5 Seconds Of Summer - Invisible Lyrics

"What? What's that?"

Another day,
Of painted walls and football on the TV
No one sees me
I fade away,
Lost inside a memory of someone's life
It wasn't mine

I was already missing before the night I left
Just me and my shadow and all of my regrets
Who am I? Who am I when I don't know myself?
Who am I? Who am I?

Wasted days,
Dreaming of the times I know I can't get back
Seems I just lost track
Looking on
As all of life's colours seem to fade to grey
I just walked away

I was already missing before the night I left
Just me and your shadow and all of my regrets
Who am I? Who am I when I don't know myself?
Who am I? Who am I?

Who am I? Who am I when I don't know myself?
Who am I? Who am I?
Who am I? Who am I when I don't know myself?
Who am I? Who am I?

Another day,
The walls are built to keep me safe
I can't escape,
It's too late

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5 Seconds Of Summer Invisible Comments
  1. 100 subs without videos? :D

    to think that ashton was ever at this low point just makes my heart break. i love him so so much (not in the way like i want him to marry me, but i just love him and the band so much), and it just hurts that he ever thought to kill himself. ash, you deserve so much more. 5sosfam loves you so much, and you’re everything to us, and more :) please, stay strong for us, for 5sosfam :)

  2. Ana Sofia Pulido

    This song is perfect to represent the depression and the aniexity. I finally find a song to represents me and my lonely soul


    Wena wena a los kabros wn

  4. Yasmin Amy

    the strings in this song are so pretty 😔

  5. kenzy brock

    i love you ashton.

  6. Abigail Moore

    For those of you 5sos fans out there besides me, just in case you didn't know Ashton Irwin tried to commit suicide at the age of 16 years old and I think we can ALL agree we're so happy he survived. We LOVE you ASH!! <3

  7. Maria Sydnor

    This song should've been recognized more

  8. Grace Edwards

    We love you so much Ash...thank you for staying strong

  9. Macy 1234

    I feel invisible no one cares or ask me how i feel anymore its always about my friends i don't know what to do anymore. I am so broken and done

    Sze Ying Ong

    Hey, try to hang in there, yeah?? I know it's hard and that you'll feel like giving up sometimes because life just seems pointless, but that's okay. Hang in there, things may take a turn for the better, you never know. If you ever need help, the rest of the 5sosfam will be there for you. Just remember that, and stay strong. Never think that you're alone, coz you're not. You're surrounded by more people than you know, who all love and care for you.

  10. Jill Anderson

    This song really hits hard when going through depression and anxiety. I love these guys so much. ❤

  11. Liggy Playzzz

    cal I'll tell u who u r
    ur the most amazing person on earth

  12. angie

    listening to this while having s*icidal thoughts be hittin different

  13. Jaden Templin

    This hits so different now that I'm older.

  14. Le Vroom Vroom

    The theory of this being Ashton’s suicide note still shakes me. He deserved so much more than he got and I hope he knows that we love him so much. Keep smiling Ashton we love you! 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

  15. mariana

    i love you. thank you for bringing me into the world of music

  16. Lyssa R.

    Omg.... I remember listening to this and relating soo much.... I mean I can still relate just not AS much🤷‍♀️.. Brings back so many memories 😭. It's crazy looking back and seeing how things have changed so much!

  17. Tolina Ayemi

    or story of another us idk

  18. Tolina Ayemi

    my fav song tbh

  19. clifford stylxs

    Happy birthday SGFG❣

  20. big bug

    Love this

  21. Amanda Stevens

    "...who am I? Who am I?" I really lost myself a year ago or so and 5sos was one of the few things I was sure of in my life.

  22. 3MM

    Te amamos mikey

  23. rayn

    aight everyone in this comment section is saying but was ash's suicide note, but no-one is mentioning _how_ they know that?? I looked it up and he never said that, idk why ppl think this???

    Sze Ying Ong

    No one actually knows except the boys, it's just a theory but it's never actually been confirmed

  24. Hailee Seales

    i love you ashton, thank your for being such an inspiration in my life. your one of the best people i wish i had the chance to know. stay strong sweet boy, your so so so worth it. <33

  25. Yuri

    This song is before and after suicide : -the suicide note in itself
    - when he's almost shouting at the end, like a cry for help right before suicide,
    - his voice fading away because no one helped him,
    - his voice being calm right After he screams : when someone plan their suicide, they seem calm
    - and the violins, it represents the burial, and people playing violins together = their closed ones crying together
    Because no one saved him

  26. The Skam Family

    i remember listening to this when it first came out, I’m still SOOO in love with it

  27. //S l e e p d e p r i v e d//

    I'm crying at 5:00 am but I don't know if it's because of this possibly being a suicide note or because I just feel sad or I'm just super emotional

  28. Vio super10

    This is one of my fav song

  29. Rocío Antonella

    Feelin like that right here

  30. Valentina De Caro

    Me listening this at 1 am: I'm crying

  31. Caroline Yurkutat

    I love you Ash!

  32. Bxsic Bean

    That moment when this could be a suicide note and that ghost of you is invisible pt2 😭😭

  33. LorraineFire

    Every time I listen to 5sos (their older albums) I feel like I'm still 11 again listening to them. There are some songs of theirs that I cry to, there are some I laugh at, and then there are a lot I just genuinely love or just really rock out to. I adore this band so much💕 Even though I love their older music more, I still also love their newer music. They have matured in their music and style so much, I am glad to say that I'm a fan of 5sos💛

  34. Olmo Joana

    God I still can't hear this and not cry ... its like ... almost 5 years have passed and I still can't hear this song without thinking about my depression phases and about Ash and ... this song it's really special for me and I think that I'll never be able to hear it without crying. I'm so grateful to 5SOS 'cause they've made songs where I can see my problems and the solutions for them ... they can make me happy and can make me cry but it's always so good 'cause it's what happens when the musicians are genuine. Thank you for being the most talented, genuine and great band I´ve ever seen. Ly xx

  35. Jacqueline Villegas

    I remember when this song came out, it put everything that I was feeling in words.

  36. Isabella Reese

    This song never fails to give me goosebumps

  37. DeeDee

    "I was already missing before the night I left. Just me and my shadow, and all of my regrets..."
    I felt that.

  38. Alyse Larson

    Bro. Listen to broken home -> invisible -> ghost of you. It's a story
    I have been thinking of the "story" trigger warning btw. So it all starts with "broken home" and basically it starts off with a kids parents fighting and they end up getting a divorce and that's why he is alone in the broken home that he basically is now, a broken home for his soul, that's when it goes to invisible, pretty much mixes in with the "suicide note" theory, after the kid realizes that he is a broken boy he thinks about suicide and in the song it says something about walls being broken or something like that, and that is his "broken home" and that's when he goes through with suicide and that's when ghost of you comes through, it's basically talking about how everything got to him and the ghost of you is basically like the funeral or the remembrance of the broken soul. (Woah I'm going way to deep with this and I might cry, sorry if literally none of it makes sense)

  39. Salma Monsur

    Listening to this on Ashton's 25th bday. 💔 Love you Ash😙

  40. Alyse Larson


    Aryana Galdo

    Alyse Larson What is the real story?

    Alyse Larson

    @Aryana Galdo I dont know the real story. Only the boys do and that's why I think they should tell us the real meaning behind the song. (If they're comfortable with it obviously)

  41. Snoepi Choco

    Is it just me or is this album full of hurt?

  42. Julia Prondzinski

    This relates so much to me, crying so hard

  43. Cheyenne Wyoming

    How come this song doesn’t get talked about a lot. Like in my opinion this is one of there best songs. And it’s realistic. Love you 5SOS just stating the truth

  44. Alyse Larson

    the "woah whats this" clearly shows its a suicide note and it also has a type writer sound and yeah. that punched me in the lungs

    100 subs without videos? :D

    Alyse Larson it’s ashton’s suicide note :( he deserves so much more :(

  45. Alyse Larson

    i really want to know how ash is doing now :(

  46. 3MM

    Creo que la escribió Michael no Ashton

  47. Lala Li

    Ashton, you aren't alone, we love you and we gonna stay with you forever.
    I can't imagine my life without you, you aren't alone.

  48. Anonymous Stan

    We love you Ash

  49. TEA SH00K 2

    Relatable ❤️

  50. 5SOS 5SOS

    It hurts so much to hear people saying this is Ashton’s suicide note. It’s 2019 and I’m still crying over this song. Ashton deserves the world and more. He’s done so much for his fans, and for the band. I’ll always love Ashton. No matter what, I’ll always support 5SOS.

    Abigail Moore

    ASHTON WILL NOT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Yuri Min

    Okay, i am not going to tell you that you need to see the bright side or that you are loved... sometimes that is not what you want to hear, or you’ve been hearing this too much. But know that you are not alone, there is a lot of people who are the living the same thing. When you cry so much, when you heart hurts, just think of it. You are not alone. And maybe someone, far away from you, is thinking of you. You will never be alone. Sometimes strangers are closer to the heart than the ones we know, the ones who hurt you. Don’t care about those dozens of people who hurt you, but of the thousands people like you❤️

  52. only vampire


  53. 3MM

    La última parte me hace llorar 2:42 aaaaaaa

  54. Abi Breton

    One of the saddest song made by those beautiful peoples...

  55. Mckeely Barrand

    bruhh i was listening to easier then this came on....damn right in the feels

  56. Alanya Rojas

    Is it easier to cry? Yes

  57. Ale Maldonado

    I know they worked very hard to get where they are now, but their current music is not the best. If I hurt any person, I'm sorry; but it is difficult to listen to many songs that speak of romance because it is boring, it is just the same empty music, but if someone listens to his previous songs he can realize that it was not like that before. And of course they have talent, just that the music they do now is not under the sole of the music of before. It's just my opinion, but I think it's very true.

    Jumi M.T.

    This song is about childhood not a "romance"

  58. Just Mia

    We love you more than you know Ashton.

  59. ken walker

    Nobody probably cares but, I've been having a horrible time in school ever since people found out I'm trans. I've been told to kill myself multiple times.......... i listen to 5sos every day while crying my damn eyes out. i dont know how to stay strong anymore... i think i might make everyone happy and commit suicide.

    ali meow

    You can get through this! Even though it might be really hard right now, know that there is a whole community of people who support you for who you are. School is such a short period of time and life WILL get better.

    Tarah Ambrose

    Stay Strong, you have a whole community that loves and supports you!

    ken walker

    @Tarah Ambrose im trying but it's hard

    - alyssa

    hey, i'm very sorry to read that. But you have to stay strong, school is not going to last forever and you'll get rid of those assholes. there's a lot of people who need you, i need you, stay alive for me, for all those little things in life that keeps you happy, music, tv shows, movies, books... everything will be okay don't worry ❤ much love xx

    Gay Wad

    I hope your doing better you can always talk to me no body deserves that I'm so sorry

  60. Que me vez

    Sounds like me

  61. Elena Reverberi

    I love you Ashton, remember to stay strong

  62. and i oop

    can someone please explain what does it have to do with ashton?


    nemenemenem nemenemenemenem there’s a theory that it’s ashton’s suicide note and the type writing at the beginning is him writing it and the “woah, what’s that” at the beginning is michael finding the notes

  63. Ken Walker

    Damn, never realized how much I needed this song 💔 thank you 5sos ❤️ you guys have saved my life many times.

  64. Sammy Sam

    I'm crying i can relate I've been so sad for so long and my family just started noticing so everytime tgey are near me i put a fake smile on for them but i can't feel happy anymore something always has to happen right when I'm starting to feel better and there is days where i just feel invisible... i promised my family i wouldn't hurt myself again so i won't

    Hannah Miller

    If you wanna talk, feel free to message me <3

    Georgia Rose

    Stay strong, love. There's always people who will to listen.

    Michaela Lighty

    I dont know you but I'm here❤ keep your head up amd keep trying:)

  65. Jenna Pearson

    Everytime I listen to this I go and look Sten Outer Space/Carry On

  66. Jenna Pearson

    I love how this video ended at exactly 3:33

  67. Khloe Crystal Isabelle Santana

    2019? anybody?
    Only real fans would like this and comment

    Maria Sydnor

    Been here since day one

    rain's music

    I'm still here,, absolutely love them and their music... getting me trough my adolescence and still going. their songs have beautiful meanings and the instruments are... w o w. truly talented.

    Abigail Moore

    I love 5sos

  68. Sophie Spicer

    Poor ash :( I love him so much

    Sophie Spicer

    Gracevera Kaur this song was supposedly Ashton’s suicide note

  69. Natachha

    It’s so weird to be back to listening to their voices after all these years I might be crying yall

  70. Really like food & music


    Really like food & music

    I'm cring. 21 April, now.

  71. Cody

    All of you are weak mind individuals.

  72. K Bug

    "All of life's colors seem to fade to gray"
    So similar to a line from Never Be (debut album), there's no way it's not on purpose.

  73. Gabby Carman

    We love you so much Ash ❤️

  74. Fantoche Grandote

    Im crying, I love you Ash❤️

  75. Olivia Holland

    why was this only posted 7 months ago?

  76. Elayna M.

    god this song makes me sob

  77. Luna 8

    Omg my like was the 666th😬


    Luna 8 well okay than😬😬😂

  78. Nawal Chami

    any 2019 babes in here CRYIN

    5SOS 5SOS

    I’m one

    Csoba Nixy

    Same here

    Olmo Joana

    Yep 2019's genuine fan crying all water existent in her body

    Caroline Yurkutat

    Crying so hard

    cling clang

    wait what

  79. María Esther Flores

    Esta banda es mi favorita :')
    Los amo tanto ❤️

  80. Nikita Kloosterman

    We love you ashton

  81. Kandra Ryan

    This song is the literal story of my life (pun not intended)

    Jenna Pearson

    It makes this even batter with your profile picture

    Kandra Ryan

    Jenna Pearson
    That is true

    But Niall’s my baebee

    Jenna Pearson

    @Kandra Ryan lol

  82. brissa

    I always come back to this and cry

    datgirl meredith

    brissa me too. I'm so sorry. If you want to talk just tell me your Instagram or something

  83. Saige Skinner

    We love you so much Ash ❤️ yes I'm crying. Yes it's okay. No it's not too late. Please remember who you were before all the fame.. if you ever see this we all love you so much.

  84. Patricia Canas

    This song is relatable. In a class, the other people in the class forget about me.

    Sze Ying Ong

    Same and even my friends forget about me sometimes and they make plans to go watch movies without including me when I'm just sitting next to them, but I don't say anything coz I don't want to seem like an annoying whiny brat

  85. Lolitaaa -

    that last line will always hurt me omfg

  86. Capricorn Tingz

    0:46 *I come here cuz im currently going through an identity crisis*

    Jay Sanders

    Cherry Bombshell same dude...idk what or who i am anymore...i’m lost.

    Capricorn Tingz

    @Jay Sanders literally me

    Rainbow Mermaid

    Hopefully we'll all get there one day when we finally don't feel lost

  87. Lisa Rogalski

    calum 😍😍

  88. Angelica Garcia

    I showed this to one of my friends, and she related to it. I don't know if I should hug her and cry cause we both feel this way:/

    lil péép

    Both is the only acceptable response

    hoodwin-peep-eilish-baker quinn

    Peep fans listening to 5sos. My favorite thing

  89. Diana H.

    This is so sad and so true plz who ever is struggling stop and listen to this song. It means so much to theses boys because of Ashton they care so much about each other. I hope they never stop making music together. "I was Already Misssing Before The Night I left" "Who Am I Who Am I and I Don't Know Myself Invisible"

  90. Diana H.

    I am Crying

  91. Faith Lippincott

    The only time I listen to this is when I my heart hurts and my heads spinning.

  92. Bree Nicholas

    i love you ash.

  93. chiara lugig

    This is one of my favourite songs, I love it

  94. itsjust virg

    Dude the theory about this being Ashtons suicide note hurts me cause it sound like he's in his fathers shadow and saying that he was never able to be a kid since he had to be a father figure for Lauren and Harry. Like he never got a childhood

    Rocío Antonella

    I'm crying. For Ash and for my older brother, who tried to do the things that my father didn't since he left. I'm a blind girl, and I use to hear my mom saying that my father just doesn't knew what to do with that. My brother is the best

    loretta walden

    ok lemme go sob

    Abigail Moore

    That's exactly what happened in his child, it's not a theory.

    some dude

    they have songwriters that work for them. look up the song and look for writer's notes

  95. alexa r

    this is a suicide note....


    I think

    Luna Lopez

    But he’s still here let’s be grateful

  96. Brenda Garcia

    Calum :,)

  97. Arianna Brown

    this song is amazing! why does it have six comments!?!?