5 Seconds Of Summer - Best Friend Lyrics

Even every time that I'm mad at you
I would still bury that body for you
I would take a shovel, dig it six feet under
Swear to God I wouldn't tell another
Even every time that you got the flu
I'm not scared at all to get close to you
I don't run away when your face says "achoo"
But I run to get you a tissue

I don't count the days
Most people I hate

You're my best friend
No I didn't stutter 'til the day end
Through heaven and high water
It kills me not to tell you
You're my best friend
My, my best friend

Remember when your parents went out of town?
They were dumb enough to leave us with the house
We had hundred people naked on the sofa
Dancing 'til the cops said "game over"
Turns out that it was Jerry's dad
So we did shots while we rode in the back
He even let us all use the siren
It was the best night, I'm not lying

I don't count the days
Most people I hate

You're my best friend
No I didn't stutter 'til the day end
Through heaven and high water
It kills me not to tell you
You're my best friend
My, my best friend


Most people I hate
(Hate, hate, hate, hate)

You're my best friend
No I didn't stutter 'til the day end
Through heaven and high water
It kills me not to tell you
You're my best friend
My, my best friend

You're my best friend
You're my best friend

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5 Seconds Of Summer Best Friend Comments
  1. chelsey abbott

    I forget about this every time and then when it resurfaces I can't believe I forgot

  2. tropical candyland

    I love Ash so much💖he deserves the world + more solos

  3. M S

    I really want them to make an album where Ash is lead vocals, Cal is on drums, and Luke and Mikey are both lead guitar.

  4. Keira Amae

    I absolutely adore this song because ASHTON... also because 5sos never really sing about each other at all and this is just purely about platonic love (depends on whether u think cashton is real tho 😉) and it’s just so cute imagine ash singing this to cal in their room awwwww my heart 😘❤️😍

  5. Milky Way

    Great song but I always cringe at the “achoo” and tissue lyrics

  6. HPFangirl71 卌

    This why I hate that the other boys dont really sing anymore!! I miss their vocals.

  7. Amelia Soline

    They just wrote this about each other

  8. Rebecca Lautzenheiser

    ASHTON MAH BEST FRIEND, GONNA BE FRIENDS TILL THE VERY END! Also, use me as a “This should be on the album,” button.

  9. Green Goblin


  10. gigi_ edits

    Um I am new to listening to their music and I love it and I frickin adore Ashton

  11. Fer Sallenz

    La parte del coro es de Luke.

  12. [ ignore this ]

    Jerry's dad is sucha legend.

  13. Sam's Dead


  14. o kie

    need this on spotify

  15. BooBoo Forever

    I petition for Ash to sing more

  16. hellastyles

    ashton stans please rise to your nation anthem ✋

  17. Winter Baby 2006

    Me and my best friend decided this was our song. Lol 😄😘

  18. Sam's Dead

    Who tf is Jerry? And he said, "I'm not lying" so now I wanna know if Calum and Ashton really did that, lmfao.

  19. Chloe_ Hemmings 05

    This makes me sad cause I don't have a best friend 😭😭

    Lilly Stearns

    Can I be your best friend?

  20. LangBellsChannel

    Hold uo a bts and 5sos fan? SUBSCRIBED!!

  21. SOFÍA B.

    911 : 911 whats your emergency ?

    My mom : my daughter passed away , she just start screaming about a ashton solo and then she just stopped screaming and i heard a bump upstairs .

    911 : ummm... well i think your daughter has a severe case of ashton fangirlism.

    My mom : Im not suprised :/ .

  22. SOFÍA B.

    *All ash girls including me screaming*

  23. Olivia Louise

    voice of a fucking angel... right there
    this is why he doesnt sing often, cause us Ash girls will perish...
    DON'T LISTEN TO THIS WITH YOU EYES CLOSED, you might just find yourself in Heaven

  24. Laura More

    this is honestly one of their best songs im not kidding

  25. ii_Bxlla

    Anyone 2020? I will be even watching this In 2021! See you then!

  26. The Caffeine Show

    can i just say that when i first heard this song i thought 5sos were pulling a prank on us but no this is a serious song

  27. Ashley Harnwell

    Ashton has such an amazing voice. I love it. I love you guys so much. "I didn't studer till the day end. It kills me not to tell you you're my best friend."

  28. Bailey Benedict

    *sings this to my dog because he’s the only one that puts up with me and still loves me*

  29. Muke exists Obviously

    The fact that Calum and Ashton wrote this for each other and it made it on the Youngblood album makes me want to cry:,)

  30. nicole wlison

    Happy 1 year to this video!

  31. Tom _

    Ash Stans cashton confirmed

  32. Abiha Asim

    The part where it says, "your're my best friend" it sounds like luke

  33. Camila Cucha

    i am gonna fight whoever decided this song shouldn't be on Youngblood

    Camila Cucha

    i mean dO YOU HEAR ASHTON'S VOICE?!?!?!??

  34. Johan Lindgren

    OMG Ashton's voice literaly kills me😍😍😍

    Avery Rogers

    Johan Lindgren i’m sad i found about this song only just now

  35. Maru Lujan

    ashton necesita más solos

  36. Amelie Jasmine

    Holy crap, I didn’t know ash sang the whole song, love this even more nowwwww

  37. Brianna Welch

    i wish.

  38. LoreLove RL

    Daddy Kings is my best friend or fuckfriend 😏😏

  39. Becca Bartlett

    Kills me everytime I listen to this 🤤😍

  40. aldana

    this song wasnt released? i didnt know about the existence of it and now im so happy bc is a whole song of ashton as the main vocalist oh my g0d

  41. sauce, brian's tomato

    I honestly thought I was gonna be greeted by Calum's
    *"Ashton my best friend"*

  42. Bubblegum _

    I just came from english love affair and now im emo

  43. ninja blender

    K but imagine if this was on 5sos4, not on the yb target exclusive, and they played it live

  44. Jade Cooper

    I would probably take a bullet for Ashton not gonna lie

  45. NoSleepYet

    *ashton to calum:* you're mah best friend
    *calum to ashton:* ashton my best friend, you n i till the very end
    *calum to micheal:* (wishing him birthday in 2019) he's my best friend since the beginning
    *luke to luke:* i will touch myself

  46. Harley Quinn

    Luke is so cuteeeeee!

  47. Jennifer Bunn

    Just when I thought I couldn't love him more than I already did, this song comes into my life

  48. Sarah

    I knew ashton had to be a Slytherin but the starting of the song clears it all
    -first time listening to this-

  49. Zaelia ashxx


  50. anushay hood

    I swear if this is not on spotify anytime soon someone is getting hurt

  51. ninja blender

    Just a thought, *Best Friend on 5sos4*

  52. Fatin Zamri

    I love this song because not only Ashton finally gets a solo, but because this song doesn't have any sexual meanings and literally means what they sung


    Why did this have to be a bonus track, this would have been great at the concert, Most people at the world war joy concerts wanted this!

  54. Cat Lady

    can we talk about how they say that they’d bury someone for them cal ash what’d you do

  55. Cat Lady

    I sent this to like 6 of my friends and I can’t tell if I’m betraying them or not I-

  56. Bri White


  57. Lily Lazar

    anyone know where to find this in Spotify?

    Maren Ruijs

    It isnt on spotify

  58. ii_Bxlla

    Ashton, ma best friend gonna be friends till the very end
    Ashton, ma best man! Boy I love cashton 💗🥺

  59. ii_Bxlla

    Is anyone watching this still in November 2019??
    No, just me. Okay.

    Jennifer Bunn

    Me. I'm quite a new 5sos fan and I'm only just discovering all these videos of songs that didn't make it onto the albums. As an Ashton girl, this one is definitely my favourite!


    Jennifer Bunn yes! I’m a very LARGE Ashton girl!!! Although I am quite younger than him and all my classmates call me names like “Old man feddish “ I mean he isn’t that much older but the only person that would not be a very large amount of age is Luke and Calum. But yeah this song is the best!

  60. Chili soup

    CaLUm My BeSt FRiEnD
    mE anD HiM to tHE vERy eNd

  61. ii_Bxlla

    Ashton deserves so many more solos cause this is the best thing I’ve ever listened to.

  62. Le Vroom Vroom


  63. ii_Bxlla

    When the ANGEL Ashton says “Your my” sounds exactly like Luke!!!! I’m dead. I’m pretty sure Ashton confirmed he thought this was for him and Calum’s relationship CUTEE CASHTON LOVERS ENTER THE CHATT

  64. njla abd elmageed

    5sos one minutes in your song cops all around . in my country when we need . not all time . wow its huge diffrant i figher from song .

  65. Luke Penguin

    Now it's Michael's song we're waiting for XD :)

  66. 5SOS snapped harder than Thanos

    Yes, Ashton crushed this song!

  67. sosoprex Proxt

    I fucking love Luke 💖

  68. Luke Penguin


  69. IntroVERSION

    Everybody : Through hell and high water.
    Ash: Through heaven and high water.

    Yasss Ash.

  70. Felicity Brown

    I love this song because I here Ashton voice

  71. 5 seconds of Crap

    It kills me not to tell you, you're ma bestfriend ma, ma, bestfriend

    Actually me:OoH iT kIlLs mE nOt To TeLl YoU yOuR mA bEsT fRiEnD mA mA bEsTfRiEnD

  72. Lourdes Acelbon

    Can someone explain me why the hell this is not in Spotify?????

  73. Brianna Welch

    you: you are my best friend
    me: awe

  74. wavvygurl _

    this can't be real

  75. Kiki Boice


  76. pixel

    I've been an ash girl since the beginning, this make's me very happy

  77. 5 seconds of Crap

    Mikey: Alright I'm just not looking at the camera

    Ash:I'm cool (he is) I'm gonna look like it


    Lewk:I'm gonna look cute (even though he already is)

  78. Karina Garcia

    I'm a hoe for this song

  79. Hannah Sowter

    Wait so we can’t buy this? :(

  80. Michael Clifford Is Better than you

    100% cashton


    This song gives serious older 5sos lyrics vibes but like w newer twists still

  82. Dark Productions


  83. Brendy Clifford

    Amo cuando hacen esto con 5SOS!!! ♥️

  84. 5 seconds of Crap

    This song goes to every friendship also to my my best friend for always being there for me

    Ash sounds good for this music Ash i sang this to my bestie she loved it except the 100 people naked on the sofa lol but yea

  85. Anna Johnson

    I wish ashton had more solos!!! Originally shes kinda hot was supposed to be just him mainly but they decided it was too good to just be him

  86. saharaa a

    My new favorite song

  87. Rachel Lacey

    Underrated,but amazing

  88. Amari Holt


  89. CALMly-5sos

    Literally my favorite song ever

  90. Fatima

    ASHTON GIRLS RISE 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

  91. MackLyon

    Why isn’t this song on iTunes‽ This is amazing.

  92. Mary Brown

    Ashton is like PERFECT

  93. em s

    ummm how have i not heard this

  94. [ deleted ]

    I wouldn’t bury a body for my bestfriend, wayyyyyy too risky. I would burn it for her

  95. BellaIsALimelight

    I’ve known my best friend since I’ve been 5 and we’re gonna graduate soon. We’re gonna break away and drift friend. DAMIT, WHY DID I THINK ABOUT THAT. I’m crying...

  96. goodnight socialite

    i love how this song was just written by ashton and calum 😔🤘🏼

  97. Tocha

    Omg why isn't this song on Spotify

  98. fankslove

    Cashton is *thriving*

  99. miha

    im still mad that this isnt in apple music

  100. thecatdoesntalk 18

    And my friends that's why Ashton isn't the lead singer, we'd all had 3 heart attacks