50 Cent - Banks Workout Pt. 2 Lyrics

[50 Cent:]
50 Cent; Lloyd Banks!

Nobody get hurt if nobody don't move
Just give it up smooth (G-UNIT~!)
Motherfucker you move I'll flash my tool
And blast my tool (G-UNIT~!)
Nigga you don't know me, and I don't know you
You think you know my crew (G-UNIT~!)

[Lloyd Banks:]
I been a problem since the old days, pimps and gold caps
Now I'm in O.J. Simpson throwbacks
Y'all was wonderin where my ass been
Probably vacationin on South Beach gettin head like an aspirin
If you gassed, I can let the tec pound your ego
Or lock you in a closet with the West Nile mosquito
The press crowd in people, especially celebrities
I'm heavily shittin on any Tom Dick or Gregory
Nigga you better be strappin; they want you dead if you rappin
I'm tryin to cave your head and your back in
I'm gettin bread and relaxin, and attractin a fan base
Of females with e-mails and letters to fax in
In Vegas with a toaster and a blunt
And the hotel I'm checked in, got a rollercoaster in the front
I'mma post 'em when I stunt, the Sammy Sosa of the month
Better yet the whole season, nigga I'm still breathin
Even though my dollars are green
I rap for the kids that's too poor to waste eggs on Halloween
I'm gettin swallowed clean, my habits are good
Collectin all the karats I could
Slidin from a stash spot to conceal the torture
And a good silencer to make it sound like the Wheel of Fortune
All this careless talkin, cause I'm travelin and flossin
Havin a good time, and you havin a abortion
You sucker for love, gettin married and divorced then
Can't even afford the batteries for your Walkman
I'm out the hood, burnin Cali weed on Slausson
Where set trippin turn to tragedies and coffins
Look, I mean what I'm sayin, you schemin I'm sprayin
Your team end up layin, on the sofa screamin and prayin
Sayin, G-Unit niggas be rollin crazy, holdin 80's
Older ladies starin cause they starin in that gold Mercedes
Since 50 hooked up with Shady, now they tryin to book up and pay me
If you think I'm shook up you crazy, baby
The boy strapped two ninas
Smokin out a bag big enough to fit on vacuum cleaners
I wore a glove when I blazed you fatty, I ain't your baby daddy
She flippin, now he tryin to grab me out the navy Caddy
I ain't your ave-y, papa was a rolling stone
Stockin up to own a home, pocket full of loaded chrome
Drop and get a hold of dome, I know your motive homes
You mad, cause I'm fuckin half your Motorola phone
I'm swift with the women I'm good with my words
A lot of, niggas is hatin on what I deserve I'm hotter
Front if you want, end up on the curb in your Prada
And your mans runnin, ambulance comin
Another day another dollar, on the low from the Impala
I can have a six still in my shower, motherfucker~!

Nobody get hurt if nobody don't move
Just give it up smooth (G-UNIT~!)
Motherfucker you move I'll flash my tool
And blast my tool (G-UNIT~!)
Nigga you don't know me, and I don't know you
You think you know my crew (G-UNIT~!)
I send a nigga that you thought you knew
To come through and put a hole in you (G-UNIT~!)

[50 Cent:]
Lloyd Banks, ha ha!
50 Cent! I ain't even gotta work hard
Look at these niggas, ha ha ha
The fuck you gon' do now nigga!
You done had the same niggas in the background for a long time
Think they gangster, but goin back and forth to jail
Well jumpin the turnstile don't count nigga

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50 Cent Banks Workout Pt. 2 Comments
  1. whoo else

    i could let the tech pound ur ego & lock you in the closet with the west nile mosquito lol.

  2. Daniel DeVito

    Damn I'm miss the early 2000s

  3. beatjunkies2011

    2019 and still bank$$$$

  4. B Sykes Beats

    somebody mentioned the west nile mosquito today, so after that all I could think abt for the rest of the day is this song

  5. Brandon Santos

    "Y'all was wondering where my ass been, prolly vacationin on South Beach gettin head like a asprin" #BARZ

  6. Manny Teixeira


  7. Sam Gunz

    His flow 🔥🔥

  8. Thereal Deemo

    Still here 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 2019

  9. Estarrosa

    2019 anyone?

  10. Sam Gunz

    His flow smh 🔥

    Sorue Poscendo

    This some supervillain off the wall type shit. These nighas had a hell of a run 💯

  11. Pest Pro

    I was blazin listening to this at like 13 on a mixtape jaw hittin the ground son

  12. Hugo Tate

    Always gonna be dope

  13. E Laurole

    Smokin outta bags big enough to fit on vacuum cleaners smh

  14. Lucas The Worm

    I remember having this on CD better than shit today

  15. Waynewilbz420NorthernBoy

    smokin outta bags big enough to fit in vacuum cleaners

  16. Dawayne Allen

    Man this is the music I grew up too. This was my jump off the porch music..

  17. Rage Tek978


  18. Marky Marc

    Vintage G-unit 2002 shit

  19. Dw snake37

    This nigga is killing it !!!!

  20. Rosemary Diaz

    Mkultra the Batman n SUPERMAN 2016 movie production called ratpac =the family of the bat =juda. SUPERMAN SUPERCUBA SUPERNATURAL =JESUS =ULTRAMARINE I speak Spanish Mira Mira it's war fifty is gey NATO homo nano tech vaccine 69rapper he got a my little pony chain look wat happened to will smith son they NATO homo nano tech vaccine created Isis the pill puppet president Putin and Trump contributed to that NATO homo nano tech vaccine

  21. Lamar Lackey

    This was the original beat on the 50 cent song.. That ain't ganster....but he didn't get permission on this beat that's why he changed the beat

  22. nakasuma89

    this is the real -God's Plan-

  23. The Booty Warrior

    1. Banks 2. Nas 3. Jadakiss 4. 50 5. Fabulous

  24. Tyler D


  25. Travis Mcleod

    a good silencer make it sound like the wheel of fortune

  26. Dank Dank

    Video is 10 years old

  27. kevin knight

    classic. CD player days.

    Yung Stat

    kevin knight high school days too

  28. PsyintZ

    Kinda awkward how 50 is one of the most over-rated rappers on the planet, while Banks is one of the most under-rated.


    50 is overrated ? Damn man are you serious ?

    Darth Troller

    50 Cent deserves the fame he got, Lloyd Banks hides from the mainstream but he deserves just as much as 50


    sheep will be sheep.

    Rasheem Edwards

    becuse 50 not lazy he gets up and get it

    Edward Nygma

    Overrated??? Get rich or die trying will always b a classic.

  29. isaiah long

    Endless punchlines

  30. Dan McGill

    is this song the original on this beat?

    Remy Boyz 1738

    Dan McGill this beat is 50 cent That ain't gangsta


    no not 50, its from the outsidaz - don't look now.

    Kontra Brand

    power of the dollar, that ain't gangsta

    The Booty Warrior

    Remy boyz werd


    Kareem is right the rest is R0NG

  31. Chucke Rodriguez

    most under rated rapper

  32. John Taylor

    god damn, this is one of the best things Lloyd Banks ever put out.

    Dw snake37

    Man this shit still fire!!!!!

    Lucas The Worm

    U mad? Go check all banks mixtapes, he is the punch line king plk

    Dw snake37

    @Lucas The Worm i dnt get it was that post to me???

    Lucas The Worm

    @Dw snake37 No it was to John Taylor. Everything banks on is fire. His I'm serious tune crazy

  33. David L

    Dude was En Fuego - Best of his time

  34. NY Shxt

    mothafuckin PLK!

  35. Dukez924

    My 2nd favorite G-Unit song after My Buddy.


    My buddy is my fav too!

  36. Tony Meteorain

    I rap for the kids that's too poor to waste eggs on halloween.

    kevin knight

    Tony Meteorain happy Halloween

  37. da kid

    lloyd is one of the best out

  38. NY Shxt

    part 1 is just as stupid.... banks is wild #PLK

  39. jason

    shit is so fire smh

  40. Volanin Rares

    where's part 1 ?

  41. Benn Thorpe


    . .

  42. Chad

    The Streets of San Francisco by Henry Mancini.

  43. Eli Fanatic

    Can anybody name the sample that was used in the beginning. I been wanting to figure that out when I downloaded this mixtape on my ipod from Datpiff.

  44. DarkB1ueKnight

    Sees dat ass 1:21

  45. Jesse

    I miss the days when Banks was one of the illest in the game, and 50 would always be in the background goin crazy over his punchlines lol.

    Jordan Flanagan

    That nigga say he can have a 6some in his shower 😂😂

  46. PHresh TV

    the boy strapped to ninas smoking out bags big enuff to fit on vacum cleaners

  47. YurrGTrain

    Fire banks old flow valid

  48. aFeX828

    agree just need new talent to come out .. shouldn't be long befor that happens other wize rap will dieeee

  49. Shoproduction

    i never knew hip hop wasnt in the english language lmfao

  50. AnytimeNigguh


  51. AnytimeNigguh


  52. W Deficiency in C

    Guys,try this:
    1.open the "cc" icon on the buttom of the vid
    2.press english(automatique captions)
    3.read and enjoy

  53. Pretty Gordo

    The boy strap two ninas, smokin out a bag big enough to fit on vacuum cleaners.......WHOS FUCKIN WITH THIS DUDE

  54. Maxim Alexis

    what is the original song to this beat?

    collins irori

    Maxim Alexis outsidaz don’t look now another version of this beat is 50 Cent that ain’t gangsta

  55. jzrit580

    Can't beat this

  56. williamdes08

    Banks why you so mad on this track!

  57. luvladies18

    The PLK!!

  58. Derek Poulin

    his flow is just insane! best in the game

  59. Jayden Cordovez

    This is how you sample bitches!

  60. Roni Ahmatovic

    that awkward moment when somebody say the game is better than 50 cent and lloyd banks
    and i punch the door with my head

  61. Global Misfit

    lol This entire joint was a diss towards Muder Inc.

  62. MashupJ

    Banks is biggggg!! Smokin outta bags bigger enough 2 fit on vacuum cleaners!! Woooooooow that is a bar!

  63. dan iel

    vacation on south beach gettin head like an asprin

  64. yakPatron

    "lock you in a closet with a west nile mosquito" c'mon son, who else could've come up with line like this one? he's too underrated. I've been listening to his music for years and trust me he's better than you think.

  65. INSFAN86

    @bazio19 this is back in the day man they werent always sell outs lol

  66. bazio19

    Who thinks that Playboy X from GTA IV looks like Banks?!

  67. bazio19

    I don't like G-Unit, but this is FUKKIN dope!

  68. Strider265

    whos fucking with this nigga?

  69. dontizzle805

    omg havent heard this in years

  70. skar516

    I like the Unit but I always thought Banks carried them .. main reason being .. well this lol .. dudes a beast


    im smokin outta bags big enough to fit on vacuum cleaners!!!

  72. masterpesh

    Trap ya in the closet like a west

  73. popimpi

    cant even afford the batteries for your walkman

  74. Hakan Tair

    "since 50 hooked up wit shady/now they try to book up to pay me" hahaaa :)) nigga banks said it :)):D

  75. Jihad Ceaser

    "If you gassed, i could let the tech pound ur ego and lock you in the closet with the west nile mosquito"

  76. simon says

    niggaz think they hard cuz they goin back and forth to jail but jumpin the turnstyle dont count nigga HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  77. BigSmurf

    @Errordemn6 He could have a minor sinus infection and not know it, alot of people do. It causes thick mucus to build up in your throat and it makes your voice sound weaker than it really is.
    Not saying thats definitely what his problem is, though. I asked my doctor when my voice went through the same shit.

  78. Errordemn6

    This was when lloyd banks had that deep voice now his voice is weak as fuck now. And don't BLAME IT ON THE WEED what kinda shit is that?? He's the first in history to have his voice changed by weed...let's make another excuse. He smashes on this song tho. Shit on all the old mix tapes he was raping the tracks

  79. bossboy191919

    G-Unit!!!! Hahahahaha!


    Banks is a beast. PLK

  81. ipanuraz

    Whats tha beat's name?

  82. Johan Pierre

    ya wonder where my ass been, prolly vacatin on south beach gettin head like an asprin...dats shits not even funny..dis nigga sick god

  83. Dewayne Allah

    hop off Bnaks dick all he's gonna do are mixtapes he aint NEVER gettin the release

  84. Dewayne Allah

    The Fact of the matter is it did came out and SHITS ALL OVER Bank's catalouge albums and mixtapes with loose bowels,there's too much to quote,Banks is good but lacks subject matter and Substance how much time a man could say how hard is he,hiw girls he got and colour weed he smokes UNORIGINAL

  85. Dewayne Allah

    Lloyd Bank couldn't even win on TV we keep our money under the mattress fuck Banks that Joe's lines by the way,P.S when is Banks 3rd album comin out the 5th of Neveruary 2050??

  86. RGL

    which sample is used for this song?

  87. Dewayne Allah

    Nigga not ready for Budden

  88. cheeb87

    This was when Banks was a HUNGRY muthafucka.

    He was "hungrier than the South Africans with flies stuck to they face."

    Aziz Sannie

    cibida1 except south Africans are not known for having flies on their face

  89. Sola Banks

    Papoose to Ashpooe ? u good mate its jst too funny d way u changed it

  90. tamilu tami

    The GAme 4 life

  91. Paul Gnagne

    sounds like 50 cent - that aint gangsta

  92. GunBusta305

    COLD CORNER people listen to da new mixtape awsome!! 5 stars!

  93. Chalky White

    he got 4 main 1s g unit ny city 1 , staue of liberty , lion head and banks logo chaina nd then all lil 1s

  94. Chalky White

    nah banks in his prime now download cold corner from thisis50 shit is banananasas

  95. Sleep4Life

    This is true. Top 5 Or Better

  96. Sleep4Life

    Ashpoose is ass.

  97. Sleep4Life

    when i think about yeah, thats true, but shit. Banks > 50

  98. adamlobb

    il get it u for 20p