50 Cent - Catch Me In The Hood Lyrics

50 Cent, Lloyd Banks
Tony Yayo, G-Unit!

[Lloyd Banks:]
This rap shit plays a major part in my life
So if you jeapordize it I got the right (What?)
To send a motherfucker at you tonight (Uh-huh~!)

And I ain't stoppin 'til my click poppin, swimmin in barrels of money
Ma can walk around with her head up cause her child ain't a dummy
It's funny - niggas'd rather see you sufferin and hungry
I'm comfy as hell, skatin with another nigga's money (WOO~!)
You lying your ass off; you know you ain't that tough
I'm pullin your mask off, as soon as you act up (WHAT~!)
You know what I came for, a peace of the game or
Artillery that's 'bout as long as a chainsaw
I'm wide awake, but it still feels like I'm dreamin
40 cal' under my pillow condom feeling my semen
The physical presence of a female's the form of a demon
That's why I, fuck 'em and leave 'em get my nut while I'm breathin (YEAH~!)
Never thought they'd catch me slippin now I'm duckin and drippin
That's a thousand dollar outfit what the fuck is you grippin
You trippin, no record can get my ass in position
Death waits for no religon whether catholic or christian
Listen; I went through momma bitchin in and out the kitchen
With probable cause as poppa was in and out the prison
You got soldiers, but you still gotta respect the odds
We got more four-fives and 9's then a deck of cards

[Tony Yayo:]
You can take me out the hood, but can't take the hood out me (Cause what?)
Cause I'm ghetto (I'm ghetto)
Niggas hatin when you do good, but when you broke
Your friends and your enemies they love you (they love you)
Chi-Chi, get the llello (get the llello)
Picture me bein cracked, out of town trips on the train - WHAT~?!
Chi-Chi, get the Yayo
Picture me bein cracked... (TONY YA-YO!!!) here we go
You can sniff me, cut me, I'll turn you to a junkie
I'm the number one seller in the whole fuckin country
Wall Street niggas, they cop me on a low
White boys don't call me coke, they call me blow
It's time to go, on a bus, the train, a plane
I'm smuggle, I'm nuttin but trouble
I'll make your money double, cook me in bakin soda
I'll turn your who-rock into a new Range Rover
I'll pay all your bills and fill ya 'fridgerator
Feed your family, turn your man to a hater
You can put me in the door panels or your stash box
Put me in your Nikes, Timbs and Reeboks
If you copped three and a half, you hustlin backwards
Cop a hundred grams, you movin forwards (what?)
I'm tryin to move more birds, in P.A. all day
On the corner of 3rd - nigga what?!

[50 cent:]
You can take me out the hood, but can't take the hood out me (WHAT?!)
Cause I'm ghetto (I'm ghetto)

Picture me polishin pistols, I'm comin to get you, the shells hit you
You scream, think I'm playin - I mean it
Man I done brought all these pistols, let's get it poppin
Start to wavin my embroidered shell casings get to droppin
The devil's 'round the corner I got to much pride to hide
I'm outside, gun in my pocket, just stunt and I'll pop it
I'm dyin to pop it, I'm young and I'm restless, you numbered for death
As the world turns, the lessons should be learned
Count all my blessings, clean up my weapons, I'm ready for war
The strong survive, the weak shall perish, I told you before
Hoes they compliment me now like 50 - nice chain!
Belagio, twenty grand of chips at the dice game
Ballin out, can't stop it, you gotta watch MTV
BET, nigga you see me~!!
I wonder if you mad, cause I'm doin good
Or cause niggas feel me, more than you in yo' hood
And it hurts cause you love 'em and they don't love you back
Cause they know you just rappin and you don't bust your gat
You pussy!!

Yeah explain it to the niggas in your hood nigga
They know you fuckin front nigga
Talk all that gangsta shit on the record; I see you nigga
Niggas know me nigga; ask around in my hood nigga
Read the "Daily News" nigga you see them talk about me nigga
I'm in the middle of all kinds of shit
You pussy... get it poppin!

{NON-STOP... can't forget... Shady, Aftermath!}

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50 Cent Catch Me In The Hood Comments
  1. Jonathan McCrary

    I get reminded of 8 mile lol

  2. crip records

    Real leather comes from the LLAMA...…..DIOR sold him a CALFSKIN item.       That ain't Leather that's calfskin cool...…...Cow ain't got no leather...….Spider have Silk, Spiders are Dangerous.... niggas don't wear Silk fool...….Laugh...…..

  3. Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere

    New SUBSCRIBER, go show some love as well..

  4. Ezra Petersen


  5. Gilbert Miller jr


  6. killa steverson

    2019 still dat crack

  7. ATibs23

    This is the OG "God's Plan" Fuck Drake

  8. Demetric Byrd

    50 never mentioned his name but everybody know he talking about lol

  9. TruthisWisdom 26

    50 spazzed on this

  10. Rah Righteous

    Picture me polishing pistols I’m coming to get ya
    The shells hit ya you screaming think I’m playing I mean it
    Man I done bought all these pistols let’s get it poppin
    Start to waving my M-1 shell cases get to droppin
    Death around the corner I got too much pride to hide
    I’m outside gun in my pocket you stunt and I’ll stop it
    I’m dying to pop it I’m young and I’m restless you know not to test us
    As the world turns there’s lessons to be learned count all my blessings
    Clean up my weapons I’m ready for war
    The strong survive the weak shall perish I told ya before
    Hoes they compliment me now like 50 nice chain
    Bellagio 20 grand in chips at the dice game
    Balling out can’t stop gotta watch MTV BET
    Nigga you see me
    I wonder if you mad cuz I’m doing good
    Or cuz niggas feeling me more than you in yo hood
    And it hurts cuz ya love em and they don’t love you back
    Cuz they know you just rapping you don’t bust ya gat YOU PUSSY

  11. Da old NEW York

    Chee Chee get da yayo

  12. Da old NEW York

    Fifty went off on this -im ready for war da strong will survive da weak shall parish I told you before 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Joey Emmm

    Whiteboys dont call me coke, they call me Blow....

  14. Joey Emmm


  15. Mike Lopez

    I miss this hustler music 2019

  16. Pierre McClardy

    I just got the chills listening to this ... Brings back memories

  17. Dashawn Trim

    Take me back to these days ah man, 2019 still my favorite unit song, every mixtape from them instantly became my favorite 🔥💯

  18. Loyal Philly fan

    Lloyd banks & tony yayo running stuff. Both of them underrated.

  19. Sandra Wilson

    White boy don't call me coke they call me blow!!!!!!!!!

  20. Noobpoint 50

    egg guint

    Noobpoint 50

    Sorry didn't mean to say that I like 50

  21. Latto Christian

    Yayo verse 🔥

  22. Cliff Sargent

    best rap ever.

  23. Maurice Johnson

    Fucking classic

  24. deezy 10 strip 617

    Yayo and banks killeed it 💥💥💥💥


    Man Banks killed this beat more then Eminem did.


    Only reason why I prefer this one

    Immortal Technique

    banks always been way above eminem, king of new york top 5 dead or alive, em is top 50


    Immortsl Technique Nice name. Immortal is another good NY rapper. Banks is a better rapper then 50, but I wouldn't say better then Eminem. Or at least the old Eminem. The old Eminem had better flow n lyrics.

    Loyal Philly fan

    Generation SnowFlake nah I’ll take Lloyd Banks over Eminem any day. Hunger for more is better than any em album imo


    Loyal Philly fan It's all bout preference. Banks has got a nice flow, but Em's is jus a bit nicer. Em is WAY MORE lyrical then Lloyd. N Infinite, The Eminem Show. I would say might be better then Hunger for More. (Haven't heard some in a while.) But The Eminem Show has sold way more copies then Hunger for More.

  26. All in The Game

    This rap shit plays a major part in my life ....

    Dru Rodrigues

    And if you jeopardise it, I got the riiiight....

  27. Reality TV 027

    They murdered this beat no doubt

  28. Toms Brauns

    Yup 50 talking about Ja Rule in this track

  29. Edgar Valdivia

    This bad ass beat bruhhh gunitttt

  30. Joshua Stephens

    Banks went hard but 50 took this


    Other way around Joshua

  31. Danijel Catovic


  32. Danijel Catovic

    This niggaz murdering everybody. Wher is JA RULE AND IRV GOTI

    sean coonery

    Danijel Catovic they career over

  33. RAP/HIP_HOP بالعربي

    Fuck murder inc fuck ja

  34. Christopher Johnson

    50 had the boss verse.


    Nah, Banks did.

  35. Geoffrey Brown

    Kiddes ,kids zzz,s koo. Fat burger u like gernanneds?

  36. Opo Yummy

    G u nitttttytyyytyyttyyytytyyyyytyyyttt

  37. patrick thoms

    He's dissing ja rule here - not calling his name like in wanksta but you KNOW it's ja he talking

  38. Daniel Santiago Rodriguez

    New York stand the fuck up all day

  39. Aka Kaz


  40. Banzai Street Life


  41. Eli Cordero

    This was hard

  42. Brooklyn Redrum

    Youngens pAy attention🔥🔥🔥🔥

    sean coonery

    Brooklyn Redrum 🔥

  43. will robertson

    Yayo spit one of his hardest verses ever🔥🔥


    Yayo's verse was weak

  44. Ted R

    I miss the G-unit era 2002-2009 they were killing shit

  45. Thewestisthebest

    God damnit banks is a legend he doesnt even have to try


    its true i just heard a neew mashup of an old banks verse ihvant heard and it was flames

  46. First Born

    Chi chi get the yayo

  47. Philip Farnan

    Proper dose of reality..


    High school, cutting class in the lunch room with cd player blasting this through my headphones days ..

    sean coonery


    Sean Ulrich

    Yo rs shit dog

    Pierre McClardy

    Posted at the bus stop smoking a blunt lunch period


    Dont forget cd player had to have ESP skip protection 😂😂😂

    Makaveli Makaveli

    What a times homie!!! I

  49. Sheisty

    Banks and yayo was crazy upscale verses, but fif slick went extra in on dis mf... "Picture me polishing pistols, I'm coming 2 get u, the shells hit chu, u screaming... Thank I'm playin, I mean it.. Man I dun bought all these pistols, lets get it pop'n... Start ta squeezin my m1 shell casings get ta dropn... I see death aro... " I can go on... Listen 2 it... He SNAPPED!!!

    Top Choice Toniice

    50 blacked out.had to rep hard..cause yayo and banks both went in

    Sir Damian

    I’m dying to pop it I’m young and I’m RESTLESS nigga I can’t sit still! !!

  50. Sheisty

    Them niggaz use ta snap soooo hard in the beginning... 1 after another... Classic...


    Legendary Unit !

  52. ᗰᗩᖇK MostWanted

    banks said he got more 4,5's and 9's than a deck of cards damnnnnnn

    You are wright , i am wrong firstly.

    He said also.if u got 3.5 u hsslin bakwards svhiiittt


    Est 84 8 ball reference?

    You are wright , i am wrong firstly.

    @ZickZeta yep a henry the eighth


    Est 84 haha that’s a new one for me

    Outlaw By Nature

    Banks was always the hardest lyrically!

  53. Koz Controversy

    Yayo killed this shit

  54. Koz Controversy

    damn I miss this real shit

  55. gabe Perea

    this is the best Tony Yayo verse is still one of the best ever.

    Mike D.

    Ny is where I’m from is his best verse

    Kivani Luton

    At this point of the g unit era yayo was my favorite


    @Kivani Luton

    Yayo was so nice on them G-Unit mixtapes,, he was my favorite on em too


    I was just saying the same thing in my head before I looked at the comments !!!

    Guub Tube

    They all smacked hard on this can’t lie

  56. Michael Roe

    Mmmmm that sweet 16 🔥

  57. Dominique Alford

    This shit go hard 🙌🏿

  58. Eljay Swiling

    Nice legend