
Or would you lock the door at yo' crib and hide?
It's a cold world even when it's hot outside
Whether sunshine or rain, you still feel pain
Hit him cause he was your strength, now you in a daze
Your homey turnin over in his grave... cause you PUSSY!

"Y'all know who killed 'em, filled up" - B.I.G. [x3]
"Y'all know who killed 'em, filled up with the lugers from they Rugers or they Desert"

Them boys smoked your homey, ye ain't gon' do nuttin back?
Not even if he told you you next to get clapped?
It don't take much for them shells to make the best of you
Your peoples gon' probably cremate and burn the rest of you
You done did too much dirt to try and make it to heaven
Nigga is you down for this 1-8-7?
When you reach the pearly gates, how you gon' explain
You gon' try and tell God you've been framed?
Y'all did everything together, he was your dog
Now you Uptown coppin, and he in the morgue
Them niggas he gave packs to, they kept the cake
His sister and his baby momma talkin to Jake (uh-huh)
Niggas that rocked him, they came to the wake
But they ain't come inside, they sat out in the ride
At the funeral, homicide all in the buisness
Walkin 'round askin niggas to tell 'em who did it
Niggas is throwin blows now you ready to rumble?
Thirsty niggas are animals, the hood is a jungle
Broke nigga'll body somethin over a bundle
Man a three-year-old kid in my hood know what a gun do

[Hook - repeat 'til 15 seconds left]

Sha Money, XL!
Shadyville, teamwork, music

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50 Cent If Dead Men Could Talk Comments
  1. Outlaw By Nature

    "You done did too much to make it to heaven, so are you down for this 187?" -- REAL SHIT, My nigga!

  2. Brady Macpherson

    haha i like dis one 50

  3. Cjbae Rastafa

    Its a cold world even when is hot outside, weather sun shine or rain u still feel pain

  4. D M

    Some good ass shit

  5. Felix Fox

    LOVE IT!!!

  6. Der Outlaw

    picture of a cheap-airsoft g36

  7. Derrick Alexander

    Straight up Gun-Blasting music.

  8. king piece

    Sounds like shooting a male tyrannosaurus

  9. Hugo Boss

    This old shit still can’t b fucked wit...

  10. ldl0021

    Y'all know who killed 'em, filled 'em with the Lugers from they Rugers
    Or they Desert, dyin' ... RIGHT!!!!

    JESUS Is Lord

    never knew what Biggie was saying

  11. Jeeb ThaGod


  12. William Hocutt

    had to throw some cut on this shit

    Jeeby. Tube

    William Hocutt beat?

  13. William Hocutt

    i had to bootleg this shit word holla at me

    Jeeby. Tube


    Jeeby. Tube

    +William Hocutt (breik) UK the instrumental to this?


    yall kno yall gotta stop me cuz I aint smart enuff to just stop...I aint stopping muffukka

  15. Angel Macias

    Dope ass song

  16. MajorRhumzy

    You niggas talking about gats instead of G - UNIT. Mad disrespect but HELL YEAH BUST THIS SHIT IN MY 1992 MERCEDES S500! FUCK YOU NIGGAS!

    Cjbae Rastafa

    MajorRhumzy lmao

  17. Dave Wiley

    Man u aint russian,dats what my gut tells me bitch

  18. Василиус Иваницкий

    I'm Russian and I love American Rap, u ar da best!)

    Parental Guardian

    fuk u...

    Darth Troller

    Parental Guardian you're an idiot

    NewYork Medical Marijuana

    @Darth Troller for real wtf

    Outlaw By Nature

    Rap is UNIVERSAL homie, just like AK's!

  19. Budgie balls

    its funny all the gimps aww thats a sick gat listen up boys i had the same bb gun as that on ma 12th birthday

  20. Kirsty Humphrey

    What about those that flat line but are revived?

  21. saneone310

    thats a sweet ass Gat.

  22. pusitemikuracsvi


  23. Luis Holz

    German weapons are Thema best like G36 or G22

  24. Era of the Pros

    Oh watch out we got a badass over here

    Mac Fallen

    who are you even talkin to

  25. Era of the Pros

    let me guess u play call of duty

  26. thatcrazyruskie

    No album, it's from a mixtape of his.

  27. Rick James Mofo

    te c means compact. no offense.

  28. ghost6faze

    My favorite gun in cod 4

  29. David Espiñeira

    no, listen 50 Cent - Power Of The Dollar this was his voice before he had been shot

    Pretty Lauryn

    David Espiñeira way after he got shot

    Malcolm Egun

    This was after he got shot.

  30. David Espiñeira


  31. Lito Bear

    yes it is biggie

  32. DutchPride22

    50 is the man of revolvers nog big submachineguns BUT it looks really gangsta!!

  33. Feyenoordfan4life

    Wait, did I hear Biggie in the background??
    Somewhere around 1:15

  34. Dray Day

    02-03 50 right here

  35. anonymous7314

    it's from the album god's plan

  36. JermaineTR

    real shit !!!!!!

  37. Andy Ango

    Nice G36c

  38. lgweapons

    Theres no scope on it...

    Ricer Garage

    lgweapons good detective work

  39. gogetit083

    Damn...you know that shit down pat!...

  40. Pain

    1 gay nigga dislike this lol GGGGGG unit bitch

  41. Ekaansh

    what album? is this dope ass track?

  42. Adolfi Hitler

    Jeah German G36

  43. worksmagic89

    50 still goin

  44. Adam Block

    @Slack12311 how you know about what gun that is, probably from CoD I'm sure, he probably started using it when he got enough money to buy a gun that will really protect him, not that he needs it IMO.

  45. Bukowski

    @lauznis2000 it's a g36 c

  46. warren010h

    @Slack12311 after he was introduced to call of duty LOL jk guys xD

  47. CrazyDudeGoneMad

    @Joma190 i got your joke ''50/50'' 50 cent song sayin thers a 50 % chance

  48. Robjah

    @Paymon1000 if u got the download link to the mp3 file with voice of this i may remake it for u, but its 50/50

  49. chip9879

    good song