4Minute - What's My Name? Lyrics


Yeah 4minute What’s my name?
Attention plz modu nareul Follow
eojjeom geuri maeil maeil siksanghani Bang Bang
da sikkeureopgo jipjunghae jwo naega nugu
nega mworeul wonhadeun museun sangsangeul hadeun
geu isangui kwillitireul boyeojulge Never know?

ajikdo moreuni uriga nugunji
yeojikkeot boyeojwotdeon urimanui Style
nugudo neombol su eomneun geol Woo

4minute What’s my name?
sijakdwaesseo dasi boyeojulge
4minute What’s my name?
uriga nugunji neodo alji

saeropge taeeona mwonga dareun
uri 4minute Show time

4minute What’s my name?
What’s my name? What What What’s my name?
4minute What’s my name?
What’s my name? What’s my name?


Yeah 4minute What’s my name?
Attention plz 모두 나를 Follow
어쩜 그리 매일 매일 식상하니 Bang Bang
다 시끄럽고 집중해 줘 내가 누구
네가 뭐를 원하든 무슨 상상을 하든
그 이상의 퀼리티를 보여줄게 Never know?

아직도 모르니 우리가 누군지
여지껏 보여줬던 우리만의 Style
누구도 넘볼 수 없는 걸 Woo

4minute What’s my name?
시작됐어 다시 보여줄게
4minute What’s my name?
우리가 누군지 너도 알지

새롭게 태어나 뭔가 다른
우리 4minute Show time

4minute What’s my name?
What’s my name? What What What’s my name?
4minute What’s my name?
What’s my name? What’s my name?

[English Translation:]

Yeah 4minute What’s my name?
Attention please Everyone follow me
How can I be so fed up every day, bang bang
Everyone be quiet and concentrate; who am I
Whatever you want, whatever you imagine
I’ll show you more than that with quality, never know

Do you still not know who we are
What we’ve shown you til now, our own style
No one can covet us, woo

4minute what’s my name?
We’re ready, we’ll show you again
4minute what’s my name?
You know who we are too

We’re born again newly; something’s a little different
We’re 4minute, show time

4minute what’s my name?
What’s my name? What what what’s my name?
4minute what’s my name?
What’s my name? What’s my name?

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4Minute What's My Name? Comments
  1. ha ziq

    watching this in 2020, im OBSESSED again

  2. Oscar

    Still a banger

  3. Cetaehy

    2020 ¿?

  4. •h y u n g •

    Battlefield hardline?
    Ok ;(

  5. den ed

    1:59 sexy girl

  6. Asumi Kei

    And to this day... I still can't figure out what the heck happened in this music video

    artly art

    😂😂😂😂 me too

  7. shy shy shy

    I miss 4minute and all second generation group

  8. 2020 it's waiting for you

  9. Mei Hikaru

    2020 yalls

  10. Baglan Myrzagali

    *2020* _After_ *7 years*, _still looks so fresh and modern_

  11. naree

    wait g idle has a song called whats your name

    I'm confused and I feel bad

  12. dj X.A.N.A

    Here cuz battlefield hard line and love hyuna

  13. Mon Mon

    4 Jaehyuns make me miss this lol

  14. The Pi Dealer

    this was my shit back then

  15. Jamilah Serrano

    Yo ppl try to make ppl at my school feel bad for liking k pop and now I’ve been sleeping on it for so long 😭😭😭

  16. BaDUM Tsss

    What's your name what what what's your name

    My name is Jaehyun


  17. Solo Shining

    2020 but still a bop 💜

  18. Aaron Marshall

    How could it be 7 years already ):

  19. Dellaanggelika Anggelik

    Akibat Jung Jaehyun tdi malam nih. Kan pelsbek gw

  20. Army Once


  21. Mark Jin

    Came here because of Jaehyun performing in kbs😂

    ronaangel a

    Ohhh shiiii'.. So its not just me 😂 lol


    As you should!

  22. Christian Mansueto

    I just came here because of 4 Jaehyun cover this


    As you should lol


    Me tooo

  23. Esti Ar


  24. Mr. Troll

    Who else heard this playing battlefield hardline campaign?

  25. ميثم ميثم

    Ilove you so mauch

  26. Diego Mendes

    I miss old kpop

  27. Xia BP

    Old but gold

  28. khadija

    14.12.2019 🌟

  29. Seng RaNich

    What your name ?
    My name Mr.4 minute !

  30. Rika N

    I miss them:')

  31. CMPHU아빠츄추밀박하영CMPHU아빠

    떠꺼리(태생이귀태인2차따라지명인옛이름펴기말소전이름이라아직도처형처리거부에종범공범들과플러스증거인멸상태엣중죄중죄를매초무한대초과형벌괴빚의증폭중인누범인현행범괴물귀태년나경원)처리손발나무십자가채우고너트로고정후방송중개하기전에는형집행부작위로인하여아내휘앙새들도그것들과연관순결전실체로서는여기[시호주님체류처소현재지태전북구대구1동23-4번지광명주택1층]오면아니된다{기한상실후로써지능의불비된바처형처리조활동없음으로간주된일체의미}./  실시[email protected]@콱,

  32. 라서안

    I know this from drama BLOOD & HEALER 💜🖖

  33. A G

    So it’s been 6 yrs ha? Miss this girl. Been there fan ever since and still a fan❤️

  34. Ernest Torres

    They need to bring this music back and play it on American radio and video shows. It would take off.

  35. Ernest Torres

    I love the k pop from several years ago. I started watching these videos about a year ago, they are the best. The girl groups were rocking it. The American female performers suck. They are all about acting nasty looking like hoes. K pop girls do it with class!

  36. Hiba Xx

    December 2019??

  37. minSuga FREE

    When I first heard that song I was 7 boyyyyy

  38. Park sohee

    my first kpop mv 😂

  39. Endang Murniati

    Huh kangen kpop generasi ke-2 sumpah

  40. Asley Deguiñon Azada

    November 2019 🥰

  41. nang ptv


  42. Wigi 16

    November 2019??

  43. Ligny

    I love Gayoon's part so much!

  44. Quen Quen

    "2ne1 viewer also watch this channel"
    Youtube recommend me this again❤ i miss them.

  45. LiaLillus

    Omg ! So good video clip.

  46. çüté

    Ahead of their time. Too Iconic

  47. Hiyoko kamilia


  48. achmad sofian

    This is song when i'm 18. I loved so much.

  49. shineedays mmmfx

    If all 4minute songs would release in today’s 2019 ISTG they’re would steal the throne they’re would hit records!

  50. shineedays mmmfx

    2nd Generation Kpop is the Best
    Bops after Bops 👏

  51. avocados

    old kpop is legend

  52. marsya maisarah

    Who listen this somg in november 2019?

  53. miyeon

    sdds 4minute 😭😭😭

  54. laras miranda

    i came back here again after hyuna released the flower shower mv.. damn this queen indeed looking forever young

  55. Adinda Nasarani

    Ha😆When my sister asked "Whats your name?" to me, I answered "GOMMANE "

  56. Kpop Trash Since 2011

    remember when this was considered too slutty 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  57. 최용환

    My name is yong hawn choi

  58. 이설


  59. Lilian Tan

    Your name is JESUS CHRIST, freaking LORD!

    Lilian Tan

    The GOD of all!

  60. Park Haruka

    😤why is this Hyuna bitch everywhere
    attention whore

  61. Ha Sun Jung

    *2019 AND STILL HERE* 😢
    Bring back the old kpop pleaseee huhuhu

  62. 이설

    이름이모에요~?전화번호머예여~?백.... 그리고 머에여~?

  63. Thyda Jean

    Miss them😑💜

  64. Lil Squichy

    I miss :(

  65. 友枝尚美


  66. Andres Reyes

    Este en mv es Una versión de lovey dovey de mis Queen T-ARA

  67. 이성빈

    지금 들어도 좋네요

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    I still remember this song until now QwQ

  69. 우윤철



    만알 포미닛이라고만 댓글 쓰지말고 칭찬 좀 해주세요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    Here because of Hoshi LOL

  71. Emilu Suarez

    Old kpop!

  72. Ben Howard

    the group that introduced me to kpop and still my fav kpop group!! <3

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    Favourite song 🔥

  74. KOJI


  75. nrlain sfnhsn

    tf i just realized they dropped this on my 14th birthday

  76. krilstian

    sorry i do not known this ..you give great music!

  77. Mustapa Muhammad

    seksual hindi

  78. 우윤철


  79. Heyy Zion

    They(including other kpop groups) paved the way for new comers of Kpop. Because of them Kpop has been known in the international stage!! Nothing can compare to them.

  80. 이홍순여자아이들 ehd명가골이홍순님

    이름뭐해요......이름뭐가요 ...랑랑 한여서...인이름뭐해요빙글 빙고일 만내내내 이름뭐해요.....들어오대요술한다맞하먹고

  81. Lol unknown

    Why are some of the most iconic and popular kpop groups disbanded? It doesn’t make any sense to me

    MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay

    It has to do with their contracts only lasting 7 years and then the artists choose wether or not to resign, for 4minute CUBE also messed up big time. CUBE denied 4minute group promotions and award show performances in order to promote Hyuna and Troublemaker because Hyuna and Troublemaker made them more money

    Muhammad Faiz

    Me too😢

  82. Lost my bias

    ...my Korean teacher played this in class for us to catch words we understand in this 😂

  83. John Carlo Sapongay

    This is the era where view counts and awards doesnt matter

  84. Turtle Luver

    I think I’m addicted to this

  85. KirstenKharylle Caylo


  86. 낭낭소년

    레전드 ㄷ

  87. camkpop

    Old Kpop: Addicted to ZOMBIE
    New Kpop: Addicted to WINK ;)

  88. helga pataki

    still fresh af.

  89. Lia Lima

    When I grow up


    2019 and I’m still here! I will always love my girls ❤️