50 Cent - Crazy Lyrics

If you think you can fuck with 50
You got to be cra-zeeeee
I won't do a joint wit'chu, no matter how much
Your label try an' pay meeeee
I'm on top of hip-hop, I run with Aftermath
And motherfuckin Shadyyyyy
It's simple, I see you'd like to be me
Y'all niggas, can't fade meeeee

I could be a gentleman or gangster, the bitch done chose
Got semi-autos to put holes in, nigga's and hoes
My wrist all froze, for flicks I pose
Fiends sample my D's and those, I suppose that's about a 9
So far the grands stack for niggas sniffin white lines
Sell anything under the sun to get mines, I'm gon' shine
Stunt for the summer, H2 Hummer, got paper now I'm picky
Change the rims, drape the watch, trade the Timbs, I upgrade
Now I'm paid - catch me in the Trump Tower lobby
Strokin' other niggas hoes is my hobby
Treat me like Kemosabe baby, suck me baby
I roll with Shady and Dr. Dre, ohhhh~!
I'm down to, try my luck, see if I can fingerfuck in the truck
G-5, 50 so live
Soon as my zipper go down her eyes wide
Got her in the telly on the bed with her hands tied, wooo!

If you think you can fuck with 50
You got to be cra-zeeeee
I won't do a joint wit'chu, no matter how much
Your label try an' pay meeeee
I'm on top of hip-hop, I run with Aftermath
And motherfuckin Shadyyyyy
It's simple, I see you'd like to be me
Y'all niggas, can't fade meeeee

"Is this what you want?"
G-Unit, God's Plan!!

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50 Cent Crazy Comments
  1. guchi man green

    It feels like I'm going crazy nothing can save me staring out my window opticals in my pistol I'm going out of my head yeah yeah yeah

  2. John Brown

    I have always been a fan of 50 Cent’s music and while I like the music that 50 makes, I love this song most of all because this is the most introspective that I have ever heard from him. Great song👍🏾

  3. Arturo James

    I can’t stop staring out my window...

  4. Kelly Gibson

    It ain't even hot in this Bitch I'm going thru it...

  5. Kelly Gibson

    This my shit🔥🔥

  6. Lloyd Banks

    Underrated 🔥

  7. Ciapha Gray


    Hans Harmon

    It's still 2019...

  8. DaMidWestStunna.aka.SammyCee

    50 i really feel your lyrics in this one its a real song about the life on the streets i hear you for rwal yiu did a good job on this one tho with your words about the street life i feel you this a classic track

  9. HelixorArts

    still waiting for the 50 cent x Santan Dave collab, thatd be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Dead Serious

    Untouchable 50

  11. Dakota Turner

    Who ever disliked this dont know real music

  12. Javier Flores

    this song is so hard!

  13. Tharsan J

    lit vibes.

  14. The homie greg

    Regardless of what happens 50 will always be in my top 10 for reasons no one will understand

  15. Sixty rp EM's

    1-800 - POWER C6

  16. Joshua Allan

    Hope you and banks sort your problem you both are unstoppable together 👌

  17. Damien Bryant

    50 really spit his pain and his heart on this track! Painted a beautiful picture with his words! I can relate hard to this shit.

  18. Carrie E. Johnson


  19. Razr sliQ

    50 is the best.

  20. bigslimmdawg1979

    Damn 50 sounds like he speaking to me

  21. Sixty rp EM's

    I could get crazier.
    And thrill u
    like Jacks eye lazier
    The time of jay z's up

    its 60
    I'm 10 times {crazier} - (chorus guy)
    then 50

    I'm so bored with it.
    i poke swords with it
    Like a boy with a stick
    in a dead birds eye
    i 'am all in it.

  22. jeffrey anthony

    There aint no banks if it wasnt for 50 remember that

  23. jeffrey anthony

    Fuck banks... 50 all day, ungrateful mfer

  24. Errv Amos

    Made it ma top of the world,I remember that from the juice movie

  25. Bass Ventura

    Before I shoot myself I’m shootin everyone else kid lol

  26. AJ Coringa

    Like Brasil 🇧🇷🤓

  27. Craig Mason

    This should have been big why people sleep on this track

  28. Brezy oceanu

    why u'd update this song? just cuz the songs about this but if u ever feel like ur going crazy u can talk to me I been ur fan since way back I feels like I know u;) GNSD LION

  29. Marcus Garza

    *This song deserves it's credit* 😠👏🏼

  30. Rafael Ricardo

    Crazy top som ✌ 😁 🙌 vamos bora dança nois 50 estou sempre. Curtindo sues som são top 😁🙌🎳🎤👍✌

  31. Sixty rp EM's

    YOU want CRAZY ?
    Damon took a tablet called Atrazine ,
    & woke up as a lady.
    Inside his growing stomach ,

    lye's a reptillian baby.
    Calender Quote:

    2030 A.D.
    Cities designed by google ,

    His voice
    Resurrected the death of black voodoo

    The car jacker.
    that still rides the choo-choo
    He carry's the pocket knife that shoots you...
    Lock in a sock
    Back Pocket since 1985 (HaHaHa)
    Your waves now go to the side..
    Give you the Farahakahn part,
    right upside your fuckin skull.
    I got 2 styled Boomer-rangs.
    One is like Beastmaster ,
    the other is shaped like Krull (LMAO)

    That newyork city DoDo on your sneakers.
    Murder Inc is out of Business ,
    like Author Treatchers ,
    TIC-TOC MR. WICK !!!
    TIC-TOC !!!
    someone is going to snatch Damon .

    Written By: Damon Mitchell
    Copy Right: oct. 7,2019

    Sixty rp EM's

    King ,
    After my LOCKinaSOCK ,
    your waves go sideways
    HaHaHaHa Ha !
    somebody shoot me please!

  32. Y K

    50 Cent is a drama queen bitch. He will never amount to the authenticity and lyrical prowess of Lloyd Banks.

    Jason Wright

    😂Banks wouldn't be shit without him riding off 50 wave.

  33. sean

    It ain't easy being king

  34. jeferson santos

    Algum fã brasileiro por aqui

  35. Sixty rp EM's

    You make lemonade ?
    Well thats nothing !!!
    Damon makes Nucular Flash-Bang Grenade.
    Boom !!!

    BEWARE OF The Hob-Goblin.
    The Police Car is Dodge Chargin "

    Witness the Magic
    Damon's face wasn't real ,
    It was plastic.
    The Central Intelligence is coming .
    But the Baby Lamb is not running.

  36. Taras O

    Imagine an Em verse on this!

  37. Stevy E

    It's crazy how it works. Dr Dre made Em, Em made 50 and 50 made G unit

    "And Banks, me and him don't even talk no more
    You know cause of me, he ain't never have to sell crack
    Never used no knife or had to squeeze no strap"

  38. NeoNitty

    When he talks about cancer coming back with his gma, I feel the same way with my pops...

  39. SpeeD RaP


  40. Mak

    Can't believe only 2.9 million people have watched/listened to this. This song is deep, maybe that's why though?

  41. Steven Blount

    This songs hits so hard. I came here from rewatching the episode of power where this song is played as the outro and that song just drives the nail in.

  42. Ивайло Асенов

    yo banks pick up the phone call your homeboy up wtf man

  43. Baki Sin baja

    damn bro....

  44. mark coronado

    From many men to crazy 50 been one of the realest from day fuckin 1 ! Y’all show respect to a true muthafuckin G

  45. ajay Bro

    I love your song

  46. Andrew Stepovoy

    Just the best.

  47. JONUEL

    Listening in 2019 almost 2020

  48. postshanna


  49. Quiwen Africa

    It IRKS me that this track doesn't even have 5million views

  50. linop412

    That fact that he sold out and used auto tune makes me wanna cry smh. Damn fif.... You disappointed me my dude.

  51. Sixty rp EM's

    G-Unit (2nd Wave)
    The Hawk-Men
    w/ wings
    50 Cent As Prince Vultan.

    Sixty rp EM's

    (Hawk-Men Leader)
    swinging battle axe

    Sixty rp EM's

    What what !!!
    Shot the Ceiling ..
    50's number 1 fan is criminally insane.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha

  52. Bruce Plaatjies

    Oh man,the realness and pain in this track damn!! Im so glad i never turned my back on 50,when everyone was ganging up on him;when many called him washed up and irrelevant..and yet he still here! Like he said,there will be no new niggas like me..i came out hard!!! #KingOfNY


    Bruce Plaatjies people who said he is irrelevant are young kids who didn’t grow up with his music, G-Unit was the greatest group from 2000 to present 50 cent was running the rap game with his albums, people today rather buy a Blueface or a mumble bumble gum type rap shit over a 50 cent album,

  53. only one Mr X Only one Mr y

    2004 in this Bitch

  54. Aaron Dowdy

    Rest in peace to those 2 little girls in danbury. And those two guys behind the tap and the 2 people on my way home from Denison. And all my dead friends. And rest in peace to whooooo! legs crossed like a woman I call dad. And thanks for creeping out my window preacher man!

  55. Hans Peter

    Do pnb rock have a song like this?

  56. Red Bird


  57. Riches and Wealth 777 777

    This should have a music video.

  58. Brandon McPherson

    One of the realist songs 50 done!

  59. Tim Perry

    My father was saying the same thing when my mom passesd

    He passed 6 months after my moms ...i know yall together up there with god i miss and love yall both..

  60. felisita corral

    🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰☝☝☝☝☝😘😇🙏💛😉😃🌍☝👍🍨🍧🌼🌞💐💐💐🔥🔥🔥🔥🌸😃😃😃😄😃😃😃 happy birthday 50 dope

  61. trey patterson

    Who's here after episode 6 of power season 5 lol

  62. felisita corral

    I got alot love for 50 this one my super fave to im going through stuff it helps plus i love it 😇⛪🙏🌸💛☝😃

  63. Mustafa Altufaili

    Why am i fukin hearing this now smh underrated af

  64. Nicole Smith

    this fucking song should have no dislikes unless your an enemy and on that note don't hate just attack yhe Nigga if you got the Balls to lol lets go BOO BOO and southside got the best sour in new york

  65. Young Nage

    Got damn

  66. Julius Caesar

    Lloyd Banks need to jump on this one. I wish 50 and Banks and Yayo ends with 1 more tape just the 3 of them G-UNIT 3X$

  67. Rafael Ricardo

    Sou seu fã 50 cent meu sonho e te conhecer vc

  68. Vilmantas3580

    I remember 50cent he was inspired by visiting European clubs and next album will be based on that. Like 7years ago. Still waiting

  69. The Last Burrito


  70. Bildady Kiprotich

    This is beautiful 💯🔥

  71. Ant X

    Underrated af! I get The Massacre vibes from this masterpiece

  72. James St Patrick

    Just wait until I find Tariq😡

  73. Victor carrillo

    Hits the core to my soul!

  74. CharlyCampos Official

    50 cent🔥🔥🔥

  75. Daniel Olsen

    In my opinion if U never went crazy at one point in you're life and came out smarter or regretfull as a viser person you might just go crazy too late and not know how to handle it..

  76. William Moree

    This real music

  77. saimone hayez

    Im going crazy

  78. John Insanis

    dope track from 50!,can feel thiz

  79. 23Jordan Jones

    50 Cent - Crazy (ft. PnB Rock) [Official Video]

  80. 23Jordan Jones

    He should've said "Everybody Changing I'm Staying"
    Because he staying Old School & Everybody's different

  81. Mercedes Accardi

    50 Cent is so east coast!!

  82. Mark Gobetz

    Let me till you something killing is fun tripping


    It feels like I'm GODS punching bag on occasions, Amazing, how other days i feel like im his favorite. -50 cent 👑

  84. Freddy Cruz

    hip hop is born in New York you wouldnt understand you into migos and pump mumble repeat stuff that is like you no sence... not from the hood and the streets what would you know.... mamma boy

  85. Bill Tabikh


  86. Tomasz Ślęzak

    Underrated song..

  87. Valerie Boynton

    5O CENT - CRAZY ( feat.PnB )

    FIDDY 👑♦♣♥♠
    5O CENT ,
    I LOVE 💘 YOU
    2 O 1 9
    ONE !

  88. BIGGIE B

    Almost this time last year it came out I remember cuz ended up going to prision on the 19th of April

  89. bossaliniem$B tv

    This shit bangs - Haters stop - young mFs don't understand it - because he talking to clear. . Fif still a Boss -(crazy hook)

  90. Erick Chiama

    POWER brougt me here

  91. Hustle Game Films and Production

    We needed this from 50, it's a deep look into raw & uncut world of the reality we all live in. To some degree.this is the CEO of the hustle game book .com

  92. AK - 92

    If I was a boxer this would be my song when coming out to the ring

    Wiliam Forsythe

    AK - 92 but you’re not. Ur just another 2 bit punk scared of the world

  93. lil Bratt

    50 all the way