50 Cent - 5 Senses Lyrics

I'm a be honest with you, I expect you to like me
I mean what is there not to like?
I'm confident, got a great sense of humor
I'm fun, I-I'm the kind of person you have fun with (hahahahaha)

Can you hear me baby?
If it look this good, I wonder how it taste?
Baby if I touch your body, hear you scream my name
Would you whisper to me it's yours? Girl you smell so gentle and pure
You control, My senses. Baby all, My senses

[50 Cent:]
It's like everything's good, when I touch and you touch (one)
It smells like heaven, way better than a tulip (two)
Your love let me taste it, come here let me taste it (three)
Times of the essence baby don't you waste it
I'll tell you what I'm thinking, you'll listen to my thoughts (four)
So you can see my vision, then you'll never get lost (five)
If you follow my lead, girl I'll be what you need
I put my trust in you, now put your trust in me (senses)

If it look this good, I wonder how it taste?
Baby if I touch your body, hear you scream my name
Would you whisper to me it's yours? Girl you smell so gentle and pure
You control, My senses. Baby all, My senses

[50 Cent:]
I'll be a true friend, someone to believe in
I'll give you freedom, unconditional meaning
If tonight's her night? It's her night
Just get back to me tomorrow, aight?
I'm not into cuffin', I'm not into frontin'
I'm into gettin' paper, blowin' paper, I be stuntin'
See to me it's nothin', let's get into somethin'
Should I come pick you up? I'll meet you at the tele girlfriend

Would you whisper to me It's yours? Girl you smell so gentle and pure
You conrtol, My senses.
If it look this good, I wonder how it taste?
Baby if I touch your body, hear you scream my name
Would you whisper to me It's yours? Girl you smell so gentle and pure
You conrtol, My senses. Baby all, My senses

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50 Cent 5 Senses Comments
  1. Fachon Walker

    I can’t find it on Apple Music 🙄

  2. Bianca T

    Love this song ♥️

  3. Mia Brejae

    still my song!

  4. Simone Thoms

    To how dey song yah control fimi senses thm🤫🤭

  5. Tharsan J

    classic shit.

  6. Julius Ferguson


  7. Danae. Stardoll

    2020 anyone ???

  8. Kayy Dee

    ❤️❤️ baby this song here honey! Yes Mam

  9. T. Brown

    This will forever be a banger still playing in 2019

  10. Duggy Tha Duggster

    Who STILL bumping this CLASSIC cooker 🔥😈💯‼️

  11. Skyknock Official

    still diggin this beauty !! can't seem to find this version on spotify though :/

  12. Gregory Eaton

    This song holds up so well. Should be on the radio like now

  13. Krystal sanders

    Love this song needs to be longer

  14. Alejandro Gonzalez

    I fucked 80 bitches to this song as of today👙🍆🙌 Power To You 50 Cent 8-23-2019 RESPECT FROM MCFARLAND CALIFORNIA

  15. Tammy Suster

    Mad song...

  16. Don Vito Coreleone


  17. Don Vito Coreleone

    I remember who introduced this song to me ..
    I'll never forget you .. E you where her remember walking in the clouds .. I know you do and i know you'll see this well until then... Why not today see what i wrote for you yah you... Mwah....

  18. Treasure Brooklyn PJ Scott

    DUDE Ain't Got No Sense 😀!
    If It Ain't Broke CJ, DONT FIX IT!
    Someone PLEASE Tell 50Cent
    To Get His GAP😷 Back! 😘

  19. Nameer Abushamma

    2019 still here babyyyy

  20. wiz kalli

    Should have been a hit, song is fire still in 2019......smh

    Rican Kitty

    wiz kalli deadass literally been on repeat like it’s a brand new song

  21. The Piscean Nicole


  22. aNiggaVladsent toprison

    Forgot about this jewel !

  23. Daniela

    2019 and still the favourite 😤😤😤😍❣❣❣

  24. Tiffany Cruz

    Wow this song was so amazingly sexy and fun making love to it was so intense and amazing feeling

  25. Agnessa Spichka

    I've been looking this up on Spotify for the last 2 years. :( One of my favorites.

  26. Young Bossman601

    Here in 2019 I got so much pussy off this song lol

  27. Trap Hip Hop & Latin Music


  28. IsThatHandy


  29. Donyea Jennings

    Just got chills listening to this song

  30. 20MDM

    wish this version was on spotify :(

  31. Edward Mceachin

    Who's here on 2019??? Timeless music

    Tharsan J

    fam your acting like this came out 15 years ago.

    Nicole Nunya

    Edward Mceachin I love this song

  32. Cody Sharp

    Im going to be honest with you. I expect you to like me. I mean what is there not to like? I'm confident I have a great sense of humor. Im fun, im the type of person you have fun with.


    I got so much pussy off this 🎵😭💯

  34. Samir ZAKI

    Is Nice but he is so sad to

  35. Alex Jones

    Still dedicated to my gorgeous Vanessa !! I love you forever always will mama

  36. BH4LF

    Shits dope‼️

  37. Carolina Mihaela Dumitru

    love and greetings from Romania :)
    you got both of you mesmerising voices

    Umar Alhassan

    Carolina Mihaela Dumitru hello beautiful

  38. Carolina Mihaela Dumitru

    this song deserves a video ^^

  39. 11okt


  40. Raul Soto

    My bitch favorite song

  41. H. Bee

    8 years later. Still fire, Jeremih's voice is so angelic 💫🤙🏾

  42. felisita corral


  43. Octavia Owens

    If it looks this good... I wonder how taste.. 💜💜❤

  44. Shugah Funchess

    Still Yahhhh Bae Favorite Yessssss Sirrrrrrr

  45. Marquis Valentine

    Can we get this on Apple Music

  46. felisita corral


  47. Anca Ciobanu

    2018 ❤️

  48. Andra

    Who's watching in 2018? ❤️

  49. Vanessa L

    who else conceived a child to this song? 😍🙋

  50. Syria Blackwell

    This shit is FIYA!#$%$#@!

  51. Slavko Cosic


  52. Tiffany Guyette

    Correct? Xoxo

  53. Tiffany Guyette

    Yes, I would if you were on a Monagahymy contract however I NEVER Co uld truly be death stroke by a liar and I'd never want you to position yourself unless you truly wanted you to be positioned. Never to be misunderstood with what I'd like you to want to do but like I mentioned in..if I...a few strong words... I learned in the plight of a black man all the wishing praying begging etc. Doesn't mean a thing he aka you has to genuinely want whatever the position is. 😋

  54. milehighkid85

    50 been knocking since 97’

  55. Jackson Joseph


  56. Tiffany Guyette

    Even back airforces😉

  57. Tiffany Guyette

    That's on you...and the genuiness of the action I can't whisper nor holler dishonesty. But not like you talking to me I mean shit I've been hearing now I can invite your ass out to my estate for close to a decade I'm trying to hear ya but there's a difference between slow motion for you and never making a move to see what quality there is even to get into....

  58. Jigabo Jigabo

    Bad song 🤙

  59. dangelo Bond

    50 cents & Jermiah good chemistry

  60. RivercityCJ

    Definitely bringing this jam with me into 2018.

  61. Lowkey22

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music!

  62. Quinton Hardy

    Since u look this good I wonder how it tastes

  63. CELTIC_ FAN34

    wtf I dont remember this song lol

  64. Donetta Brown

    I love this song

  65. Erica Green

    This song is the shit

  66. Ryan Smeader

    This is sex music

  67. Briana Ingram

    Who here in 2017 👀

  68. Dustin Pauling

    is this song on ITunes? I cannot find it.

  69. Chop Marley

    still love making love to this song...frfr

  70. Gilbert Trevino

    it brings back memories my love... i miss u Eunice.. its your man Unique... i pray you see this im doing good serving the Lord .. im becoming a Pastor wait i am... i been my email [email protected] mesaage me you know without u im single for life...Amen..

  71. dennis v vugt

    שֹׁפְטִים וְשֹׁטְרִים תִּתֶּן לְךָ בְּכָל שְׁעָרֶיךָ וגו':

    (דברים טז:יח)

    [Moses instructed the Jewish people,] “You must appoint judges and sheriffs for yourself in all your cities.”

    Deuteronomy 16:18

    The Hebrew word for “cities” used here (she’arecha)
    literally means “gates.” The “gates” of our bodies are our ears, eyes, nose,
    and mouth, through which stimuli from the external world enter our bodies and
    our personal world. This verse thus requires us to station “judges and
    sheriffs” to guard these “gates” against the intrusion of any stimuli that
    could be harmful to our spiritual health. Through studying the Torah, we learn
    which influences are beneficial (and therefore permitted) and which are harmful
    (and therefore forbidden). The job of the “sheriff” is to enforce the decisions
    rendered by the judge. Our inner “sheriffs” are the techniques that each of us
    needs to cultivate in order to combat the voices within us that oppose the
    decisions of our inner “judges.”
    Thus, regarding the Messianic future, G‑d only promises to “restore
    your judges as in former times,” but not
    the sheriffs. In the Messianic future, negativity will not hold sway over us,
    so there will be no need for protective measures to ensure that we follow G‑d’s

  72. Have a great positive day

    Download his late nights album

  73. Todo RD

    and free link ?? fif the best but as my role mogul he should not hit a woman he should feel sorry and apologize

  74. M Jaye

    .....iz day talkin to each other? Sound like some will mackin to me,)

  75. Myricle Brown

    😍😍😍😍 true Bebe 😍😍💞💞

  76. Bio Goku


  77. Debra Ary

    I luv this song.. my luv dedicated this to me.. te amo mi amor

  78. Big Ounce

    should put this song on 50 shades of fking


    TOTALLY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. najomocjju1

    I second Kiarra Morris! Love this. I thought it was new. Repeater!!!!

  81. Jermaine Davis

    My slow jam i miss my lady

  82. Tyeisha McAfee

    ❤️❤️❤️ bae dedicated it to me

  83. Mihai Petre

    Fifty nailed this song !!

  84. Antoin Crawford

    this is my shit

  85. Kiarra Morris

    why am i jus hearing this song snd finding out its old af .! love it tho

    Kas W

    Kiarra Morris it's a jam lol 7 yrs ago used to jam tf outta this in the beemer :)

    thomas woods

    me too.... and im a 50cent fan smh i just heard it back in feb smh sad af lol but i love this song

  86. Stacey Tindore

    sexy.. love this ja.

  87. beatriz medina

    I love you
    Reno Mendiola

    Uno Da Playa

    Never heard this. This Dope

  88. can uzak

    After 5 years of searching i finally found this song. Its 2016 now, i have history with this song

    Chris Foster

    ikr. same here

    Ford Ford

    Damn right ...alot of history 😶😶😶😶😶

  89. Revelations 1

    I'm a Yankee, originally I reside from upstate New York. So songs as if this are to my liking? Stereotype, not necessarily, songs as of this particular type have been and will be to my liking. One's in which describe an individual's characteristics and personality. An individual with a ton of Charisma is my type of person. Shows you have poise and don't lack in a sense of humor. Be upbeat on who you are, don't deny your inner you. Let it shine through, embrace. You are you no one change that...except God, but he'd rather you appreciate you for you. #Thereal

  90. barbara fitch

    I soooo love this song it's sexy as hell!!

  91. Lord trump

    People should get to know their own life. *Not many realize this: Your five life senses* sense life. *Your mind* produces and sends you things that do not come from life; it sends you things it makes up itself. It creates and sends you emotions, desires, thoughts, guilt, fears and worries, etc. Your mind blocks most of the life coming to you, and what it does not block, it converts into thoughts and feelings; *it turns life into its mental code for life...* Google truthcontest. I´m not going to explain it all here.


    Crucial knowledge!

  92. Kayla Lopez

    1.)Make a heart with your hands
    2.)Think of your crush
    3.)Kiss the hole of your heart
    4.)Place it on your real heart
    5.)Repost this on your favorite love song
    6.)Something great will happen tommorow:-)Maybe even better<3

    Andy Thomas

    My Shit 💦🍆💦🍑

  93. lynette gonzales

    throwback song, so good 😌

    Charolette White

    If it look this good.. I wonder how it taste?